Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 5-9.

Moving on and falling back.

After finding Chloe unconscious, Brady rushes her to the hospital. As he’s covering for what she was up to, Lexi goes to work and the diva dives into a coma. Brady holds her hand. When he leaves for a minute, she mumbles Gus’ name. Brady goes off to tell Bo and Hope what he knows and take them to the latest crime scene. Meanwhile, Mandy works with a sketch artist and winds up with a picture that looks like Gus. News of the latest attack spreads. Taylor lashes out at Quinn for not keeping his ladies safe. She gets so upset that they end up making out. Quinn probably should have been keeping his roving eyes somewhere else though. Gus plants some hairs he lifted from the pimp at one of the crime scenes.

Daniel hears that his ex-wife was pummeled on the pier but tries not to show Jennifer how upset he is about it. They have a date at Chez Rouge, which is bustling with other couples, including Maggie and Victor. The moustache asks the redhead to move into his compound with him but that could be moving a little too fast for her. Over at rehab, things are going fast for Carly. Mel has joined in on the therapy sessions and everyone is showering her in buckets of forgiveness. Carly still can’t forgive herself, so her children decide on radical measures and take her out for a healing picnic.

Back in Salem, other relationships aren’t exactly panning out well. Although Elvis isn’t going to kick Brady’s brains out, he does manage to get under his skin. EJ reminds Brady of all the times that Nicole dumped him and warns that it will happen again. Brady is annoyed. Nicole holds him back. Once he cools down, he doesn’t hold back on admitting that her ex could be right. She insists that EJ is all wrong all the time, but Brady decides that they need to keep their relationship options open, which is not what she wants to hear. Meanwhile, Elvis and his smirk stroll off to Casa DiMera where Stefano is happily supporting Kate re-launching the Countess Wilhelmina line. EJ reveals that he bought it to put a legitimate face on the family business.

Sami admits to Rafe that she’s terrified that she could be dying. The results float around but she isn’t getting them as fast as she wants them so she busts into Lexi’s office to search for them. The doctor shows up just in time to read her the news: she’s cancer free. But while Sami’s got her body under control, Will is starting to feel something new in his. He continues working with Chad and Sonny on their business venture. His girlfriend admits to Abby that Will really doesn’t seem to like sleeping with her. When Gabi tries to cozy up to Will again, his mind seems focused on something, or someone, else.

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  1. From TheMaven

    I don’t like the Will/Sonny gay storyline…I think Chad/Sonny would be a lot better considering the Dimera/Kiriakis fued. What better fuel to a fire then that?

  2. From Grandma Judy

    I voted that Will will never figure out he’s Gay because I still don’t want them to do this to him!! Someone new on the show, ok, maybe, if they really have to have a Gay s/l, but please not Will.

  3. From Mary

    I’m all for the gay storyline… but not for Will. For multiple reasons,

    1. WHY are they doing this to Gabi?

    2. what is the back up plan for the fans who don’t like this…? Will is a harder character to get rid of.

    3. We’ve virtually had no signs up until now that he was. i mean…zero signs…it’s not very believable. He had no problems chasing after the other blonde…shoot what was her name? who was involved with Chad?

    Again, i’m okay with the storyline…i just wish they could make it with a new character. I think T being gay is way more believable. He has the defensive attitude and everything. Plus, he is more disposable to the show. They can’t as easily get rid of Sami and Lucas’ son.

  4. From jeanniemac

    Another program ruined for me.
    Why did they have to start the homosexualstuff?

  5. From SandyGram

    Will has a new hair style that ages him a touch, it takes that little boy look away. It must be in preparation for his story line with Sonny. I was hoping with the way Tad was acting he would be the gay teen. The Tad character is much more expendable if it the writers decided to have Sonny and ‘whom ever’ leave Salem, I don’t want it to be Will. Although now that I think about it I’m pretty sure Sonny would never want to pair up with Tad even if he was gay. What’s the saying “he’s just not into me”. Will or Chad would be much more suited for Sonny. But this will open up more drama for Tad or give him a much needed realization when he finds out his best friend is gay, if this is what is going to happen.

    It sounds like EJ just can’t let things go, continuing to antagonize Brady will only keep things stirred up. And, buying Countess Wilhelmina to legitimize the family business. I don’t think a few bottles of perfume can wipe away the smell of the DiMera’s past deeds. Kate must be livid,not to mention who will Stefano support Kate or EJ?

    Oh my, writers, writers, writers can you find no other way than to have Sami climb out of her bed just after surgery and ransack Lexie’s office to find the test results. Been there done that!

  6. From SandyGram


    August 30th “There are rumors that Farah Fath will return to Days as Mimi in the fall of 2011 or in January 2012 after OLTL’s last television episode airs and the show moves to the web.”

    If Mimi comes back, we’ll need Belle and Shawn also and maybe Rex. Mimi was always so good with him! Yeah…I’m for a Mimi return!

  7. From patty

    I also don’t have a problem with a gay storyline, but Will being gay is kind of sad since he will be hurting Gaby, no matter how it’s played out. If they wanted him to be gay, they should have done this right from the beginning, not wait till he is in his second relationship with a girl. I too would rather see T being gay or else bring in a new character to be in a relationship with Sonny. I think Sonny is adorable but I don’t think he and Will would be believable. Besides, aren’t they related somehow?

  8. From patty

    I’m with you Sandi Gram, this seeking out test results story is getting old. It’s not like it will change anything, you either have cancer or you don’t.
    I would love to see Mimi return also.

  9. From Olive

    Will is not gay…that doesn’t make any sense at all for all of the reasons stated. Tad, on the other hand…I’m SURE it will turn out that he is the one who is gay. Makes waayy more sense. And since he is so hostile toward Sonny now, I will further predict that it is Sonny whom he falls for.

    I’d rather not see a gay s/l at all, but if there has to be one, at least make it something believable!

    And speaking of believable…Sami breaking into Lexi’s office…not!

  10. From MAB

    I wonder how Gabi is going to feel once she finds out Will is gay. Is she gonna feel betrayed, and understand more of where Tad is coming from, since they’re all turning their backs on him now? Will has known Tad all his life, and he’s just gonna trash their friendship over Sonny?? That is just stupid! But I’m sure once Will “comes out”, everyone will be patting him on the back and start treating him with kid gloves like they treat Sonny. But where is that gonna leave an innocent girl like Gabi who gave away her virginity to Will? He should’ve never got involved with her romantically, and now all he’s gonna do it hurt her. And will anyone care, or will it just be ok as long as Will is true to his sexuality, regardless of who he tramples on in the process?? I have a feeling this will cause a big problem between Sami & Rafe, which I have no problem with.

    Chad is surely not the type to be gay (reminder – that is my opinion and no one has to agree with it). He’s a cute, sexy young man guy who obviously exudes a “manly” sex appeal. Will is much more believable as being gay. I could care less for his character anyway, and wouldn’t care if he left Salem and took Sonny with him. They have never been able to cast the right Will IMO, and at this point, does it really matter? I think not because now his character is going to be ruined for good.

    So what if EJ can’t let things go…neither can Brady. These 2 will always be at odds, and they should be. Why would we want anything less?? Their recent family war was the reason the show was fantastic for at least 2 weeks…and it was proof that these 2 are the future of the show! So I say let the games continue between EJ & Brady! As long as they are on the screen as much as possible, and it makes for great storytelling, I’m all for it. Someone has to eventually take over Stefano & Victor, and these 2 are the ONLY ones who can do it.

    Sami breaking into Lexie’s office to get her test results is surely not surprising. She thinks because she’s married to Mr. Ex-FBI, and her Dad & Uncle Bo are on the police force, that she can break any law she wants, and get away with it, as long as she gets what she wants.

    I hope the return of Mimi is true…loved her character…even liked her more than Belle. I would like to see Rex back too. He was really cute, and he & Mimi were a great couple who was never given the chance to blossom.

  11. From MsBoulderCO

    Will has showed interest in Mia prior to Gabi so it’s hard to believe he’s gay. Then, again, if you have gay friends most gay men will tell you they tried going out with women before knowing they were gay. I’m worried about T becoming a ticking timebomb that he’ll do something to hurt Sonny.

    Sami breaking into Lexie’s office is so believable. After all, it’s not the first time she’s done dirty deeds in the hospital. She’s done them in her younger days. Remember her switching Marlena’s paternity tests with Belle…

    Poor Gus, so sick in the head all because he’s in love with Vivian. So he decides to attack women and pin the blame on Quinn?

  12. From Samantha

    Just red Mimi might be coming back!!! LOVE HER!!!!

  13. From Samantha


  14. From Claudia


  15. From patsy

    First I love EJandSami together they are SO HOT together BUT we are not golng to get ejami because the writers want their two darling together (EJandNIcole)so you dan either quit watching or you can enjoy Sami in a real love story with Rafe and ej and Nicole going back and forth in and out of love every other day .Me i HAVE DECIDED TO STICK WITH BOREING SAFE .AND i HOPE jOHNNY IS Lucuses and Sidney is NICOLES .that way we will not have to worry about EJandSami being in each others story line .

  16. From dc

    i’m with you guys.. it will be good to see mimi again.. but would love to see shawn and belle too and their babies..
    still don’t like will and sonny being a “gay” pair.. maybe they should put sonny with another “new” person or someone from sonny’s past that he knows that will relocate in salem..

  17. From MAB

    I’d rather stick to my guns and hope the writers come to their senses eventually and put Sami & EJ back together where they belong. I want to see couples who have chemistry, and it not only makes you want to watch, but makes for better s/l’s. Opposites always attract on soaps, and Sami & EJ fit right into that catergory.

    If you want to settle for Sami & Rafe, go ahead, but I’ll never give up on EJami! You can never say never on this show…anything is possible!

  18. From Grandma Judy

    Soaps.SheKnows says Fri., Sept. 16th EJ and Nicole do a tango together that is provocative and leaves them both breathless. Thought maybe Jennifer and Daniel would really get into a hot dance today but they didn’t. Cute on the dance floor together, though. I loved the whole banana split surprise!. . . . not to mention it made my mouth water for ice cream!

  19. From cynthia

    i don’t like the storyline of Will being gay. Sonny is fine. He’s not a queen… why does everyone have to gay these days?

    Will has displayed zero gay tendencies. He works will with Gabe. Keep it that way.

    T is far more believeable since he has such a defensive front about it all.

    i really hope they don’t have Sami having cancer. they need to move out of the hospital for a while and on to a good mystery.

    why don’t they bring Celeste back too for a story line… i always liked her! she was fun.

    anyway, i’m so glad that some of the old characters are coming back. i just hope that if Carrie comes back that she and Sami will finally get along. it’s time for some of these characters to grow up and leave the past behind.

  20. From SandyGram

    Tuesday August 30th
    How far is this beach from the Brady Pub? And how many trips does it take to get all the picnic grub and eating utensils?

    Then jump over to where Melanie tells Abby she hasn’t been allowed to see Carly yet. But Nicolas is there and appears to know the Therapist, although this is Carly’s first time meeting her. Once again did I miss something, has it been explained why Nicolas was even at the Rehab Center?

    And the last nit-picky observation. Back at the Hospital, I don’t know but when I worked with patients just out of surgery, even noninvasive surgery and just coming out from under anesthesia there was no gorging on banana splits, even with extra pecans! Yee Gads almost forgot one thing, Rafe hadn’t seen Sami yet since her surgery, but when he went into the recovery room and woke her, she already had her wedding ring on. But I did like the camaraderie between Rafe, Sami and Roman. Sami is so beautiful when she’s laughing.

    Daniel and Jennifer handled the old folks comments at the beach and between each other at the Cheating Heart well. It was nice to see a little humor and playfulness between the Doc and Jen. In the beach scene where ‘T’ was watching all the others have fun it was so obvious he was standing right there. Could have made it a little less obvious if he was at least peaking through the bushes.

    And, finally the scene’s with Carly and Nicolas were heart wrenching. Loved the Therapist outfit, brought some great color to today’s show!

  21. From bj

    I do not want Will to be gay-not him. Maybe the storyline can change and he thinks he wasn’t good enough for Gabi in bed. T could be in denial and be the one that is gay. I agree with #17. I would love to see EJ change (be a “good” guy) and get back with Sami. They have so much chemistry together. I have never saw it with Sami and Rafe. What about Rafe and Carly?

