General Hospital Spoilers For August 31 & September 1.

Fights all over Port Charles.

While all of Jason’s friends and family are being kept away from him, Anthony still tries to sneak into the hitman’s hospital room. He ends up bumping into Sonny and they lock horns until Patrick tries to break them up. He goes off to fight with Robin over how she has been running things while the two mobsters meet up to threaten each other again. Following that, Anthony trails after Tracy and shocks her by showing that he has more dirt on her than she was prepared for.

Carly and Alexis get into a brutal argument about their shared exes. Meanwhile, their children get into a fight about Sonny and Michael still seems intent on a future in the mob. Kristina has more to be upset about when she eavesdrops on Ethan flirting with Skye and suggesting that he doesn’t have a real relationship with his young admirer. Michael also finds friction in his love life when he tells Abby his latest business decision.

Back at the hospital, Matt and Liz try to get to the bottom of who is behind all of the missing drugs. They get sidetracked as another Robin-Patrick fight spreads around the hospital. The surgeon takes aim at Matt, who is soon distracted by a different project. And Lulu confronts her brother about his drug problem. The fact that Dante didn’t tell her about it leads to problems for them as well.

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  1. From Joanne

    I wish they would put together the following couples:

    Maxi and Spinelli
    Liz and Matt (they seem to have chemistry)
    I wanted Lucky with Shioban, wanted to see where that went, would have been interesting.

    Johnny and Skye
    Not sure about the Ethan Skye pairing. I think him and Kristina would have many more adventures together.
    I love Sam and Jason together.
    Carly and Shaun would be interesting. Dianne and Mac, and Coleman and Alexis.

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