Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 3-7.

Secret strategies.

EJ rubs his mayoralty campaign in Sami’s face and then asks Nicole to be his publicist. She makes him promise he has no ulterior motives. His sister shows up to lash out at him for running against Abe. EJ is smug and then tells Nicole that he’s going to use John’s case to help him get elected. Although it annoys her, he begins making romantic gestures and tries to tempt her to more than dinner.

While Austin worries he’ll have to testify against John, Rafe and Sami bicker about him arresting Mr. Black. Then they bicker about her taking more job interviews with the mystery company. Even with all the bickering, they still make out and she gets the job at Mad World Cosmetics. Meanwhile, John is placed in a holding cell. The Salem PD is sure that he’s innocent but the FBI insists they have evidence to the contrary. Marlena promises to stand by him, but Brady makes no secret that he’s keeping his distance. John is put into gen pop in prison and has the stuffing knocked out of him. Things get worse for him. The embezzling he’s been accused of has robbed dozens of their jobs and pensions. Death threats roll in. After John and Marlena manage to get his bail together, his attorneys quit. John blames Stefano. Carrie insists on becoming his lawyer. He gets distracted by sex with Marlena until Rafe shows up to announces that EJ he is heading a class action against him.

Kate starts to worry when she spots her rival, Madison James, in photos of the party. Brady is busy meeting with Madison, though their first encounter doesn’t go as planned. They hammer out a business deal anyway, much to Kate’s chagrin. She goes head to head with Madison for a nasty fight. Later, Madison starts working with Brady and meets her newest employee – Sami. They soon realize that they knew each other as kids.

Jack convinces Jenn to listen to the truth about why he was incommunicado. He explains that he was doing a story on opium dealing in Afghanistan when he was taken hostage. It takes her awhile to be swayed by his tale. It takes Abby even longer but eventually she buys it. Daniel starts to worry his relationship could be in trouble. Across town, following some delays, Maggie agrees to marry Victor. She asks Mel to be her maid of honor. And Hope starts digging into Alice’s secret bank accounts, though Bo thinks it could unearth something bad.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on September 27th, 2011 |

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  1. From MAB

    I just made a long post, and now it is gone as the spoilers have been updated. I guess posting my thoughts on what happened on yesterday’s show was now just a waste of my time.

  2. From Kat

    MAB, I read your blog, and agree,
    I pretty much said the same things in my prev. blogs.
    I think the got the week/dates right, but took out the wrong blogs. Maybe they will fix it…
    Don’t be such a stranger, I enjoy your thoughts and ideas.
    So Abe has a challenger, where did it say that Abe was annointed, rather than elected,
    such is life in politics, take it, or get out of the kitchen.

  3. From Angel

    I am very excited that they brought back John and Marlena! Very good to see some of the older stars of the show starting to come back. Hopefully this will continue, and we will see Shawn and Belle and all the others back soon.

  4. From Grandma Judy

    I don’t like the way they do these blog pages as well as back when I first started posting. I’d rather they have only one spoiler and blog page per week, then when they change it on Tues. or Wed., leave the old page up for another day or 2.

    I have no problem with EJ getting into the mayoral race. I just don’t like it that he’s stepping on Abe’s announcement. As for the timing of both announcements and them taking place at the Horton event and the opening of the Town Square, I wish both Abe and EJ each would have chosen another time for their announcements and left this event entirely for the Horton family and their friends.

  5. From Kat

    Grandma Judy,
    I think they took the wrong blogs off, 26-30 and left 19-23 on,
    could be a mistake, I mentioned it to them on Contact Us…
    I agree, if anything, Abe nor EJ should be announcing, but if one does, so can the other.
    Any of remember, that it was EJ who went against his Fatha, and told Marlena and group that John was alive and where he was being held.
    Does he ever get Credit for anything.
    Wonder How Marlena and John etc. would feel, if they knew that Sami wanted to kill EJ, and Will and Rafe helped cover up.
    Maybe then their noses wouldn’t be so out of joint when they look at EJ.
    The look on EJ’s face, when he saw his children,….. priceless, and when he asked, Sami can I have a moments with my children, PLEASE,
    Rafe and Roman, at that moment, I could have smacked their arrogant faces,
    None of you have to agree with me, but that’s how I felt watching it. OK.
    As for Jack, the Blind of Salem, could have seen him standing there….
    What is this about Rafe being and “ACE FBI” agent, what did I miss, and as far as I know, he is not FBI anymore, or is HE?????????
    John/Drake and Jack/Matt(?) look very thin and frail…
    Going to a fundraiser for Animal this evening at the Club. Always a good cause, my neighbor just rescued another dog, they lost one a month ago, my buddy, now they have four dogs again. I just love them.
    My grandson has 3 Labs(yellow,black,brown) at Mom’s, and Dad has a golden retriever.
    What a joy they are.
    Well, I get to dress up/with heels,
    Could actually swing by the HortonSquare and enjoy the action.

  6. From NeeNee

    “As for Jack, the Blind of Salem, could have seen him standing there….”

    Kat, you are too much! Love you!

    Yes, our pets are truly wonderful companions in this life. We just rescued a black terrier/chihuahua mix from the pound. Actually, he had been living right next door to us for a year & a half. Hispanic neighbors neglected him (he was one of four dogs) and let him run at large, hoping he’d get hit by a car. Many times I fed him over the fence & gave him fresh water—most of the time his had green scum on it.

    His owners “gave” him to somebody else after we’d asked to have him. Well! People who took him had him 4 days and then put him in the pound. Only because we chanced to talk about him to our electrician & his wife did we find him again; Jim had done work at the pound and said he was down there.

    The Paul Harvey “rest of the story” is that we’ve had him for 3 months now, and he has become the center of our household! Gets walked 6 times a day, sleeps in a nice fluffy bed, eats dog food/table scraps/treats, and has 2 human playmates. He has gained 4 pounds and is now healthy and sleek.

  7. From Paul

    @ #6 neenee – great story and I’m not trying to start anything but was there a point to making sure people knew they were your Hispanic neighbors? All races treat animals like garbage sometimes unfortunately.

  8. From Debbie

    #1 MAB, that happened to me once before too when I posted something long and detailed and it didn’t show up on a day when “they” updated the website. I learned to wait until later in the day if I wanted to post on Tuesdays.

    As for today’s show, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Will call Marlena “grandma” when she was in the same scene. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard Marlena being addressed as grandma directly to her. Years ago, I remember reading somewhere that Deidre had it in her contract that she didn’t want Marlena to be called grandma (or any other name like it) for some odd reason. I even remember watching a scene between her and Sami where Sami was dressing toddler Will and Alison was coming close to describing Will’s grandma to him, when Deidre obviously ad-libbed “don’t say it, Sami” to a stammering Alison. I’d just read the article a few weeks earlier and caught the on-camera snafu and wondered what the heck that was all about? Marlena is obviously Will’s grandmother…why wouldn’t Deidre be proud to portray that? Even though in today’s show, Will didn’t say it to her face, I was glad that Deidre finally got over whatever it was that bothered her before about being called grandma. After all, both Deidre and Marlena are in their 60s and should embrace the grandmother role. Maybe because it took so long for Deidre to become a mother in real life, that she wanted to embrace being called “mom” for awhile on the show before being called “grandma”??? That would make more sense to me.

  9. From MAB

    Everyone looked great at the party, but Hope stole the show! She looked fabulous and I loved, loved the dress she is wearing. Drake/John is still one good-looking man in my book! Marlena…I can take her or leave her…depends on the situation. Nice to see Carrie & original Austin. But Jack, he looks horrible! He needs a shave now! He is not attractive with facial hair…much better clean-shaven. I’m sure he’s wearing it tho so he can explain the story of where he’s been. And I hope he’s a changed man, for Jen’s sake, if he is gonna get her back. I don’t mind him retaining some of his humor, but I hope he isn’t just a repeat of the past. I’m still hoping Jen will stay with Daniel tho.

    I don’t get why some are so upset over EJ making his announcement. Lexie & Abe didn’t tell anyone Abe was making his announcement, which means EJ did not know, and proof that it was not deliberate that EJ decided to make his announcement at the same event. EJ had already decided to make his announcement before he even got there. Besides, EJ has to say his peace while he can before the Brady brothers try to boot him out of the festivities. They just make themselves look like fools when a DiMera is in their presence. They bully and act completely childish…and all the while it just makes EJ (or Stefano) look like the ones with all the class. The Brady brother’s idiotic behavior is getting old…can we move on please?? And why did EJ need an invitation to the ceremony? It was my understanding that this was an event for all the citizens of Salem. I mean it is a public place after all, and I’m glad EJ wittingly pointed that out to Salem’s finest. Also, EJ acted like a gentlemen, and even complimented Bo & Hope on pulling off the event. Of course no one heard him say it, but it was a nice gesture that he acknowledged it.

    So glad EJ got to see the kids! He needs them back in his life, and they need him too!

    Sami & Rafe being late to have a romp on the couch – disgusting. I wonder if she showered before she re-dressed…doubt it…yuk! I think she looked like a harlet in her outfit. Nicole looks & acts ten times classier than Sami does anymore. There will always be a part of me that wants EJ & Sami to reunite one day, but at this point, the writers have ruined the Sami character so much since she’s been with Rafe that I don’t care who she is with anymore…in fact she’s not even good enough for EJ at this point. It’s so sad what’s become of the Sami character. Nicole not only out-does her in popularity, but acting as well.

    So sick of Sami acting like a child while Rafe talks to her like he’s her father. Get over it Rafe, she had an interview for a job. It’s not that big a deal.

  10. From Kat

    7 Debbie,
    I have know the same about Deidre,
    she was always know as being a bit of a diva….
    maybe that’s I never got to fond of her.
    As I said before, MAB I read your long and good post before they took of the wrongs weeks blogs,
    it was very good, and anybody can go back and read it, type in: DOOL blogs Sept. 26-30.
    P.S., remember, at the time Deidre didn’t want to stiffle her Young Romantic SL’s by being a grandma…

  11. From Kat

    8 MAB, your blog from the prev. site, how did that happen,
    did you a copy or what,
    like I said on the prev. blog,
    I agree so much with you, feel pretty much the same way about things, specially EJ.
    He has the same rights as everybody else,
    he saved John from Fatha, when he told Marlena Etc. that John was alive and held captive by his fatha…
    But nothing EJ does, counts for anything….

  12. From susan

    Oh my goodness, I have never seen so much kissing in all my life! Did the writers let their 13 year old daughtes write this? Todays show was boring. I was so excited about everybody coming back. It was just a real let down. No one told Brady his dad was back. Jack was lurking out in the open for all to see. I will be glad when this boring tribute will be over & hopefully they will have some adventure & mysteries. Yes, women like romance but really, all these adult couples kissing all the time is just a little too much. Just my opinion.

  13. From dc

    well, stefano is definitely behind getting john arrested, ej probably is not helping either.
    it is wrong to think anyone in salem would vote for ej being mayor. no one in their right mind would vote for him after all he has done in salem over the years, are they nuts??..
    i am really liking all the old faces back, except for jack. i sure hope they don’t put him back with jennifer, i like her with daniel..

  14. From Grandma Judy

    I was disappointed yesterday when Chloe didn’t tell Kate off but she did it today and it was great! Yaaaay, Chloe!

    Kate referred to not being on the guest list so I guess there was one. Makes sense that it was for family and friends of the Hortons, a special day for the opening of the Town Square dedicated to them.

    It seems I heard years ago when Days was trying to get Diedre Hall to come back on the show after a long absense that, not only was the salary going up up and up, but there was some issue about her wanting a specific dressing room that at the time belonged to John (Drake). And I think she got the dressing room!

    I liked today’s show just as much as yesterday and Fri.

  15. From patty

    Is it just me or is anybody else already sick of John and Marlena sucking face? Get on with the storyline or get a room. Sheesh!

  16. From SandyGram

    Well since the weeks blogs are all messed up I’ll post my thoughts on today’s show (Sept. 27, 2011) here.

    PS: Thanks Kat for putting in an email to the administration on the blog mess up)

    First I was very happy to see Chloe get the last word with Kate. I’m not sure Quinn would be so willing to come back and tell Child Protective Services that Kate paid him to turn Chloe into a hooker. That would expose him as a pimp, this could have been a bluff. But if that’s what the writers thought would work to give Chloe a positive send off then I’m ok with it. A nice accidental toss of Kate the Snake into a near by pond full of scum would have worked also, she should feel very comfortable there. Good Luck Nadia and Shelley in what ever you do!

    Enough of the lurking of the wooly Jackster and as soon as he can I hope he reacquaints himself with Mr. Razor, he’s so much better looking clean shaven.

    The scene with EJ, Sydney and Johnny were very nice. Sami was very gracious in helping Johnny understand it was ok that he gave his Dad a hug. I didn’t have a problem with Bo, Roman and Rafe cautioning EJ not to make a scene with his past history of pulling out court orders to take the kids away from Sami. It’s understandable they would be a little leery of EJ’s actions.

    I did love the scene’s with Marlena and Will. Especially when Marlena commented on him never talking about himself in the emails he sent her and he said it’s not easy having a grandmother as a ‘shrink’. If it does turn out that Will is gay or has issues with his sexuality it could be Marlena is the first person he goes to…she did make the comment about their conversations being confidential.

    Did you notice between Marlena and John and others when talking about them, there were comments on how long they would be staying which lead me to believe their revisit to Salem is temporary? Then maybe because of John’s arrest they will decide to stay permanently.

    And finally back to Kate. Loved Chris being back, he is such a kick in the britches. Then I think we may of heard another hint today when Patti told Kate she shouldn’t be looking globally for the face of her new product line, but just look locally from what she could see the talent was right there in Salem. Nicole, Abigail, Gabi, Jennifer, Maggie would be good representatives of all age groups. But who would go work for Kate?

  17. From sinceday1

    Personally, felt all the “kissing” today was a “rommantic” tribute to Alice and Tom and love in general.
    Those who haven’t watched the show for 40 years plus probably don’t get it. Great new directions the show is going, including the Gay charactors. Hope Chloe does return after the first of the year as earlier rumored. If you are a fan of the daytime genre, give the “new direction” of the show a chance to succeed before condemning it. Otherwise you may have little to watch in a short while.

  18. From peaches

    its been a long time coming but what the writers did for Alice and Tom Horton was very special. They were the heart of almost all the stories, and now their families are. Very happy bringing back the older ones where they belong.Its always been a family show and now the families are getting back to the to the way it was.thanks

  19. From holly

    MAB – so agreed with all that you said in your post. Hairy Jack needs a shave, Hope looked amazing, and EJ had just as much right to make his announcement as Abe. I also hope that if Jack is to reunite with Jennifer they will tone down the character’s “silliness”. A little fun is one thing, but silliness is so boring.

    Thank heaven that EJ got to see his children. I was so afraid that Johnny would reject him again. Love the new Sydney. She is very expressive and the change was needed to go along with the s/l. I also thought Rafe’s and Roman’s reaction was uncalled for. EJ did nothing to indicate that he would do anything inappropriate. The look in his eyes was priceless.

    I am looking forward to this new s/l about Alice’s secret. Could be fun. I do hope, however, that whatever it is, it will be respectful of the character’s history.

  20. From SandyGram

    Although we haven’t seen it yet and we’re only going on what the spoilers have told us:

    Quote from Days Cafe: “EJ goes on the record as stating he is running for mayor. Stefano
    supports him all the way. Abe and Lexie are shocked he has muscled
    in on Abe’s own announcement.”

    Gee I don’t know, here I am scratching my head again, but wouldn’t it be more respectable for EJ to wait until Abe finished with his announcement then take the podium to announce he was running for Mayor. Nope that’s not the way EJ operates, he’s going to be a bully no matter what!

  21. From Kari

    There is something not right about this embezzzling that John is accused of anyway can’t wait till next week this week seem mostly like fillers until the real storylines start.

  22. From Kat

    SandyGram, who is to say, that EJ even knows that Abe is planning to
    announce at the Horton Party.
    He may think, he is the only one doing it.
    So lets give EJ a break,
    I doubt it that Lexie and Abe have confided in EJ about their plans for the evening,
    So both sides will be surprised, that each is annoucing.
    I think EJ has been very well behaved, its been Bo and Roman acting like little “Bullys” in the Sandbox, just my opinion,
    EJ has been a gentlemen all evening so far, the pain on his face when he saw his children,
    and boy did Johnnie ever run into his Daddy’s arms, once the mother gave him the ok. You could see the love the chilren have for their Father.
    I am sure Abe and Lexie are Shocked, so what, their surprice will be topped by EJ’s surprise,
    what if EJ wins, well that truly will be up to the Voters of Salem now. I hope he does, because the storylines will be to die for.
    Carrie to be John’s defense attorney, is she certified in the USA, after all she practiced in Switzerland.
    So EJ, go get them, blow them all away, the good, honest, innocent of all, people of Salem.
    Let’s remember, I for one, watch this soap for excitement and entertainment, not to be judge in a FaceSuckingCompetition, LOL, get on with the Story.

  23. From BBow

    How did every single person on that podium not see Jack? Really?

    I know we are all going to agree to disagree about EJ. I personally see nothing redeeming about him. He has just done too much; however, I will admit that part of me wants to see him that way because the show needs a villian and he fits the bill to replace his father.

    My biggest issue today, however, was Brady. You can’t tell me that as soon as he got back to the party that everyone didn’t tell him that his parents were back in town. He should have been rushing to see them. That, plus the spoilers say he is keeping his distance from John, makes me wonder if he is involved in this embezzeling scheme.

  24. From Kat

    8 MAB, ok Lady, no miracle, I just went back to last weeks blogsite,
    and the one you were talking about, it not … Your # 8.
    The fundraiser at the Club for the Human Society was great, much needed money was raised.
    They told us, things were really down, since the country has all the problems.
    I got a beautiful “Planner/Calender” for next year, full of beautiful cats and dogs, sometimes with their owners, I love it.
    My neighbor, she has 4 dogs, already bought space for next years calender,their latest Sophie, they just rescuded from the shelter, my buddy “Bowser” passed unexpectly a few weeks ago, and I guess they just wanted to rescue another one. Sophie was abused, is one yr old, and just beautiful.
    NeeNee, I loved your story, told it to my friends at the club tonight, they send a God Bless… to you.
    Your story sounds a lot what Sophie went through, she is so thin yet, I am going to help spoil her and give her goodies, I love all the dogs so much, know them all their lives, it’s hard when one of them goes,..
    Thank you, I got to vent a bit…

  25. From clara

    The Horton party surprise is john & Marlena? Neither is a Horton or a Brady for that matter. I was hoping that John would straighten out Brady. Jack is not discovered? Wish Shawn and Belle were returning. Also,Nathan. The writers are writing the cast leaving so quickly. Good.

  26. From MJ

    Never posted before, love reading everyone’s comments :) 4th try with captcha! Forgive any duplicate posts.

    So good to see the kids back on the show! Glad they didn’t keep Johnny angry at EJ. I thought all that should have been kept a secret from Johnny in the first place. Bothered me that EJ/Allie didn’t acknowledge each other, no smile, hello, pat on the head? I know she’s Lucas’s but EJ played a big part in her life at one time and it’s his son’s twin sister.

    It might have been interesting to have EJ stroll over and throw a few jokes around to make Sami, Carrie and Austin uncomfortable since he was right in the middle of the whole mess with the two couples (with Lucas) when he lived in their building. I guess I like tie-ins and references and the old banter :)

    A little too much PDA as usual from John and Marlena but at least it’s consistent writing on that!

    And I’m with most of you, the town (if that was the WHOLE town) was a pretty small crowd. How could no one see or recognize Jack??!! If anything someone could have noticed a strange man lurking around lol! Wasn’t it by invite only according to Bo and Roman saying to EJ that he wasn’t invited…just my thoughts…

    And although some characters aren’t coming back it would be nice to hear about Max and Lucas and all the other missing relatives who left for Japan/Europe etc. I mean, they ARE still part of the families. I’d like it if they existed even just in dialog, maybe gossip, updates something. But that’s me being picky and wanting it to be a little more like real families might interact :)

    But my real question…where is
    Caroline?? This is the biggest event in Salem and I didn’t see her and no one mentioned her? The constant babysitter, restaurant owner and Brady matriarch? Anyone know why she wasn’t there, is she’s still going to be on the show?