  22. From Kat

    Looks like Sonny will be the 5th wheel there, I guess until he get’s one of the guys away from the girls??? which one will it be, well we all know by now from the spoilers that it will be Will.
    So T is having a hard time with it all, instead of everybody just condeming him right out, work with him, but not in front of everybody, behind the scenes, after all he was always their friend before… Will of course should not be the one to help T, I guess that will soon be very obious…
    The Banana Split in the hospital, Anesthesia, Coma, Banana Split, why not… FF for me. Sorry
    Carly and Nicholas with the Therapist today, great Soap Opera Scenes, loved it, we need more powerful scenes.
    I am not a fan of all the teeny bumpers, sooooooooboring.
    Give the time to Justin and Adrienne…
    Not even Countess Wilhelmina willll take away the stinch of the nasty DiMera business, I agree, but neither will St. Maggie take away the stinch from Victor Kiriakis, Ueber DrugLeadery, Running a Porn Ring, yes he did, coerced Kim Brady to have Sex with him to save Shane’s life, Drugged his nephew Justin to render him inpotent, framed Kayla Brady for the murder of Marina Toscana, tried to kil his son Bo several times because of wanting to hang on to Carly, with Kate’s help planned on killing Sami, shot and killed Britta Eckland… and it goes on and on….
    Yes I know most of you think Vic and Maggie are so cute but if you are ready to just overlook all of Vic’s evil deeds, why not do the same for Stefano DiMera, no double standards..
    As far as I understand from the writers and the spoilers, Will being gay is a done deal.
    I have never seen Will to excited with any of the girls, and that includes Mia, Chad’s former girlfriend and mother of Grace.He would not be the first gay person, that needs time and life experiences to sort out what he really is. Unfortunately girls like Gaby get hurt in the process, and so do guys the other way around. I guess guys and girls have to try it first before they figure out if they like it.
    Lexie is about the most Non Busy Chief of Staff of any hospital out there. I did not know that she was thaaaaaaat fond of Sami to personally, wheel her around, hold hands, almost never leave her side, not after all the nasty stuff Sami has tried to do to her and Abe and Theo…. remember Brandon.
    Of course no surprise, Sami breaking in for test results, it’s in the girls blood, she can’t help herself….
    I hear Chloe will be back by the end of the year, that should be enough time for Jack to win back fair Jenn, and Dan somehow finding out that Parker really is his son, so maybe Chloe, Dan and Parker will end up together down the road.
    Like to see Mimi back and hopefull Philip, and maybe together they will get back their son Pocket…
    To many unsolved sl’s out there…

  23. From gerri

    I think “Days of our lives” should be re-named “”Gays In our lives”".What has happened?they undoubtely don’t read these blogs,as they would see most DO NOT WANT IT.and really with Will,?please…they need to put on their brakes,and stop,take Will out of this S/L..PROCEED WITH SONNY AND the Gay couple.And the writers can’t seem to write any believable S/L’s.
    all the drama with Sami and her cysts,lot’s of times, Cysts can and are removed In a doctor’s office.or same day Surgery with some local anesthesia.
    I would love to see EJ and Nicole,together to me They are the couple,with the most “”Chemistry”" and I’ve always wanted Sydney to be her’s(as she has always shone the love a mother has for her child) and EJ’S ..and Johnnie to be Sami’s and Lucas’s little boy..I know that Grace would have to be Sami’s and EJ’S ,but hey this is a soap opera,It could happen. hope Mimi Is for sure coming back,she was one of my favorites..

  24. From Kat

    Gerri, there were three babies, “Grace” Mia’s and Chad’s baby died while with Sami, thinking it was her baby.
    Did Nicole’s baby really not survive, who’s Baby is Sidney really, is there still a Baby out there, and which baby might that be…. it’s wide open.
    When Rafe did the DNA Test, he used Sidneys hair and “Sami’s toothbrush” but was it Sami’s or was it Nicoles, Nicole was then living with Sami.
    So the writers left that door about Sidney’s paternity wide open, to use if they want to…
    3 Babies, and now there is one, or are there really two…?????????
    Johnnie could be Lucas’ boy, I mean he is short like Lucas, EJ is so tall, if any, Ally could have been EJ’s more than Johnnie, she is so much taller than her twin brother…?
    I had cysts removed, in and out, test result came with a phone call a few days later…
    But it is a soap, and the reason we watch, is all that Overblown Drama, it get’s our juices flowing, and that’s what it is all about….

  25. From gerri

    with Dr.Baker and his black market,baby selling ring,anything Is possible.I know Nicole was in early pregnancy,but being employed,at a Hospital with an Nicu ,and my job,was making the special IV’S and Misc Syringes,that our premmies needed,we knew from orders,how early these babies were,and a very high number It would be possible that nicole’s did survive.but she did bring a healthy baby home,so this is really a mystery,but we know how fast,Day’s S/L’S move,maybe one day we will know…..

  26. From Solan

    I can not believe the post here.I thought we were in 2011.All this Gay hate stuff.All the gay true life stories I know,involve a girl being hurt.Always under it all the girl knew….always new…had a feeling that she denied.So,I applaud days for moving forward …even if a bunch of sad girls watching,can’t.
    way to go DOOL,just as good and better than when I was there!

  27. From Kat

    gerri, I guess if Nicole’s baby did live, it was due at the same time as Sami’s, then there has to be a baby out there some where,
    Mia’s baby must have been Grace, because Nicole did deliver it and saw the baby, and would have noticed if there was a switch,
    so whatever baby Sami did deliver, did Nicole take home Sami’s baby or her own….. Did Sami’s baby die, and Doc Baker gave Nicole her own baby back, big mistery…. for someday I guess.

  28. From poohbear

    they can’t make will and sonny be lovers becase victor is will granddad and sony’s uncle so that would make them related and thats just icky

  29. From kass

    I’m with almost everyone else in here I don’t like the Will gay story line blah blah blah… Also sami breaking into lexi’s office that’s the good ole Samantha Brady I knew! The one who couldn’t help but break the law, glad to see that part of her OS back even if the rest of her is smothered by boring rafe. Id like to see mimi, shawn, belle, & Claire! Hopefully the rumor is true! Well not much to add.

  30. From Paki

    Do NOT like the gay storyline at all. Boring, boring boring. Will be fast forwarding and then tuning out if there is too much of it. Don’t care and don’t need any of it. There is much more interesting stuff they could be writing about. Never did like the Will character, so he can just go after he figures all this out.

  31. From BeenWatching

    I was pretty appalled too, Solan. But, you have to think that the majority of frequenters on these boards represent quite a small number of the populous. Everywhere else, homosexuality is not only socially accepted, but is mostly looked at as a non-issue if not positively. I don’t get the outrage here at all. From what I’ve observed, the gay controversy basically died out completely by the mid 90s.

    I not only welcome a storyline involving homosexuality, but am a little annoyed at how long it took for the show to venture into it. I always thought that Mimi and Cassie should have turned their scrapping into kissing, way back when. They had quite the fire when they would fight, and Cassie was sexually adventurous and bold, and Mimi was ever so quirky and nervous. It could have worked well. Either way, here it finally is: a big bad gay storyline. LOL! I’m frankly pleased that it’s here, and even happier that it’s involving a permanent character.

    Speaking from direct and nearly exact experience, if Gabby really loves Will, she won’t be too hurt. Disappointed, yes, but it shouldn’t be too devastating. If she truly loves him, she’ll accept him and still love him as the best friend he is.

  32. From Jamie Lynn

    I also am not for the Will being gay storyline…I really liked him and gabi together, why cant it be someone else!!! I’d definatly love to see Farrah Fath back as Mimi!!! …And I SOOOOO hope Rex comes back…hopefully Eric Winter will return with the role, Cassie should come back too!

  33. From Anita

    Let it be Tad being gay not Will ..I for one am ready for them to bring back Sami’s twin back Eric with all the stuff she has been through you would thought he would be around at some point really they are twins…Cant wait to see John and Marlena and Jack in a couple of weeks.

  34. From SandyGram

    Does Chloe die as a result of her attack? I’ve been reading through different blog sites and there are those that post Chloe exit from Days is by death.

    How could this be? Nadia leaves by dying, but Quinn gets to come back a re-invented man. Wouldn’t Brady have the same problem with Quinn as he does with EJ thinking he had something to do with the death of a woman he loved? Has anyone heard or read that Chloe will die?

  35. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #33, – I have read noting about Chloe dying. But, like Kat #22, I read that she will be back with the same actress in late 2011 or early 2012. And that comes as good news to me!

  36. From beverly

    summer is almost over. im tired of all these kids . send them all off to school. lets get back to the grown-up story lines. with all our seasoned actors. want more of stephano and kate. victor and maggie. bo and hope. jen. and daniel.

  37. From gerri

    Myself,I don’t want a Gay Storyline
    is my right,as a viewer.The writers ,who might be thinking,Time to inject this topic,on the show,are doing so,I think ,they could have used another,one that has few S/L’s,and will make a quick exit,with their partner(Sonny and T come to mind)they need to use this air time to those,that’s already on the show,and could add some substance,I’m all for romance on the show and we have lot’s of couples to provide It,without going with this Gay S/L,when the majority of fans,do not want It.
    This is IMO…I’m not trying to change anyone’s view of the show,that is entirely their right,as It Is my right not to want It.

  38. From Grandma Judy

    I disagree totally with the first paragraph of the #30 post! The Gay issue is still a VERY controversial issue and looked upon as being outside the norm. Especially Gay marriage, which is where I draw the line on being open-minded. A person believes they are Gay, fine, they should live their life and be happy, but be content with a civil union and leave the sacrament of “marriage” to those who respect it as the religious union it was meant to be.

    I feel as some others do about T and that a Gay pairing between him and Sonny would be a better s/l than Sonny and Will. But if Will is portrayed as Gay, then what the writers could do is have him be totally mixed up about his sexuality, so think he must be Gay or is told he must be Gay, but down the road he realizes he is not Gay after all. I know of 2 real life cases with age 20′s children of friends of ours that worked out exactly that way.

  39. From jolie

    gerri#25, I agree with your thinking. It could have happened that way and has previously. Remember Georgia, the baby that Billie and Bo lost, who came back as Chelsea?? This is daytime drama so the laws of the universe are sometimes severely bent if not broken altogher. Poor Chloe, it just gets worse and worse for her. When and if she does come back, I hope she has gained some ground and isn’t a doormat for so many people. Sami…breaking into Lexie’s office…I am not really surprised but really?? This is one reason I like Nicole so much. Nicole would do it, then laugh about it and you’d find yourself smiling. She won’t act like…who me? Well, for long. Sami is presented as a good mom…not…has her children’s best interest in mind…not…recently wanted to work in the SPD and has no compulsion against breaking into a hospital (Chief of Staff for that matter) office. So how is Lexie supposed to feel about that? It’s just like Sami shooting Elvis in the head then going right back to bed with Rafe on her wedding night with Elvis. That girl has a screw loose.

  40. From Michelle

    This will be interesting with Will. as we all know in real life each of us have met someone that was straight forever and the decided to take a walk on the otherside. So it really is not to far from reality. I think the bigger question will be what will Rafe and Sammi do and how will this effect their marriage. I see Sammi being fully supprotive while Rafe on the other hand no so much. this could be a prelude to Sammi and EJ finding their way back to each other. I’ve always liked Brady and Nicole. One thing I will say for sure I CAN’T wait for Taylor to be GONE. Have a great day everyone.

  41. From MAB

    Tuesday’s episode – completely unrealistic scenes at the hospital after Sami woke up. Rafe basically jerked her up from the bed to hug her…uh she just had surgery & an allergic reaction episode…I certainly wouldn’t want to be yanked up for a hug. Then the banana split…too silly…just more proof how boring their relationship is. At least Roman stepped in for the comic relief and dug right into the ice cream. Dan & Jen were so cute yesterday…love their rapport! I’m SO sick of the writers continuing to ruin T. He was a cool, laid back guy before, and now he’s nothing like he was, and it’s all due to Sonny, an unlikable character IMO, regardless of his sexual preference. He is beyond boring! They all embrace Sonny, but none of them try to understand T’s side. He’s a human being and their friend, and it’s sad they can’t try to help him instead of turning their backs on him and treating him like a disease. Good scenes with Carly & Nicolas. Also, liked Chad & Abby standing out side the pub making out…very realistic…and they are so cute together. The rest of the teens are a snooze fest! Was it just me or was Sonny checking out Will when he & Gabi walked off to go jump in the water??

    I don’t think Lexie should be the one doing all this stuff for Sami. They are not close friends, and never will be after all that happened in the past, and not to mention the fact that she is EJ’s sister. It’s obvious Sami & Rafe hold that against here because they were so rude & nasty to her when Sami first came to the hospital for tests…another doctor should’ve handled this. And now Sami’s gonna break into Lexie’s office? Like I said, Sami thinks she can do as she please w/ no consequences.

    Will has never really been excited when around girls, unfortunately tho, I think it has to do more with the acting than the fact that he’s gonna be gay. Like I said, the Will character has never been properly cast. If Will has any indication he’s not interested in girls, then he shouldn’t have to experience sex with an impressionable young girl, only to hurt her in the end. For pete’s sake, he took her virginity, and that is a special thing to a young woman, and I surely wouldn’t be understanding to think I had a gay guy use me to try out sex before he makes a decision on his life choices. Also, Gabi being hurt is a big deal, and more so that Will deciding to be gay…and it’s evident that Gabi doesn’t know about Will.

    What does 2011 have to do with one’s opinion on the gay issue? Everyone has a right to their opinion, and those of use who don’t like it or approve of it aren’t being hateful to the gay community. It’s those of you who are the hateful ones, jumping on others for not being scared to have an opinion instead of being like you who are far more interested in being politically correct. Be appalled all you want, and we are NOT a small number of the population. There are MANY people out there who think the same way.

    I didn’t hear Chloe was coming back, only Quinn. Is she really coming back? Oh please, don’t bring her back just to pair her with Daniel again. That ship has sailed. I would rather see her bring Philip back and be with him, and their son.

