Days of Our Lives Comings And Goings For September.

Here’s the latest castings news on who is coming to Salem.

Soap vet Ian Buchanan (ex-James, “The Bold And The Beautiful”) has been spotted talking with “DOOL” producers and writers.

Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) returns to shoot new material starting on September 23 and airing later in the year.

“DOOL” is casting for the role of “Julian,” a 20 to 30-year-old, buff African-American man. “He is authentic, heroic and incredibly charming without trying. He has an ease and confidence about him that melts just about any woman he encounters. There is a darkness in his past that at times cast a shadow on his otherwise charmed life,” the casting call states.

Eric Martsolf (Brady) will soon be appearing with many of his fellow “DOOL” co-stars when he joins the cast of Venice.

Elizabeth and Mariam Tovey will be replaced with Isabella and Sahara Roberts as Sydney DiMera in September.

During the week of September 26, Laura Saltman and Rob Shuter will be joining “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger as themselves in several episodes of the show.

Crystal Chappell‘s final airdate is September 22 according to her Twitter page.

Mandy the unlucky hooker is being played by Candace Kroslak.

Nate Berkus will be guest-starring as himself is a story centered on Madison this September.

Sarah Brown
will be joining the cast as Madison in September.

Carrie (Christy Clark) and Austin (Patrick Muldoon) return to Salem on September 26.

Drake Hogestyn (John) and Deidre Hall (Marlena) also return to town on September 26.

Matthew Ashford‘s returns to the role of Jack Deveraux at the end of September.

The show is currently casting for the part of Erin Hewitt. The character is described as a 60 to 75-year-old African American female attorney. “She has a warm, sassy, disarming demeanor. She is playful and unassuming with a kick in her step.” It is a two day role that may be extended.

Cody Longo will turn up in Salem as Nicholas Alamain late in the summer. No specific air date has been released.

Sydney Penny will be playing Dr. Norman in the rehab that Carly is shipped to. She makes her first appearance on August 30.

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  18 responses so far...

  1. From Barbara

    Hopefully the new twins will be better since the two that are on now just suck. The original twins were so adorable and had great facial expressions while the current ones seem to be off in another world.

    I hope with all the returns it will stop being Days Of Our Scumeras since I’m so sick of that. It does suck that Crystal’s leaving while they continue to overuse James Scott. I hate that. I have to fastforward him since I’m tired of looking away from the screen or at the top of his head to avoid all that damn blinking he does.

  2. From Casey

    The only changes I’m looking forward to are Taylor leaving and Jack arriving!
    Will miss Chloe but she left before and came back so there’s hope she’ll do the same again.

  3. From CC

    No word on Nathan’s return date??

  4. From CM

    Sept 26 can’t come quickly enough…Days is dead last in the ratings…so I hope they know that the storylines they have now…NOT working. Can Brady have a scene where he’s NOT drinking? Do these people ever just watch tv or do they just hang out at their liquor cabinets? I’m tired of “gangster” Brady already. Time to put the EJ/Sami storylines on the backburner…don’t make Will gay (dumb)…and put the focus on the main characters returning. I wish the show could have the 5 “core” supercouples on at the same time once again- John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Shane/Kim, Steve/Kayla, and Jack/Jennifer.

  5. From Arlene

    #3-CC – Nathan won’t be coming back. He said this about a month ago. I believe a story got out about him coming back and he said it wasn’t true.

  6. From Jennifer

    Will miss Crystal Chappell so much! What a talented actress that they let go!

  7. From Casey

    I love that Sarah Brown is coming to Days!!

  8. From NeeNee

    “Sydney Penny will be playing Dr. Norman in the rehab that Carly is shipped to. She makes her first appearance on August 30.”

    Remember that’s how Marlena
    came on the Days canvas?
    Mickey Horton was institutionalized
    for trying to shoot his
    brother, Bill, for stealing
    Laura away from him.

    Marlena was his psychiatrist.

    I could see the talented
    Sydney Penny becoming a Days
    fixture in much the same way.

  9. From Anna Marie

    Really time for Crystal C to leave. She may be talented, but I really can’t stand her. Maybe it’s the story line, but ba bye. I love the Maggie story line and I have always loved \her man\. I hope this storyline has legs. I think Melanie is terrific and multi-talented.

  10. From justafan

    ok let’s stop bashing the actor’s meaning EJ he’s the reason i watch him and stephano the only charter i don’t like is not on yet I think all the charters are great i keep changing as the storyline changes but always ej and stephano victor and brady hey the villians oh no back to threapy hahah

  11. From dc

    sad chloe is leaving
    glad taylor will be gone
    do not want jack returning. love jennifer with daniel. never did like jack..
    since kayla is returning, would love to see steve come back also (even though he is on another soap). would love to see nathan return also for melanie’s sake, since dario is gonna be gone.
    can’t wait to see john, marlena, austin and carrie..

  12. From Kat

    For Me, Stefano and EJ have it all,
    what screen presence….
    Like to see John back, hopefully less arrogant,
    can do without Marlena, Carrie, I was glad when they left the last time, got to be to boring………for Me…
    Kayla and Steve, no,
    Shane and Kim to old by now, boring.
    Bring in a nice woman for Roman, he is about due..
    Send Maggie and Victor to Greece and let them be happy there.
    Would love to see Stefano get involved with a Salem Darling, the way Crimeboss/DrugLord/PornKing, got fair Maggie, why not Stefano, he is no worse than Victor.

  13. From SandyGram

    #12 Kat…Split up Stefano and Kate just to give Stefano a partner like Maggie? But Kate is
    an exemplary mate for Stefano.

  14. From SamiJo

    With all the new comings, still hoping to see Eric Brady come back. Sad to see Chloe, excited to Taylor leave. Curious to see if Sami and Quinn will remember each other being that they dated forever ago. I found that interesting.

  15. From Mickey

    I don’t remember Sami with Quinn. I thought Quinn was a new character.

    I don’t mind that some of the old characters/actors are returning, but I hope the writers do not give them the same old boring story lines…Sami after Austin and mad at John. I hope the writers have something new and fresh in mind. I really don’t want Jack back. I liked him years ago but not the last time he was on.
    I too would like the see Eric. Perhaps a love battle with Nicole and Brady (a sober Brady). Nicole is my fav character so they need to give her a better story.
    I think James Scott is a great actor.
    I would like Shawn, Belle, Mimi and Rex back too.

  16. From Mickey

    Oh, and they should have brough Judi Evans back as Bonny Lockhart instead of Adrienne. Bring back all the Lockharts, esp Patrick…he was HOT.

  17. From Dhira

    I miss Eugene and Calliope! The writers need to add some quirky characters. I am so not looking forward to John returning. (Does he have any other facial expressions that don’t involve him raising one eyebrow?) Marlena might be okay if she stops being such a know-it-all, attitudinal snot. I agree with someone’s comment to get some fresh story lines for these old people who are returning. James Scott is so easy on the eyes, I would follow (almost) any EJ story.

  18. From Mickey

    I am on the same page with you Dhira.

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