  27. From MJ

    Never posted before, love reading everyone’s comments :) 5th or 6th try with captcha! Forgive any duplicate posts!

    So good to see the kids back on the show! Glad they didn’t keep Johnny angry at EJ. I thought all that should have been kept a secret from Johnny in the first place. Bothered me that EJ/Allie didn’t acknowledge each other, no smile, hello, pat on the head? I know she’s Lucas’s but EJ played a big part in her life at one time and it’s his son’s twin sister.

    It might have been interesting to have EJ stroll over and throw a few jokes around to make Sami, Carrie and Austin uncomfortable since he was right in the middle of the whole mess with the two couples (with Lucas) when he lived in their building. I guess I like tie-ins and references and the old banter :)

    A little too much PDA as usual from John and Marlena but at least it’s consistent writing on that!

    And I’m with most of you, the town (if that was the WHOLE town) was a pretty small crowd. How could no one see or recognize Jack??!! If anything someone could have noticed a strange man lurking around lol! Wasn’t it by invite only according to Bo and Roman saying to EJ that he wasn’t invited…just my thoughts…

    And although some characters aren’t coming back it would be nice to hear about Max and Lucas and all the other missing relatives who left for Japan/Europe etc. I mean, they ARE still part of the families. I’d like it if they existed even just in dialog, maybe gossip, updates something. But that’s me being picky and wanting it to be a little more like real families might interact :)

    But my real question…where is
    Caroline?? This is the biggest event in Salem and I didn’t see her and no one mentioned her? The constant babysitter, restaurant owner and Brady matriarch? Anyone know why she wasn’t there, is she’s still going to be on the show?

  28. From MJ

    Gave up on my comment 7 tries and I know I spelled the captcha right! Sorry for any duplicate posts if they show up.

    Really enjoy reading everyone’s comments and opinions :)

  29. From Callie

    @BBow I doubt Brady is involve wiith the embezzling scheme if anything I think Brady is going to be the one to uncover the truth and that might bring Brady and John closer again but that just speculation on my part

  30. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #18, – “EJ” and “respectable” don’t work well in the same sentence do they?! Ha! I completely agree with what you said. From spoilers, I am under the impression that EJ interrupts Abe’s announcement to make his own and, if that’s the case, it will really be tacky. I still think neither man should make their announcement at this Horton dedication.

    EJ has been acting like a gentleman but given his past history, I feel that Rafe and the Brady brothers are perfectly justified in being on their guard with him. And a little humor along the way is fine with me. EJ, of course, has never been guilty of taunting or poking fun of anyone! NOT! If EJ does, in fact, interrupt Abe’s announcement to make his own, that will not be a gentlemanly act. But we’ll have to see how it plays out.

    I love John and think he is looking good, although appears frail. But I’m assuming he is supposed to look that way for now, since Marlena said he isn’t completely well yet. Sorry to read he gets beaten up while in jail.

  31. From Grandma Judy

    I think the party was by invitation since Kate referred to the fact that she was not on the guest list but came anyway. So Roman and Brady were correct to inform EJ that he wasn’t invited.

    I also wonder why Caroline isn’t at the celebration?!

  32. From Kat

    30 GrandmaJudy, glad you are back..
    Hope you will watch Dirty Soap on Sunday 10 pm “E”, since you like Galen so much, you can watch him in his private life, and he is very likeable so far…
    If EJ is Not respectable, one question,
    What makes Sami, Brady, and of course Victor soooo respectable.
    And not to forget the lawbreaking “Lawmen” of Salem, Rafe, Bo, Hope, and at times Roman…
    The Brady Brothers and Rafe, If they want to Be the Better ones, take the High Road, get out of the Sandbox and act like Growup Professional, ..
    Without EJ, this show would be nothing,.
    27 MJ, like your thoughts,
    Sinceday, IMO, nobody is condemming the show yet,
    so far we don’t have any new SL’s yet,
    just Get to gethers and hugging and kissing, I am totally willing to wait as the new Stories unfold.
    As for EJ, and others, we will always, at least for the most part, have to agree to disagree…
    That it was EJ that saved John’s life, nobody wants to admitt that, did I miss any kudos???
    Now remember All, we are here to freely post our thoughts and feeling, so nobody please,get all upset, it’s all in good fun I hope, and we are Adults, I assume, not back in the Sandbox…..

  33. From Chris

    Yes the Brady brothers may have been justified to warn Ej to behave considering his past history but really who are they to judge. Are they not supposed to be Salem’s finest, the ones that have to solve crimes and charge the criminals. What happenned to the investigation of who shot Ej. Then they find out Brady beat up Ej and covered it up, and the latest they tell Quinn to leave town and they won’t press charges. Don’t get me wrong I do like Roman and Bo but I would hardley call them upstanding citizens.

  34. From Grandma Judy

    Everyone on the show has been on the other side of the law at one time or another. Apparently, even Alice way back when. Not sure about Maggie? At any rate, I was commenting on this one event and responding to comments about how Rafe and the Brady brothers were treating EJ. Rafe, Bo, and Roman are there to celebrate with the Hortons but also, they law enforcement. EJ has a questionable history and they are making sure he stays in line. Perfectly justified, IMO.

    Something’s wrong with the channel today so I will have to record the show on SoapNet this evening. Anyone else having problems with DIRECTV local channels showing a digitalized screen and distorted audio? Heard there’s a problem with something called “sun spots”.

  35. From MAB

    Kat – I still can’t find my first post from yesterday and I guess admin removed it, so I posted again on this page, and kinda reiterated some of what I had said in the first one.

    I cannot believe how no one saw Jack at any time…at one point he was even right behind Maggie. And Brady, why didn’t anyone tell him his father was there…then the next minute he’s standing right over from him…like he couldn’t see him??

    At this point, there is NO indication Stefano is behind John’s arrest/embezzlement charges. It’s really getting old reading the constant insinuations against Stefano & EJ before we even know if they’re true or not.

    Glad Chloe got her two cents in with Kate, but I was expecting more out of it. Oh well, doesn’t really matter since she’s leaving the show. And as for Kate, ultimately it’s up to Philip if Chloe is in Parker’s life. Kate has no say so, so I don’t get why Chloe was so worried about Kate’s threats.

    I can’t say enough about how great it was to see EJ with his kids yesterday. The emotion EJ exhibited when he held them in his arms…kudos to James Scott’s brilliantly acting (as always). It was nice of Sami to let it happen, but gracious she wasn’t. She was her normal snotty self to EJ. Oh please let EJ get those kids back in his life because they certainly need their real father. Roman said his peace to EJ and even tho he really had no right, at least he didn’t cause a scene. Bo, well he didn’t do anything because he wasn’t even around. And Rafe, as usual, had to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. I don’t care if he’s their stepfather, or how much he (says) he loves those kids, he had NO right to butt in. Those kids are NOT his! They are Sami & EJ’s kids and they are the ones with the say so here. When Sami & EJ are talking about or discussing the kids, Rafe needs to keep his big mouth shut. What was wanna-be macho Rafe gonna do anyway, start a fight with EJ? That would be just like him to make a scene in front of the kids trying to keep their REAL father away from them. EJ asking Sami to see his kids only involved interaction from Sami & EJ…no one else especially Rafe. It’s high time someone put Rafe in his place.

    holly – I see we agree on a lot. I completely agree that Roman, but even more so Rafe’s comments were completely uncalled for where EJ was concerned. He wanted to see his kids and has every right to. I wasn’t surprised that Johnny ran to EJ. He didn’t stop loving his father just because of what happened. And it was Rafe’s big mouth and Sami letting Johnny watch the TV that allowed Johnny access to what EJ was being accused of (great parenting there you two…not!). Bottom line is, Sami needs to put her kids first and make EJ a part of their life. It wouldn’t kill her to be the bigger person here. EJ openly gave Sami custody, and that is more than enough indication of how much he loves his children. To give up your rights to your children like he did was the most unselfish act by any parent…one that Sami would never do. He didn’t have to give her the kids…he could’ve fought her over them, but instead he swallowed his pride, stepped up and put his kids first. He has more than proved how much his kids mean to him. Sami needs to get over herself and make amends with EJ for the kids sake.

    Again…EJ has to take his moment when he can before Bo or Roman try to stop him. He’s not the bully here…that title goes to Salem’s finest (Bo, Roman, and especially Rafe). So if it means EJ makes his announcement when Abe does, then so be it. If Abe can make his announcement, so can EJ, and why wouldn’t he do it at the same time since they will be running for mayor against one another.

    Kat – some will never give EJ a break when they only see him one way, yet make excuses for what others characters do.

    Kat – it’s obvious EJ, nor anyone else, knew Abe was planning on making his announcement. He & Lexie told no one. We knew EJ was planning on making his because he told Stefano he was going to do it.

    I agree EJ is next in line to take over for Stefano. Why would we want it any other way…but villains can have a soft side too. Stefano has proved that, as well as EJ, whether some want to see it or not. ANY character can be redeemed, and EJ doesn’t hold the award for worst things done in Salem. Stefano also fits in that category, along with several other so-called upstanding citizens of Salem.

    Is Stefano gonna show up to the party soon? I sure hope so…we need some excitement!

    If this party was by invitation only, then they should not have allowed anyone in w/o an invitation. If they didn’t want EJ there, then they didn’t have to let him in, but the Brady brothers did allow EJ in, so they should keep their snide comments to themselves and stop trying to bully him around.

  36. From SandyGram

    #27 MJ
    I’m with you on Allie and EJ not acknowledging one another. It seems the writers have always put Allie more in the background. Her biggest scene’s were when she was sent to be with Lucas in China. She definitely needs more exposure. Then, neither Stefano, Kate or EJ was invited to the party. Although the Horton Square is a public place, the party was in honor of Tom and Alice and through Alice’s estate she paid for the renewal of the Town Square so I didn’t see anything inappropriate about not inviting them. But, as the writers knew it would, by them coming it added just enough drama to an other wise nice party.

    #32 Kat
    The question of EJ’s respectability is not related to the past misdeeds of Sami, Rafe, Roman, Bo, Rafe or Victor so there was really no reason to comment on their indiscretions. This issue is directly related to EJ’s current selfishness stepping in front of Abe to make his announcement as candidate for Mayor and bring all the Media attention to himself. The same as Kate did by showing up at the party, she corralled the Media to talk about ‘her’ reopening Countess ‘W’ Cosmetics.
    The same with EJ telling Sami and Marlena that John was alive in the DiMera basement which resulted in saving John’s life…I think most of the fans would give EJ kudos for the action (and probably did in 2008 when it occurred), but they also understand his only reason for doing it was ‘to try and win favor with Sami’.

    But there is still a lot of party Story Line to be told over the next two days…so I’m anxious to see how it all unfolds.

  37. From jolie

    I was glad too to see Elvis get to hug his kids. I wished he had acknowledged Allie as it would have been the polite and adult thing to do. She lived in his house at one time. Wondering when Stefano will show?? Where is he? I think he is missing a good chance to shower John with brotherly zingers. John and Marlena looked wonderful (he was a bit frail so good makeup or acting) but all that kissing…please. Hurray for Chloe for pushing right back on Kate. The Brady brothers..good grief, give the tough guy routine a rest. I like them but they are just as slimy as the Dimeras and just not as open about it. Can’t wait for Alice’s secret to start spilling. I hope it doesn’t diminish her in any way nor tarnish her legacy. I think the writers are smarter than that. Abe vs Elvis…I dont’ think either should have taken it for granted they were welcome to advance their own political dreams at a dedication ceremony where one was an invited guest and the other was a crasher. Funny anyway. Brady not acknowledging Marlena and John..a bit puzzling. Maybe he is slightly ashamed of how his life has been lately. Or maybe he knows more than he should about what John is going to face. I want to see them show a real father and son relationship. Victor and Brady have polished their relationship to a point that it might not be smooth all the time but it is loving. My Nicole looked so beautiful…but sad. She needs to stay strong. Wonder if she’ll have any interaction with Austin? I hope not. I think she and Elvis will make the best villianous power couple. I do hope we see it in the near future.

  38. From jolie

    I know what Salem needs more than anything after watching the last few days…an optometrist. How can that many people who know Jack so well, walk in his shadow, across his path, in front of him, beside him, across the podium from him, almost look him in the eye and NOT see him. It would have been hilarious if all those people of Salem didn’t have eye problems. Maybe there will be an office open up in Horton Square and really soon because while most of them need a shrink, they all need new eye wear.

  39. From Grandma Judy

    Interesting how EJ’s misdeeds are often overlooked by pointing out the misdeeds of other characters. As if it’s OK for EJ to be bad because someone else is. I’ve seen posters on here give kudos to EJ for good things he has done. And I have also given them to him. Just that those good things he does are few and very VERY far between.

  40. From MAB

    Countess W is going to open in the Horton Town Square, so there should be no reason why Kate shouldn’t be allowed to attend the party, nor should it be a problem that she got in front of the media to promote it. With that said tho, I’ll say again, if this was an invitation only gala, then anyone w/o an invitation shouldn’t have been allowed in. Bo & Roman decided to allow EJ in, as well as Kate, so everyone should get over the fact that they are there.

    EJ didn’t only tell Marlena that Stefano had John in that basement because of Sami. Marlena pleaded with him, and he told her the truth, and from what I recall, it was out of respect for Marlena. Once again, EJ has the good inside of him that he shows more than people want to admit, or give him credit for. Problem is too many don’t want to give him the benefit of the doubt. When it comes to matters of the heart, like his children, he shows that soft side and is genuine. But alas, there will always be those out there just waiting to pounce on him for any reason and assume he has an agenda no matter what the scenario.

    EJ’s respectability is most certainly directly related to Sami. Most of his actions were fueled by what has transpired between him & Sami over the years, with their retaliation against one another over & over. And a lot of what EJ did as of late was because of Sami’s indiscretions, as well as Rafe’s, when they conspired to keep his children from him, and when Sami shot EJ, admitting she wanted him dead. And most of Sami’s misdeeds are related to EJ as well. So EJ & Sami’s respectability are no doubt related.

    It is NOT selfish of EJ to make his announcement. If Abe can do it, then so can EJ. He is announcing that he will also be in the running for mayor, so what better way to get their campaigns off & running by making their announcements at the same time? This is not a big deal as some are making it out to be. I’m sure if someone else would jump up and make their announcement along with Abe, nothing would’ve been said…it’s simply because it’s EJ.

    I think it would’ve been nice of EJ to acknowledge Allie too, but why should he push his luck. It was bad enough he had to nearly beg Sami just to talk to his own kids. Some just read too much into EJ’s actions so you can complain about him.

    Not only didn’t Brady acknowledge John, but what about Kate not acknowledging Austin??

    Jolie – I agree about Alice’s secret. I hope that whatever it is that it don’t tarnish her legacy on the show. That would be a shame. I hope these new writers know better than to go that route.

  41. From MAB

    No one said it’s ok for EJ to be bad because someone else is. At least he don’t lie about who he is, and can admit to his faults. Plus he is a DiMera and he’s not supposed to be all good, but he’s not all bad either. Problem is that other’s indiscretions are glorified just to justify the means. Those who can’t see both sides of the story will blame EJ everytime, and defend Sami’s actions instead.

    And those rare kudos he gets from some are only made when it suits your fancy…any other time you’re ripping on him for anything & everything whether he’s at fault or not. Stefano has done WAY more worst things that EJ, yet it’s always EJ who gets the flack.

  42. From BBow

    40- MAB. I agree COMPLETELY about Kate and Austin. I haven’t got to watch today’s episode yet (it is on my DVR), but yesterday I couldn’t blieve it when she talked about how boring the surprises where and how dull the surprise guests were. As much time as she has spent trying to run her sons’ lives, and as much energy as she put into make sure Austin ended up with Carrie instead of Sami or Nicole, shouldn’t she have been jumping for joy to see them? Also, at one time John and Marlena were her close friends (she was even engaged to John). She should have been happy to see them as well, unless (during their time away) that had some text, email, or phone conversations where they shared their thoughts about her marrying Stefano.

    Trying to compare EJ and Sami, and saying the things he does are right or wrong (or the things she does are right or wrong) and trying to choose a side has become the equivalent of trying to choose a sided between Sami and Kate. You don’t really know who started it first, but almost everything they do to one another anymore is in retaliation of something else. I will say that EJ is the one that moved into Sami’s building started causing trouble, but Sami was not exactly being an angel at that time either. Remember, his original goal was to “plant the DiMera seed” inside her, which he did once (by rape/blackmail) and once to a willing woman. I am certain that at one point he has probably try to call a truce and she didn’t let it go. Sami will always be playing the “get even” game with EJ and Kate, just like Kate will always be playing it with Sami, Nicole, Chloe, and Vivian. Part of the problem has been inconsistent writing. One writing team wants to make them a couple, then the next wants to make them enemies, etc. It makes it so that no one can agree on how they should be.

    Inconsistency is also the problem with people liking EJ and giving him an kudos for his “good deeds.” He is a DiMera, which means almost every time he does something that appears good, it will later come out that he had an alterior motive for it. I, personally, think this happens because one writer wants him to start changing, then another writer takes over and decides they want to keep him bad. Our opinions are based primarily in how the writers want us to feel, and we can’t keep that consistent when they change the way the characters are every time.

  43. From Grandma Judy

    Everyone has the right to post whatever they want on here. I get that. But, OMG, some of these pity parties for EJ are really getting old!!

    Good post #42 BBow, – gives us something to think about how the writers toy with us.

  44. From Jack Kanov

    EJ is a jerk, always was a jerk and is continuing to be a jerk and always will be a jerk. Speak of Jerks, Jack Mehoff is a slick talking mofo. Jennifer shouldn’t take him back because he shouldn’t have been gone in the first place. Yeah, let’s go to one of the most dangerous places in the world and report on Opium. Yeah, that’s a good one. Oh and for once can Daniel-San find a woman with no attachments? Go with Carly Delite. She is hot and much better looking that Jennifer. Love that bar owner woman, I think her name is Adrianne. She is fine and they should show her cleavage like they show Chloes all the time. Speaking of Chloe, won’t miss the Doe-eyed slow talking Whore-derve. Maybe Melanie can go with her because she has never grown on me and she looks like 16. Well I really don’t have much more to add because I’m still a few episodes behind and need to watch them on my DVR so I can give more corny input on the Salemites. They all put the fun in dysfunctional. Go Pats! It’s raining here in Michigan and I like rain. Great Beatles song as well. “When the rain comes they run and hide their heads, they might as well be dead with the rain comes. When the sun shines they slip into the shade and sip their lemonade, when the rain comes, when the rain comes. Raiiiiiin I don’t mind, the weather’s fine.” off on a Beatle tangent there. Oh yes and still in awe from the Paul McCartney concert in July. Wow man. Back to Gays of our lives. So when is Will going to come out of the closet? I have nothing against gays but you can tell he likes the crinkle star of men.
    Glad the Black is back. Love his Clint Eastwood/Bubba (In the heat of the night) ways. Who watches Theo ever? Who watches any of the salem kids ever? Leaves are changin’ Hey how do you mend a broken Jack-o-Lantern? A pumpkin patch lol ok that was lame. PEACE!

  45. From SandyGram

    Weds 9/28/2011
    The tension between John and Brady caught me off guard. In 2009 when John was paralyzed he also regained his memory. If my memory services me right John and Brady reconnected as father and son and were on good terms when John and Marlena left for Switzerland. But, today their conversation was very cold and stiff. There was even a comment made about John not being happy about some of Brady’s activities. How would John know what Brady’s activities had been since he left town? This must be a writers ‘hook’, well it’s got me wanting more.