    The writers said they were going to be no more who’s the daddy s/l’s, and I hope they stick to that…and that way all the kids that have the parents they have now and will remain that way. Parker needs to remain Philip & Chloe’s child, and Johnny & Sydney need to remain Sami & EJ’s. Johnny looks like EJ’s son anyway. Sorry, but I think Johnny is short because he’s a kid, not because he’s Lucas’ son. We don’t need Lucas to be his father anyway of he’s not returning to the show.

  42. From gerri

    You are so right on,with your comments on this Gay Issue,my feelings exactly..If you read these posts,90-95% don’t want It.that leaves 5-10% max,that want it.this sure doesn’t sound like we are a small population,wonder where those that support it,and want this S/L, get their figures.
    as I’ve said before,these supporters,have to be glad,that their parents were’nt gay,or else,they wouldn’t be here..

    I agree that also,the ones who support It,are always throwing snide remarks back to us,after we blog our feelings…..It has nothing to do with hating Gays,
    one of my best buddies,Is gay,and is one of the nicest and caring man,I’ve ever known,but I don’t agree with his life style,buthe has the right to live whatever life style he chooses..
    I agree with Grandma Judy,the line should be drawn against Gay Marriage..

  43. From SandyGram

    FYI Days Actor Exit Dates from

    Louise Sorel (Vivian) – September 21
    Kamall Shaikh’s (Gus) – September 21
    Chrystal Chappell (Carly) – September 22
    Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) – September 28
    Sydney Penny (Dr. Norman) – 7 dates starting August 30th

    Good Luck to all the actors leaving the show ‘hope to see you in the movies’ you’ve been great!

  44. From Just Moi

    TO ALL THOSE AGAINST THE GAY STORY I DO respect your opinions but please do not group all of us gay supporters together. I have posted a few times on the gay issue and to my knowledge I have not thrown any snide remarks towards anyone on that issue nor have I said anyone was wrong. I on the other hand was shot down by a few for my opinion and have refused to post my opinion or even post about the gay story at all.

    Grouping all supporters together is like grouping all those who are against the gay story line together or grouping all us Rafe fans together. Some are good and some are bad, it is the person themselves that post the comments not the group of supporters.

    I had stop comming here for awhile because some comments were just so offensive to me, but that is my problem not yours. I just ask that maybe when posting please try not to group everyone in the same boat.

    Have a great day all :)

  45. From Grandma Judy

    Just Moi #42, – I respect your post and the courage in your writing it. You are correct that “grouping” is a problem on this site. If I remember correctly, you have a nephew who is Gay. I’m sure you love him very much and I suspect it took a lot of family support to get him through his “coming out”.

  46. From MAB

    gerri – I know, I have gay friends too, and how they live their life is their business. I don’t agree with it, and they respect my opinion, and it’s never an issue with them because we respect each other as people first rather than basing it on our sexual preferences. They respect my stand on the issue, and I respect theirs, and we can still be friends w/o forcing the issue and act like everyone has think the same way.

  47. From Kat

    39 MAB, good blog,
    but you and I both know, Johnnie could be Lucas’ or EJ son, he has both of their coloring, and we know (he is neiters son).
    I prefer that Johnnie should belong to EJ, just thought from first look, Ally tall like EJ, Johnnie short like Lucas… could have been the other way around…
    “Marriage” as I have stated before in my older blogs, Leave It alone, it is ours, it belongs to a Man and a Woman, find another word or whatever to make it for unions between same sex,
    but respect OUR Marriage …. Thank you, that would show respect for us, and I am more than willing to give Gay people my respect for their chosen/whatever lifestyle.
    I like a gay person, just like the next, if I like them, it could turn out that I can stand a person/gay or not, but please Do not get into my face, trying to force it on me and call me names in the process, that will never be a winner for No cause at all.
    My heart does not care what or who you are, if you are a good person, you are ok in my book.
    But don’t demean “MY Marriage” – Find your own new ???????

  48. From Miss America

    Get used to it. Will is closeted and will come out soon and will be Sonny’s love interest. The clues are being shown already and the spoilers can’t be more clear.

    I feel sorry for Gabi but I am sure she will find someone else. But I am glad they will split them up because they made such a boring couple.

  49. From Kat

    45 Kat – Correc. it could turn out that I “can’t) stand……

  50. From MAB

    Just Moi – I understand where you’re coming from, and I agree. In most situations, people tend to get “grouped” together for their opinions…whether it’s about the gay issue, Rafe fans, EJ fans, etc. I don’t group people together when voicing my opinion…that’s why you’ll find I say “some” a lot because not everyone has the same feelings about a topic, even if they agree. Some mature, some don’t…some can respectfully agree & disagree, some can’t. But I try to respectfully agree & disagree with everyone on here. I can’t say there is not one person on here that I can 100% agree with on everything, that just can’t happen, and as well it shouldn’t, and that is the way it should be. I will not stand for someone’s snide remarks tho, no matter who it is, and I’ll defend my opinion to those individuals every time.

  51. From Just Moi

    #43 Grma Judy, thank you so much for the kind words. Yes I have a nephew who is gay, but either way I have no problem with it. In my book it is no big deal, to each his own, as long as you are a good, respectful person you can live you life any way you want. I learned at a young age that life is too short, love thy neighbour and be good to each other….LOVE AND LET LIVE!

  52. From Just Moi

    MAB, agree so much with your post #47. I guess I just got my feelings a bit hurt when hearing over and over that gay supporters being grouped together. It’s much more personal to me than Rafe or EJ supporters/haters because Days is just a soap and the gay issue is real life. Thank you all for understanding and I will now drop the subject.

  53. From the truth

    Gerry Ej/Nicole is one of the worst couple on this soap and i don’t see any chemistry it is really contrived in a ‘we have to be the sexy evil couple’ natural is sexy..trying too hard is not sexy..of course these writers will force them on us..well already a bad decision from new writers..they want ratings..not the way to go..but whatever float their boat, when they will be cancelled they just don’t have to be surprised..that’s all.

  54. From Michele

    Why on earth would they make it out that will is gay? Sonny has his sights on chad and not will. at times I kept thinking that chad is gay after everthing thing that happened to his baby.. he has not even been with another female since so why not make chad gay then will… will and gabi seem to be so right for each other. Or even yet why not make the guy who makes fun of sonny realize that he has feeling for sonny and that is why he is saying that he does not like gay people

  55. From JIBI

    Mad You are so right, Chad is surely not the type to be gay. I was hopping that Tad will be but I guess it will be Will :(

  56. From Kat

    If I had to pick one of the three, Will, T, Chad to turn out to be the gay character, I would have picked Will most likely….
    Why…. well T and Chad just seem to be so much more macho than Will….
    If I had my choice, None of them would be gay, ..
    It seems that Sonny immed. gained celebrity status because he is gay, or are they all just trying to be PC and hip and with It !
    Ever since PC, so many people just have become phonies in order to fit in.
    I take repectful honesty any day, just what makes a good friend, a true friend, once that will take the chance to tell you the truth, and both can still be friends.
    I like to know where I stand, don’t want a snake slithering around me….
    Have to watch today’s show….

  57. From LadyLumps

    Well I support the gay storyline and I support gay marriage. And that is my opinion, not forced into anyone’s face as Kat mentioned in her post.
    By the way Kat, I found it ironic that you mentioned you don’t like people calling you names when just a few weeks ago you called me “Lumpy”. That’s not very lady-like.

  58. From Jo

    I think the storyline would be better if T or Chad were going to be Sonny’s partner. I would go with T, he is so angry and has such an attitude about being gay, almost like he already knows he is and is trying to not acknowledge it so that it isn’t true, you know?

  59. From LadyLumps

    We need to come up with a nick-name for the new couple. They could be WINNY, or maybe SOLL.
    I think I like WINNY the best.

  60. From Kat

    LadyLumps, when I called you Lumpy, is was only meant to shorten your name up a bit, it’s what you call yourself,
    for the same reason that I shortened my name, just for convience. That’s the truth and a fact, I meant no harm to you, and if you read my post right, I don’t really care about gay or not, period. I hope you understand what I am trying to say, there is no malice here on my part. Winny sounds good, or whatever….

  61. From Kat

    P.S. As a matter of fact, I think “Lumpy” is a cute name, I like it. …Solly, or Soll also good. I am sure the crew will come up something, they always do, just like I did for you, and again, no harm intended….
    Take it, or leave it, that’s up to you.
    About name calling, I would not enjoy being called a homophobe…etc, because I am not, never have been never will be, never been a racist, my best chum growing up was Jimmy, a war baby that moved in when he was about three, we all loved him, we became best friends, he became a great German Soccer Player.
    As my Mom explained to me very early in life, God makes people and sometimes he also makes them different colored, Just like when she baked cookies for, there will always some burnt cookies, that was good enough for me, and I have never been precedious in my entire life, or thought that gay people are second rate human beings,
    so there is my stand on the whole thing, live and let live….
    Learn to have a little sense of humor, even on this site, we need it, instead immed. feeling like a victim. We are all adults I think, so let’s act like it.

  62. From Kat

    57 Kat, explanation ……

    just to make it very clear, LLumps, that last sentence was not meant for You, it was intended for everybody including me, let’s have more humor on this site….

  63. From BeenWatching

    Okay, I have to know, MAB, what hate and snide remarks have been made on this week’s spoiler board? You keep referring to snide remarks here, and I can’t see them, so could you please quote these remarks? Or, are you talking about past boards?

    Gerri, yes, this website only represents a very small portion of the viewing public. Do you see hundreds upon hundreds of Days viewers here commenting? No, you only see a few handfuls at most. It’s simple addition. You don’t even need to go outside to see that a non-pro-gay majority on a website community is outside of the norm. Visit nearly any other site with any sort of booming community. Then, post there with these same opinions, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll see much more colourful language come your way than you’ve ever seen here.

    Addressing random quotes, now:

    Being politically correct has nothing to do with anything. I’m not politically correct. I’m just completely understanding and welcoming of love in any way it’s brought to this earth. Anyone who cock-blocks love, yeah, I will be annoyed with and have no patience for.

    I must just simply live in a much more free and liberal country, I suppose. Thank God for that, then. I have never ever met anyone in person who felt that homosexuality was controversial, and the last time I heard any negativity in general about the topic in my area (media-wise) was indeed in the mid 90s. I’ve been to a legal gay wedding for one of my friends, and if my first love ever wants to get legally married to his partner of several years, I’ll be at his wedding too, toasting my proud little heart away. This is love, guys. It cannot and should not be oppressed. Sure, when he came out to me, I was very disappointed that I would never be his girlfriend again, but you know what? It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. Because, true love is stronger than that. It can change form. It’s not restricted to romance. It evolves into something nearly undefinable but so much stronger. He has been my best friend ever since.

    It’s appalling to me, because homosexuality is such a non-issue where I live and any other website I go to. To me, watching people try to debate respectfully about homosexuality is about as comparable as seeing people attempt to debate respectfully about racial slavery. That’s how ridiculously astounding it is to me. This is why I find it appalling. Both issues are dead and buried, at least everywhere else I go.

    I don’t have enough patience to tiptoe around the subject and be sweet as pie in the face of repression in order for it to MAYBE be better digested by the non-supporters. Screw that. I’ve seen some people here try this approach in attempt to open minds, and some pretended to be all open-minded and grateful for a better understanding, when in fact, here we are a month or so later, and the same people who seemed to be nice about it, obviously really didn’t warm up to the topic at all. So much for being nice and respectful about it. May as well stick with defiant “in your face” techniques, as no minds are being changed anyhow, but at least we’ll make the repression squirm
    (which isn’t as fun as changing the world into a loving and welcoming place, mind you, but you can’t have everything, I guess).

  64. From chris

    I DO NOT, repeat, NOT like this story line. If they insist on continuing with Will being gay, I will stop watching Days.

  65. From BeenWatching

    I think “Lumpy” is a cute name, too, actually. :D

  66. From Cougar

    Have not had much time to read site just catch the show; busy canning, working, gardenign & residing our house. Been wacching news & know some of the blog sisters were in Irene’s path. Hope and pray that you all are safe, have been spared and getting through all the aftermath of flash floods and power outages.
    Loved Danifer’s over the hill joking a round yesterday Loved jen getting it on with Dr. Grandpa Fellgood today. Done very nicely.
    All I can say about Kate’s dress is that there is some sort of wardroe malfunction going on; Inoticed the hem did not hang right to day either. Don’t they have Stiich Witchery or even duct tape to do a quick fix in the wardrobe dept? Actually I think some one in wardrobe must have it in for her. Usually her clothes are impecable but seriously lose the lavender outfit. It looks terrible on her. On top of needing it hemmed it just doesn’t taylor to he; a snuggy would fit better.
    Still discussing the gay issue? I guess I dont have anymore to say on the subject than what I mentioned on past posts. Ladies the story line is there love it or hate it; it will just have to run its course & see where TPTB go with it.

  67. From Cougar

    meant to spell Dr. Grandpa FEELGOOd!

  68. From SandyGram

    Weds August 31

    Cougar, you mentioned Kate’s lavender suit, I so agree and what was with the over sized collar. But what really got me was her turquoise nail polish. Between her and Sami they can wear some terrible colors, there more suitable for teens.

