The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For August 22 – 26.

Lily and Daniel made love, Avery’s identity was revealed, and Tucker lost Jabot…

Lily apologized for initially pulling away from Daniel then the two made love. Lily thought it felt right.

After Sam explained Victor sent him, Victoria agreed to rent out the room above her garage.

Ronan found a receipt to prove Victor purchased a certain type of shoes he’d been looking for related to Diane’s murder. Victoria gave Victor an alibi. Victor privately confronted Victoria on her lie and warned they had nothing to hide. Nick gave Phyllis an alibi, to Deacon, who received his alibi from Gloria. Phyllis was forced to do as Deacon said since he knew Nick had lied. Ronan was able to place Nick and Ashley at the crime scene. To protect everyone involved, Nick and Ashley admitted they’d been at the park together but hadn’t seen Diane. They stated Tucker had been home and Phyllis had been at Restless Style. Ronan knew Ashley and Nick were hiding something. After a report proved Adam’s ring had been damaged purposely after Diane’s death, Ronan made Adam his main suspect. Heather lashed out at Ronan for running away from his family and convinced the DA to allow her to be his eyes and ears at the station.

Avery found out jury members discussed Sharon’s case on social media sites and got her a new trial. Representing the state, Heather was secretly worried about going up against a ferocious lawyer like Avery. Noah visited Sharon and convinced Nick to bring Faith. Phyllis was taken aback after doing an internet search on Avery and confronted her long-lost sister. Avery claimed she wasn’t in town for Phyllis but admitted she missed her. Phyllis reminded Avery she had to leave their hometown and asked her not to mention their relation. Phyllis confided her relation to Avery to Michael and worried her past would come back to haunt her.

Tucker took Katherine before the judge and was deemed competent to run McCall but was denied the return of Jabot since Tucker had already signed it over to Katherine. At Jack’s persuasion, Noah agreed to work at Jabot.

Colin served Genevieve with divorced papers and seethed to hear she told Jill they slept together. Jack visited Genevieve, who confided her past with Colin and Samantha, which led to them making love. Later, when Genevieve tried to make Colin jealous with Jack, Jill planted a kiss on Colin.

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