The Young And The Restless Poll: Avery And Phyllis.

Sisters with secrets.

Last week it was revealed that Avery and Phyllis are sisters. While Avery admitted she’d missed Phyllis, Phyllis warned Avery to stay quiet and worried her past was coming back to haunt her. What do you think Phyllis is afraid of?

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  9 responses so far...

  1. From Jay

    Was she molested and left Avery there ?

  2. From Colleen

    Maybe she was sexually abused as a child/

  3. From missy

    love to see that avery discover phyllis is not the real phyllis Summers this wk. wonder who is the impostor believing she is phyllis.
    & where is the real phyllis summers ? thank’s

  4. From Jill

    Phyllis is actually Avery’s mother.

  5. From deb

    Shelia had cosmetic surgery to look like Lauren. Her sister had surgery to look like Phyllis. What happened to her? Plus they were all involved in medicine. Phyllis is known for switching test results.Avery knows.

  6. From Sarah

    Child abuse was my first thought

  7. From La Shante'

    Phylis had an affair with her stepfather who is Avery’s dad. She had a child from that affair which broke up their family.

  8. From Sharon

    In haste I said she killed someone but I thought about it and think Phyllis was sexually abused and when she got old enough to leave, she left a young Avery there to be the next victim. She only thought about herself and not her little sister who was counting on Phyllis to be with her.

  9. From Kimberlie

    Phyllis was sexually abused and had a child she had to give up for adoption (thats why she has been firm about not agreeing with Daniel giving up his child). She didn’t want to leave Avery but she had no choice. She had to leave to save herself.

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