    Now about Kate offering Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics to Victor, wasn’t it because EJ got the board of directors at DiMera Industry to say no to her business adventure? No way is EJ going to let Kate make any business decisions, so Victor was her alternative. But it’s going to be interesting what Victor has in mind as a ‘bigger’ business opportunity for Titan. And, I think Maggie was out of line, right now she’s a guest in the house why should she have a say or opinion on any business deals.

    I’m not a Daniel fan, but today Dr. Dan and Jen were charming. They have great camaraderie. Although they could of spared the Hotel linen and not thrown the glasses of champagne on the bed cover.

    It looks like the writers are going to drag out the Chloe story line to her exit day. Although late I do love the relationship that has been built up between Chloe and Kenzie. Who would of believed Kenzie could even have a thought, but she sure does try to talk common sense to Chloe. Good luck to both ladies when they leave Days in a few Weeks!

    Now the writers have come on with a story line in which Chrystal Chapell can show her Emmy Award talents. My heart was breaking for both her and Nikki today. And, I loved loved loved the first meeting between Melanie and Nicolas. Both did an excellent job in sharing their feelings about their mother/mom Carly. Not to mention the tissue box came in handy when the three of them hugged for the first time.

  69. From Cougar

    Sanygram, normally I would agree that Maggie as a guest has no say in Titan business. However since she was an initial investor in Countess Wilhemina she had a pertinent perspective on it. I smell hostile take over for the company. That would be Victors way of sticking it to Kate’s baby and hand it over to Maggie as a gift! He knows that the DiMera’s aren’t on board since she came to him. I do think it is unrealistic that Stephano won’t back Kate, He adores her and this would make her happy. He is rich enough this is chump change in his pocket to back her. But we must find a way to create a sl somehow to keep the pot stirred.

    A few months ago I remember posting with others that it would be nice to see Victor & Maggie in a legitamate business venture together together or doing something as a team.
    maggie is no sluff; she runs a successfull supper club. She’s certainly capable.

  70. From Cougar

    Sanigram I also agree that the departure writing for these characters is better than what they handed them throughout their tenure there. I wish that the day to day sl would be as great and not just for the swan song.

  71. From LadyLumps

    I agree about Kate’s suit. The skirt was all bunched in the back like they had to safety pin the waist real quick. It looked too big for her.
    Kat, smooth comeback, but when you called me that it was in the midst of one of your “I quit the blogs” comments, so I doubt it was kindly intentioned. If I want to shorten my name I will do it myself, and it will certainly NOT be Lumpy.

  72. From solan

    Been watching…well said. As for the rest or most of the rest on here….where are they living,caves or boxes? We don’t always get what we want people.Sometimes and this is a stretch….it is about the mass effect or benefit.

  73. From jerri

    PLEASE DON’T make Will gay!!! Why would you want to upset your viewers?

  74. From patty

    Been Watching #59, Great post!
    Not trying to be politically correct when I say I have no problem with the gay storyline and homosexuality is a non issue for me. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.
    I’ve worked in the school system a long time and I’ve seen many teens struggle with their sexuality but what I mostly observed was the support and acceptance they received from the other kids . So yes, T’s behavior on Days is totally unacceptable and I love the way the other kids are letting him know it.

  75. From Michael

    Why do so many of you have a problem with Will being gay? You say it is not realistic because Gabi will get hurt and he has shown no signs. Would you rather he live a lie and she be hurt worse, or respect him for coming to terms with who he is and allow him happiness? Gabi will get over it.

  76. From kellie

    I don’t like the Will/Sonny thing at all. They should have T being the one with Sonny & that being gay & in denial was the reasoning for his bad behavior.

  77. From bebe5caterina

    I was really hoping that Will with Gabi and Chad with Abby would be the new generation of super couples like when Hope and Bo, Steve and Kayla, etc. were young.

    Sonny would be great with T for the reasons of the above posts, or a new actor.

  78. From Chris

    Would love to see EJ & Nicole together and Sidney be their child and Johnny end up being Lucas’s. This would be a more exciting storyline. IMO I just don’t see any chemistry between Ej & Sami but Ej & Nicole just sizzle everytime they are on the screen together.

  79. From Kat

    71 Michael, good observation,
    to me, Will has shown signs, as I stated above, of all the characters avail. I would have picked Will because of behaviour, not because I wanted to choose him.
    Of course Gaby will be hurt, but like you said, better now than before it goes on much longer, than it would be even harder.
    I also agree, many girls like Gaby have lost their virginity, their choice I would hope, and things don’t work out even with straight guys, youth is youth, if you choose to start having a sexlife, that’s the risk all of them take.
    Chad and T gay, no way, doesn’t fit to ME..
    I guess life/nature whatever, does not discriminate, so why not Sami’s son, it happens, look how many famous people out there have gay children.
    Having said all that, doesn’t mean, that I wish, the story would not happen at all, but I have to look at it from a fair and realistic way, not wishful thinking.
    Again Michael, good straighforward hones blog…

  80. From Mary

    chris- totally agree…i 100% see chemistry between nicole and ej….like a thousand percent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and yes, please let johnny be lucases! let’s bring back lucas!

  81. From MAB

    BeenWatching – I was talking about past comments where several individuals had knee-jerk reactions to opinions like mine. They got personal, and starting calling names & trashing people just because of a difference of opinion. It’s obvious those people cannot be accepting of others as they say they are if they have to resort to that kind of behavior. Like I said, we are people first, regardless of our sexual preference, and NO ONE has the same views.

    Being politically correct has a lot to do with things. Just because YOU may not be politically correct in your opinions doesn’t mean others aren’t. Some people are too scared to have their opinions…instead they choose to go along with the crowd.

    Again, just because I oppose the gay lifestyle doesn’t mean I’m being mean or trying to stop them from living their life the way they want. It’s me who doesn’t agree with the lifestyle, and that has no reflection on anyone else. What is so hard to understand about that????????????

    Gabi wouldn’t have to get hurt if Will would’ve just been descent enough to not go down that road with her if he had any reservations. And why is it that it has to be Gabi to get over it?? Will is making a fool of her, sleeping with her, and telling her he loves her. He could’ve easily just been friends with her and did that thing where you’re actually honest with someone and tell the truth! But mark my words, when he “comes out”, it’ll be Gabi to suffer most of the humiliation, and probably some kind of blame too, while everyone else will be patting Will on the back to show their support. I’m just wondering if he’ll be descent enough to take any kind of responsibility for hurting her and others in the process with his life choice.

    Kat – I know Gabi would be taking a risk losing her virginity with anyone, even a straight guy, but I think it’s still different with Will. He’s leading her to believe he loves her, when he’s obviously been having reservations from the get go…and to me that makes him a @$$hole for what he’s doing to her. She will not only be hurt, but be made a fool of.

  82. From Kat

    81 MAB, I see your point about Will slowing down the relationship if he new he had reservations, but maybe he did not really realize that he might be actually gay….
    maybe he thought once they make love everything would be ok.
    But then what do I know. Even though I don’t really care that much for Will, I do not think that he would willfully hurt Gaby.
    It’s a tough one MAB, so much out there anymore for young people to deal with, from drugs to sex, etc…
    Lat’s see what happens, like I said before also, PC has much to do with many people out there, I am not saying ALL/Everybody, specially people in the limelight that are to scared to be themselves and give their honest opinions in fear of being shunned…. of course again, not everybody, that always goes without saying, It’s never Everybody about Anything…
    We’ll see how Gaby will react, but then of course the writers will make it positive because they are on a cause…..maybe not, surprise me….

  83. From Grandma Judy

    Yes, Kat #82, it could be that Gabi will be just pleased as punch that Will is Gay and had the courage to face it! I agree with you that the writers are on a cause. You can see it in every one of those scenes with the young people where they always have to bring up something about the Gay issue. Even if T isn’t there. I don’t think Will knows what he wants or is at this point so has not meant to hurt Gabi.

    I’ll have to DVR the show today, since we are taking 2 of our Grandsons to one of those Splash Universe indoor waterparks this afternoon. There’s one about a half hour from us. Our last hurrah with them before school starts next Tues.

  84. From Bored

    Of course Will is gay. It only makes sense to make him gay especially when the actor portraying him screams gay. I cannot see him any other way and I’md prefer him to play the role he fits. Statistically speaking at least ONE of Sami’s kids had to turn out gay.

  85. From Bored

    Just realizing how many times I said “gay” but I know some people are offended easily even when alternating between that word and homosexual. But in all honesty, it’s the most interesting storyline they have. I don’t care about Sami anymore or her boring husband and them going at it 50 times a day, tired of Nicole living with her ex and his grandson who she’s dating, sick of Taylor pretending that she is somebody, and at this point I actually care about Quinn more than EJ who is my fav. The writers need to get it together.

  86. From JIBI

    Ok I have been wanting to discuss this topic with someone for like FOREVER lol. Doesn’t anybody else wonder what happened after the events took place in Bermuda between Kristen & Susan all those years ago? I know this much, Kristen got taken to the palace and got locked in the dungeon for bad behavior. Then Susan went off to marry Edmund and lived happily ever after…of course the happily part isn’t true if Stefano obviously managed to get his hands on EJ.

    This is the part that always puzzles me…how Stefano found out where EJ was? Ohhh wait…yes I remember now. Susan was posing as Kristen to keep Stefano at bay. I guess what Susan didn’t know is that Stefano was going to kidnap her little Elvis to raise the DiMera way and must have found out about her not being Kristen. Stefano must have found out don’t you think? Susan couldn’t have predicted Stefano’s arrival to take Elvis away…who knows? There’s so many possibilities to these loose ends that haven’t been tied up in over many years.

    It makes me wonder if Stefano found out it was really Susan, took Elvis, dealt with Susan & Edmund but got info out of them beforehand at where Kristen was and got Kristen out of that dungeon and Kristen is just living somewhere else in the world right now in the Days world?

    Please bring Kristen back :)

  87. From Kat

    Right Judy, (sorry I am shortening your name, if not ok. let me know).
    Sonny always hanging out with couples, as we see it, sooner or later he would maybe fall for one of the guys, it could/would be onesided, but in this case seems Will could be the one for him.
    You would think he would hang out a bit more with “single” guys instead just couples, being the 5th wheel, but the SL will involve Will and Him, so there we go…
    Like I said before, why Not Sami’s child, it could happen to Any Mother…..and Will is still a character with SL’s ahead, in business, whatever, it shouldn’t change to much as far as him being a person on the show. However, honestly, I am not ready for bedroom scenes, that does not make me a bad person, just painfully honest.
    I liked the scenes with Mel, Nicholas and then Carly. Good storyline, wish Carly would stay, and maybe Lawrence would show up sometime and really show everybody just what a demon he really is/was….
    Bored, I am also starting to really like Quinn, he could become one of the more powerful characters if the writers give him good lines. He has a screen presence, at least to me.
    Judy, my DVR is on permanent program for DOOL, never have to worry about setting it…or any other show, I like that….only have it for 2 month now, switched providers..
    Yes, Gaby will get over it, but it will still be devastating (?) in the meantime, no matter who it would be. But I truly think, that Will will also hurt for doing this to her. No Winners here..
    Will prob. will hurt more for Gaby, than some straight guy, that told her he loved her, and just dumped her, just trying to figure all this out in my own way, but sharing with all of you….Like to listen to all of your opinions… it helps and also is educational…

  88. From Just Moi

    87 Kat…I hear you about not wanting to see the bedroom scenes and hopefully Days has enough class that they will not do that to us, but one never knows.

    I am sure both Gabi and Will along with alot of others will be hurt when this all comes out. Having sex at a young age or any age can be devestating when one partner does not share the same feelings. I do not blame Will, he is young and confused and wether he is gay or not young people do not think before they act, they live in the moment. I think alot of gay people try to think and act “straight” because there is still so little tolorance for someone who is different and I know when I was young all I wanted as to “fit in” so I think he is just trying to be like the others but in the long run will have to face who he really is and be true to himself. IMO Days is portraying this story very realistically. Why shouldn’t Sonny hang out with the “gang”, even though he is gay he can still have “straigt” friends and IMO T is acting like an @$$ and if he doesn’t want to listen to what the others have tried to tell him, when then kick him to the curb. He is the one who is losing out, losing his friends for being so small minded and predudice against Sonny.

    Quinn still gives me the creeps, I just can’t warm up to the guy, don’t know what it is.

