Days Of Our Lives Poll: Alice’s Secrets.

The letters.

A bundle of mysterious letters spills out on the Horton floor this week. The envelopes are full of some surprising bank transactions and other things that Bo and Hope suspect were the work of Alice. What does this paper trail really lead to?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    i think we will all be surprised what are in those letters and who it is about..
    probably alot of surprises ahead.
    can’t wait..

  2. From Cindy

    I love the option that Alice was Gus’ mother. Since Gus is 25, Alice would have been 71 when he was born. Now that is really fancy soap opera math. HA!

  3. From jolie

    I hope the writers really come up with a mystery for these accounts and letters. Maybe it will bring someone new into the fold or maybe bring someone old into a new light. I don’t think Alice could have had a baby and Dr Tom not know it but stranger things have happened (re: I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS PREGNANT!) and that baby would have to be older than dirt now…so Gus is left out. I think the Gus’ Mama who Left Him on the Pier is a red herring and we won’t hear anymore from that. Poor Gus is ruined and gone. I really like Kate for all she has been thru in the past and not for all the nasty she does now, but I wished Chloe had gotten in a jab when Kate came to bait her in the hospital. I don’t believe in kicking when you’re down. I thought Nicole was beautiful at the Horton party and the fact that she wasn’t with Brady and walked away from Elvis was so strong of her. I am loving this Nicole. Let’s just not let her get too far down that she is no longer funny. And the Brady brothers didn’t do themselves any favors by trying to embarass Elvis because he came to the dedication of the PUBLIC square. It was a bit boorish of them but natural I guess. And Sami and Rafe having to stop going to the party to have couch sex…uck. It is starting to seem that sex is all they have together so will Sami going to work put a dent in their love making and hence their relationship? Bodes ill for them. I did appreciate that Sami had the decency to act a bit embarassed in front of Austin and Carrie. I guess she doesn’t know how to act around Austin if she isn’t throwing herself at him. Jack sneaking around the square with his wife, daughter, sister, nephew, brother-in-law, many old friends and not so friends all there and NO one notices him? Even for Salem, where the water certainly breeds amnesia like diseases several times a year and spawns cods for the chowder in those same waters, this was a bit much that he went unnoticed. The square was nice. Hope looked beautiful. Victor looked very simple and elegant. Bo needed a new suit. Not quite as elegant as his dad. Love Mags and Vic together!

  4. From Doris JJ

    I hope they find out Alice was a spy. That would be a great story to work with. They could show some past shots of things she did, which made me laugh.
    I believe the opening was by invitation only and EJ did show up without an invite. It might be a public place but the opening wasn’t. The EJ and Stefano go where they want and no one ever stops them. I’m sure they are going to make him mayor and he will try and fire all the Brady’s. I want the evil to go away and back to the family atmosphere of the past.

  5. From jolie

    #4 Doris JJ, I understand your thinking about Elvis crashing the opening without an invite but then he is a Dimera. And the fact they didn’t invite him, well, you know how that goes, made him want it all the more. And he will likely be the next mayor. If they are trying to make a new and improved Elvis, I think he will be legit for a while to get his votes in. I hope he doesn’t smear Abe in the doing it. And I don’t think he’ll fire the Brady’s. I think he’ll enjoy torturing them a little. And maybe Bo and Hope quit the force and finally open up the PI business many of us have thought they should for a long while. I really don’t think any of the SPD (well, maybe McCarthy is the exception) or DA or Mayor of Salem could stand much scrutiny in how they have conducted themselves, publicly or privately. I think you have something about Alice as a spy. Wouldn’t that be clever of the writers? I just saw where an older gal sold a dress made from a Nazi flag back at the end of WWII. Turns out she was a spy, worked the underground, lived a large life and in much danger. She had the dress made from the flag because cotton fabric was so hard to come by and the cotton of that flag was superb and she had it made in Paris by a top notch dressmaker. After all these years it was still beautiful. She sold it in her late years because she needed a bigger TV…her eyes weren’t what they used to be. I thought it was a perfect story on using something bad to make something good. Alice was always so smart and wise and funny and accepting (as long as it was your best). I hope whatever the secret is, it adds to her legacy and doesn’t take away at all.

  6. From Cliffdiver1119

    I think Alice’s secrets have something to do with John… in the end both John and Alice will turn out being the good guys.

  7. From dc

    yea, cliffdiver1119, that would be good..
    i can’t see something in those letters being about maggie having a son (from what i read gus or daniel).. they never have mentioned daniel’s parents, just victor being a “godfather”..

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