Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 1 & 2.

Panic in the streets.

Since Victor shot Kate down, her plans to relaunch Wilhelmina Cosmetics are starting to look like they could be in dire straits. Elvis has another jab at her about it, but it seems like he could be changing his mind about the prospects for her business venture. Over at the Kiriakis compound, Victor continues to get his grouchiness back. He orders Brady to kick Nicole out of the house. After Kate’s visit, he was reminded of how much he doesn’t like having his ex-wives around. The curmudgeon gets a taste of his own medicine when Jennifer and Hope start trashing his relationship with Maggie.

Sami and Rafe continue to wait for the results of her tests. “You know what we need right now? A distraction,” Rafe tells her. They try making out until Lexi finally ends the ordeal. “I have cancer, don’t I?” Sami assumes. Lexi explains that the biopsy revealed abnormal cells. While she’s busy attempting to tell Sami what that could mean, the cops could be catching a break down the hall. Mandy becomes co-operative again and says that she may be able to identify the man who attacked her.

Mandy’s help won’t come in time for Chloe though. The diva gets attacked on the pier by Salem’s latest bully. The bloody diva stumbles around as Brady, Kinsey and Nicole search for her in a panic. Meanwhile, Quinn is busy trying to convince Taylor that he isn’t cold-hearted at all and he cares about all of the women he’s pimped out, especially her.

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  1. From LadyLumps

    Not sure why this weeks spoilers are suddenly new, but anyway, good show today.

  2. From Janiebell

    Cholie is trying so hard to get her baby back but she is going about this in all the wrong ways.


  3. From jj

    what is with the &^%$ stars that light up on my cursor and won’t let me open topics???

  4. From Precious

    YES!! I miss Victor’s snarky comments to and about people…right up my alley, but I’m sure, (with Maggie around), he will listen to her good advice from now on.
    I don’t like the current writing for Chloe…she doesn’t deserve to leave the show as a town prostitute, or possibly a dead one.

  5. From SandyGram

    #2 Janiebell
    You probably know this, but just in case you don’t. If the CAPTCHA is to hard to read you can request a different one:

    click on the top symbol called “Get A New Challenge” and a new CAPTCHA will appear.

    If you still can’t read it ‘click’ again until you get one you can read.

    Warning: If you click to fast you’ll get a message something like “You Are Typing To Fast”. Just make sure if you have to request multiple times, count to 10 between each request (that works for me!) Let me know how that works!

  6. From patty

    SandiGram, thanks for the tip about the Captcha, I didn’t know that. It’s so nice to have some nice, helpfull folks like you to keep us informed.

  7. From patty

    No, I don’t miss Victor’s snarky comments. He has no room to be condescending to anyone with his past and all. Calling women sluts is not my idea of funny.

  8. From dc

    well, victor is getting up in age. maybe he is mellowing.. maggie probably has alot to do with it too.
    i hate that chloe is leaving, possibly as a prostitute that was mugged.. i wanted her to leave and go to chicago to be with phillip and parker..

  9. From pattypat

    I think Days is finally winding down from some recent story lines. I am sorry to see Chole leave the show, she will be missed and I surely wont’ miss Taylor. I can’t wait until the Big guns return, John and Marlana and also Carrie and Austin.

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