  89. From natalie

    Will would be better aat playing a gay character than any other, when i started re watching Days i thought here is somebody that needs to get out of the closet!!!
    I have many friends in domestic partnerships and i applaud them for it, still in 2011 it is very hard to be in that situation…
    BRAVO DOOL for finally introducing a gay storyline!!! i think that T will also be gay since he is so homophobic against Sonny…
    on another note, i think it is way overdue for a EJAMi reunion!!! we need Sammi’s fire back!!! I am extremely happy that John and Marlena are comming back!!! i also think we need to get rid of Taylor! not liking her and her character too much… bring back BRANDON we need some more eye candy to look forward to!!! i am loving Quin maybe there could be a SL with Quin and Nicole in the making since he is connect with Taylor… maybe she can get back at her for sleeping with her husband… JUST SAYIN…

  90. From Kat

    88 Just moi, what I meant with Sonny hanging with couples all the time, and that he should hang with some single people, I did not mean single gay people, any singles.
    In any situation, divorcee, widow, alone, I would not always want to hang with couples, and quite frankly the couples don’t always want a Single hanging with them,
    unless you break somebody up, you will never find a friend/partner for yourself. I guess I did not make myself to clear.
    It’s the same in real life,
    hanging with them partly is fine, but that is all we see in this situation, Sonny wanting to have Chad and Will doing things with him, and the girls at times telling him, not now…………..we want to do things with our guys…
    After clearing this up I hope, I am on board with your blog.
    Today Sami and Rafe at the end in Lexis’s office when she started to cry, that was to me one the more realistic scenes between them, it was good and real and could relate.
    Kate and her Skirt, I blame the Wardrobe people and the Camerapeople/director etc. are they all blind.
    I would think the actress is a little ticked for being filmed that way, I would be. It’s not that Kate decided – Oh I am going to shlop around like this,
    it was a big goof on the show’s part, I think.

  91. From MAB

    Kat – whether Will is gay or not, he should’ve slowed their relationship down if he had reservations, which obviously he’s had from the beginning. I don’t think Will would intentionally hurt Gabi either, and I know what happens is ultimately up to the writers, but I have a feeling she’s not going to take this well. I say that because I’ve heard rumors that this causes a riff between Sami & Rafe. Sami of course will support Will, and Rafe will support Gabi…that part of it could get interesting.

    I just think Gabi will be hurt more by Will than if it were someone else. With someone else, she would be hurt but eventually get over it. I don’t think she’s gonna get past this that easily. They became friends, and are now more, and she thinks he loves her. I’m sure in his own way he does, but not how she thinks he does. I just think it’s fair to her to get so invested in their relationship just to be dumped because he bats for the other team. And I still think when it all comes out, everyone will put the focus on Will life choice than how this will affect Gabi. I just hope he takes responsibility for his actions.

    I don’t care if Sonny hangs out with the gang, but he’s boring, and a third wheel, and looking at the girl’s boyfriends. He certainly checked Will out the other day. He needs to get his own date, or hang out with single people. I wouldn’t want him hanging around checking out my boyfriend. Let him get his own…of course looks like he’ll end up stealing Gabi’s away.

  92. From gerri

    great post,agree with everything you said.we have the right to,our beliefs,and feelings,regardless if “”"some”"‘have a problem with it. again, great post…..

  93. From MAB

    I meant to say…

    I just think it’s “unfair” to her to get so invested in their relationship just to be dumped because he bats for the other team.

  94. From MAB

    Thanks gerri! No one is going to make me feel bad for how I view the gay issue. I’m not hurting anyone with my beliefs, so it shouldn’t bother anyone else.

  95. From SandyGram

    Did anyone else hear it when Victor was advising Brady to get rid of Nicole? “It”, wells it wasn’t what I expected. Victor commented on Nicole being able to take care of herself with the large divorce settlement she got from EJ. Then Brady said something to the affect ‘she’s not divorced’. How could that be! If the spoilers are true that EJ again has feelings for Nicole, we won’t have go through another EJ/Nicole wedding if they hook up again.

    Chloe’s ‘John’ today, I think his name was Elliott, why was he asking all those personal questions. Out of friendship or is there a hidden meaning? Other than telling him her real name and Daniels name she told him enough for him to find out who she really was. Maybe I’m just to suspicious.

    I’m a Sami fan, but where are the writers going with this is it or isn’t it cancer story line? It’s to slow and dragging a bit. Maybe it’s just to bring in more Marlena discussions before she gets there on September 26th.

    And I can’t get to invested in Quinn and Taylor knowing that their both leaving.

  96. From patty

    I can’t believe the violent way Chloe has been attacked. Brady is beyond shocked when he finds her and Nicole and Kinsey are in tears thinking she is dead. That Gus sure is a sicko and I can’t wait for him to pay for this and for his madame to get the he11 out of Dodge. I know Chloe walked right into that one but enough with the crimes against women.

  97. From patty

    SandiGram, where did Nicole live before she moved in with Brady? Why is that woman always homeless? Does she have a job or is her career marrying rich men who end up leaving her penniless when the relationship’s over? I like Nicole but not with Brady so I hope he tells her to leave because he wants her to leave, not because Victor tells him to. She’s still hung up on EJ anyway.

  98. From SandyGram

    #97 Patty
    When Nicole was kicked out of the DiMansion she tried to hook up with Brady but he rejected her. When Taylor came to visit her after that, it looked like a Hotel. And now of course she’s in Boudoir Kiriakis. If you recall after she got out of prison she was hired by Philip to be Titan’s TV Station News Roving Reporter and Arianna was her camera person. Of course that all fell apart after Arianna died and EJ was shot by Sami. Can’t remember the exact time frame and I don’t remember if Philip actual said ‘your fired’. But she ended up back at the DiMansion with EJ to be a nanny to the kids…and the story goes on from there.

    I also thought at one time EJ put a stop to the money she got for the divorce, so I don’t know why Victor thinks she can take care of herself financially. Maybe someone else can enlighten me on that aspect of Nicole. Did she or didn’t she get to keep her divorce money?

    I think Nicole really loves Brady, but as I read in an article today after Chloe is attacked Brady doesn’t leave her side. While sitting by her bedside we find out that if fact Brady still loves Chloe and they never resolved the issues between them that resulted in them getting a divorce. This may have some affect on Nicole so when EJ begins to have feelings for Nikki again, it’s easier for her to turn back to EJ. This is all me speculating of course, but it could happen.

  99. From Clear

    I hope somehow Will is not gay! I am still fast forwarding through all the scenes with Sonny the fifth wheel in them. I hope they write him out soon. I do not think most people want to watch a gay story line whether they think it should be accepted or not.

    I will like seeing Mimi come back. She was really good on the show.

  100. From patty

    SandiGram, I know Brady has always had a soft spot for Chloe but wouldn’t you agree that it’s a little late to start picking up the pieces now . She’s been in need of a caring person in her life for a while and except for a few scenes with her in the past year or so, there was never any indication that he still had unresolved feelings for her. Delayed reaction I guess, just like with Arianna. He’s just been grieving her death lately since at the time he was too busy boinking Nicole. This time he’s too busy being a tycoon and gulping whiskey to notice that his ex was in desperate need of help. I wish they would give him a more solid storyline and forget about this on and off thing with Nicole.

  101. From SandyGram

    #100 Patty
    Yes I do agree with your entire post. I’m hoping Brady realizes it by himself, maybe Chloe’s attack will open his eyes, but if not lets keep our fingers crossed John can bring his son around. I don’t mind him being a strong business man, but this bad boy stuff with the round the clock drinking, the writers have gone a wee bit over board.

    I’m also anxious to see what business deal Victor came up with that’s better than Kates Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics that he turned down. And I’m really curious to see if EJ has anything to do with it? That would really be interesting, Victor buys into this new business, invests tons of Titan money and somewhere down the road EJ steps up and with the Cheshire Cat grin of his tells them he owns most of Titan. Yowee that would hurt.

  102. From daisy

    Someone commented on thee strange things that go on in the hospital scenes. I can’t believe they have Lexie running around there in high heels. OSHA wouldn’t allow it!
    Also, I agree that the “gay” storyline is so overdone…have we learned the politically correct crap yet? The “gay” population is a small percent of the population, but it looks like in Salem, with a dozen main characters, we must have a daily dose, and probably at least three gay males, and of course then they will have to balance that out with some Lesbians. I expect this storyline is here to stay, even though it appears the majority of the people writing on here are already tired of it. Seems like with the Soaps going out of business, the writers would heed the audiences opinion.

    Is Gabi going to turn up pregnant?

  103. From BABAGAMMA

    T behaves like someone who may have questions about himself. I think T finding out he is gay would be a good story line. Sonny could be his support rather than his partner. If the actor who plays T wants to show his real acting ability, that would be the way. Sonny’s coming out and family accepting is what is normal. Having to discover yourself gay…now that would be a storyline.

  104. From babgamma

    The story of Sonny being gay with his parents love and support and that of the rest of the family, is typical of a loving supportive family. Now if T’s problem is that he is starting to worry about himself Sonny could be his support not his partner. If the actor who plays T wants to show is acting ability, this would be the perfect storyline.

  105. From holly

    daisy – I don’t think she will be pregnant. Rafe saw the condom fall out of Will’s wallet as he was leaving the apartment to meet Gabi. Of course he did only have one condom! Hmmmm

    As much as I like to see EJ involved in any s/l, I can’t say I love the EJ/Kate involvement that is brewing. Hope it goes somewhere interesting. Their past history makes it a little dicey now that she is married to EJ’s daddy. Hope the involvement is strictly business.

    Kate’s wardrobe is horrible for the most part. I remember reading an article where she said she liked to bring in some of her personal pieces. Yikes. Hope that purple suit is strictly from the wardrobe department. And please – the blue streak has got to go. Enough now.

    Like so many of you, I am already so bored with the “is he or isn’t he gay” s/l. And they are portraying the Sonny character as the second coming (he is in town for a few weeks and he is the only one who can bring about a truce between the two mob families???)

    The scenes between Carly and Nicholas were very emotional. I really like Syndey Penny too. Wish she wasn’t just a short-term role. They could use a strong professional type now that Carly is leaving. Why not a pairing with Daniel? We know Jennifer will get back with Jack eventually. Looking forward to all of the returning characters except for Jack. His character is way too silly for me. That sort of writing worked with Eugene and Caliope. Never thought Jack was the perfect match for Jen. Frankie was so much better.

  106. From Mommy of 2

    I think T is going to hurt Sonny, or maybe even kill him…

  107. From Me

    PLEASE….Leave Will alone.Let him be happy as a HETRO.He has had a screwed up enough life with his Mom’s problems.He is so sweet.Let him become a family man. ALSO…..PLEASE bring on the actors we have missed.Marlena,John,Bo and Hope’s Son and Wife.Let’s make DOOL what they have promised the fans.I realy have not watched for more then 2 months.I have been reading this site’s info.

  108. From Daisy

    I have an idea Jack will be a totally different person…amnesia or something that will cause Jen to nurse him back to health!
    Holly, I too really like the Dr. Sydney Penney character. Classy lady. Also agree with you on Kate s recent wardrobe….ugh!
    As for Dr. Dan, maybe he should be without a woman for a year or so, or even be back with Chloe and their son Parker…I still think he is the real father. Seems like with this soap, we really don’t know who is the Daddy or Mommy of so many characters due to the constant lab switches! Glad I never worked in that hospital, or for that matter, a patient!!!
    Maybe Dr. Dan will fall back in love with Chloe as he saves her life!!!!

  109. From Jodie

    How does Taylor have the time to roam around Salem when she just started a new job at the police station. Doesn’t anyone notice she is never at her desk? The few times she was seen at the station working, she was eavesdropping on Hope and Bo. She heard things a new employee would never be allowed to hear. She was hired without an application, no background check and no experience either. It’s a ridiculous storyline but obviously one that will end soon since the character is be written off. Does anyone know why the character of Kate wears the blue streak in her hair? Just curious.

  110. From ky girl

    well i haven’t been on here for awhile but the last time i was the discussion was about the gay storyline involving will, and i will say what i said last time, ” writers please please please don’t show any sex scenes or will and sonny kissing. don’t think i could stomach that!!!! that will be the straw that broke the camels back. i’ll quit watching then. it is good to see that the majority on here feels the same way.

  111. From javagurl

    While I understand the whole “gay” issue is a hot topic and people consider it a moral issue…. what about prostitution, murder, adultery, etc… all the other things on a soap. Somehow those things are “ok” and “acceptable”. Everyone has the right to their own opinions, but it seems hypocritical to be ok with all the other “immoral” things.

  112. From Clear

    About Jack, he cannot be much different considering the way he comes on the scene by falling down in front of Dan and Jen–like a peeping Tom falling out of a tree! He is probably still a flake.

    KY Girl, I agree and the last couple days have found the story boring except for the hunt for the criminal beating on the girls and the hunt to find him.

  113. From Lois

    keep Will straight Gabi and Will make a great sweet couple why do you have to change him. Make someone else like T for Sonny not Will/

  114. From Days4ever

    No problem with a gay story… Not digging Will as the gay guy but still gay relationships are a real part of society so why not include one into story.

    Love Sami with EJ, would love to see a return of their relationship. Love the idea of Mimi returning! Love, love, love Jennifer and Daniel together! I hope Jack finds a new woman. A little shocked at how Chloe has been written. She went from world famous opera star to hooker? Could she not have gotten a job with Brady? Or at the pub? Maggie could have her singing at the restaurant? Or at the bar? I do like the story of a hard working mom doing anything to get her child back but Chloe was not that hard up really. She has lots of rich friends that support her. I know she was blackmailed by Quinn but really dislike her being a hooker. Always had a soft spot for Chloe so hate seeing her so low. JMO

  115. From MAB

    I guess we’re supposed to assume EJ gmave Nicole a large settlement for what happened with Taylor since he felt guilty. I didn’t realize they were still married tho. I guess if they get back together, then we won’t be subjected to another wedding down the road. I still don’t like the idea of them reuniting. She belongs with Brady!

