Days Of Our Lives Poll: EJ And Kate.

Is a reunion on the way?

Now that EJ is high and dry in the romantic department, he’s actually starting to get his moxie back. As soon as he liberated himself from his scarf obsession, he set his sights on upsetting his ex-lover, and current step-mom, Kate’s attempt to use DiMera Corp without his knowing. Squashing her plans, really seemed to turn Kate on and she couldn’t help groping Junior’s face with a familiarity many would sooner forget they once had. Could this be more than sparring?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From MsBoulderCO

    We all know he’s going to woo Nicole back. She’ll be dumping Brady once again. When will he learn!!

  2. From dc

    well, no way for kate and ej..
    yea, he’s gonna get back with nicole, AGAIN.. Poor Brady!!

  3. From JSfaninCanada

    all though they were hot when he was EJ Wells… it seems weird now that she’s his stepmom…

  4. From Bekka

    No way..he really does belong with Nicole. They are two peas in a pod and very exciting together.

  5. From Maggie

    No way. That’s past tense. He belongs with Sami.

  6. From Jorgeann

    EJ will never again have Kate on his mind in a romantic way..That will stay in the past. Kate genuinely loves Stefano. EJ was sidetracked by his revenge against Rafe and Taylor. It is time for EJ to get back on track and reclaim his children, and win back the woman he will always love, Sami. Ejole is a stepping stone to EJami.

  7. From dana


    Thay are SO OVER!


  8. From SandyGram

    Never say Never on a soap. I could very easily see a time coming where EJ and Kate has been successful in a business deal and in their arrogance, exuberance and excitement fall into each others arms. In fact hiding the incident from Stefano would be a great story line they could call ‘The Forbidden Fruit’ or better yet ‘Rotten on the Vine’. The tension between them on keeping the secret could only mount when they find out someone else saw their little moment of indiscretion. Just a thought!

  9. From Lexi :))

    I’m not a Ejole or Ejami fan I’m kinda on borad for Ej and Kate to return… But if they brought back Natila Livingston as Taylor I will tottaly be on borad forever with them!!!! :D

  10. From jenn

    If Ej wants to get back at his dad for “ruining” his relationship with Taylor, this would be perfect!

  11. From Cindy

    I agree with Sandygram and Jenn. I think would be gross for them to get together, since she is old enough to be his mother, but a great storyline as they try to keep it from Stefano! Or for EJ to get back at Stefano. Nichole could be the one to blackmail them. Fun stuff!!

  12. From Casey

    How sick can these stories get?? EJ sleeps with his wife’s sister and then with his father’s wife?
    Sounds like another lazy storyline to me!
    EJ and Nicole are exciting and
    perfect together. They constantly challenge each other and could be the perfect evil couple for Salem.
    I still hope Nicole’s baby lived and Dr. Baker would return.
    Also Vivian should stay, her SL with Quinn is just getting interesting.

  13. From bettyg

    I agree with SandyGram and Jenn. It would be sick, but I could see the sheer sexual attraction pulling them down. Can’t imagine Stefano is an “Italian Stallion” these days! Kate does love Stefano, but the girl does have her needs!

  14. From jolie

    You all have some fun and wicked ideas for Kate and Elvis. I think Kate was just looking at Elvis like Stefano looks at him. She was thrilled that he was back in the fold for Stefano and getting his bad back on. I think Kate truly loves Stefano and yes, he is not as vibrant as perhaps she would like, she is looking back at the business arena to fulfill her. She’ll go at it with a vengence too. I think Elvis will relent and back her up. I think Elvis and Nicole will be a force to deal with if they ever really get together and work together. Even if he does become DA or Mayor or whatever was in the spoilers, NicNic will be the perfect wife. She’ll have his back while she also tries to have her cake. Alot of people (Bo and Hope and Lexie and Kate) who have acted like they were so much better than Nicole would really be put out with her in a position of power, even if it is the wife of a powerful political man. This will be something new and with John and Marlena coming back, a new round of relationships. With John being arrested right of the bat, maybe Elvis will step in as his lawywer and sort of mend some fences between the two Dimera branches. Wouldn’t that be a hoot if Elvis and John weren’t at each other’s throats but rather were on good terms. And what would it mean for the rest of the town?

  15. From GreatMinds

    I LOVE the idea of Nicole’s baby being alive and Dr. Baker coming back!!! I also think it would be wonderful for EJ to become the DA or Mayor. That would be perfect for Salem since nothing about the Salem police force makes sense.

  16. From Katin

    Ej is the hottest guy in Salem & always has been…evil or not. Kate is way too old, boring, and way beneath Ej. Shes just a slutty evil grandma.

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