    Grandma Judy #43….short and to the point, perfect post as usual.

    BBow #42….on another board I post on one of the members asked me ‘if I was trying to psycho analyze the characters actions?’ I had to laugh, it gave me just the reality check I needed. So I try hard to post on just what I’ve read or just what I’ve seen, which is difficult sometimes. I’m a spoiler junkie and if anything can through you off or lead you down the wrong path it’s a spoiler. But then that’s the writers job, to keep the fans interested, the ‘hook’ as I call it. Loved your post!

  46. From gerri

    Grandma Judy,
    Glad to see you,back,your posts are like reading my thoughts,before you blog.always straight to the point….

    I loved these last 2 days,favorite was Chloe,ripping Into Kate.I wouldn’t want her face cream,on my face either.

    All the kissing,by everyone was disgusting,there is a time and place for everything,and this was not It.

    Finally the writers gave us something,(a tribute to the couple and family,who had made us want to tune in daily)Hope looked great and all the speakers gave wonderful speeches,as they each relived some great memories,loved Julie and Doug’s singing.

    But I have to agree with everyone,who has spoken out,regarding,Abe and EJ’S making there election bid known,Both were very wrong,this was a tribute,not a political arena…Shame on the writers for making this mistake…..

  47. From holly

    I was also wondering where Caroline was??? I bet she is there when Victor’s proposal to Maggie takes place.

    I was sad to see Chloe leave today. For some reason, I like her character. Always the underdog. Remember ghoul girl? That character has been through more tragedies than anyone. And how about her scene with Daniel? More chemestry in one scene than in the last 2 months between him and Jenn. I like both of the characters, but not together. And although I have never been a big fan of Jack, when Jenn called out his name today, there was something about it that seemed “right” again.

    So Bo and Hope have discovered that the deposits to the foreign account have been going on for 20 years. As I said earlier, I sure hope that whatever comes of this s/l, it will be respectful to the history of Alice’s character.

    Can’t wait to see a real relationship develop between Nicole & EJ. I’m always disappointed when a day passes and neither one of them is on.

    Really looking forward to seeing the characters in the workplace. They need a new dimension to the stories. I really like Sami and can’t wait to see her doing something other than hanging around the loft. Kate also needs to get back to being an independent woman rather than just Stephano’s wifey.

    Does anyone think John’s problems have to do with him needing money for his treatment/recovery? Just a thought.

    Looking forward to the rest of the week!

  48. From Kat

    Any person, be it EJ, or Victor,Brady, Sami or the crooked cops, and anybody else,
    either they are respectable period or not, it does not matter, where they are, at what time, at what event, Respect follows a person period, no matter where they go,
    you can not pick when somebody is respectable,
    so like I said, EJ might not be respectable, fine, but please, please, do not tell me that I can not bring up the rest of all the unrespectable peoples name.
    gerrie, why shame on the writers, they are writing what creates a exciting sl for us, do we really want a cookie and tea party everyday, and everybody being absolutely perfect, Noooooooooo
    or I will tune out immed.
    SandyGram, you are doing to much head scratching, I am getting worried about you.
    I am sure that John heard through Phone or EMail about all the misdeeds his son Brady was involved in…
    Loved that the big celebrity couple/surprise,,, were
    Mr. Mrs. Ryan DiMera LOL, now you got to admitt that is funny.
    I could have seen if it was Mike/Jeremy or Bill Horton, or Marie Horton showing up to celebrate their Parents/grandparents big day.
    Wonder how Alice and Tom would feel about the Super Mob Boss getting Maggie,
    don’t scratch SandyGram, I am allowed to go to the past, it
    s all part of the SL,
    but then again, some of you will say, Alice and Tom were forgiving people, they loved everybody, so, then
    I could just see EJ in Mrs. H’s kitchen having donuts and coffee, and maybe courting somebody from her family, right, why not.
    Marie could come back, I don’t think she has been a nun in a long time, maybe I am wrong,
    and could fall for Stefano, turn him into a good person, just like Maggie is trying with Victor.
    Still wonder if Vic can loose his stripes, we’ll find out down the road, or will Maggie become a Real Mob Wife, what a story.
    Will is really starting to show, how uncomfortable he is becoming, wonder if he is aware, what is going on with him, hope Marlena will help him in his struggle.
    John and Marlena were shown in the past, holding some papers, that must be the other problem they are talking about, maybe they are aware that there is an investigation about them/John going on already.
    Looking forward to the political announcements, let the games begin, and let the sparks fly in Horton Square, love it.
    Nicole and EJ, what a gorgeous couple they make, I am getting so over Sami and EJ, Nicole now has more class in her little finger than Sami could ever have.
    She will always be a little snot,
    so far not respectable at all, that’s the way I see it, none of you have to agree with me,
    scroll down, don’t get upset, live and let live,
    and guess what, I’ll be back…….

    MAB, I just went to read your blog from last week again…
    Go the Google, type in
    DOOL Blogs Sept. 26-30

    or whatever week of blogs you are looking for… can go all the way back……….
    I like your blogs,
    like in everything, there are always clusters of people that agree/or disagree,
    and that is fine, that does not mean that I do not like and respect G.Judy, SandyGram, whoever, just because I am not always on the same wavelenght with them.
    In real life, we prob. could agree about most anything else,
    my best, best bud and I do not agree about DOOL, but we are stable and mature enough to accept that without any problems in our friendship,
    unfortunately, in the past,
    things have gotten slippery and personal, for what, a Stupid Soap Opera, really…. think about it.
    We should all have a good laugh one in a while and big realty check would not hurt.

  49. From DaysFan

    Didn’t anyone else find it completely odd and unbelievable that the new writers would write in a Horton Honorary Dedication service for ‘Horton Town Square’ and the ‘Hortons’ be the fewest in number attending? I can’t believe they would even think that could be believable. Where were Nathan, Lucas, Mike, Bill, Melissa, etc.? There were very few actual ‘Hortons’ there, and they chose for their guests of honor, Carrie and Austin Reed, and John and Marlena Black…?! I hope this is not the kind of writing we have to look forward to with this new staff. There is a serious disconnect in believability with that entire Honorary Dedication Party because of the lack of Hortons in attendance or even on the show at all. Surely they could have went with another theme or brought in Hortons to actually ‘attend’ the Horton Dedication service… or here is a grand idea—… considering the HORTONS were the founding families of the show…. how about some HORTONS in Salem?! Bryan Dattilo was on that show as Lucas Horton from 1993 to 2010 with a couple brief hiatuses, Melissa was on the show many years ago, Nathan recently, even Bill as recent as Alice’s funeral–and they couldn’t come up with Hortons to attend something as important as they made this honorary dedication party to be? Come on writers… you’re going to have to do better than that. Someone needs to start learning a bit of history about Salem, and it needs to be fast if you expect to keep or build upon your audience!

  50. From gerri

    The writers don’t need to give us a tea and cookie party episode every day,but since this was to be a special event,”that many of us viewers”,were looking forward to seeing,they did not need to throw this Mayor’s election in the mix..,they needed to write that in,on one of the duller days,to put some excitement on that episode….
    this is of course just my opinion.
    In view of my kissing comment,I have been a viewer since show aired In 1965,”so I do get It.”

    But will say again,we all love the show,and will always have our favorite characters,and will disagree from time to time.

    I too wish there would have been some kind of attention,maybe a smile to Allie,from EJ,was sad to see her just standing there looking on as EJ was giving hugs to Johnnie and Sydney.

  51. From gerri

    Days Fan#49
    you brought a lot of truths in your blog…….agree 100% on everything………

  52. From Kat

    Hi gerri,
    I have also been watching DOOL since its beginning, as a matter of fact I was a Marine wife in Cherry Point NC,
    learned a lot of English through TV.
    Forgot, what was the kissing comment???
    Gerrie, lets face it, the writers will always write as they please, part of their job is to annoy us and get us going, it always has been that way, since day 1, I remember the battles between Julie and Susan, boy did they have us going back then…
    I never implied that you don’t get it, where is that coming from.
    I like you gerri and I like your blogs, when I comment back its all in good spirit, how often do I have to say, lets lighten up a bit.
    I don’t have anything against any of you personally,
    we are talking about a fictional Soap Opera, something like that, should never never never be taken personal, and all of us can feel about the story whatever they like.
    Just because we disagree about a character or a SL, should not mean that now you don’t like me, or I have a problem with a blogger, I don’t know any of you.

    49 daisy, I agree with you, all that hoopla about Non Horton people, I did mention that in my blog 48, where were all the Hortons I mentioned just like you…
    I also hoped that EJ would reach out to Ally, he helped raise her and Johnnie for a long time when Sami was in the Safehouse,
    but like MAB mentioned, it was already risky enough to touch Johnnie and Sidney,
    those kids really showed that they love their dad, they knew what they wanted to do, but looked at first kind of intimidated, until Sami gave the go ahead,
    I could have smacked Rafe, glad he finally shut up, none of his business.
    Gerri, I started DOOL when my baby was taking a nap,
    helped get over being homesick for my family in Germany.
    So please remember, there is no malice in my heart, when I disagree with anybody, I just love the game…

  53. From SandyGram

    Hey Kat,
    Since I was the one that brought up EJ being respectable in Post #20 I’d like to respond to your comment “do not tell me that I can not bring up the rest of all the unrespectable peoples name” in Post #48.

    In my Post #36 I did not say you shouldn’t bring up the rest of all the unrespectable peoples name. I was saying, there was no need for me to include them in my posts since I was exclusively talking about EJ’s actions, attempting to answer your ‘one question’ comment in Post #32.

    Hope this doesn’t confuse things more or I will have to scratch my head some more which is just a little humor and lightening up on my part.

  54. From bebe5caterina

    I was wondering when Hope became Princess Gina ended up pregnant with Stefano’s child or maybe Stefano’s adopted son Peter if his age was right, and somehow only Alice found out and was threatened or blackmailed. If that is the case, I think Alice did not want Hope to raise a DiMera child to protect her marriage with Bo.

    Also wondering if Alice might have seen Stefano and his goons take Zack from the hospital and kidnapped him, the donated organs could have been from another child who was brain dead. That means they would jump years on Zack’s age.

  55. From jolie

    I really don’t see Elvis as mayor but for him to alienate Lexie by running against Abe is a crazy move. Lexie has mostly been a shoulder for him when he needed one. Elvis and Sami, I do believe that boat has sailed. I see Elvis liking the stronger Nicole and maybe he’ll try to be a man for her. Sami lying to Rafe about a job interview. Why didn’t she just tell him she is a grown woman and was pursuing the job? Why slip around about it? Because that is what Sami does. I want to see her grow a little. That she and Rafe are bickering over John’s arrest…so what, he is not supposed to honor an arrest warrant that some judge has signed? Even the Salem Po-Po will go with judge’s orders most of the time. I had hoped that things would settle down for Rafe and Sami for a while. Let her get a job and let the drama be somewhere besides the loft. Their home should be a haven for a while with all the other storylines opening up. So Austin will do the digging on John’s supposed crime and Carrie will support John in court. Wonder if Austin will also be the one who eventually figures out the trail from Alice’s bank accounts? Jack looked like a fool. Poor Jennifer, while being glad he is alive, she should find a way to have him kidnapped and sent back overseas. I am not looking forward to him in Salem. Chloe was a class act at the end. Hate to see her go but I was tired of the writers using her as a floormat. If the character comes back, I want to see her come back with some power. Melanie and Sonny should make good friends. Melanie doesn’t really need a boyfriend right now and Brady is too inconsistent to be a good friend. So Sonny could really be a platonic match for Mel. Brady and John, don’t understand the cold shoulder but hope they go back to the old father/son relationship. John, while being a little weird, is a good man and Brady needs to look to him for some clues on how to behave. Brady can be his own man and did a very good turn for Chloe so he knows what to do. All of this has been interesting. I think the writers are doing a good job. Keep it up!

  56. From gerri

    The Kissing comment,was a response to #17 SinceDay1(which I put above my comment)sorry If you thought,It was your blog.(sorry,sorry,sorry,for confusion.)
    we do agree on lot;s of S/L’S.
    But just like night-time sitcoms,there is some who want to watch certain ones,and some don’t,we are groups of TV Fans with different ideas and different opinions,but as I’ve said often,would be a boring world,If we all liked and agreed on for sure no malice here,I love your posts,and your personal stories as If I send a negative response,to any blog(or recieve one)let’s shake It off,and move on….and keep posting…..

    PS.Since my paternal great-grandfather,came to America from Germany,I feel a kinship with you.
    Do you still have your German accent/I have 2 friends here who do,and my hubby loves to hear them talk….I really have a Southern accent,and when we go to different places,here in America,the people will want me to say certain things,like”y’all”for one.I think It’s funny…..

  57. From Betsybee

    Marlena looks terrible. If she is 64 yrs old she should have a different hair style. She apparently is trying o look younger. She is quite thin and what is wrong with her eyes. Can she not open them ? She seems to be squinting.

    If EJ does become the mayor then Abe should be Police chief and smarten up those two cop brothers. I suppose Bo will now try to cover for the Hortons if they were involved with some kind of blackmail setup.

    Whatever Rafe has learned about John and Marlena it could also implicate him in some way and we learn more about his background. I expect that EJ will use John’s arrest to get on the good side of the townsfolk by representing him at his trial as John’s lawyer since John’s quits and apparently Carrie will not be allowed to represent him by the DA. Could be rather interesting situation.

    James Scott can really do his job with great finesse. The scene with the kids was beautiful and Johnny had that grin (so cute) when he finally decided that he would hug his father and really mean it. To me that showed a lot of love for one another.

    I do hope somewhere soon we will learn more about Rafe and now since he is about to have trouble getting another job maybe Mommy will arrive to give him a helping hand.

    Will is sure having his problems with his sexual orientation. Hope this does not drag on too l9ong.

    I am liking the new writers and hope for great s/l in the near future.

  58. From Just Moi

    #55 Jolie, great post as always. You ask why EJ would alienate Lexi. Well EJ does whatever is best fore EJ at that moment, he doesn’t think about how it will affect anyone else. He is so self centered and egotistical, I am sure he thinks that Lexi will eventually forgive and forget and he won’t worry about the concequences until he needs her again. Then he will vow to be a better person (once again)and make all his faux promises.

    I am also waiting for Sami to grow up and I thought at one time having Rafe, a stable and mature person, in her life that it might just happen and I will say she’s not as bad as she use to be but I guess the writers want Sami to always be a whinning, complaining snot lol. I guess if Rafe and EJ can’t get her to grow up, it’s just hopeless.

    I felt so embarrassed for Jen and Abby having Jack drop in like that must of be horrifying for them. Seeing Jack next to Daniel was like a mouse and a lion. Well Jen, you picked him but poor Abby never asked to have such a poor excuse for a father.

  59. From Kat

    Gerri and SandyGram, we are BlogBuds, and it is easy sometimes to read a comment a certain way, but it was not meant like this by the writers. I know, it happens to me, it’s all in the interpetations….
    Gerri, yes, I do have a slight accent, and of course I am always told, I love your accent…
    Of course, I don’t hear it..
    I actually have not seen EJ and his announcement yet,
    but from what I read, EJ will be “inconsiderate” in getting “ONE, political UP”.
    Like I said, who ever said Politics was acting fair.
    Lexie, get used to it, it’s a cut throat life to be in politics, Miss Manners certainly did not write the manual for it…
    57 Betsybee, good stuff, makes you think,
    as for Marlena, she has always squinted her eyes like that, (one of the things about her that irritates me)..
    I think she does it to look sexy and romantic,
    as for the hair, I am her age and I wear mine long, maybe a bit shorter than her, and it suits me, and my friends and family like it.
    Trust me, they would tell me the truth.
    I also notice that Marlena looked thinner than ever, but the same goes for John and Jack, wonder if they all went on big diets before coming on the show, to keep up with the youngs ones. “Vanity” is the word in showbusiness, you have to stay young.
    SandyGram, promise one think, please if you have to, Scratch Softly.. I am glad you guys have a sense of humor,
    No malice, thats for sure…
    when Hope/Gina was pregant and it could have been Johns or Stefano,
    it turned out to be Zach, Bo’s son.
    Peter and Kristen are to old by now, the blackmail has been going on for only 20 years, both of them are in their 40′s.
    How long ago according to Soap Life, did Dr. Tom pass away,
    because the blackmail as stated, started 20 yrs. ago, and did they say it involved Europe????
    Interestin to hear, that Johns problems are with a pension fund,
    and Mayor Abe, did invest Retirement funds in the Basic Black company????
    I believe that Austin already knows what is about to come, and that John gets arrested before him and Marlena could find the right time to let their friends in, on Their Problem.
    I liked the SL, it looks like lots of exciting SL’s and sceenes, just like EJ stealing Abe’s spotlight,
    great Soap Moments, certainly nothing dull there.
    Betsybee, like your comment about the two cop-brothers,
    but I guess if they totally followed protocol, it would be boring, I couldn’t complain about them.
    I’ll be back…

  60. From MAB

    BBow – you’re right about how the writers have caused all this inconsistency with EJ, and all the back & forth between him & Sami. Days definitely missed the boat on what a dynamic couple they could’ve been…although I still think it could happen if the writers would show some guts and just write it. But as I said, they’ve ruined Sami for me since she’s been with Rafe, and at this point I really don’t care if EJ & Sami are together. I like Nicole WAY more than Sami, so maybe Nicole is the right woman for EJ after all.

    Yes, EJ came to Salem with an agenda and Sami was his target. He ‘blackmailed’ her for sex the first time that produced Johnny, but thru all of his misdeeds, he fell in love with Sami. When Lucas was in jail, Sami got close to EJ and that is when their journey should’ve began…they talked over what happened ‘that night’ and forgave each other for everything…then she willing slept with him which produced Sydney. Of course, she ran back to Lucas when he returned, but even Lucas knew she had feelings for EJ which eventually led to their breakup, and by this time EJ had already taken up with Nicole. Of course Sami was jealous over it, and she was determined to tell EJ about being pregnant when she saw him & Nicole together, then witnessed the governor’s murder (which was Stefano’s doing, not EJ’s) which sent her into witness protection. I truly believe if she was able to tell EJ about her pregnancy instead of going into witness protection that they would be together today, and there would be no Rafe. But of course that wasn’t the case, she ended up meeting Rafe, and her life has gone down hill ever since. So what does she do instead of trying to live some normal life with he new found love Rafe…she begins conspiring with him to keep EJ’s kids from him, which eventually led to her shooting him and leaving him for dead. And she wonders why EJ kidnapped Sydney? Not that is was right, but if the tables were turned, she would’ve done the same thing. Since Sami met Rafe, EJ’s retaliations have been a direct result of her own stupidity.

    No one is having pity parties for EJ. I’m just not one-sided like some are where EJ is concerned. I see both sides of the coin.

    EJ is not a jerk…don’t confuse his exuberance with being a jerk…he’s just a confident man and he has every reason to be.

    Some said they wanted the romance back, and now that they are starting to show more affection between the couples, some are complaining about that too. Seems some can’t be pleased one way or another.

    LOVED Bo’s plea to Hope yesterday about him not always being the man she deserved. I’m glad the writers let that happen, because it needed to after all that crap with Carly.

    Lexie shouldn’t get bent out of shape over EJ running for mayor, but I guess she’s gonna stomp her feet and be mad at her brother for running against her husband. Good thing EJ is running, otherwise Abe would just keep getting elected every year since he never has an opponent.

  61. From Debbie

    Just watched today’s show and this whole Horton public square thing has left me cold for some reason. I’ve enjoyed seeing the old familiar faces back but there seems to be so much awkward tension with the reunions that don’t feel comfortable. I’m assuming it to be the way the individual stories are enfolding which is the writers’ intent, so I look forward to some good storytelling but I’m not feeling the warmth that I expected to feel when the characters were reunited. Even the body language between some of the actors feels forced. Especially earlier in the week when Sami and Marlena were sitting together around the tree, there was so much space between them and Marlena was leaning away from Sami. If I were either the mother or daughter in their real life situation, we’d be sitting thigh to thigh and either holding hands or our arms would be draped around each other’s shoulders while catching up on our doings. Even when Marlena and Roman reunited, neither brought up Sami’s cancer scare and that should have been the major topic since she’s the biggest thing they’ll always have in common. Major disappointment for me.