    I don’t think it’s odd that Brady still has feelings for Chloe, but why now all of a sudden do the writers want us to believe he’s still in love with her after all this time? They haven’t spent hardly any time together, and live separate lives. I understand his concern for her, but he now loves her too? They’re making Brady too flighty with his feelings. First there was Chloe, then Nicole, then Arianna, then Nicole, then Melanie, then Nicole, and now he’s going back where he started with Chloe?? Makes no sense. IMO, if he still loved Chloe, he would’ve been there for her more, and I think she would’ve felt like she could’ve went to him for help. And why didn’t she? She could’ve skipped this hooker thing and asked Brady for help in getting Parker back. Brady probably would’ve given her a large sum of money so she would’ve been set for life…then she could’ve got a real job, got the apt., and worked her way back to proving she was a fit mother.

    holly – OMG I so agree with your statement “And they are portraying the Sonny character as the second coming (he is in town for a few weeks and he is the only one who can bring about a truce between the two mob families???)”

    Daisy – according to the spoilers, looks like Jack hasn’t changed a bit, even his first appearance has him literally falling into a romantic moment between Dan & Jen. I think it would be nice to see a brand new Jack…a changed man…the man Jen’s always wanted (or needed) him to be. If he can do that, then maybe them getting back together could work, but if he’s gonna play the same silly character he always played, I’d rather see her stay with Daniel.

    It’s obvious if the DiMeras/Kirakis s/l’s aren’t included in the episodes on any given day…the show is pretty much boring otherwise.

    When Sami broke down on Thursday’s show, it was like a real cry! I felt sorry for her, aside from her & Rafe’s continuous rudeness to Lexie that is. Too bad EJ isn’t the one in Rafe’s place. This s/l would be so much more interesting! Sorry, but no matter what they do, Sami & Rafe is never be the couple the writers are so desperately trying to make them out to be. Still boring & no chemistry.

  116. From Kat

    Well here I try again, darn Error 503
    First, I wish they would not do the Gay SL at all,
    but since they are, I totally understand why they would choose Will to play the Role.
    He fits, and they need a big character to play gay, to get the impact they want. T or some other low key character would not do it.
    Look how much traffic this Will/Gay SL is, has, and will create, on this site alone. This blog had become a ghostblog, the minute you bring up the gay SL, this blog is getting very very busy.
    The writers and PTB know exactly what they doing, they are going for big impact, and lets face it they are on a cause. Who better than Sami’s son Will, a Brady, Marlena’s grandson, a main stream character.
    T just would not have the same impact, and thank you, Chad just would not fit the role at all, I think.
    MAB, like I said before, Sonny came to town and took instant celebrety status, but I like the second coming…. the peace brokering was just a little bit to unbelievable, but the writers needed to give him status of course.
    I agree, Brady does not know who he loves, it’s always after the fact, after he dumps them, that all this great feelings come up, always just a little late. I think with Brady it’s more guilt after the fact always, than real Love.
    So who is he going after now for revenge..?
    Nicole pretty much does not know who she loves either, so easy for her to go from bed to bed.
    Maybe we’ll put her with Jack for a while…ha, ha, till the fog clears.
    One wish, No Gay Bedroom scenes please,….. I am not ready for that, but I do have FF.
    Anybody ready to see that, so it will be.

  117. From Grandma Judy

    In the Crystal Ball, under The Salen Spectator, I read that one of the head writers, Marlene McPherson, says this about Sami/Rafe and Madison/Brady:

    Sami/Rafe: After the couple weathers Sami’s medical crisis, Sami rejoins the workforce, and Rafe also struggles with a career dilemma. McPherson previews, “They will face unexpected challenges. There is also a lightness coming to Rafe. We have some really good stuff for Galen Gering to play.”

    Madison James: Sarah Brown’s Madison arrives in Salem on October 4. Says McPherson, “Madison has a past. Parts of it we will know. Parts of it we won’t know. We wanted to have a character in a great romance with Brady and we wanted somebody who could be in a working environment with Sami.”

  118. From patty

    @javagurl #111, I totally agree with you. There are worst things going on in soaps than a gay storyline. If one was to look for morality on daytime tv, they’re looking in the wrong place so yes it is hypocritical to suddenly grow morals after the deplorable acts we’ve witnessed on Days.
    Grandma Judy, thanks for the spoiler. Happy to hear they’re coming up with some good stuff for Galen and that we’re finally going to have a great romance for Brady. Love both these guys!

  119. From SandyGram

    #117 Grandma Judy
    Sarah Brown’s Madison….another character where only part of her past is known. We’re suffering with that right now with Rafe. But I do like the idea of a ‘great romance’ for Brady, but will she be able to stand his drinking and anger toward EJ regarding Arianna and anger toward Chloe’s attacker. Madison sounds like she’s an educated professional and Brady just might have to clean up his act.

  120. From chelleybug

    Its believable that he is gay.For the Fact I cant remember him ever really having a girlfriend on the show before Gabi..

  121. From Kat

    Wonder how Brady felt, finding Chloe’s bloody body, wondering who could do such a thing to a human being,
    wonder if he thought about what He did to a human being, EJ, out of h is Rage…..
    Is he wondering if whoever beat up Chloe, had Rage, somewhat like he, Brady, had….??????????????????????
    Or is it ok, to beat a man, a DiMera, of course with the help of his goon, but no, some enraged person out there going after Hookers, not Ok.
    Both Are Very Wrong, hope Brady gets that, by looking at beating bloody body of Chloe…..
    Rage and Anger are never good, and Nobody should get beaten like that…..

  122. From crx

    go watch the gay movie latter days… maybe you will understand a lil bit better u can watch it on youtube… why cant days have a gay storyline most of the other soaps and shows these days least there not goin over board and having him be the devil but crossdresses…im gay been watchin the show for a very long time…and its about time they stood up to the plate again… what ever happend to the herald storyline it fizzled out..and with jack…that was worse
    will is coming to age hes finally starting to figure out what he is!would u rather see will have the same mistakes as his mother,,,and get someone knocked up then hate them for it… i wanna see him in bed…hottttttt…lol…..

  123. From Clear

    I for one would like to see our soap heroes overcome some of the moral temptations and that IS one of the reasons I watch! I am pleased to see spoilers that say Quinn will be back doing a self defense class! Yes!! Martial Arts and maybe some action adventure!

    I am not happy to see that I will still be fast forwarding a lot to blot out Sonny! Putting him in a big story line is a mistake by TPTB and they will find out when some people stop watching altogether. I don’t like T’s behavior, but I don’t like any of that the way they are handling things from the little I was forced to watch to see other characters.

  124. From holly

    The blue streak is a personal choice. I believe she said her own hairdresser does it for her. She also said she likes to incorporate pieces from her own wardrobe into Kate’s. Some days I think she really looks classy, and some days – not so much.

    You are sooooooo right, Kat, about Brady. No difference between his rage and the rage against Chloe. No matter how he tries to rationalize it. Violence is violence. John can’t get here soon enough for Brady’s sake. Love his character and sure hope that the new s/l will get him back to a likeable Brady again.

  125. From LadyLumps

    OMG the scene today where Brady found Chloe’ was so good. I even teared up a little bit. Good acting job by all 4 actors involved in the scene, very believable.
    And no offense to you Clear, but if our soap heroes overcome their moral temptations it won’t be much of a show. Honestly, why are we all watching this show??? It’s for the drama, the trauma, the wickedness, the love triangles, the s e x ?????

  126. From SandyGram

    02 September 2011 Episode
    Applaud Applaud Applaud to Chloe, Brady, Nicole and Kinsey. The rest of the show I skimmed through while I was house cleaning, but the minute Chloe’s stuff came on out came the tissue box. Great acting for these 4 today.

  127. From Melinda

    I am so happy to see this gay storyline on Days. It is about time!
    I look forward to Will and Sonny, they’ll make such a gorgeous couple. Kudos to Days!

  128. From Grandma Judy

    Patty #118, Like you, I love both Rafe and Brady. I hope a good woman (Madison) will help Brady and tone down the rage he has had lately. He was wonderful today when he found Chloe. The whole scene was terrific, although sad! Galen did such a great job with fake Rafe that I can hardly wait to see what they have for him next.

  129. From Kat

    I hope that all, can also give EJ a break, the same way you are willing to give “murderous” Brady a chance,
    seeing Chloe’s body should remind everybody of EJ’s bloody body that Melanie had to deal with,
    ok, well Brady just had rage, but do any of you think that EJ had in his mind, after so much was done to him too, Rage, ya, da,
    but I never saw him beat somebody bloody, of course I agree, Stefano’s plan about Rafe, that EJ went along with, because of his rage he had inside himself, was not good, but he had Rage, just like Brady, Rage, Rage, Rage, so who came first, EJ’s rage, or Brady’s rage, Rage no matter what is no good.
    So now, When Gus get’s busted, are all of you going to give Gus the same “Rage” benefit of the doubt, you are willing to give to golden boy Brady, after all, isn’t rage, Rage.????
    Grandma Judy, like you said, maybe Brady will find a good woman to tone down his rage,
    what about Gus, should he find a good woman to tone down his Rage.???????????? After all, Madame really ruined his mind, his heart, whatever she could ruin she did, didn’t she, and she tried her very best with her “beloved Son” Quinn, even though he was already a bad boy, but she tried to make him even more bad.
    Thank God, it worked in reverse, and helped Carly and now is on his way back to become a better person.
    Chloe sure does not deserve what is happening to her, on this show there have beeen characters sooooooooofar worse and they did not get that kind of treatment, like I have to say it… Samantha Brady,…
    Ok, now she is getting the maybe Cancer Treatment, but Chloe already had that far more worse than Sami could ever have right now, so in comparison, Sami has never paid for her over the top criminal/moral bad acts, the way they are making Chloe pay, for what, a stupid drunken night with Phil, because of something that Vivian put into motion.
    Still never liked the way Daniel, supposed to love Chloe more than his life, just washed his hands in her, never looked back, and went right on falling in love again.
    Chloe must not have been that important to him after all.
    Wow, it’s Friday night, things could be better, but I got my blog off, have a great weekend.

  130. From Chris

    Well no one on soaps pays for their crimes. I mean even the police (Bo, Hope) look the other way to protect their family members. They know that Brady beat up EJ but chose to ignore it. Even the investigation into who shot Ej was dropped if ever there was one. I’m looking forward to seeing Rafe in an exciting storyline and Brady to fall in love but I hope they take it slow with him & Madison and not like Ej & Taylor. Cannot wait for Taylor to go away and to forget that this past year even happenned.

  131. From patty

    As far as I can see, Sonny has done nothing wrong yet to have viewers offended , dislike him or want to fast forward his scenes. I think he’s a wonderful actor, adorable and as cute as a button. He’s honest , straightfoward and a good friend and a good son to the ones who love and understand him. He’s educated , has a good job and comes from wonderful parents.He has committed no crime that we know of and has hurt no one thus far. What is not to like about him? The fact that he’s gay? What does that fact change about who this character is? Asking seriously.

  132. From patty

    Brady’s and Sami’s crime is no better than EJ’s many crimes but the one thing they have in common is that they all got away with it as is the way in soap land.

  133. From Kat

    126 Chris,
    would you then also agree, EJ, just like like Brady, not paying for his crimes, hopefully falls in love with a nice woman, and all be forgiven and forgotten for All of them.
    So now, that None of the Criminals in Salem pay, we just start again fresh,…. Cheers, bring on the old timers and let’s see if they can bring back carisma to DOOL, or not.
    Quite frankly, I was a bit tired of some of them before they left, but now the same old same old is coming back. John ok. but Marlena, lousy Mother, Grandmother, like somebody mentioned a while age, good with Strawberrys and WhipCream, well it’s what you like…
    I really would prefer for Kristin and Susan to come back, and give EJ more of a background.
    Susan and Stefano bickering about their son Elvis, priceless, Kristin going after John again, priceless, Marlena and John and Strawberries, boring. Carrie and Austin, being happy, boring, so what are they going to do to make their sL intersting, tear them apart again, not because of Sami, not again, boring all over again, been there, done that, so many times. So surprise me, otherwise, yawn,…………

  134. From LadyLumps

    Very true Patty, I just shake my head at those who are so offended that they have to ff through Sonny’s scenes. LOL What the heck is so offensive other than that he’s gay?
    I’m not that excited about Marlena coming back, she used to really annoy me. She had such a holier-than-thou attitude. Maybe that has changed, I hope.

  135. From Jan

    Have always wondered….why doesn’t Jennifer have a scar from her open heart surgery?

  136. From Tuffred

    whether we like it or not gay people are everywhere, every city, state and globally. It’s unrealistic for soaps to be gay-free. DOOL does get get a free pass here.

    Will’s character is borderline gay, shy and introverted. Will is the right pairing with Sonny.

  137. From Grandma Judy

    I don’t really care for Sonny and it has nothing to do with him being Gay. Although I do think the writers are pushing that s/l on us, with Sonny appearing on the scene as being almost too good to be true and suddenly T, who has been a good kid until now, is suddenly portrayed as a disgusting guy. But aside from the Gay issue, I’m just not favorably impressed with Sonny, the character or the actor.

