General Hospital Weekly Summary For August 22-26.

Death and uncertainty.

Sonny dropped by the hospital to check on Jason and Robin. She wouldn’t let him see Stone Cold. Carly arrived to tear a strip off him. He moped around and Robin told him to take his meds. He went to the chapel, where Michael and Abby found him. The mobster filled them in about Jason and Jax. Michael backed his father up. This perplexed Abby and they fought about it until she ran off, bumping into Sonny and telling him he was destroying his son. Michael overheard and leaped in to defend his dad. Abby got fed up and left. Father and son bickered until Dante showed up with proof that Jax’s jet had been tampered with. Meanwhile, Abby bumped into Johnny and they chatted.

Maxie continued trying to get Spinelli to jog his memory. Nothing was working so she decided to take him to Georgie’s grave. Something started to click but he tried to shake it off. His memories of Georgie returned and he admitted that he was avoiding reality, but that his old self had always avoided it too. He went back to staking out the bakery. Diane and Max stopped by and she dumped him because she was leaving town.

Anthony slipped into Siobhan’s room and killed her. He ran out as she scrawled a note before Liz and Lucky showed up. Eventually, the nurse and cop realized she was dead. Steve was called in to try and save her. He lashed out at his sister for being incompetent. While Lucky wept, Steve apologized to his sister and ordered an autopsy. He later noticed that a lot of drugs were still missing. Matt did his best to cover for Liz swiping them. Lucky returned to the hospital to visit the room where his wife had died and Matt showed him the message she was writing on a pillow.

Skye found Jax hiding out by the docks and agreed to keep that a secret. She snuck him some money and clothes and they reminisced about their past. Then she snuck over to ELQ to bicker with Tracy. She sent Asher off to dig up some dirt on Tracy and then brought evidence to Anthony. As she was ordering him to leave Edward out of his scheme, Johnny eavesdropped on them. Meanwhile, Alexis heard that Jax’s jet had gone down and rushed to the station. Mac consoled her.

The doctors discovered that Jason still had part of AJ’s dashboard in his brain and it was shifting. Sam worried what the surgery would do to him. The couple debated it while the doctors debated it even more. Jason decided to go ahead with it. The Quartermaines and Carly all arrived and worried about who he might be after the operation. Carly told him to recover fast because she needed him to help fix her problems. She fantasized about an alternative life with him where they were lovers. Sam fantasized about running off on a honeymoon with him and searching for treasure. Liz fantasized that they were still lovers and he was an architect and Monica imagined him becoming hospital chief of staff.

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