    As for the election annoucement…yes, it was tacky for EJ to make his way to the podium before Abe but EJ didn’t steal Abe’s thunder. Lexie stole it from Abe by announcing his re-election intentions herself. Why did she do that? Her job was to announce him to the podium. Abe should have declared his running himself and that would have prevented EJ from barging in since he had no prior knowledge of Abe’s announcement. Of course, it’s all in the writing to bring in more suspicion and tension since there seems to be many secrets to be revealed with the others’ returns.

    Can’t wait until the party scene is over. That gaudy tree with the blue lights (at least they’re no long blinking…fast blinking lights always hurt my eyes) and the equally gaudy lime green cake really look out of place to me. lol

  62. From Fifi

    Wow – lots of feedback on this one!

    Of course John is being set up. He is a wonderful person and would never do that.

    I can understand people having mixed feelings about all the kissing that john and marlena did but I am just so happy that they are back together and back to their normal selves. We had to watch Robo-John for way too long and see them broken up for years so I did not mind seeing all the extra affection now.

  63. From Debbie

    Forgot to mention in my last post, but if the Horton affair was supposed to be by personal invitation, why didn’t they cordon(sp?) off space in the town square for it? They could have erected velvet rope barriers around it to prevent any outsiders from entering, so EJ, Kate and Stephano were within their rights to the area since none of them were asked to leave. And how did Jack sneak in without an invite? Like everyone’s posted already, he’s been lurking everywhere with everyone’s eyes wide shut.

  64. From patty

    EJ is a jerk…the smug and pompous attitude while giving his speech about God and America and cleaning up the streets of Salem is laughable not to mention ludicrous. Then playing it up for the reporters and cameras as if he’s a celbrity. The smirks on Stephano’s and Kate’s faces while Lexie expresses her hurt over this makes them the worst family ever. No one will ever convince me there is any redeeming qualities to the DiMeras. They are meant to be evil and no amount of pointing out other Salemites mistakes is going to change that.

  65. From MISSY

    i just read they are not renewing ej (james scots) contract he will be leaving salem.. NOOOOO!!!! what the hell are they thinking. EJ has to stay… he makes the show…please dont do this to me…

  66. From bebe5caterina

    I meant the first time Hope was Gina when everyone thought she was dead. I’m just guessing. I’m glad you all have a better memory than I do, it helps me see things clearly! Thanks!!!

    I enjoy all the posts here, I don’t post often but I read every morning and sometimes half hour in the afternoon.

  67. From Debbie

    #65 Missy, that’s just a rumour, isn’t it? I know a few years ago he was thinking of quitting acting but is this current news true?

  68. From Kiki G

    My life is a soap too!!! First time posting ever-have been dying to ask this for a long time…Does anyone else remember Roman and Kate’s twins, Rex and Cassie? Kate is usually meddling with her kids lives but she, and no one else for that matter, has mentioned them ever again! Talk about out of sight, out of mind.

  69. From SandyGram

    Soap Opera Digest dated September 29, 2011 is reporting James Scott my leave Days of Our Lives.

    Quote “Soap Opera Digest has learned that uber-popular James Scott (EJ) will be leaving Salem when his contract expires. Sources say he and the show were unable to come to terms on a new deal. It is unfortunate timing for the show, which is in the middle of a well-publicized relaunch, as Scott is one of the key members of the cast. Scott joined the show in 2006 after wrapping a stint on AMC as Ethan and became an instant fan fave. Check back for more updates.”

    As this item went online, Digest got word that talks resumed to keep Scott on the show. Stay tuned

    Another piece of information, according to Jason 47 James Scott’s contract is up in May 2012. With that said I have read they have filmed through December and are starting to write through May.

    It wasn’t long ago that James talked about leave Days but at that time I don’t think it was because of a contract dispute. Well I think I’ll go with the let’s wait and see! Could be this announcement is to get the fans behind him so he can negotiate a the kind of contract he’s looking for, good luck James.

  70. From Debbie

    SandyGram I agree, James is not going anywhere anytime soon. He’ll stay if the money is good enough and there’s still plenty of time to renegotiate his contract. With the budgets being what they are now, let’s just hope he doesn’t talk his way out of a job like Drake and Deidre did when they lost theirs due to their high salaries. I wonder what they (and the other old returnees) agreed to in their contracts. I know they wouldn’t work for scale, and shouldn’t, but maybe that’s why they’re all considered short-term right now if they’re being paid well to stay for awhile. Time will tell.

  71. From Kat

    Now that EJ has announced that he will challenge the current Mayor of Salem,
    Lexie will actually be able to become an active campain manger for her husband as she so proudly told everybody, by the way, why did Lexie steal Abe’s thunder, and not let him announce himself, she is not his Mommie, he can speak…
    Hope it will be an exciting campain, and Abe and Lexie will have to earn his re-election by doing some actual work,
    he needs to get elected Not annointed…
    However, Lexie bragging about Abe’s investing the City pension fund in John Blacks company, might come back to bite her,
    you could see it on Johns and Marlena’s faces, bombs will be falling at any moment.
    They should have made their family announcment when they had the chance,
    now “ACE AGENT” Rafe will come and do the thing, arrest John.
    Of course, Stefano will be immed. blamed, but I hope those new Writers, will NOt give us the usua Obious, and somebody else will be behind all this mess.
    Not always the same old same old, Stefano/EJ did it, That is boring after a while.
    Where is JJ, Jen’s and Jack’s son,
    I am getting tired of beating the drum, to get the writers to adress this problem,
    as far as I am concerned, Jen has been in Salem for a year now, no mention of that little boy, yes maybe a year/two older than Ciara,
    why can’t his mother raise that little boy, she has time for everything and everybody else in this town, even got her heart cut out, helping somebody,
    she should put her little man first, or at least explain it, I have never heard her talk about her little boy to Dan or anybody.
    Abby mentioned JJ today, and blamed Jack for abondoning Him and Her and Mother.
    Well the way I see, it is not the only one that did some abondining….

  72. From SandyGram

    Well after the news James Scott may potentially leave Days I find it difficult remarking about today’s show.
    First of all, I found today’s show to be very intense. Although I had read the Days Cafe Days Ahead synopsis of the show, I was anxious to see how the scenes were going to be played out. Jack, Jennifer and Abigail were terrific, although I felt a little sorry for Jack when he couldn’t get a word in edge wise. There is super emotion between these three and they play this story line with great intensity. Anxious to see how Jenn and Abby react to Jack’s story once he gets it out. Loved the greeting between Jack and Adrienne…but I could see she wanted to kick his behind for not contacting his family.

    Lexie’s loving speech about Abe was very good, but long. It did seem several people like Roman, Daniel, Jennifer, Rafe, etc. knew Abe was going to announce his re-election plans. And as the camera panned the Salemites I thought John looked very frail and uneasy, as if he was waiting for something to happen, especially after Lexie announced Abe had increase the city pension fund surplus by investing in Basic Black Financial Services. Now there’s our hook to how John’s embezzlement (according to spoilers) is going to affect the whole town. And in another SPOILER we find out that Austin knew about John’s problem also and Carrie didn’t causing tension between them.

  73. From BBow

    Okay, I don’t see how anybody can feel sorry for anything that has happened to EJ while talking about how the Brady brothers and Rafe treated him. Look at how he, Kate, and Stefano acted today during Lexie’s speech. At least the Bradys just let them know they were watching them for signs of trouble (which they always cause). Not that they were being mature about it at all, but EJ and Kate were just being flat out childish. And where do any of those three get off saying Abe doesn’t deserve Lexie? Well, they are half right, but it is because he deserves better. He deserves a wife who won’t cheat on him every few years. She has been a horrible wife to him and he has lovingly forgiven her each time. What has he ever done to EJ, Stefano, or Kate that deserves their attitude. He was wonderful to Kate when she was with Roman and she even considered him a great friend. I really HATE her character now. And I don’t mean in the “you love to hate them” way that I hate EJ and Stefano cause they make the show interesting…I just really wish Kate would leave at this point. I would understand Stefano’s attitude if it were a Brady but Abe has never done anything to him except try to arrest him for his MANY crimes.

  74. From SandyGram

    Continued from Post #71:

    After Jack’s fall into the ugly green cake, I sat on the edge of my chair waiting for the next commotion and I wasn’t disappointed. The ‘slim family’ was front and center like the three little varmints waiting for their pray. Needless to say when Stefano went to greet John and Marlena the reception was cold. But Daddy Slim just keeps sticking it to them by calling Marlena ‘his queen of the night’. The comment that really caught my attention was from Kate the Snake, by the way if she could get that nose any higher in the air she could lift off like a hot air ballon. When they were commenting on Alice Horton being the pillar of society (or something like that), Kate says “or was she?” Is this another hint that Kate may know something about the bank statements found by Bo and Hope. Maybe and I wouldn’t put it past her, but just maybe she was blackmailing Alice. If this was true, this leads to a whole bunch of possibilities concerning Lucas and Bill Horton. Just a little speculation.

    Then finally, as projected, EJ in his egomaniacal way stepped in front of Abe to announce Abe would not be running un-opposed, he would be running against him for Mayor. Yeap another good day for the ‘slim family’. So far the new story lines have my attention!

  75. From patty

    It gets worst SandiGram, not only do they sit there ridiculing the entire town, they manage to humiliate and hurt their own family member Lexie, who has been nothing but loving and supportive to EJ and to her father when he was ill. EJ really made a fool of himself upstaging Abe and putting on the politician act, hypocricy at it’s best.I hope Nicole stays away from him, he doesn’t even deserve her.

  76. From gerri

    (great posts).SandyGram ,the remark about Kate’s nose too,funny!!!
    EJ’s speech brought applause,from the little table of (3) or did I miss something?maybe his total of votes will be this same number,as he can vote for himself,oh I forgot about their servants,back at the mansion,whose jobs would be
    on the line,if they didn’t vote for him,and maybe some of the low lives,they are involved with,if legal residents would vote for him as well,so tally would go up some,and I could be fooled,He could possibly win,if enough $$$ is given,for votes…Of course my opinion only,(my right as a fan)

  77. From gerri

    Kate could very well be,the blackmailer,with threats,re-her and Bill’s affair,and producing a child,or Bill could actually be sending money to Alice,for her to send on,for Lucas’s support.
    maybe we will know soon…..

  78. From patty

    …and Rafe gets a bad rap because he has sex often with his young bride and might have a past!!!! Whatever secrets he has , I doubt it involves erasing people’s memories or kidnapping children and passing them off as dead while enjoying a drink and a fat stogey.

  79. From patty

    The best quote of the week was when Hope heard that Patty Matchmaker(or whatever her name is) was EJ’s date and she said; “What, EJ dates? I thought he just married them or held them hostage”. Good one Hope!

  80. From Grandma Judy

    John’s “Go to Hell” response to Stefano was sooo appropriate on so many levels!

    The DiMera trio lacked any class at all today. (But don’t they always?) Nasty, mean, and evil people! Kate and EJ had been ridiculing the Horton celebration ever since they got there and when Stefano arrived he did the same. The heartfelt tributes and family mood of the celebration fell on deaf ears and blind eyes for those 3. What they are too blackhearted to understand, they poked fun of.

    I thought EJ was an absolute a@@ to do what he did, running up in front to upstage Abe. EJ’s announcement was planned at this gathering to rub everyone’s nose in it that he is challenging Abe running for mayor, and it was all the sweeter for EJ that Abe was also announcing and he could interrupt it.

    I didn’t mind Lexie’s speech. Sometimes in politics, someone other than the candidate will make the announcement in their introduction of them, especially if they are running for a 2nd term or more, and then the candidate steps up and takes over with their own speech. Lexie planned her speech as a surprise for Abe and how would she ever know that her egomaniac brother would make his announcement before Abe had the chance to speak immediately after Lexie finished?!

    I enjoyed the tongue lashing Jack got from Jennifer and Abby. But soon they will have to listen to his story and we’ll see what happens then. I thought Daniel acted appropriately and Chad was his usual great self with Abby.

    I think Jennifer’s dress is very pretty but I can’t wait for her to comb out that awful hairdo! Ages her, I think.

  81. From Melanie

    After reading the spoilers for next week I am disappointed. I thought there would be new story lines, but seems like it’s going to be the same old thing. The Dimira’s vs everyone else in Salem! Can’t the writer’s move past all that ‘stuff’ from the past or is it just time for me to quit watching altogether. Come on Day’s throw out the old & bring in the new, storylines that is.

  82. From Kat

    When did EJ ever hold a date/wife hostage…???
    EJ did not steal Abe’s thunder, his wife Lexie did, by doing His Announcement for him.
    None of us know, what Rafe’s secrets, if any, might be, so let’s not make judgements yet.
    Also, EJ’s applause, the way I heard it, was more than 3 people, let’s not get always so totally lost in hate for EJ..
    Give the people of Salem some credit, let them vote, and we will see who will win.
    That pension fund thing, prob. pretty much is sinking Abe’s boat right now, and we Do not know who is behind it, like I said, let those new writers give us something more than the obious, Stefano/EJ did it, so boring, I want more suspense…for heavens sake.
    Gerri, come on, you and I both know, that EJ can not buy the whole town with $$$, that’s just sour grapes, and remember my dear buddy, we are debating her in good fun….however, the money thing with Alice, Kate/Lucas/Bill, .. it’s only 20 years old, and Lucas is in his late 30′s….?????
    Let’s keep on thinking.
    When did EJ and Family ridicule the whole town, did I miss something today.
    And as far as humiliating Lexie, this is politics and the towns people will see it as such.
    Lexie and Abe, better get a thicker skin if they want to play the game of politics, just because Abe really never had to fight and run to get to be Mayor, does not mean, it’s not time now, to actually Run for Election.
    I can agree with BBow, Abe not deserving Lexie way off,
    Lexie does not deserve Abe, the way she has betrayed him with another man Three times that I remember. Hope the press does not dig into her past, once she puts herself out there and actually gets exposed to the media and public, by Abe actually having to RUN or office, they will find, Not a very pretty picture,
    the DiMera blood is in her, no denying it.
    I like to keep this blog, fair and balanced, I am sure all of you ladies agree.
    Remember Ladies, no malice, fun, fun,,,,

  83. From Kat

    GramJudy, Hi, just saw yur comment about John telling Stefano, Go to hell,
    can’t he after decades of saying the same thing to Stefano, come up with something new,
    Stefano is still here, and John still has the same childish response to him same as the Little boy Cops Bo and Roman.
    I would like to see those guys to get a little bit more mature in their responses, it is sooooooooooo old and beneath them, give me a break.
    Let’s face it, the new writers are giving us a great new SL, not the same old boring stuff, I am looking forward to all that will go down among all those families,
    So, the DiMera’s ridicule the High Society of Salem, the High Society riducules the DiMera’s every chance they get,
    so what, I love it, wouldn’t have it any other way,better than the constand schmoozeFest, at least today that was toned down a bit.
    I like romance the same as the next person, but I like Mistery, Intrigue, etc. even better, so let’s get on with a real story, lets have war, cut throath intrigue, who done what, and when and why, I am ready, keep the cookies in the oven, or freeze them for a while.

  84. From Grandma Judy

    If you are referring to my post, Kat, I didn’t say the trio of DiMeras ridiculed the whole town. They ridiculed the Horton celebration. Kate and EJ were making snide remarks and poking fun and then when Stefano got there he also made “remarks”. They just don’t “get it” about love and family! Their family tradition is crime and making other people suffer!

  85. From Grandma Judy

    But Kat, telling Stefano to “Go to Hell” is so fitting, why should John change it?!

  86. From Renee

    Where is Jack & Jennifer son at. I thought he was younger then their daughter. And where was Hope & Bo at when Jennifer got home. The last time we saw them they were their at the house.

  87. From Kat

    GrandmaJudy, I did not say that you said the thing about town,
    I was responding to all the blogs, not just you.
    I think John should change his childish remarks, because it’s sour grapes, he has been promising the world, he would get Stefano as long as I can remember, and well he still has not.. that’s why, change your remarks to a little bit more adult…that’s all.
    Stefano, Kate and EJ, sitting on the table, were making remarks about this shinding to each other, not to All the Party Guests,
    I think all of us have done stuff like that, it was private, and so be it,
    those three did not get up, propose a toast and proceed to ridicule the High Society of Salem.
    They both do enough to insult each other …. it’s a two way street, and if Lexie is so upset, stay away from the DiMera’s denounce her family and move on, can’t have it both ways all the time,
    choose her loyalties, Abe or Family, after all Abe is her family now and she should be able to denounce anybody else and hang on only to him.
    All Families are different, so the Horton’s how many were there,
    Hope, Jen, Abi, Maggie by marriage, soon to be a Kiriakis,
    of course Julie, Will,
    the rest were Carvers, Brady’s, Kiriakis, and of course DiMera’s like John DiMera, Marlena Evans DiMera, Brady, on and on,
    not everybody loves all the sap, kisssing, etc…. but that does not make them bad people.
    Not everybody carries their heart on their sleeve, but that does not mean that they don’t care and love and hurt etc.
    See Ladies you need me here, we can’t just always totally agree about everything, where would the excitment be, just remember, no malice, just different opinions and good back and forth debates…
    Good Night GramJudy, Gram(??)won’t share what mine call me….

  88. From Chris

    Just finished watching Tuesdays show and was wondering did anyone notice when John & Marlena were discussing if they should let others know why they are really in Salem, Ej was in the background listening and had a weird look on his face. Since Abe invested so much money in John’s company it would make sense that the Dimera’s would be behind the embezzelment charges. This would make Abe look really bad and may have have to resign.
    I hope its not true about Ej leaving. He and Nicole need to have a future together. They are one of the reasons I watch the show.
    I though Marlena looked beautiful and it was nice to see her and John being so affectionate.

  89. From gerri

    EJ wouldn’t have to buy the whole town’s votes,It only takes one more than your opponent,to win,Campaign should be lot’s of fun.I agree If Lexie’s past gets in the mix,It could be trouble,as as EJ’s could as well,will be interesting…I also would like to know where JJ is,what Is wrong,with these writers,that a little boy,has not been In Salem with his mother,and not mentioned hardly any,and mostly by his sister….
    I guess we are grasping at straws,with this mystery re-Alice,and those checks…
    I do think It will involve a child somehow.I so wish and (sooner than later)that Kate gets some payback,she one of the meanest actors on the show,she has sold herself,attempted murder,set Chloe up,by using Quinn,the list Is getting long,I wish Chloe,could have had about 5 more minutes with her,at the tribute,then maybe Kate would have gotten the chance to use some of her cosmetic products,before making her appearance ,PLease writers let someone take her down!!!!
    I hope Austin,spends very little
    time with her…….

  90. From gerri

    Mine call me Maw-Maw,and my hubby is called Poppy…
    my father-In law was always,called Daddy Burie,my oldest granddaughter,couldn’t say that,she called him “Gooby”where this came from,don’t know she was only 3 when he died…this was one of the cutest names,I remember..

  91. From daisy

    I too am puzzled as to JJ never being missed or mentioned. Even Jack didn’t ask where his son was.
    I too agree Jennifers hair-do was terrible…she looked old and grey! Nicole seems to be the one with the best hairdos and clothes.
    Some interesting posts as to possibilities of what Alice was being blackmailed about.

  92. From Cougar

    I told myself I wasn’t going to laugh at Jack’s entrance of falling into the cake but….yeah.. it was funny. And Abby was right, just as the time T make cracks about Jen & Dan being senior citizens, when Jen gets mad her lips press together in a thin line.
    True about the where are all the Horton comments. You would think that more of the immediate family would have showed up.
    Jolie loved your comment about Salem needing an optometrist because everyone was blind as a bat about sighting Jack.