    But the actor playing Nicolas, now there’s a winner in my book. To only be on the show for a few appearances and then show the kind of emotion on his face, his whole body, like he did in those scenes with Carly in the therapist’s office, that’s impressive. And he’s very good looking!

    And have I mentioned how much I like Chad, aother one in the younger crowd?! I know I have. Just wanted to bring it up again. Ha! Such a good actor and did you all notice the arms on him in that muscle shirt he was wearing on the beach?! And, yikes, him without a shirt in the hospital after he was shot?! Days has got a young winner there!

  138. From SandyGram

    Applaud, Applaud, Applaud, Applaud to Nadia (Chloe), Eric (Brady), Arianna (Nicole) and Shelby (Kenzie) for today’s show. I only used 1/2 box of tissue, but my heart really went out to both the content of these scene’s and the acting.

    Grandma Judy, I too really like Cody Longo and his interpretation of Nicolas Alamain. So far this is how I would imagine Nicolas would act with the hurt, disappointment and love he’s endured as a result of his parents relationship. Another job well done. That goes for Molly Bernett (Melanie) also. She may have been a little snarky with Nikki at first, but she needed to get his attention in order for him to stay and support Carly’s recovery. Very heartfelt moments.

  139. From daisy

    Patty and Javagirl: As far as I know you two are the only ones putting morals and the gay SL together.
    I am hoping one of the rich guys in Salem, will donate money to the hospital so they can build a Emergency Room and hire some E.R. Doc s! All of the Salemites that are injured,( shot, beat up) patients are brought directly to the only patient room, where Dr. Dan and Lexie seem to be the only Drs. .

    I wonder, since there is only one patient room, if Chloe will have to share a bed with Mandy, or is it Maddy?
    Sandy Gram and Grandma Judy, I so agree with your comments on Nicholas and the great acting. It was a tear jerker, and seemed plausible!

  140. From SandyGram

    #133 Daisy
    Funny you should bring up the one and only patient room. When Maggie was in the hospital everyone was going in and out the door facing the Nurses Station. Then when going in Mandy’s room they use the side door. I asked a couple of days ago what are they going to do if Maggie & Mandy were still in the hospital when Chloe was attacked where would they put her. Well as we have seen Maggie is doing will in the KMansion. Another set where budget doesn’t allow at least two rooms, then there could be 4 doors between the two of them. (HeeHee)

  141. From SandyGram

    This morning I was reading on Days Cafe and saw a spoiler that said “there’s more to the hooker attacks than meets the eye”. And, “next week Gus will be exposed as the serial attacker” although he will plant evidence to make Quinn look guilty. The ‘more than meets the eye’ has my curiosity level raised. It’s been reported both Vivian and Gus last air date is September 21st. And that Viv leaves with Ivan, but it’s not clear by the spoilers that Gus eventually gets arrested or does he just go off on his own when once again Madame ignores him for Ivan.
    Obviously Quinn will be cleared of being the attacker since he will leave for a few weeks and return in October as the newly re-invented Quinn. Which leaves an open question with Taylor gone who will he hook up with. Maybe Carrie since there have been spoilers indicating Carrie and Austin still love one another but things are changing. That would leave an opening for Austin to go help mommy Kate the Snake with her reopening of Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics. Then there would be competition between Sami and Austin, as Sami is going to be Madison’s new protégé in her new business.
    Just rattling a bit, our daughter and son-in-law were coming over for the weekend but had to cancel so it’s time to go water the garden and sit a few moments on the ‘thinking spot’ around the fountain to lift my spirits. I had planned homemade oatmeal cookies, apple cinnamon bread, Chili’s Relleno’s casserole, my special strawberry spinach salad with a cross rib roast. Well I’m still going to bake the cookies and bread and mail it to them and hubby will love the rest. There feeling better already.

  142. From LOLA

    I hope that you don’t make us wait too long for the gay story…Will should realize it within a month OR LESS. Please….

  143. From BootVictor

    Way to go #10 MAB! I love the idea about T being gay. That would certainly liven things up. I really HATE the gay storyline and prefer for it to go away. The point about all T’s friends dropping him and all the lecturing and postering are true. And by the way, are the producers, writers, and actors on DAYS stuck in the 60′s? Have they never seen an episode of Will and Grace? We all get the issue of gay by now. Don’t bore us! I also think Sami breaking into Lexie’s office is so incredibly stupid. Just once, I would like to see Sami get in trouble for something she has done. She acts like an idiot and her family always bails her out. And please give Rafe something to do besides being Sami’ doormat. His only job is to wait on Sami hand and foot. Rafe – be a man!! And NO MORE CHILDREN FOR SAMI! Really? She already has four kids by two different men, neither one of whom she is still in a relationship with. And yes, make EJ and Brady super-villians. But make Brady finally cut loose from Victor. Victor is a horrible, truly annoying person. His vocabulary, his demands, and all the rest are really grating. Brady needs to find his own mansion and STAND UP TO VICTOR!

  144. From Heather

    The homophobia I read here disgusts me. Sick, sad people who can’t accept how others live their lives… even sicker and sadder that this hate is aimed at FICTIONAL people!

  145. From patsy


  146. From MoreDiscussion

    Well done Holly, Jodie, Ky Girl, Days4Ever, Kat, and Daisy! You all brought up great points.

    I also liked the character of Nicholas and think he should stick around. Although I think it is ludicrious that everyone should instantly forgive Carly for killing her husband. Lawrence, haunting Carly, has been my favorite moments of the last year.

    I too found it disturbing that Daniel went from loving Chloe more than life to writing her and Parker out of his life and then falling instantly in love again with someone else.

    I really like Justin and Adrienne as characters and as a couple and wish they would have biggier roles.

    I hate the way Caroline does nothing but bake cookies for Sami’s children.

    I loved the return of Anna as the co-conspirator with EJ to kidnap Sydney. I wish she would come back to the show and give the DiMeras heck.

    I agree that Lexie dropping everything to help Sami through her cancer crisis is ridiculous. Sami is nothing but rude to her. Sami can’t wait five minutes for surgery, test results, or anything. Lexie deserves better storylines.

    The point about the hospital needing an emergency room is so true! No ambulances, stretchers, or wheelchairs either. Patients have to be carried in, in someone’s arms.

    Taylor working at the police department is just so ridiculous. I keep hearing Taylor is leaving Salem (hopefully for good). I can’t wait! Taylor does nothing but lecture everyone, leaning over the table and giving the evil eye. But yet, she is a “good girl” and all men love her. Please just go far, far away.

    And finally, what they did to Chloe was awful! She could have asked her parents (doctors), Justin, Brady, Nicole, Maggie, and Daniel for help. But instead she decides she has to turn to prostitution to get her son back. What cloud is she living on that she thinks that is the answer? And now, everyone will be sooo understanding.

    I am uneasy at the ease with which a major character turns to prostitution, and how selling drugs, pimping, murder, and other serious crimes are accepted by the women justifying their involvment with these characters (Maggie for Victor, Taylor for EJ and Quinn, etc.).

    I read once that soap operas have to show consequences for bad behavior. I see no sign of that in Salem.

  147. From Grandma Judy

    Heather #137, – no homophobes or hate on this site so either get a grip or don’t post!

  148. From Kat

    Heather # 137
    No Homophobes or Hate on this site,
    Gramdma Judy, I am standing with you on this one All The Way…

  149. From gerri

    Kat and Grandma Judy,
    so agree with your posts to Heather.

  150. From Daisy

    Kat and Grandma Judy: No phobias or hate on my postings either!
    United we stand.

  151. From SandyGram

    Grandma Judy, Catarina, gerri, Daisy: Count me in you won’t find phobias or hate on my postings.

  152. From T

    just moi, judi, gerry, kat, Daisy etc.

    I am so glad that all of the creepy, sad, old women like yourselves and your ultra socially conservative values are going to die out soon enough. You come on heat and perv on guys who are a third of your age in one paragraph amd then talk about your grafndkids in the next, yet somehow you feel you have the right to judge how people live there lives and how you don’t agree with people lifestyles. Maybe if people like yourselves worried about your own lives and relationships the divorce rates wouldn’t be so high.

  153. From aiufgau

    wow its 2011 i cannot believe how much ignorance there is on this page
    its a soap opera and things should get interesting gabi and will have whatsoever no chemistry together and i think that sonny and will would be so cute together

    it sucks how much hatred and ignorance there still is

    i do think gabi will end up with someone new though because its apparent will isn’t very attracted to her

  154. From Just Moi

    Grma Judy, Kat, gerri, Daisy, SandyGram…you tell her! You ladies have some of the most respectable blogs on here. It’s your beliefs and opinions and as long as you can be respectable about it, it’s your right to post!

  155. From Kat

    It’s Sunday morning, and reading all this post, I am so proud, proud of honest decent people that all they do, Is voice their honest inner feelings in a respectful manner about a controvercial subject. We are not clones, we are human beings with a free mind….

  156. From Dundee

    I think the reason T is so angry with Sonny and him being gay is because T himself is fighting with being gay!

  157. From BBow

    This is my first time posting, so I tried to review all of the posts first which has taken some time.

    I have to say that I was shocked to see people talking about the similarities between what Brady and Gus have done, as well as talking about EJ not beating people up out of rage. There is a very big difference between rage and malice. Rage is an anger that you can’t control, usually as a result of something that has happened to you or a loved one. Malice is a desire to cause harm or injury because you enjoy it. What Brady did to EJ was out of rage over what happened to Arianna (not to mention past feelings of other things like shooting his father a few years ago, raping his stepsister, etc.). If someone had hurt my loved ones the way EJ has hurt Brady’s, that person would probably not be breathing. Can anyone honestly say they would feel differently? What Gus has done to Chloe, Mandy, and the others is the malice of a sick, twisted mind. He does it for the thrill or because he enjoys it. Furthermore, EJ has never acted out of rage but always out of malice. He shot John and almost killed him, he raped Sami, he helped Stefano with the RoboRafe plan, all out of malice. He simply enjoyed the pain he caused others. In my opinion, he deserved every bit of what Brady gave him, and then some. However, I am glad that he wasn’t killed because he is very obviously the one will have to take over as the villain of the show is Stefano should ever REALLY die. Also, I personally hope that John returning will help change Brady a bit. I see Phillip as the ultimate future Kiriakis leader. I would prefer Brady to start acting like more a Black (or a Brady) than a Kiriakis.

    So, now that I have proven what a redneck I am by saying someone deserved a beat down, I am going to throw everyone for a loop and say that, though I am pretty conservative, I whole-heartedly support the gay storyline. I do not believe that having Will sex with Gabi was meant as his way of “testing” himself to see if he really is gay. If the writers are any good, and want this storyline to be realistic, then right now he has absolutely no idea that he is gay. Something simply doesn’t feel right for him. Almost every gay person I have ever met has had sex with someone of the opposite sex. In many of those cases, the two lost their virginity to one another. It is what happens to teenagers; they get caught up in the moment. He obviously does feel affection towards Gabi which he believes means he is in love with her. He also sees that she is attractive. At that age sometimes you don’t completely understand the difference between finding someone attractive and feeling a sexual attraction to them. Let’s face it, when we were all teenagers, we wanted to experience sex. Hormones cause many crazy emotions with people that age. Something can feel right one minute and not feel right the next. Chances are, as it was happening, it really felt right to Will at the moment. If they do the story right, it will take time for him to figure out what is going on. That does not mean he was using Gabi as his lab rat.

    Also about the gay storyline, has anyone considered the possibility that Sonny is the temporary character, being used to pave the way, and that Will and T are the endgame of this storyline? Perhaps Sonny will be Will’s first interest and help bring him out. Once it starts happening with Will, maybe T will start to realize why he is so angry and homophobic. Once he accepts it, perhaps he will come out. Eventually, Sonny could leave and it would be Will and T. Just a thought. I just believe the writers have to have a reason for doing this to T. He is either going to come out of the closet, or it is to REALLY mess up the friendship with he and Will once Will comes out.

    Finally, I just really have to ask, how are they going to explain Nicholas Alamain suddenly being about 10 years younger? Are we really supposed to believe that this teenager, or young adult, had an affair with Kate a few years ago? Or are we all suppose to forget that the affair with Nicholas and Kate ever happened? Just wondering.

  158. From peela57

    personally, I don’t see the need to have a gay storyline at all, but if they must, I think using Will for it is a huge mistake. Until now, Will has NEVER displayed any type of signs that he was gay..and now to hurt Gabi like this? That’s just wrong. Actually, I think Tad would be the bette one to go after for this. For one, he’s not a major character on the show and is therefore more expendable than Will is; and 2, he’ so angry at Sonny for “what” he is, that maybe he could easily fall into the catagory of “me thinks the man protests to much” kind of thing. If they do target Will for this, I can’t wait to see how Lucas reacts. But again..I think it’s a big mistake. Tad would work out much better for this story line.

