The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 18-22.

Forgiveness and revenge.

Ridge and Brooke worried about where Steffy ran off to. Since she wasn’t answering his calls, Ridge got bored and had reunion sex with Brooke. Meanwhile, Steffy showed up at the beach house and complained to Bill about her life. He told her that her parents were all grown up and she had to let them do their thing. As they hugged, Liam walked in and caught them. The next day, he confronted his dad for comforting the woman who stole Forrester from them. Bill ordered him to keep his mouth shut.

Taylor and Ridge tried to calm down their distraught children. Taylor encouraged Ridge not to punish Thomas anymore and handed back Brooke’s wedding ring. Their kids went off to argue about the situation some more. Hope showed up to rant at them. When Steffy went to see her mom, she found her giving Bill the lowdown on everything that happened. When the shrink stepped away, Bill and Steffy vowed to get back Forrester together. Meanwhile, Ridge went ahead and punished Thomas anyway, urging him to give up Stephanie’s shares, canceling Taboo and sending him to work with Thorne. Before Thomas could give up his shares, however, his mother burst in to declare that she was his trustee and refused to allow it.

Bill and Steffy made out in her room. They talked about taking over Forrester together. Her mom showed up and caught them. She was not pleased. Bill announced that he was going to leave his wife and Steffy told her mom that she loved Bill, even if he was married and tried to kill someone. When Bill got home, he was shocked to find Katie there with the family and a clergyman. She wanted them to have a re-commitment ceremony. Meanwhile, Brooke and Stephanie discussed recent events. Although they may not be friends again, Stephanie realized that Brooke had already forgiven her.

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