  93. From Grandma Judy

    Gerri and Kat, – our Grandchildren simply call us “Grandma” & “Grandpa”. Two of our Grandchildren used to call us “Grandma Judy” & “Grandpa Jack” but, sadly, their other set of grandparents passed away so they shortened it. Such a shame! Smokers all their lives and both passed away in their late 50′s due to lung cancer.

  94. From Grandma Judy

    I totally agree about JJ. Where is he? Boarding school, living with friends, where? Even if they don’t want to include him on the show, he should be mentioned once in a while as to where he is and how he’s doing. But in my mind, why not include him on the show?! The most natural thing would be for him to be with his mother, Jennifer.

  95. From Cougar

    JJ would be a welcome addition to the generation that will be coming up with Ciara, Theo & Sami’brude. They need another playmate!

  96. From MAB

    I’ve watched Days many years, but if EJ leaves Days, then so do I. He is the best thing that has happened to this show in years and if TPTB are stupid enough to let him get away, then they deserved to get cancelled. If it’s by his own choice, then so be it, but I would still probably stop watching.

    Good stuff between the Devereaux family yesterday, not only Jack & Jen, but Abby as well. She seemed so hurt by her father. Looks like Jack has his work cut out for him, and it looks like Daniel & Jack will eventually be sparing over Jen. I liked when Daniel took Jen home and she cried and asked him to stay. Daniel is good to her, and for her. It will be sad if she leaves Daniel for Jack after the relationship they have built. I like them together. If Jack has changed tho, it will be interesting as it goes along as to who she will choose.

    Kudos to the DiMera family for living up the party! Stefano’s entrance was spectacular…so classy…he just oozes charisma! Loved seeing him address John & Marlena…wow so much history there. Drake & Joe just belong on screen together. I hope John heals soon and gets back to the John Black I know & love…and the only one who can give Stefano a challenge. I also thought it was funny when Stefano waved at Roman. So much more interesting when the DiMeras mingle with the so-called good citizens of Salem, love it!

    As several have said, EJ did not steal Abe’s thunder, Lexie did that…gosh could that speech have been any longer?? When did Lexie become so mouthy? Good for EJ to announce that Abe will now finally have an opponent to run against instead of Abe getting a walk over in the election.

    During that long-winded speech of Lexie’s, Kate, Stefano & EJ talked amongst themselves, so nothing they said hurt or humiliated Lexie, or anyone else for that matter. They didn’t make their comments public where everyone could hear them…unlike when EJ was trying to see his children and Rafe & Roman made fools out of themselves with their comments & trying to be tough guys in front of everyone, including the kids.

    What is so surprising about the actions of the DiMeras? Them saying Abe doesn’t deserve Lexie…no surprise there as it is no secret that they have never cared for Abe. They treat Abe just like any other law enforcement official who has trying to pin crimes on them for years, whether they are at fault or not. None of them showed any attitude toward Abe…in fact none of them even talked to him until EJ went to make his announcement. And when & where do some of you imagine you saw any DiMera cause any trouble at this party? There was no trouble.

    I did not hear Kate say “or was she” when they were talking about Alice. All I recall her saying was when Stefano said that people thought highly of Tom & Alice, Kate said, “not everyone”.

    Again, EJ didn’t step in front of Abe…Abe would’ve actually had to have been on the podium for that to happen, and he hadn’t even made it up there yet. I hope EJ wins the election, and I have a feeling with Nicole by his side, he will.

    The DiMeras do ‘get it’, they are just not the same type of people as the Horton’s, and they don’t pretend to be. And why would we want them to be? Why would we want everyone in Salem to be the same? The DiMeras are a breath of fresh air. Too bad some can’t be satisfied with both sides, which is what makes the show interesting. You don’t have to like the DiMeras, but some need to get past this constant nit picking about everything they do, and give them the credit they deserve for making the show worth watching.

  97. From Cougar

    Lets hope the rumor about James Scott is a contract manuver. I’m with you MAB it would be hard for me to want to tune into DOOL any more with out EJ. They need to hang on the next generation bo bad guys to mix things up. A lot has been invested into the character of EJ which James plays to a T.
    James we know you deserve and earn every penny but please don’t break the Bank of Salem!

  98. From patty

    I think if JJ ever does come back it will be as an adult. We should really be use to not knowing where the kids are or when they will pop up again. I don’t think it reflects on Jen’s ability as a mother but more so on the writers. They must not have children of their own or if they do, are not in touch with them. I wonder where Grandma Jo and Vern are, JJ wouldn’t be with them?

  99. From Just Moi

    Oh my, I was waiting for the bolt of lightning to come down and strike EJ when he was talking about God. He really overacted the politician part and James usually does not over act. I hope it doesn’t happen often, it was painful to watch, seem so forced and over acting.

    I hope James does not leave but if he gets too greedy it may just happen. Days survived before EJ and Im sure they will survive after EJ, he is not the only good actor on Day. Im sure they might lose a few viewers but thats life in the soap business, with these hard times Days is lucky to be on the air.

    Wow easiest captcha I’ve seen in along time.

  100. From Randi

    I am sorry but yes the party was pretty lame for all but the cast! Bope trying to match dancing w/stars was even lamer.

    Dan is getting creepier, and Jen now wanting to move in with him after what a month–sucks! Jen is smarter than that she is not just a horntoad looking for love in all the wrong places, so please do not make her one or a stupid blonde!

    Marjohn looked great to see hope that the storyline does not get old or a repeat from the past!

    Time for the kids to do something or go to school. And the little ones–boy is Syd grow up fast, last year she was still an infant!

    Later Ladies
    Have a great weekend!

  101. From SandyGram

    #94 MAB
    I went back and look at Kate’s statement about Alice in yesterdays show and I certainly would not want to misrepresent what was said. So it went more like this. Stefano said “Tom and Alice Horton have been revered and loved by many and Kate added “not by all”. It was said by Kate the Snake and still caught my attention, what does Kate possibly know about Alice that others don’t. Oh yes just so the scene is set correctly also, EJ, Stefano and Kate were standing by the table not seated.

  102. From SandyGram

    This idea of Daniel’s that Jennifer should move in with him, what and leave the Horton home for an apartment?

    IF James Scott did leaving Days, there are many out of work actors from the canceled Soaps. Is there a good candidate from there that could be the new EJ?

  103. From cliffdiver1119

    I’m betting there is a connection with John’s “embezzling” and Alice Horton’s mystery accounts. When all is revealed – John and and Alice will still be the good guys.

  104. From Kat

    We know where the kids are,
    Ally, Johnnie, Sydney, Ciara and Theo are in Salem with their parents, just not always on the screen.
    Joe is with his Parents Kayla and Patch,
    Am I forgetting a little one,
    but JJ is alone in Europe somewhere as far as we know,
    and it does not make Jennifer look good in the SL, Jenn and Abby, two grown women are crying about Jack leaving them,
    but both have each other and new men in their lives, plus all the Salem family and friends,
    now what does JJ have????
    He is abondoned By ALL,
    and if we want to blame the writers, just not to make Jennifer look bad as a Mother,
    well then lets use the same excuse for EJ and Stefano and Kate, it’s not their fault, its the writers that make them look bad.
    Just my thoughts,
    Jennifer as a mother needs to be explained by the writers, otherwise in the SL she does look bad as a mother…
    One year, and he has not gone to see him, talked about him to anybody, as to what is he doing.
    I want to know about the forgotten One, I want to hear Jack say soon… Where is my boy??????????????????????????????
    and I want to hear some real good explanations….
    MAB, love your comments
    Be back, Show is starting..

  105. From SandyGram

    Thought you might like to know…Early in September I asked the administrator of this board the following questions:
    (1) Did they know if anyone from the Days Show read the posts of this fan board? OR….
    (2) Does anyone associated with this board send the ideas or issue’s identified by the fans in their postings to the producers of Days of Our Lives?

    The answer from the administrator was: “Though some of the soaps have been known to have people reading the various message boards and posts, we can’t say for sure if anyone from Days does – nor do we forward any comments to the show. If you’d like to contact Days, here’s their info”:

    This website provides Frequently Asked Questions and how to contact various areas of the show.

    With the above in mind, if there is a story suggestion or question regarding the actors (especially the kids that haven’t been seen in a very long time) the above website address provides an avenue for contacting the show with these issues. (FYI)

  106. From Debbie

    Where is the continuity on this show? EJ’s on the podium announcing his surprise mayoral candidacy and all around the town square are posters of “EJ for mayor” on poles and even behind him on the wall! They weren’t there all week and on today’s show they’re all over the place. Obviously the show’s budget doesn’t allow for a staffer to check the sets over before taping to make sure the details are correct. Just Moi, I have to agree with you that EJ’s speech seemed overacted to me too but that’s the way it’s supposed to appear to the non-DiMeras of Salem, I guess. As for me, I believe EJ’s being genuine in his intention of legitimizing the DiMera name for his children’s sake but he’s going to have a tough time proving it to those who’ll never believe a DiMera.

    On another note, Jennifer finally admits that she and Jack have TWO children together but where is he? Like so many others have posted already, poor JJ needs to be explained somehow.

  107. From Kat

    I laughed so hard, I cried, when EJ gave his speech….
    first of all, so much a bull sh.. already, loved it,
    but what was so Priceless, the faces and reactions of all of Salem’s In Their Minds Elite.
    Wow, what delicious scenes on the screen, what soap opera moments,
    writers, you gave us excitment I (we) have been looking for.
    I thought Lexie was going to spit little green apples, is she really ready to enter the political arena, he has to stop taking things personal, or she will never make it…. develop a thick skin for Abe’s campain sake….
    It’s politic my dear, nothing personal.
    Hope and Bo keep saying this evening is for Alice and Tom
    but EJ was not the only one,
    Abe and Lexie used this occasion to do their thing, so did Victor,
    why not EJ,
    now Salem knows that two will be running for Mayor, competition is very very good Always, it brings out the best in people, and it’s the American way.
    It’s a “dirty” game, but somebody has to play it, …
    Thanks SandyGram, I will check it out later,
    have to get my Grandson from school.

  108. From BBow

    So if Alice was being blackmailed, what could she be trying to keep quiet? I am still wondering if they are going to find a way to make Daniel a Horton. I know this would be disgusting because Jen has already slept with him and Melanie slept with Nathan, but I can’t help but feel that are wanting to find a way to make Melanie a Horton. I think his may be because I am seeing her as that central young female they have always had. I know YEARS before I watched they have had Julie (a Horton), Hope (a Horton), and Jen (a Horton). Since I have been watching they have had Carrie (a Brady), Belle (a Brady), Chelsea (a Brady and step-Horton), and Stephanie (a Brady). I see Melanie as being that central young female now (even though Abigail could feel that role, Melanie seems to shine more than she does), so I can’t help but think they will want her in one of the two core families.

    Then again, she could be the next Mimi. I really believe Mimi was not originally meant to be anything but a Belle sidekick (the 1999-2000 version of Kinsey). However, by the time she left the show she had been engaged and pregnant by one Brady and miscarried, married a Brady/Horton, and had a child (via a surrogate) with a Kiriakis. She could easily come back and be in the center of some storylines. Not bad for a one-time sidekick.

    However, if Mimi comes back, I want to see Rex come back. I don’t know why, but I still see Rex and Melanie being a good fit temporary fit (because I still want to see her with Brady), whether it is Eric Winters or a recast. Or how about this? Didn’t Rex move to Chicago? That is where Chloe is going. What if when Chloe comes back (which we all know is going to happen; how many times has Nadia left?), she came back with Rex as a couple? Wouldn’t Kate just love that? Another one of her sons with Chloe (that would make three). Okay, maybe my idea wheel is on overdrive with that one.

    As for complaints about EJ, Kate, and Stefano, I would really appreciate not being told quit complaining or knit picking about them. This board is all about sharing our thoughts and I have yet to tell people to stop taking their side. I have said I don’t understand how people can take their side, but I have never said to stop doing so. People react differently to the writing of this show. For many of us, expressing our irritations with everything the characters do is our way of giving kudos to the writers and the actors for creating villians that we love to hate. Yes, they piss us off, and they are suppose to. Personally, if I wasn’t complaining about things the DiMera’s did upsetting me, it would be they sucked as villians. So, I understand that some of you appear to want to have a foursome with EJ, Kate, and Stefano, and that is cool (to each their own fantasy), but let us do our venting about them. Like I said, when I vent about them, it just means they are doing their job. To be completely honest, I am not sure sure some of you don’t actually agree with everything we say, but you merely play devil’s advocate and defend the DiMera’s tooth and nail because you find conflict entertaining (hence, the love for the villians).

  109. From jolie

    #101SandyGram, could it be that Kate just had a history with the Hortons due to her affair with Bill and perhaps still feels the sting that they did not accept her? Lucas finally was accepted by the Hortons and changed his name to Horton. Kate is like Vivian when it comes to remembering who did what to her. So she probably has a bandaid on the wall somewhere with Tom and Alice on it. Speaking of old wounds and slights, I am amazed at all the good will lately, Dr Dan yucking it up at the pub with Caroline and Mags, Jenn, Mel. Caroline changed the paternity on Parker, keeping Daniel in the dark. Mags is taking Caroline’s BF, Victor and Caroline was not all that happy before but now seems OK with it. Dr Dan completely forgives Chloe and wishes her well. Seems like alot of things that have gone on in the past couple of years is now supposed to be forgiven and forgotten so the new storylines can come into play. I am all for it but some of it is just weird after some of the things that have happened. Caroline sure got over her stroke very quickly which is entirely possible in reality. Sort of like Lexie being all friendly with Sami and Jenn running over there to help Sami with her job interview. Wonder if Lexie will forgive Elvis and Stefano when Abe loses the election? Can’t wait to see Friday’s episode but have a little while before I get home. Have a good weekend, all.

  110. From jolie

    BBow, lots of good thoughts on Melanie. I agree. I think she is a fine little actress, can play the fine line between being young and trying to grow up when she has had to be very grown up in the past in ways that no young person should have to be. I think she can handle being a central character. I’d love to see a get adventure or some different kind of story for her to show her acting. I had never thought about it but not only did Chloe do 2 of Kate’s sons but so has Sami. They have a great deal in common then. And you go ahead and complain all you care to about the Dimeras. We all have at one time or another. Or we will. And if not them, we’ll complain about Bo and Hope, Dr. Dan, Jack(we’ll soon all be taking a shot at him!), Quinn (I was all over complaining about him) so ignore it if you are told not to complain…I think it is just a manner of speech anyway. Have a great weekend.

  111. From MAB

    I’m not telling ANYONE to stop vent, complaining or whatever it is you want to do. There was a point to my nit picking comment, which apparently went over somes head. All I meant was is I don’t understand why some don’t look at the whole picture, both sides, and not just be one-sided because of your dislike of the DiMeras. This is a soap after all – for entertainment purposes. It’s not rocket science.

  112. From Grandma Judy

    EJ didn’t step in front of Abe in the literal sense but he did step in front of him, so to speak, because Lexie had just introduced Abe so OBVIOUSLY Abe was about to step up to the podium. But EJ rushed up there and got behind the podium first. So, yes, EJ did step-up in front of Abe. Just plain rude, to put it mildly!

    Bo said Victor asked permission to do what he did for Maggie, and everyone seemed to know Abe was going to make his announcement so I’m sure he and/or Lexie asked if it was OK, also. EJ obviously did not ask because it was a surprise to everyone. Even his sister, Lexie, and I felt sorry for her, even more than for Abe. A thick skin in politics, yes, but this is about family and of course she is hurt and angry. What I saw today was the same egotistical jerk EJ always is and all of his yada, yada was over the top. Let’s see, was that God he was talking about the same God he made the promise to when Johnny was ill and then he never kept the promise?! Kate and Stefano saw the whole thing as mischief. I agree with the reactions and great one-liners all the other characters had after EJ’s announcement.

    I was so touched by Victor’s proposal to Maggie that I cried! It appeared that she was going to say “yes” before the interruption of John’s arrest. Rafe was trying so hard to do the right thing and let Sami know ahead of time what was going to happen. Always thinking of Sami first. Wish she would do the same with him and not keep secrets. Even little things like not telling about a job interview can eat away at a relationship if it happens too often.

    I agree about Malanie. She is a real cutie and a very good actress. Been fun to watch her grow and I know there is much more to come from her. Poor Jennifer. If she thinks she is conflicted now, wait until Jack tells her the whole story of why he was away and out of touch.

    BBow #108, – the way some posts are written, it does seem like some they don’t care to hear other’s views. Especially if it’s criticism of EJ and the rest of the DiMeras. But yet the nit-picking of Rafe goes on and on and on. I think you may be right and some elaborate to no end just to get a rise out of others they know will disagree with them. Keep posting and say what you want!

  113. From gerri

    Grandma Judy,
    Great post#112,
    and BBow,same…no disagreement here……
    Just continue to posts your thoughts,as will I…….

    they have improved their Captchas……

  114. From SandyGram

    BBow, Jolie, Grandma Judy:

    Count me in regarding posts that are written to get a rise out of others that will disagree with them. My goodness if we all agreed on every aspect of the show, how much fun would that be? Happy Posting Your Way!

    And BBow keep that idea wheel going, I know my idea generator is on overload with all the tidbits coming from the new Story Lines.

  115. From SandyGram

    A very good Friday Show. Loved Bo’s playful dancing with Hope trying to get her mind off Gran’s bank statement. Who knew the Soaps had another Dancing With The Stars (DWTS ) candidate. Actually I think it would exciting to have one DWTS season dedicate to all Soap Actors.

    Wow Lexie was certainly PO’d about EJ’s announcement. I can definitely understand her feelings and how EJ’s actions, by taking over the mic, humiliated Abe. Even as dirty as today’s politics are getting, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of blatant disrespect for a fellow candidate. Especially since Abe’s announcement was a planned event during the evening and EJ was just EJ flexing his DiMera bravado.

    EJ certainly didn’t let us down, full blown narcissism in action. He has a ‘dream for Salem’. He wants a town free of criminals, prostitutes and corporate embezzlers. Hint, Hint, he and Stefano has something to do with John’s arrest, as we could see with them patting each other on the back when Rafe was going to arrest John….so, so, obvious. Then EJ’s conversation with Nicole where he tells her he hasn’t changed his spots, he’s still the same, his plan is to change how the town views the DiMera’s . EJ wanting the town to have a better opinion of the DiMera family for Johnny and Sydney is the only genuine thing that came out of his mouth.

    Daniel is sure different with Jennifer than he was with Chloe. He lets Jenn talk continuously about her feelings or not for Jack and Chloe could never get a work in edge wise. But I do like his support for Jenn. But in the end when she sorts out those feelings, after hearing Jack’s story, I’m thinking Daniel even though Jenn protest over and over how dependable, stable, etc. etc. Daniel is…he’s up for a heart break. I sure hope Jenn has been using protection so we don’t end up with her having Daniel’s baby.

    Another Princess Diana ring, but just in a different color for Maggie. Sorry to see their moment disrupted, but anxious to see her accept Victor’s proposal.

    And, one last tidbit…did anyone notice when Austin told Marlena ‘give my best to John Black’, this was when Carrie and Austin were leaving to go back to the hotel after Austin received his phone call. A writer’s ‘oops’ me thinks Austin knows John.

  116. From Debbie

    #112 Grandma Judy, hear hear! Great post and I agree with everything you wrote. Those darn captchas prevented me from posting before, but I see that others agree with you too. Whether agreeing or disagreeing, post away, just play nice.