  159. From Kat

    146, peela 57,
    I hear you, but I do believe that using Will, is going to give Much More Impact, and that is what the writers are looking for.
    T, minor player, easy to overlook,
    but Will, Sami and Lucas’ son, big drama, big, big impact, and what better for their cause….
    I however, do feel that Will has shown signs that he could be gay, could be, mind you,
    the writers did set it up that way, so they could go either way, as neede for the SL.
    Maybe I am wrong, fine by me…

  160. From gerri

    A blogger(don’t remember who)stated that this is “”2011″”,and time to be accepting of social issues,(which we don’t want on our soap)
    wonder what is on the horizon,for 2012,2013 and so on?.I shudder to think of the possibilities…where will it stop at?
    like Mab and Kat said,we have our beliefs,and have the right to stand up for them,and not apoligize,as I’ve said ,I have a really good friend who is gay,a very nice man,and I care very much for him,don’t agree with his choices,but not my place to judge him,
    so no hate here…
    just don’t believe this Issue,needs to be on our show……

  161. From BBow

    This is my first time posting, so I tried to review all of the posts first which has taken some time.

    I have to say that I was shocked to see someone talking about the similarities between was Brady and Gus, as well as talking about EJ not beating people up out of rage. There is a very big difference between rage and malice. Rage is an anger that you can’t control, usually as a result of something that has happened to you or a love one. Malice is a desire to cause harm or injury because you enjoy it. What Brady did to EJ was out of rage over what happened to Arianna. What Gus has done to Chloe, Mandy, and the others is the malice of a sick twisted mind. Furthermore, EJ has never acted out of rage but always out of malice. He shot John and almost killed him, he raped Sami, he helped Stefano with the RoboRafe plan, all out of malice. He simply enjoyed the pain he cause others. In my opinion, he deserved every bit of what Brady gave him, and then some. However, I am glad that he wasn’t killed because he is very obviously the one will have to take over as the villain of the show is Stefano should ever REALLY die.

  162. From BBow

    This is my first time posting so I have had to go back and read all the old posts which has taken time. I have to say that I was shocked to see someone talking about the similarities between was Brady and Gus, as well as talking about EJ not beating people up out of rage. There is a very big difference between rage and malice. Rage is an anger that you can’t control, usually as a result of something that has happened to you or a love one. Malice is a desire to cause harm or injury because you enjoy it. What Brady did to EJ was out of rage over what happened to Arianna. What Gus has done to Chloe, Mandy, and the others is the malice of a sick twisted mind. Furthermore, EJ has never acted out of rage but always out of malice. He shot John and almost killed him, he raped Sami, he helped Stefano with the RoboRafe plan, all out of malice. He simply enjoyed the pain he cause others. In my opinion, he deserved every bit of what Brady gave him, and then some. However, I am glad that he wasn’t killed because he is very obviously the one will have to take over as the villain of the show is Stefano should ever REALLY die. Also, while I have no issue with what Brady did, I am hoping that John’s return will help change him and make him act like more of a Black/Brady than a Kiriakis. I feel it is Phillip’s place to eventually take over if Victor ever dies.

  163. From LadyLumps

    I think Heather’s use of the two “H” words was going a little far. But on the other hand I think it’s pretty childish to threaten to quit the show or ff through Sonny’s scenes when he hasn’t done anything even remotely gay… yet.
    All I can say is, the storyline is here, it’s queer, so get used to it. (Or quit watching, so be it)
    I will continue to watch fand enjoy. I personally can’t wait to see where & how far they will go with this story.

  164. From Will fan

    Thank you number 26 whats with all the hate and one person even said
    (why does there have to be gay) really people It should not matter what color,religion or if gay , straight or bi as long as the story is written well sounds like to me there are some sad girls out there that didn’t get the happy ending they wanted anyway I praise Day’s foe being so brave and going on with this s/l

  165. From missy

    1)leave sydney alone, remember when she was born she was not breathing and when nicole brought her home, that baby also ended up in the er for not breathing,HELLO!2) leave johnny alone, maybe ally is also ej’s and not lucas’3)SAFE boring, well ya, i got a former employee watching days, she saw for a week and said (sami & rafe), that guy acts like a woos, i just started to laugh cause that is how they make him look

  166. From BBOWAN

    This is my first time posting, so I tried to review all of the posts first which has taken some time.

    I have to say that I was shocked to see someone talking about the similarities between was Brady and Gus, as well as talking about EJ not beating people up out of rage. There is a very big difference between rage and malice. Rage is an anger that you can’t control, usually as a result of something that has happened to you or a love one. Malice is a desire to cause harm or injury because you enjoy it. What Brady did to EJ was out of rage over what happened to Arianna. What Gus has done to Chloe, Mandy, and the others is the malice of a sick twisted mind. Furthermore, EJ has never acted out of rage but always out of malice. He shot John and almost killed him, he raped Sami, he helped Stefano with the RoboRafe plan, all out of malice. He simply enjoyed the pain he cause others. In my opinion, he deserved every bit of what Brady gave him, and then some. However, I am glad that he wasn’t killed because he is very obviously the one will have to take over as the villain of the show is Stefano should ever REALLY die.

    So, now that I have proven what a redneck I am by saying someone deserved a beatdown, I am going to throw everyone for a loop and say that, though I am fairly conservatice, I whole-heartedly support the gay storyline. I do not believe that having Will sleep with Gabi was meant as his way of “testing” himself to see if he really is gay. If the writers are any good, and want this storyline to be realistic, then right now he has absolutely no idea that he is gay. Something simply doesn’t feel right for him. Almost every gay person I have ever met has had sex with someone of the opposite sex. In many of those cases, the two lost their virginity to one another. It is what happens to teenagers. They get caught up in the moment. He obviously does feel affection towards Gabi which he believes means he is in love with her. He also sees that she is attractive. Let’s face it, when we were all teenagers, we wanted to experience sex. Hormones cause many crazy emotions with people that age. Something can feel right one minute and not feel right the next. Chances are, as it was happening, it really felt right to Will at the moment. If they do the story right, it will take time for him to figure out what is going on. That does not mean he was using Gabi as his lab rat.

    Also about the gay storyline, has anyone considered the possibility that Sonny is the temporary character, being used to pave the way, and that Will and T are the endgame of this storyline? Perhaps Sonny will be Will’s first interest, T will also understand what is going on with him, and eventually (after he comes out) Sonny will leave and it will be Will and T. Just a thought.

    Finally, I just really have to ask, how are they going to explain Nicholas Alamain suddenly being about 10 years younger. Are we really suppose to believe that this teenager, or young adult, had an affair with Kate a few years ago? Or are we all suppose to forget that the affair with Nicholas and Kate ever happened? Just wondering.

  167. From Kyle

    I am gay and am extremely happy with having Days do something right for a change. We see lesbians and we saw one gay couple on As The World Turns (which ended tragically). It’s about time Days did something \modern.\

    They need to have a character that is well-liked and not \expendable\ as Sonny’s love interest. The most plausible choice is Chad. Think of the drama that would come from it. One is a Kiriakis, the other is a Dimera. And Chad is dating Sonny’s cousin. This could cause a nice feud between Sonny and Abigail (she needs something cause she bores me). Also, Sonny works for the former step-father of Chad. This could play out so well in many ways.

    As for T, he needs to go away. He can’t act, he’s boring, and he looks odd. He doesn’t fit in Days (just like Kinsey didn’t). So Chad/Sonny is my vote over Will/Sonny or Tad/Sonny.

  168. From Grandma Judy

    All the name calling in “2011″ is what gets to me. It’s been creeping up on us gradually over recent years and it’s getting soooo out of control. If you don’t care for someone who happens to be Gay, even a character on a soap opera, you’re called a “homophobe”. We have always criticized our presidents for one thing or another but, hey, if you criticize the one we’ve got now, you are “racist”. If you’re pro choice, you’re a “baby killer”, and if you’re pro life you “hate women”. And don’t even get me started on what they call people who are against ILLEGAL immigration! People are individuals and they have opinions that may differ from others, but that doesn’t make them awful people and their opinions are not any less valid than another person’s.

    HAPPY LABOR DAY, EVERYONE!! I see Days isn’t on today. We’re going to an all afternoon cookout. Ha! And our temp is only going for mid 60′s, after being 100 deg. here on Fri.! But that’s the kind of change we expect here in Michigan!

  169. From gerri

    Grandma Judy#151
    you spoke for a lot of us.
    everything you posted is 100%,true…agree,agree,on all the subjects.

  170. From daisy

    Grandma Judy, Gerri, Ditto, on the directly above blogging!

    Great weather here too, feels like Fall is approaching quickly!

    Spoke to someone in Phoenix yesterday, it had cooled to 109 degrees!!! Makes me even more thankful to be in the Pacific Northwest!

    In spite of all the turmoil going on in the country, we still live in the best country in the world. My flags are flying. God bless the USA!

  171. From Kat

    Well Said Grandma Judy,
    None of us are trying to stop anybody from being what they are….
    but that is Not enough, We are expected to stand up and cheer at All and Everything, and if just simply sit down, have Our Own opinions, we get called names…..
    Grandma Judy, you nailed it.
    What’s next, if we don’t like grown people having sex with children, we are … I can’t even spell it, pedophilaphope’s????? to lazy to look it up, …
    And No kidding, I watched on TV, there are people/organizations out there working on making that legal, claiming some people are born that way, can only enjoy sex with children. Nothing will surprise me anymore, …
    Coming back again to being gay, I have no problem, nobody gets hurt, live your lives, but leave me/us along with our feelings/believes and don’t try to force to come out, stand up and cheer….
    I remember through stories/history when they made people come out of their homes by force to stand up and cheer for A Person/cause….
    I know it is not exactly the same, but trying to ignore a persons free will and mind is not far off.
    I will watch the gay SL on Dool, so far ok, but like I said if there are bedrooms scenes I will FF whatever goes against my comfort zone. I hope nobody has a problem with that….Fair enough…

  172. From Daisy

    Kat. Agree with all your above posting, except\ nobody gets hurt\, (being gay). According to the Global Aids publication, Nov. 2010. In 2009, 33.3 million are living with HIV/AIDS. 2.5 million are children,2.2 million adults (over 15 years old) were newly infected in 2009,16.6 million orphans due to Aids in 2009. The cost in money, lives, and heartache are enormous. I have personally taken care of Aids/HIV patients and seen the \cost\ to the loved ones.
    If a Soap is going to glorify this gay life style, they also need to acknowledge what the \price\ really is.

  173. From Daisy

    I don’t know why all the backward slashes in my above posting!

  174. From Kat

    155 Daisy,
    My God, you are so right, I did not even think about all the Fallout this lifestyle has brought about. Thank you for the reminder.
    You really don’t hear about that in the news anymore, it seems to get shoved under the rug because it is not Popular to face some of those facts, would make people to upset…
    Wonder if the writers will acknowledge the negative sides of this lifestyle, the chances people take if they are not extremely careful about everything….
    Again, Thank you again Daisy, for sharing this vital info with us.

  175. From pat

    I find the comments very interesting. I have a comment too. I love Chloe and sbe is a very beautiful, talented young lady. I was very disappointed that in her role, she was cast as a hooker to make money so she could get rights to her son Parker. With her voice and singing abilities, she could have made “honest money” and not ruined her reputation. I hate to see her leave (and hope she returns,singing} and I would love to see her back with Brady. They are a great pair. I am also glad Sammy does not have CA., and hope she and Rafe so eventually have a child together. I don’t want to see her with EJ. Rafe is her man! As for Will being gay, that is about the most STUPID, STUPID,I REPEAT, STUPID LINE FOR THESE WRITTERS TO INSTITUTE IN THIS SOAP! I thought Marlena filled with demons was dumb, but this is outright STUPID. I can see there are many who probably agree.

  176. From Betty

    I agree I am so sorry to read that the writters will make Will Gay I like the storyline of Gays in Salem but not Will and WHY HURT GABY this way, I hope the writers have a change of heart about this.

  177. From betsy

    poohbear: victor is not will’s grandfather so no relation to sonny. bill horton and roman are will’s grandfathers.
    nicholas is too young. he doesn’t look much older than mel and he was at least 9 or ten when carly found him. i don’t think she cheated on lawrence as soon as they got back together so he should be older. henichonicholas need

  178. From Kay

    The gay storyline is a big, big mistake.

  179. From Kat

    About Chloe, so many write she should have gone to Somebody for Money, parents, Brady, Nicole, etc.
    Well she couldn’t,
    Quinn slept with her, left her Money in the Room, she counted it, he filmed it, he was going to show this tape to the child care services, so she could never get Parker back.
    That’s why she got into hooking, she had no choice then, Quinn had her dead to right,
    She knew she could have gone to somebody if just for the money, LOL,
    Quinn had a lock on her….
    152 T. Blogs like yours don’t help the gay people one bit,
    as a matter of fact, you hurt them by being so nasty and disrespectful.
    You sound so primitive, if you want to help them, get some class and try to win people over with dignity. None of us on here are hateful at all. Thank you, I will just imagine that you are an inmature, shoot from the hip person.

  180. From sarah

    172 Daisy:

    Unsafe sex may lead to contracting HIV. Gay sex does not lead to contracting HIV.

    People, gay or straight, who live a unprotected-sex-with-multiple-partners lifestyle could pay the price. HIV/AIDS is not a “gay disease”. If they want to show the price of a unprotected-sex-with-multiple-partners lifestyle, they could choose anyone on the show.

    Oh, and those 33 million infected? Not even 1% are recorded as male-to-male transmission.

    Personally, I don’t think the show is trying to “glorify” anything. They’re trying to make the show more realistic, and 10% of the population of the United States is openly gay.

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