  117. From Kat

    Here we go again,
    I am going to enjoy the show, I will make fun of the Horton, Kiriakis, Brady’s etc, when they give me good reason to make fun of them. Lord, those face today, I had to laugh out loud, what great writing,
    All of you can say whatever you want, yes I point out a lot of stuff, that some of you guys don’t like, so what…………

    There is however one remark on here #108, and I am going to give the blogger the benefit of the doubt,,,
    Some, of course meaning someone like me of course and MAB and???
    “Want to have a FourSome with Kate, Stefano and EJ,
    the last I heard, a remark like this meant one thing,
    and it does Not belong on this blog, and I do not appriciate going this route,
    I can see both sides, and I know when the DiMera’s and others are bad, but I enjoy the frustration the DiMeras can cause the rest of them, and of course the Elite allowes it to happen….
    Some of you really are going overboard about protecting the Goodies of Salem, no Matter what, lighten up a bit, and enjoy the Plots.
    So what if Abe Looses, how could he with Lexire as his campain manager….
    What politician has ever stood up there and not lied through his teeth…
    of course St. Abe would not,
    so his goodness should prevail and the people of Salem will find out who the more worthy charater is.
    So my question is to all of you,

    Do you like the way this SL is going, is it getting racey and hot enough for all, the characters are developing, EJ really gets to the viewers, I love it, I love seeing Lexie so mad, what spunk,..
    Of course SandyGram, when I do not agree with you or others, it is up to YOU, if there is a rise,
    I am not looking for it, I am just stating my opinion and feelings and I am having fun.
    I am not blaming any of you for your opinions – do I now – I just give mine in return,
    I think the character of(not the Actor as somebody wrote) Kate is a, we all know that, but I enjoy watching her sticking it to people, great entertainment.
    SandyGram or whoever, we should be able to go tooth and nail about a character, say like EJ, or Rafe, and when we are done disagreeing, we should be able to laugh, and say, Oh those stupid soaps.
    I just would like to see more of that spirit on here, instead of feeling that some people actually get mad about things, Maybe I am wrong, but it does not feel that way at times..
    BBOW, please explain your Foursome remark, because it is not sitting right with me, but I give you the benefit of the doubt. Thank you

  118. From Kat

    BBOW, just re-read your blog to make sure,
    Forgot to add that implied that some/I have “Fantasies about having a Foursome with Kate, EJ and Stefano, is getting very personal and ….not callef for.
    Why bring something like this in a friendly blog about fiction…..

  119. From Mopy

    Oh, I so hope that Jen dumps Dan like a boss when Jack explains all. I’m sure it won’t happen immediately, but in the long run, I hope that Daniel gets his stupid little heart broken. I think that’d be Karma for being such a self-important douche to Chloe when she was desperately sorry. Ugh. Sorry, guys. Can’t friggin’ stand a thing about that Daniel guy. I was always hoping that all of his slimy sexual relations with every patient that he saves could have made for a good storyline about malpractice. If it lead him to counselling, it may have redeemed his character, somewhat. But, nope. He’s just creepy and pervy Dr. Dan, and nothing deeper.

  120. From Mopy

    Kat #118, what you’re calling out to BBow — that’s not even offensive or out of line, I don’t think, just a bit of humour. What happened to taking things with a light-heart? You know, everything being all in good fun?


  121. From daisy

    Wow, some agree with me about Dr. Dan! When he told Jen he would always be there for her, I thought, sure, just like he did with Chloe! And after knowing there had been lab tampering, Dan, a Dr., never even had a new paternity test run! Must not have even cared enough that Parker,might be his child.

    I know its a soap, but Lexie being a big wheel at the hospital and going part time to run a political campaign is nuts.

    Yep, I am rooting for Jack to have learned a lot while in prison, and that Jennifer can forgive and rebuild a marriage so JJ can have his family whole. It also sets an example for Abby to see “unconditional love” in action. Who knows, Jack may have a fatal disease and be disposed of in that way, and then Dr. Dan and she can hop back in the sack.

  122. From Kat

    120 Mopy, with all due respect,
    what BBOW implied was Personal, to my or whoever’s Person, we are not characters in the show, we are real People/Bloggers and he implied that our fantasies are to have a foursome with Kate, Stefano and EJ…
    that’s just not humor, it’s a little bit on the nasty side, and It does not belong on here.
    I love to disagree with my blogger friends, but I know where Not to go and imply something in that order….My opinion…
    I am all for good fun, but I do know when Not to Cross the Line and get That personal in a …..way. However, Mopy, thank you, for trying to save the day…
    BBOW got personal, in a not very nice way…He assumed things, well we all know the rest.
    BBOW, I am more than happy to listen to your explanation,….

    SandyGram, of course Austin knows John Black, why wouldn’t he….
    Maybe I am misunderstanding you.

    To indicacte that some of us are Having
    “Fantasies about having a foursome with Kate, Stefano and EJ,
    is just plain sick, there I said it again,
    I am upset about it, if any of you think that is just a little bit of Humor, fine so be it,
    but I don’t think so,
    I am very openminded and I like a little fun, and I make of some of the Characters, but not personal remarks like that about a blogger.
    Go think what you want about me, all of you, but I do not like when Lines are crossed….

  123. From Kat

    Forgot to actually to blog my thoughts about the story,
    Now that EJ her brother has announced, Abe will have to actually campain to become Mayor again, and that means,
    the press will do more digging,
    and now of course Lexie will be out there….way out there,
    She is Stefano’s daughter,
    EJ is Stefano’s son,
    before, when Abe ran un-opposed, Lexie and her DiMera connection pretty much slipped under the radar, But now it will Be Way out There……………………….
    so if She as Campain Mangager does attack the name Of DiMera, she will attack her own name and her heritage and her family,
    that’s going to be a good one to watch.
    Like I said before, I hope that this time with new writers, nothing will be the Obious, just because EJ patted Stefano on the Shoulder, or the other way around,
    immed. it must be the DiMera’s that set up John. Maybe so, but I
    do hope that these new writers can come up with a less preditable SL, we need it badly.
    What if Victor is involved, could be, now that would be a surprise,
    and Maggie might find out down the road, what a mistake she made, now that would be a soap opera Plot to die for, not the same old same old.
    I know, I hear a different drummer than some of you on here, but that does not make me bad, it makes me intersting in my thinking process.
    I have never liked to run with the Masses, I have my own thinking, like it or not, so does that mean, I can’t be your friend, I like all of you, and yes I like to go toe to toe with you…
    Debbie, I think we always play nice, just disagree….
    I wonder, are all of us ever going to get there,
    accept each others difference of opionions in a nice way, without getting noses out of joint.
    It’s almost like we are Democrats or Republicans, having to take sides,
    I am a free thinker, like and dislike the characters, as I see fit, on either side, I have had a lot of issues with EJ and I have voiced them, some characters I just not stand period, good or bad,
    some just get on my nerves, Like Hope AT Times, Bo At Times,
    Roman for sure, at Times,
    Sami and Rafe at Times, and of course squinty sex symbol Marlena,
    it’s the characters that I have problems with at times,
    I totally disliked EJ and Fatha at times, well Lexie more than not,
    I have no problem with Abe, a bit weak, but ok.
    Melanie, ok at times, smack her at others,
    Dr. Dan, I will always see the playboy, love for the moment, until a crisis hits,
    Maggie, good woman, but may God be with her, she is entering the life of “CrimeFamily” with her eyes wide open, hoping that Love will conquer ALL, hope she is right, but this is a soap and things can change on a dime.
    I like Chad and Abby, but of course looks like Melanie might put a kink into that relationship,.
    Somebody wrote earlier, that Bell was a Brady,
    I don’t think so, she is and Evans(MoM) and a Black/DiMera on Dad’s side.
    Also, Nathan is Not a Horton by blood. Lucas and Will are. Chelsea is a Brady and Curtis (Kate Curtis).I don’t think you can call Chelsey a Horton, because of Hope, that is to far fetched.
    As for the comment made, Conflict is entertaining, of course it is,
    that what the writers try to achieve every day.

  124. From SandyGram

    #122 Kat
    Quote “SandyGram, of course Austin knows John Black, why wouldn’t he….Maybe I am misunderstanding you.”

    In my Post #115 what I was trying to say was when Austin and Carrie were leaving the party Austin said to Marlena “give my best to John Black”. That to me is a bit unusual for Austin to say ‘John Black’, instead of just ‘John’ since he’s very familiar with John. Just a little ‘oops’ on the writers part. Just a point of information. Hope this explanation helps!

  125. From SandyGram

    If you love SPOILERS…
    Go to Daytime for several great Articles from Soap Opera Digest/Soap Opera Weekly, dated October 11th. I was surprised at some of the upcoming happens.

  126. From SandyGram

    From Daytime Royalty an update from James Scott on his leaving Days:

    Quote From James Scott:

    “It has always been my wish to continue working with ‘Days of our Lives,’ and in light of recent reassurances given, I am optimistic of my future here at Days!”

  127. From BBow

    Yes, the foursome comment meant exactly what you think it did; however, I did not see anything offensive about it. It was meant as, and what I thought was, witty banter, admittedly and intentionally a little off color. I apologize if I crossed a line. Perhaps it is a generational difference. I do know that I am a little younger than most people on here, and a male. That is how basically all of my friends and I joke around with each other. Sexual innuendo has always been a part of our banter. This goes for male and female friends, and ages that go from ten years older to ten years younger than me (a range of 20 to 40). To suggest that people have fantasies about fictional characters is far from crossing a line, in my opinion. I will straight up admit to finding the character of Seline in the Underworld movie series to be more fantasy worthy than her classically beautiful portrayer, Kate Beckinsale. I was simply using hyperbole to make a point about how much some people seem to really like those characters. By all means, please suggest that I have fantasies about Melanie, Sami, or Nicole because I like to defend their characters. It won’t bother me. Heck, suggest that I have fantasies about Sonny and Will because I have no issues with the gay storyline (and, in fact, support it). I am really not bothered at all. As many of you like to say, it is all in good fun. I was always taught to only apologize if you mean it, so I will not apologize for what I said because I meant to say it. I will, however, apologize if people felt it was crossing a line because that was not the intention.

    As to Belle being a Brady, she is. John is half Brady (Colleen) and half Dimera (Santo). In fact, if we want to get technical, Belle is more of a Brady than her husband who is biologically half Horton and half Kiriakis. Like someone said last week, I feel sorry for Claire. They are either going to have to bring in a new character for her when she is older (if the show is still going on then) or pair her with Theo. Everyone else is a relative of some sort to her.

    As for Chelsea, I did not say she was a Horton. I said she was a Brady and “a step-Horton.” I believe this is an accurate description as her stepmother is a Horton. Would that not make her a “step-Horton?” I mean, I have heard Hope refer to Chelsea as her daughter (right after she donated part of her liver to Bo), and she even has an ornament on the Horton family tree. In fact, I think she is the ONLY person who is not a Horton by blood or adoption, or who is not married to a Horton (like Bo or Jack) that has an ornament on that tree.

    Thanks for pointing out about Nathan not being a blood Horton; I had forgotten that his mother was adopted. That would make the sex between him and Melanie less disgusting if she did turn out to be a Horton. Still wouldn’t change the gross out factor of Daniel and Jennifer, but it would sure give them a reason to keep Daniel and Jennifer apart so they can pair her back with Jack. So whose son could he be that Alice would cover up for? Maggie? Marie? Julie? Could be interesting.

    As for Jennifer and Jack, I think I still prefer Frankie, but I am already starting to be okay with her and Jack. I still don’t particularly like his character and have always found him a bit annoying and childish, but there is just something about him and Jennifer that works for some odd reason. I, personally, think it has to do with the chemistry between Matt Ashford and Melissa Reeves.

    Speaking of chemistry, I will admit that at one time, though I never wanted to see them together, I thought EJ and Sami (or rather James Scott and Allison Sweeney) had great chemistry together. The only person I saw her work better with (including Rafe) was Lucas. However, the chemistry between them, in my opinion, does not even compare to chemistry between EJ and Nicole (James Scott and Arianne Zuker). I really do see these two as one of the great couples of this show. As I said before, I can’t stand EJ, but it is because James Scott does such a great job of creating a character that I can hate with such a passion. I know it is predictable, but I am just fine with the DiMera’s being behind John’s financial troubles, because it allows me to hate them more. However, what a great twist and turn it would be if Victor and/or Brady were behind it (or even Kate, without the knowledge of Stefano or EJ).

    Okay, again my idea wheel is turning to fast so I am going to stop on that note.

  128. From Chris

    Just finished watching Wednesday’s show and I loved it. Watching the upstanding citizens of Salem so proudly cheering on Lexie and then Ej announcing his candidacy and Stefano along with Kate cheering him on. Yes Ej could have waited until Abe finished his speech but then it wouldn’t be true Dimera style. I loved it. Although I don’t have a problem with Abe I say go Ej. He will bring so much excitement to the mayor’s office and with Nicole by his side let the fireworks begin.
    As for Dan & Jen I hope they stay together. I know that Daniel could have treated Chloe better but she did sleep and have someone else’s baby. Don’t get me wrong I love Chloe and I hope she comes back soon but that is a betrayal and it would be hard to stand by someone.

  129. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #124, – I caught it when Austin said “give my best to John Black” and it stuck out like a sore thumb to me. I thought it was odd and I wondered why he would say that and not just his best to John. He knows John and as far as I know has been on good terms with him. Maybe he slipped with his line and added Black by mistake. Seems if it was in the script, he or someone would have caught it beforehand.

    I remember back when Days was going through the whole up-my-salary-and-then-I’ll-stay (or return) with Diedre Hall. Hope that’s not going to happen with James Scott because, although he is a great actor, he is not the be all and end all of the show. At least not for me. Back when John left the show, I didn’t think I could continue watching without him but I did.

  130. From Kat

    BBOW, thank you for admitting that you were a little bit of color,,it takes a great person to do that,
    We are good, like most of your stuff, that’s why I was a bit dissapointed by your remark,
    I guess others didn’t mind as long it was not EJ that made the remark (now that is supposed to be funny).
    BYou are right, people of all ages do have fantasies about all kinds of people,
    but your remark, just is still offensive to some people.
    Remember, this site is of all ages, from 20 – 80,90 ????
    And not everybody is in tune when you talk out off mainstream stuff.
    But again, thank you, If I had not said anything, of course that would have meant, it is acceptable and what would come next.
    BBOW, you are right about Bell, forgot the Colleen Brady part, John/Ryans Mother.
    Chelsea, yes she is a stepHorton by Hope,
    but I like to keep it clear, people that are not certain Names by blood, like you said, everybody is related anymore, and some still can marry others, because there is no real blood, like I said before, Poor Parker, is he a Kiriakis or Jonas, hope he finds out for Sure before it becomes time for love..
    SandyGram, you are right about the Austin/John Black remark, I was wondering about him knowing John, just read it wrong, I guess.
    128 Chris, I also love the chaos EJ is creating, makes such a good story to watch. Of course, he is messsing with the Elite, that’s that makes is soooooooooooo good,
    not only messing, but getting such amazing results and rises out of them, go writers go.
    I think, written right, EJ and Nicole can become the absolute Super Couple on the show,
    still think it is a pity, what they have done to Sami’s character.
    About Jennifer and Dan/Jack, let’s see where it goes, and I hope Jennifer in the end picks the man that Truly has her Heart and Soul, that’s what I want for Her.
    Also like I said before, I would like to see a twist in the John embezzlement case, and not always have the obious,,, the DIMera’s did it, let it be somebody else to really surprise us. I hate the always old same old same old.
    A bird falls of the tree, Stefano/EJ did it, how old, no imgination in it, let’s go New Writers, dig a little deeper and come up with some better stuff.

    Again, BBOW, it takes a “MAN” to admitt what You meant, and I like you for that, keep up the great posts, and don’t put old ladies like me into Cultur Shock.. LOL

  131. From We all love Days...

    I am really enjoying reading posts posts and the different views everyone takes. Nice to see other sides of storylines. Many put me in my place.
    #17 sinceday1
    I have watched the show since the first episode as well and, with all due respect, still do not “get it”. All the kissing is in poor taste. Why? Don’t get me wrong, I am not some moralistic prig, but come on…really? Is it necessary to have everyone making out all the time? My favorite is in the hospital. I’d love to walk in and see the staff sucking face while in need of medical attention.
    I agree about giving the show a chance, but I cannot agree with the writers on who was brought back. Not a John and Marlena fan.
    #34 Grandma Judy
    I love Alice’s storylines over the years. Being on the other side of the law as you stated has added humor to Days. I think the secret to every classic program or movie is to engage as many emotions as possible. Humor in a daytime drama does not take away from the program, it adds to it with a varying array of emotions felt.
    I don’t remember Maggie ever being in trouble, but I vaguely remember Maggie and Alice up to something sketchy once…does anyone remember the details? When Maggie was talking about getting a new pair of dancing shoes…I wish they’d have been red ones. That would have been a heartfelt tribute to Mickey.
    Yes, the Brady brothers and Rafe were there as police officers. I do not care for their childish quips and dirty looks (stare downs one normally see’s in junior high). Let’s be adults and professionals.
    Why was Rafe the one to receive the call to arrest his father in law? The commish was sitting next to him, right?
    That said EJ is like nails on a chalkboard to me. What a hypocrite (like so many others with selective memories).
    Abe and Lexie standing there upset was understandable, but when EJ smiled and put his arm around Abe’s shoulders…it may have been a good time for Abe and Lexie to “smile” for the cameras.
    Also, regarding Direct TV issues…I am too. I live in Minnesota and not sure if location makes a difference? When I called about it I was told to remove the cables going to the receiver, wait a minute and screw them back in. It is a temporary fix for me. Rep. said they would have to come out to fix it. It has something to do with the cables and the dish. If it turns even 1/4 of an inch it will cause this.
    #42 BBow
    Well said. Very tasteful post. I am a spoiler junkie too.
    #48 Kat
    I agree it would have been great to see the older characters show up. Marie would have been perfect! A nun with her husband maybe…lol. I adored the Marie character. Alex would have been another character to come back. We need more “bad guys” Bring the Senator back from the great beyond too.
    Now these issues are probably petty, but they drive me nuts! My idiosyncrasies:
    I am so tired of Hope’s “My Gran”. She had a grandfather too. Maybe Gran did not share the bank statements with anyone because they were none of their business.
    I am so tired of Kate’s double standards that she rarely get called out on. Chloe being a hooker? Kate did the same thing for the sake of her child, “Lucas”. She abandoned Billie and Austin and left them with Curtis, her abusive husband. She has defended her actions many times, yet is so quick to judge others.
    Okay, that’s it. I will get off my “soapbox” (I know, bad pun and probably overused). Thank you everyone. It’s very enjoyable to get different viewpoints on storylines. I have changed my opinions on some things based on your posts.

  132. From BBow

    So, after my last post I started doing some research. Apparently 25 years ago (1986), Doug and Julie divorced and left Salem and didn’t return until 1990. This would have been plenty of time for Julie to have a child (Daniel perahps? or I hate to even suggest this, but Gus). In soap opera time this could easily be considered over 30 years like they said. Julie is also close enough that Alice might would have helped cover it up. We all know Alice is perhaps one of the greatest, kindest, most loved characters ever created in Soap Opera World (except by Kate), but I am certain she would still do ANYTHING to protect her family. I mean, come one, even Stefano and Victor never tried to do anything to Alice. Andre did “kill” her and trap her on Maleswen, but he was just insane (not cunning or intelligent like EJ and Stefano; just nuts). Maybe this is also just wishing thinking on my part because I would love to see Julie have a central part in a story again. I don’t think Daniel turning out to be a long lost son of Julie is too far a stretch.

    The more I think about it, the more I am liking the idea that Brady or Victor could be behind John’s troubles. Or even better, that Kate is behind it and not only didn’t tell her husband or EJ about it, but will set it up so that Brady or Victor initially get blamed. Kind of a payback for them no investing in Countess Wilhemena. It could also be Madison, which could cause trouble for Madison and Brady down the line if she stole from his dad and set his dad up to take the fall.

    I have really liked Rafe and Sami together, but they are just getting on my nerves at this point. Bickering over a job interview and over Rafe doing something that is his JOB? Yes, he could have tried to get John somewhere private then told him he had to take him in and arrest him, but that would have been showing favoritism to his stepfather-in-law. As for his annoyance with Sami, she is a grown woman and can apply for any job she wants. I just want this two to grow up and go back to being the couple I liked (which they were just a few weeks ago with the cancer storyline).

    By the way, I meant to ask this earlier, but on Tuesday’s episode, when Marlena hugs Sami, did anyone notice what Marlena said to Sami as she walked away from her to go to John? I swear it looked like she said “I’m gonna go check on your dad.” Did anyone else catch that?

    I am also liking the idea I mentioned earlier of Rex coming back with Chloe then later getting back with Mimi. As I recall, Kate never liked Mimi either. Wouldn’t it be great if Lucas came back and ended up with Sami, Rex came back and ended up with Mimi, Phillip came back and ended up with Chloe, and Kate found some reason to hate Carrie (perhaps Carrie, as John’s lawyer could expose her as setting him up). Then all of her sons could end up with someone she hated. Even her stepsons (EJ and Chad) seem to be headed towards women she doesn’t like (Nicole and Abigail). I am not as worried about Billie or Cassie. Kate always seems to obsess more about her sons that she does her daughters.

  133. From SandyGram

    #127 BBow
    Loved your post. It is very logical Kate could be behind John’s arrest. If you remember when John was on drugs, Kate stepped in to take care of Basic Black. And actually after that we didn’t hear much about Basic Black. Kate went into business with EJ with Mystic, that failed and the next thing we knew she went to Stefano for money to start Hearth and Home. A few months ago I was asking around if anyone remembered what happened to the Basic Black and it just seemed to drop of the map. So bring it back as the center of John’s troubles raises the curiosity hairs on the back of my neck and very cleaver of the writers.

    #128 Chris
    Chloe got the raw end of the deal
    even if she did have her indiscretion with Philip. And for me Daniel treated Chloe bad before her afternoon delight with Philip. Daniel never let her finish a sentence or a have a personal thought or feeling, he always knew what was best. I’m hoping she will return and return as a strong woman standing on her own two feet.

    #129 Grandma Judy
    I’m a Days junkie for sure, so much I don’t think there’s one character or actor leaving that would make me stop watching. It’s even worse since I’ve retired. The same with the spoilers…have you checked out Daytime Royalty or maybe you receive the Soap Opera Digest or Soap Opera Weekly … great spoilers for October 19th. SOD/SOW.

  134. From Janiebell

    For so long I have wanted John&Marlena to come back to Salem; but I wanted their homecoming to be a very happy one. Who is going to belive that John Black could/or would have anything to do with “stolen funds or goods”?

    “Sainted Alice” could have/would have anything in her past worthy of being blackmailed for? Come on, we are talking about Alice Horton “Mrs. H” here. Why wate untill after a charactor has died to write this storyline?

  135. From BBow

    Okay, I am actually watching Friday’s episode and I literally had to hit pause on a scene to post my thoughts. What scene might this be? The one where Alexandra tears into EJ. Yes, I use her full name because we were not seeing Lexie Carver on that screen, we were seeing Alexandra DiMera. I haven’t seen Stefano look so proud of his daughter in a LONG time. This makes me wonder whether or not this is the actual end game goal of EJ’s running for mayor, or at least part of the plan. Maybe the want to piss Lexie off so bad, or get her so desperate for her husband to win, that she will begin to develope her DiMera side. Stefano has always wanted his precious Alexandra to be a bigger part of his family. Based on how his character has been written in the past, I really believe he would prefer to have her as his main heir, and CEO of DiMera Enterprises then EJ. I really do think she has always been his favorite, but she never lets herself fully embrace that side so he has to depend on the rest of his kids. Anyway, just a thought that came to me when I saw Alexandra DiMera come onto the screen. This could become REALLY good if we get to see that side of her more. I know it is horrible for her and Abe, but I have always liked seeing that side of her.

  136. From BBow

    Okay, I know I am posting a lot this morning. What can I say? I am a school teacher and it is a Saturday so I finally have a little time.

    After watching the episode and being reminded by SandyGram of Kate’s involvement in Basic Black, I am more convinced that she is behind this. She and Roman ended because she had fallen in love with John while Roman was “dead,” but John did not truly fall in love with her, not the way he was still in love with Marlena. So, I have no trouble believing that she could let him take the fall for something she has done. She wants to be in control of Countess Wilhemena so she will need some money to get back the controlling shares that EJ and Stefano have. Also, the cops said if John and Marlena skip the country again, they have lost their chance. This means it is a problem that is happening in the United States (where as John has been in Switzerland undergoing hardcore physical therapy). What other major character would have access to all of his accounts and Basic Black information than the woman who ran his company? I am certain EJ and Stefano know about the embezzlement charges; however, I don’t think they are behind it, and if Kate is, I don’t think they know Kate is. It would be a great storyline for Kate if his is something she did all on her own. Like I said, it would be even greater if she pinned it on Brady after John’s name is cleared. She use to run Titan so she knows how that business works and all of its accounts, and it wouldn’t be difficult for people to believe Brady would be capable of getting into Basic Black’s accounts since he IS a Black. This is another potential for a great story.

  137. From Kat

    BBOW, nice to read, somebody else besides me is thinking outside the box, and does not automaticly assume The DiMera’s (Stef/EJ) did it.
    They might have in the End,
    but like I said, I hope the new writers will be a little more creative. All Your scenarios sound good and possible.

  138. From Debbie

    Wow BBow, I was just catching up on the last 20 or so posts and have really enjoyed reading your responses. So well thought out and explained. I really hope whoever is behind John’s troubles is not EJ or Stephano and like the idea of Kate working on her own on being behind it for the reasons you gave. Stephano would be proud of her and I agree that he looked proud of Alexandra too when she spouted off at EJ. Her DiMera side sure was showing through. Pitting her husband against her brother will definitely put the spotlight on her family history and then what will she do?

    I also don’t want the DiMeras to always be behind everything that goes wrong in Salem either. It’s boring and in real life, “good” people do bad things as well and will try to cover it up.

    I’m loving everyone’s speculations as to Alice’s doings. Having Julie involved somehow was an interesting twist.

  139. From gerri

    If Daniel would be Julie’s son,that would make Jenn to be his 2nd cousin,wouldn’t It?
    but family romantic
    relationships have been written into show before.(Tommy and Marie)for example……
    hope We know soon!!!!

  140. From Kat

    Well, some of you Ladies, I do have an issue with you,
    none of you had in issue with BBOW, and let’s be very clear, BBOW and I have nomore Issue with each other, we cleared things up, and I have respect for him…
    but none of you took issue with the four-some-thing, that He admitted he meant exactly what I thought it meant,
    Of course you did not, because it involved gals like Me and MaB etc.
    that enjoy the DiMeras, so you prob. all got a real chuckle out of that comment, admitt it…
    but, wow I could have just heard all the comments, if BBOW had indicated ‘Fantasy Dreams of you ladies having .. to have a foursome with, well Rafe, Sami, Roman, or maybe instead, let’s mix in Vicotr, I could have heard your outrage,
    You have convinded me very sadly, that you guys really do not like people with a different opinion, you just pretend, you guys really take this soap stuff seriously, as to were I always thought we could be buddies in fun and disagree about things.
    Your silence about BBOW’ uncalled for comment tells me a lot, unfortunately,
    BBOW, like I said, you showd class, admitting that is was off-color, but all those so called Ladies, enjoyed it, because it was to get us for enjoying the DiMera’s. You guys think about it really hard, and you know I am right, What you showed was “Schadenfreude” pure and simple.
    I thought blog friends stand up togheter when somebody crossed the line, no matter what side of the SL/Characters we are on.

    Again, BBOW, you showed class by admitting that if was off-colored,
    keep on posting, you have a good mind about plots on this show, at least you are honest about what you are saying and feeling and I can respect that at lot, I Know, who and what I am dealing with, and I have always liked that in a person, what you see and hear, ist what you get, no matter what….
    Daniel is at least 46 years old,
    Julie must have had him right after she had her son David, all those years she was in Salem,
    if she had a child after her break up with Doug, the child, could only be in his 20, nor more than 30. Good thought though BB
    Alice has had this account for about 20 years,
    so if it involves a child, it has to be about that age, more or less.
    so what went on about 20 yrs. ago.????
    Also, so far it has not been proven that we are talking about blackmail, that is just speculation…. And if it is blackmail, than Alice must have had somehting to be blackmailed for, does not mean, she did anything bad, prob. just protecting something…
    (on an off-note, of course nobody ever noticed that Alice had secrets, she didn’t, it’s the new writers that are going back, LOL)
    and know, if Alice Had to Keep a secret, she did a hell of a good job, bless her, whoever, whatever she was protecting..

    BBOW, the least you could do, is acknowled my blog, or otherwise I am to assume, that you and I, are not good??!!!!

    Like I said, Abe having to actually run for Mayor and having to campain, and Lexie doing actual CampainManager work, it is real going to open up the doors to the DiMera family, for both candidates, Abe and EJ, may the better man win.
    Of course for the Soap SL’s sake, it would be more interesting if EJ became Mayor,
    (we all know he is a criminal) but for the SL’s sake, I want him in, and enjoy the EJ/Mayor SL, wow,
    I am sorry Ladies, but I am not for all the sappy/Kiss/Love forever/same old same old goodie, goodie forever SL’s. this is a soap, and I want it to move on, give me excitment to watch,
    it’s about time the loveFest between Sami and Rafe gets a few kinks in,
    keep it moving writers, kick it up a few notches, I am ready….
    Ok, now go kick me, I don’t care….

  141. From Kat

    BBOW, lets keep on speculating, I enjoy that a lot, we might just solve a mistery,
    What about Tom Jr., he had a daughter named Sandy, (Her mother was a real bitch named Kitty),
    so there are more Horton’s out there, Sandy’s off-spring, maybe there is a Horton III out there, Sandy’s son.
    What if Marie, Alice’s daughter, had a child after she was a Nun, and Alice got blackmailed, but then again that could be more than 20 years ago,

    What if it does involved Tom, and the blackmail did not begin, until Tom had died, and Alice wanted to protect her Dead husband, why not, we all know he was a good man, but good man can get blackmailed for whatever reason, right or wrong, and Alice would absolutely protect her Man, no matter what, and of course She would Not Share that Secret with ANYONE PERIOD,,,
    JUST speculating, what do you thing BBOW, help me out here, dig into it… Watson, or if you want to be Holmes, no Problem….

  142. From Debbie

    #139 Kat, I always enjoy your posts and when you ask to have things clarified. I read a lot of posts together this morning at one time and only referenced BBOW in my last response because he explained to you what he meant in his post and apologized to you when you pointed out that it offended you. He also went on to speculate about the show, and it’s the entire way he explained his “joke” and DOOL insights that I said what I did. Being I’m in the same age range as he is, I got the “joke” and he’s right that this is how we tease each other and few in our age group takes offense. But he was right to apologize to you that his joking offended you. Like him, if anyone teased me about getting with ANY of Salem’s men (so long as it isn’t the teen crowd), then go for it. EJ, Rafe, Stephano, Victor, Bo, Brady, Roman, Austin…any of them are up for grabs! lol

    The truth is, the written word is a poor substitute for face-to-face communication. We’re missing the tone of voice, facial expressions and body language. If we were all in the same room talking about the show saying the same things that we write, I doubt that we’d have as much discord there that we sometimes have here. I think there’d be a lot of laughter along with the eye-rolling and good-natured jabs. I truly believe that no one here means any malice towards anyone else. Each of us just express ourselves differently and a lot has to do with the age difference, but apologies never go out of style when someone’s feelings get hurt.

    I like that so many of you know the earlier history of the show and its characters. You’re really making me think about what Alice was up to!

  143. From gerri

    to all you bloggers,who dislike,DR.Don Juan…right on.
    He has “improved” his looks,but not much,for awhile He looked scraggly,all the time,nothing like a profssional,should look.but his Behavior,with his patients(female)has been so disgusting,couldn’t keep his hands off Chloe,while she was married to Lucas,and then treats her so badly,when he finds out about Phillip..Karma is Hell Dr.Jonas,so now maybe It Is coming back on you,for treating Chloe so horrible(when Jenn dumps you,to put her family back together)then you can move on to your next patient,for your” temporary relationship”then on and on,as you make your “Rounds”…..

    I agree with the Idea,that Chloe does return,as a very sucessful singer,mother to Parker,and as a woman,and rubs Kate’s nose,into something,that won’t smell like,any perfume,she might be selling….

    Kat,just read the blogs you were referring to.(BBow’s comments)
    I agree with you.we might “”all”"
    blog something,that is disagreeable,(alot of the time)to others,but we don’t need,to make this kind of offensive remarks

  144. From BBow

    I actually wrote a long comment then accidentally deleted it. Now, I am about to have to go to work and don’t have time to write one that length again so I am going to hit the highlights.

    Kat, thanks for brining in the history of Tom Jr. That is something a lot of you have that many of us do not, a clear history of the show. I have watched since 1997 since Marlena was locked in the secret room by Kristen, Billie (played by Krista Allen) was working with Bo to bring down a drug lord, and Sami still thought Will was Austin’s son. You made reference to the time span, however, keep in mind that EJ was a baby and younger than Will when I started watching the show, and he is now Will’s ex-stepfather. Time doesn’t appear to mean anything in soap world.

    So, Tom Jr….what if Daniel were really his son (Tom Horton III). It would make sense for Daniel to one day become COS of the hospital. Maybe he could get them a second room.

    What if Gus were Tom Horton III. How scandalous would that be for a violent criminal to be a Horton.

    What if it is not a love child? What if there is a murder, or a serious crime Alice helped cover up? Who could that have been?

    We can rule out just an affair because this is a soap and an affair would include a love child. Married couples can have sex all day long, every day, and there will never be a pregnancy (Sami and Rafe), but let an affair or even a one night stand happen and you can be sure that a pregancy will follow.

  145. From BBow

    I just realized I might want to explain my comment about going to work tonight since I have already mentioned being a school teacher and have also mentioned working with the media. I have to regular jobs. I am a teacher, and after school I work for a local radio station a couple of hours a day. As to the job tonight that I am about to walk out the door and go to, two of my friends own a local dance club for 13 to 18-year-olds. It offers the teenagers somewhere to go and have fun that does not have any drinking, drugs, or tobacco. Anyway, they are out of town and, while it is not a regular job, they ask me to run it for them whenever they are gone. What can I say? I am a workaholic and I like helping my friends.

  146. From Kat

    Thanks Gerri, Love you,,,
    BBOW, can you and I go into business together, solve things….
    Daniel, right age, could be Sandy Horton’s son, about right age,
    I think that could be great, A Real Horton, become Chief of Staff at the Hospital, since Nate, really was not a Real Horton by blood, not that it mattered.

    One correcetion about Sami and Will, she always knew that Will was Lucas’s SON, she lied and changed the Lab Results (just like Grandma Caroline) to make him the son of Austin, a Big, Big Lie…..
    Anytime BBOW, we OLD Prunes, are here to help you out on the history of DOOOOOL, not everybody has watched it since the beginning, even I need help, when I did NOT watch it for years in between.
    Kudos for what you do for the Young, as long as it is Goooooooooooooooood…………

  147. From Kat

    gerri, hey girl, I thought you might understand me.. thank you…

    BBOW, Can I call you BB from now on, it’s to easy to misspell your name when I am in a hurry, …..

    Tom Horton Jr., opens up a lot of possibilities,
    remember when he returned form the war, he had amnesia/facial reconstruction, and he fell in love with his own sister Marie Horton,
    after all the truth came out, Marie was so destroyed, she joined a convent, (they did have sex together,believe it, in the 60s0
    the stories were good back then,
    Marie, prior to this story actually had an abortion, none heard of before, she then ended up shooting the father of that baby ,,,Tony somehting…
    Of cours Tom Jr. had a daughter named Sandy by his wife Kitty, a real bitch….
    so there are some possibilities.

    but then again,,
    why could it not have something to do with Dr. Tom Horton, something that happened so many moons ago, and only somebody decidede 20 yrs. ago to come to Alice with some Info, or whatever, and she decided to pay, rather than expose Whatever … to the world and her family, Who knows,
    BB lets keep on sleuthing, okey dokey Watson…

  148. From SandyGram

    #139 Kat
    What does “Schadenfreude” mean? I know it’s a German word but that’s about it.

  149. From patty

    It means joy in the misfortune of others..I think. I wouldn’t know for sure, I’m French, but I suppose it might have a different meaning depending in what context it is used.

  150. From Debbie

    I’m surprised reading that so much of what happened on DOOL in the 60s was allowed to be aired. Kat, you mentioned Marie having had an abortion before unknowingly getting involved with her own brother. These kinds of stories were actually shown on 60s soaps? My mom used to watch Days and never mentioned these storylines with Marie other than she was a nun. And the only Marie I remember was Luana Sanders when Howie Hoffsteader had a thing for her.

  151. From Peggy

    I would like the powers that be to ban John and Marlena from open-mouth kissing and porno bedroom scenes. You never saw Tom and Alice doing any of that. John and Marlena need to move gracefully into the roles of matriarch and patriarch of the show.

  152. From BBow

    So, I just reread the interview with Molly Burnett (Melanie). At the end of the interview she says there’s “a family bomb that’s going to be dropped…a big family bomb,” but she couldn’t elaborate on it at all. That was back at the end of August. So, how far in advance do they film shows? What could she already have known about a month ago? Could this have anything to do with Alice’s secret? Have some of us been right or in Daniel being a Horton? Or is the family bomb simply Jack coming back, saying he was kidnapped, and Jennifer leaving Daniel. We all knew Jack was coming back for over a month, so I don’t feel like that is the bomb, but I am not completely sure it has something to do with Alice either. It could be interesting if it does. Considering the Daniel/Jennifer relationship, Daniel being a Horton sure would be a bomb. It has to involve her or Daniel though, because we all knew Carly was leaving by the time of this interview as well, and no bomb happened with Carly. One person suggested that she is really Lawrence’s and not Daniel’s but I hope they don’t do that.

  153. From SandyGram

    #150 BBow
    Yes I too remember that interview with Melanie. First to answer your question about how long do they film in advance….2 months is what I’m told by a very reliable contact on another Board. So with Melanie’s interview being in August, the family bomb should be coming in the end of October or so. What’s not clear when Mel say’s ‘family’ is she referring to her family in which case it could have something to do with her and Daniel, they have no other family in Salem right now. If it does have to do with Daniel being her father, that’s easy enough to find out with good ole DNA. I can’t remember, did Carly have DNA testing done when she found Mel? Do you remember how Carly determined Melanie was her daughter because she was thinking her daughter was either Melanie or Mia?

    I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around Daniel being a Horton. He’s suppose to be the son of a long time friend of Victor’s who we never met because he was deceased before Daniel showed up in Salem, same with his mother only we knew her name as Lillian Parker Jonas. Then if the bomb is Melanie is really Lawrence’s daughter, again DNA could easily prove this, Carly should have stayed on the show longer (or maybe they will bring her back for a short window) to deal with the fact Melanie is Lawrence’s child not Daniel’s. If she was the daughter of Lawrence…she could be a very rich young lady with the Alamain money and be somewhat related to John Black since John was adopted by Leopold and Philomena Alamain, thereby the adopted brother of Lawrence. This would also make her related to Brady, Belle and Claire.

    But then Melanie may not be talking about her immediate Jonas family at all, but just another family on the show, taking us back around to Alice. Wow, BBow, this could get sticky and send our idea generators into overdrive.

  154. From Kat

    patti is right, that is what Schadenfreude means,
    getting a kick out of somebody elses mishap, but always used on the lighter side, nothing real Bad.
    That’s why I used this word, because it really look by all your nonresponse, that you guys enjoyed having BBOW say that to Us DiMera “friends”.
    Don’t think you guys would have been so quick to overlook the comments, and praised BBOW for his freat blogs,
    if the the comment would have been, You guys are having fantasies about Rafe, Victor and Caroline, in the same situation (four-some.. Notice I did not throw in Sami, she is to cute, after all be got Kate…
    However moving on, BBOW and I are good, he showed a lot of class afterwards, and I liked that in a guy….
    All I can say, the lines seem to be really drawn in the sand, about Sides…
    I need re-enforcement, or a defector…or two, slim chance that will happen.
    Well Ladies, it had been said, the Secret Alice has, will Effect (sp) the Whole Town….,so now what could that be…
    I don’t think that Dan’s status would effect the whole town.
    Debbie, you are right, DOOL was pretty daring in those days,
    Marie, after having the abortion, I remember when she told her Dad, Dr. Tom,
    she ended up shooting her boyfriend Tony Merrit (?) I believe,
    yes and later on she fell in love with her own brother, who had amnesia and plastic surgery from the war.
    No wonder she became a Nun, life got to be to much for her.
    BBOW like what you are doing for the teenagers, it let’s them be out with their friends, dance, listen to music and enjoy each other, better, than sitting at home, or hanging around in the Mall.
    I have seen “SOME” in the Mall, and it’s scary what you can see or hear..
    Keep up the good work, and you being a schoolteacher does help, you have a lot of insight what goes on with the young ones, Not little anymore, but also not grown up, but full of feelings, emotions etc, they need a good outlet..
    I would like for wifes, sometimes understand, that husbands who have a sensitive job, can not tell them everything all the time, they should respect that.
    My husband in the Marine’s had Nato Clearence and he never, never told me anything he shouldn’t, and if he had,
    would I really have respected Him after he did Not keep his word.
    No matter what, when a man in his job give the word, wife’s should respect that and the husband,
    and leave him alone. Those guys have to be trustworthy in their Jobs, get it, not be blabbermouthes when they get home.
    I know, it’s a soap, and we need the drama, I understand.
    The same, would I like/respect any of those characters in real Life, No, no, never, but in the story I watch for entertainment, great, specially EJ and Stefano, they can’t help it, that they steal the show, at least for ME…

  155. From Kat

    corr. and his “Great” blogs not”freat”…..

  156. From Clear

    I haven’t had time to read everyone’s comments, and I tried to post last night but captchas kept saying incorrect. Oh well!

    I was thinking John’s legal troubles have to go back to when he was a zombie in charge of the Dimera Enterprises? Am I wrong?

    Jack the flake is a waste and just makes me made to see him weasel back into Salem. I’m glad for Jennifer that she knows he is okay. Like someone said, what about poor little JJ?

    I figured Caroline was off with the children, but cannot imagine that they will not show her and a big reaction to the Mags/Victor engagement!

    No clue here what the big Horton secret is, but I enjoyed scanning over some of the possibilities thinking that wouldn’t it be interesting if Alice or Tom, one of them had been married before and had a responsibility they never mentioned to the family.

  157. From ROSE


  158. From Brenda

    Being a really longtime watcher of Days of Our Lives, I am thrilled to see John and Marlena back on the set. However, Austin and Carrie not so much. I would much rather have seen Belle and Shawn and their precious daughter return. Also, I really hate to see Nadia (Chloe) leave the show. She is a wonderful actress and probably the most beautiful women in the soap world. Last but definitely not least, I am so disappointed to see Dario leave the show. He and Molly Burnett has such wonderful chemistry. He is the best match they have had for Melanie since she began on Days. Some moves good, some bad. Oh well, guess you can’t win them all.

  159. From SandyGram

    When look at a few other sites I was reminded there is two casting calls still open:

    (1) An African/American 20 – 30 year old, extremely well built, man named Julian. But then another site says it’s a 17 – 18 year old African/American teen named Ryan….And

    (2) An African/American 60 – 75 year old female lawyer, Kathy Bates type, for a 2 day role named Erin Hewitt.

    Does anyone know if these are still good characters for the future?

  160. From SandyGram


    From Daytime Royalty…Huge Maternity Secret Revealed

    Quote “Your worst fear is about to come true.

    In the coming months on Days Of Our Lives, it will be revealed that Daniel Jonas is the son of Maggie Horton. This plot twist makes Melanie Maggie’s granddaughter and it ties the Jonas family to the canvas in a huge way. I’m not 100% sure who Daniel’s father is but based on what I know so far I can tell you that it’s probably Neil Curtis.

    It don’t know if these scenes have already been taped or if they’ve only been scripted, but this information was confirmed by a VERY reliable source so it’s not just a rumor. This is happening. Maggie is Daniel’s mother.

    WoooooooW….well I guess we’ll see how Reliable this Very reliable source is here in the near future. This one I’m going to have to conger on for a while! My questions would be where is the DNA? If it’s true where is Carly’s real daughter? Will they bring Carly back to learn this news? It’s like a dream sequence asking us to forget what has taken place this last year…..WOW!

  161. From Kat

    157 SandyGram, didn’t see that one coming,
    Maggie and Dr. Dan.
    Now, what does Vic know, he is Dan’s godfather, so here was there when Dan was born, and he knew the parents, what More/Less does he know. Dan must have been adopted??
    One question, Why couldn’t Melanie still be Dan’s daughter??, Carly met Dan, spent the night with him and got prego, why do You say, where is Carly’s real daughter, what am I missing, help me SG.
    Melanie would like you said be Maggie’s granddaughter, well that’s good isn’t it..
    Wonder if Alice knew about that???
    and did Victor?
    Good stuff SandyGram, keep digging.
    It is so cold and wet, I have the fireplace going to stay snuggely…
    My son is in Charleston SC, lucky guy..
    Like I said a while, you are getting me slowly hooked on all these spoilers,
    As for Maggie, she would finally have some “blood” children, grandchildren of her own, and Nathan and Mel still would not be blood related.

  162. From holly

    SandyGram – thanks for the spoiler info, but I hope this is not going to happen. How many times are they going to change a character’s history to fit the present day s/l. Yes, it would be nice for Maggie to have a connection to Melanie through Daniel, but come on now! This is old hat, and the new writers were supposed to be above that sort of thing. Can’t they please come up with NEW characters??? Be creative.

    I thought for sure the “mystery” would have something to do with Quinn since they are bringing him back in a few months and he presently has absolutely no connection to anyone in town.

    And wouldn’t Maggie remember having a child? No mention of it in 40 years? This is really unfair to the history of her character. They think we started watching this show 6 minutes ago??? And on top of it all, they are going to drag poor, dead Alice into it. Not good.

  163. From BBow

    SandyGram and Kat, surely this is not surprising to you. I have mentioned the idea of Dnaiel being a Horton at least 10 times this week, and of him specifically being Maggie’s son at least twice. I am not surprised by this at all. As for Daniel being Melanie’s dad, how does that not still make Melanie Carly’s daughter? Daniel’s parentage doesn’t affect Melanie’s parentage, it only affects her grandparentage. I also don’t believe Victor would have known anything. He may be Daniel’s godfather, but he may just know that Daniel was adopted; that doesn’t mean he would know who the birth parents were. The only issue I am having with this is when would Maggie have had him? Would this have been before she met Micky? Does she not remember giving a child up for adoption? This would hardly be the first time a woman in soap opera world had lost all memory of a child.

  164. From SandyGram

    #160 BBow
    Yeap…I noticed after I pushed the send button I had included the comment about Melanie’s parentage in Post #157. To bad there wasn’t a retrieve button or Post cancel button.

    This is not a surprise to me, I have been reading your speculations (and loving them) about Daniel and Maggie. I was just post what I found on Daytime Royalty. Who knows maybe the Poster on Daytime Royalty got the idea from you, BBow, and is quoting you as the reliable source. I’ve been reading through Maggie’s history today and just can’t figure out when this would have occurred. I’m sure if it’s true the new writer’s will tuck it into Maggie’s history very appropriately.

  165. From SandyGram

    Darn I wish I would stop dropping letters off the end of words…post should be posting!

  166. From BBow

    SandyGram, that is hilarious. I sincerely hope I would never be considered a reliable source for a show. There is guessing correctly, and there is actually knowing what is going on. Sometimes I am very good at the former, but I am never a part of the latter. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone on here who was though.

  167. From SandyGram

    #163 BBow
    Yes, I’ve asked that question many times also. Is any member of this Board involved with the show at any level or has a close contact with the show? Or, involved in the Soap Opera world at all? I feel it more on another Board I post on, than here, but every so often there’s just a feeling how something is known or the way it is said.

  168. From Kat

    BBOW, it still would not make Dan a Horton, it would make him A Whoever his father is/was.
    Mickey was sterile.
    But you are right you have been talking about that scenario.
    I read that Maggie’s name is mentioned in some of Alice’s “somehting”….
    Dan is at least 45/46, so this goes back a bit.
    I would like to maybe a Real Horton show up, by blood…..

  169. From SandyGram

    Maggie’s Simmons Horton! Your right Kat…ummmm…who’s the Daddy now! And I thought the new writers were getting away from the ‘Who’s the Daddy Story Lines?”

  170. From BBow

    Kat, you are right about it not making Daniel a true Horton. I guess I just see it that way because I have always considered Maggie a Horton. I mean, even if it was by marriage, she is kind of the Horton matriarch now. Besides, I would actually prefer Daniel be Maggie’s son because I like the idea of Melanie being her granddaughter, and it makes Jen and Daniel a little less disgusting. That still raises the question of WHEN Maggie could have had him? and if this is connected to Alice, how did Alice know? Also, has Daniel’s actual age ever been mentioned or do you just keep saying 45 based on how you perceive his appearance? Because that is not always a tell-tale sign. I mean, Kate does not look like she should have adult grandchildren (probably going to be a great-grandmother in the next few years through Chelsea). In fact, I was thinking the other day when she had a scene with Austin that he actually looked older than she does.

  171. From daisy

    I think the guessing of Dr. Dans age is probably due to the fact most Dr.s don’t finish Medical school , till they are in their thirty s. Dan supposedly had a medical career elsewhere for a period of time, and had been married, plus had a child ( Melanie) who is now in her twenty s, so logically, Dr. D would be in his forties/ fifties. Of course, since this is a soap, there doesn’t have to be logic!!

  172. From Debbie

    Didn’t Maggie have a surrogate baby at one time after learning that Mickey was sterile? My mom said she remembered something about Maggie being a surrogate mother but can’t remember who for.

  173. From Debbie

    This is the third time I’m trying to post this so let’s hope it goes through. Wasn’t Maggie a surrogate mother for someone way back in the 60s or 70s? My mom remembers something about Maggie giving birth to someone else’s child as a surrogate and mom thinking how stupid that she and Mickey didn’t just have their own child this way instead of giving the baby to another couple. Can anyone verify or refute this claim?

  174. From Lois Lane

    I am tired of the DiMeras and all the trouble they cause everyone in Salem. Can we change it up, please!!!!

  175. From SandyGram

    SOILER/Rumor from Days Cafe dated October 3rd:

    Savannah Wilder, Maggie, Mickey, Victor, Dan are
    names rumored to be connected to the Alice letters!

    Here are a few tidbits I looked up from Soap Central about Savannah Wilder:

    - Victor Kiriakis came to Salem in 1985, and unknown to most of Salem he was financing Savannah Wilder’s drug and porno ring.

    - Victor Kiriakis, Savannah Wilder, and Steve “Patch” Johnson were arrested for their parts in the crime syndicate in Salem. They were all freed when Victor blackmailed Larry Welch into taking the fall for everything. Victor knew Larry killed Megan, and used it against him.

  176. From Kat

    SandyGram, right, Vic also did kill Savannah Wilder, and yes he did blackmail Larry Welch.
    About Dan, the story would have to go back at least 40 -45 yrs,
    maybe was involved with somebody when she was still walking, and before “Marty Hansen” came to the farm..
    Victor also poisened Justin, which was thought rendered him sterile…
    There is so much rich history in Salem, the writers could go and dig deep and come up with interesting SL’.
    See SandyGram, I like the past, but you are getting me hooked on the future and Maybe’s…
    It could turn out that Parker is Maggie’s grandson, wonder she will be the one the get the bug, wondering about that, after all that tampering with the paternity test had been done, I would, as a Grandma, I would want to know for sure.
    Debbie, right, I heard about the surrogate mother thing and Maggie, but don’t know to much,
    but that baby would be to young to be Dr. Dan.
    Dr. Mike Horton and Dr. Dan are about the same age, and Mike had been around for quite some time, when Maggie did the surrogate thing, I think..
    Maybe Mickey had a think with Savannah, before he became sterile, and Dan is the product and Victor took him on and made him his godson….
    Never ending speculations……….

  177. From Nancy

    Please remind me…how is Kate Rex and Cassie mother??

  178. From SandyGram

    I’m about to make everyone on this board very Happy Campers. Go to the address below for a beautiful surprise:

    Take a look at the entire Rogue Ejami Website, even non EJ fans will enjoy this.

  179. From Debbie

    I remember Shannon Tweed playing Savannah Wilder and being romantically involved with Chris Kositcheck. What a smoky pairing that was! I’m sorry to hear her character got killed off…wasn’t watching at the time. It would have been fun to see Shannon brought back since she’s so hot with her Family Jewels show and Josh Taylor’s still on Days. Even though Josh is playing Roman instead of Chris, it would bring back the actors’ chemistry that they had and give Roman a love life.

  180. From SandyGram

    FYI…Shannon Tweed who played Savannah Wilder married Gene Simmons of the Rock Group KISS this past week.

    Interesting just at a time when she gets married and is the public eye, her character name on Days resurfaces.

  181. From gerri

    I’m thinking Dr.Dan,Is most likely Dr.Neil Curtis’s son,(If Maggie Is Indeed his Mother) they did have an affair,and you know how they fast forward,the character’s age.
    and also It would make sense,by him becoming a Doctor..(most likely following In his dad’s footsteps.)

    I really thought there would be a S/L,with Gus,(even tho he was written off the show) following comment about being abandoned by his Mom,at the pier(why did they throw that out,there if they weren’t going anywhere with It?)

    I’m also past ready,for Roman to have a decent S/L,and a love life.

  182. From SandyGram

    Monday 10-03-2011
    Now Here’s Sami….being very loud and obnoxious before she really knows what’s going on and becoming angry that Rafe didn’t tell her before that John was going to be arrested. Then there’s Carrie, although much quieter, mad at Austin for the same thing. Hopefully the writers clean up this missing detail where Sami and Carrie understand Rafe and Austin are in professions where they cannot be privy to the details of their every assignment.

    There it was as usual, as John is led away to the poky, EJ is standing in the background, watching Sami, basking in the misfortune of another member of her family. Then a laughable moment when Sami runs into EJ and spots the poster of him running for Mayor “you’ve got to be kidding”, Sami chimes. But as predictable, EJ is doing it for the family and is only taking a page from her book, with an attempt at redemption. The key word here is ‘attempt’.

    Although it looked like Rafe was trying to boss Sami around regarding the job interview, I didn’t see it like that. This company she interviewed with has not told her the name of the company or what kind of position she is applying for. So for me Rafe wanting to check it out before she applies or commits to anything, is just being a concerned and loving husband.

    I’m still confused why Brady is so cold to John since they were on good terms when Marlena and John left for Switzerland. After Brady and Victor’s talk at the KMansion, could it be Brady is not only not proud of his behavior since John’s leaving town; but, could it be Brady that has taken from Basic Black? What led me down this alley was Victor’s comment about knowing more once he received a phone call. Just a passing thought.

  183. From patty

    I have also been wondering about Brady . It seems to me that he is more uncomfortable than angry with his Dad, almost like he’s feeling guilty or has something to hide. He’s certainly avoiding him as he still hasn’t been to the station since John’s arrest. I’m hoping he is not behind any of these crimes at Basic Black.
    Today, right after Marlena tells Bo and Hope that it was physically impossible for John to have done these things while going through his grueling therapy, John has a flashback of himself at a computer working with numbers and wearing a smile on his face. I’m not sure what that implies but even the PD seem to think that the evidence is stacked against him.

  184. From Clear

    I was wondering who was in ischarge of Basic Black while John was ill?

    I too thought about when and if EJ is redeemed as an upstanding citizen and Sami sees him as respectable maybe the old spark will surface –like with the elevator blackouts, LOL! We know that the honeymoon is threadbare with Safe– though he is long suffering and puts up with Sami’s manipulations, she is still her own worst enemy!

    Hope looks really good with her hair and make up done, and the dress she has on is beautiful but not for her. The top of the dress does nothing for her and makes her look too thin and older. /wardrobe just cannot bat 100 per cent.

    Mags being doc’s mother sounds interesting, but what was the recurring payment for from the bank account?

  185. From Kat

    SandyGram, I so agree about Sami and Carrie, to have to know it all wifes.
    They should respect their husbands, for being able to keep secrets that are none of their business, they are doing their job.
    I would hardly respect a Man/husband if he came home and blabbed to me about things that he was sworn not to..
    Hope is beautful, but you are right Clear,on top, to boney.
    Liked EJ and Sami, he gave back as good as she tried to give….
    I have a feeling, the new writers are not going to give us,,, the same old as usual, there will be twists in the SL like never before.
    Of course, it will end up that John and Marlena somehow will get a divorce, to protect her…. but soaps need a reason to
    Break people up, without being their fault, like they did Jack and Jenn. It will let the writers expand the story, oh sure, they will get the couple back together again, but in the meantime we have excitment…
    Could turn out, that John is very deep, he has never been a totally clear character, I have a feeling, the writers have a lot of new twists in store for us.
    Something is up with Brady, of course, he should be a bit ashamed for all the crap he has pulled of the last year or so, but I think there is more to it.
    I think there is a whole new wind blowing in Salem, nothing will be predictable any more, thank God,
    the old, done over and over, had gotten so stale and boring,
    “Stfano did it, the DiMera’s did it, give it up, find something new, I am so sick of it.

  186. From Livia

    OOOOHHHH After watching today’s episode, I think Mr. John Black may be suffering from a multiple personality..maybe he did embezzle everything like they say he did…

  187. From Lana

    I am glad to see Jack back. I have never liked Daniel. Jack and Jen belong together.

  188. From Lisa

    I have never been a fan of the pious and saintly Marlena! She and John both look like mannequins for plastic surgery! Ugh!

    And who needs that borish and idiotic Jack back in Salem??? Jen needs a real man like Daniel. No matter what excuse Jack tells her, he will never, ever change and her life will always be in chaos.

    Maggie and Victor! Love them together!

    Funny how evil Kate is towards John and Marlena. She used to be best friends with Marlena and was once engaged to John. Guess they forgot about that.

    What’s up with Austin? I know he is the original one but he looks like an old man next to the still young looking Carrie. Bring back Austin Peck!

    Sami is not someone I could stand in real life! She is always angry and impatient and ready to fly off the handle. The way she and Carrie both acted toward their husbands when John was arrested was immature and childish. These men have important jobs to do and cannot tell their silly wives everything. Grow up!

  189. From Lisa

    I just read a post that might implicate Maggie as Daniel’s mother?!?!?

    That would make her Melanie’s grandma and they would both love that. Yippee!!!

    Also, I think “John” is guilty but there are some mind tricks going on somewhere. Are the DiMeras the only ones in town who have a secret lab in their basement to alter people?

    If so, must be them! Ha! Ha!

  190. From SandyGram

    Today we saw John having a flash back of him sitting in front of a computer looking a what appeared to be financial data. Knowing how flash backs can be deceiving, could it just be while John was looking at the Basic Black records he saw the accounts had been dissolved, not that he did it, but he recognized it had been done. Then just the way John and Marlena were acting at the Town Center event, it would appear they already knew the feds may approach them when they re-entered the USA. It is interesting the whole town seems to be invested in Basic Black. Which takes a little to believe since John wasn’t himself until he got his memory back in the hospital after he was injected with the paralysis drug. Not to mention, it will be interesting to see who the writers will give access to the Basic Black records…the question I’ve been asking for a few days “Who’s been minding the store while John was going through so much and after he left Salem?”

  191. From Kat

    See You at new site week 10 – 14

  192. From Janiebell

    Isure hope E.J. does not get to be Mayor ofSalem. Abe would b a much better Mayor.

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