Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 29 & 30.

Stealing the spotlight.

John and Marlena continue to hide the real reason they’re back in town. He drops some cryptic hints to Abe, momentarily distracting him. Lexi gets ready to announce her husband’s candidacy when EJ beats her to the podium to declare that he’s in the running. He takes the spotlight by showing his support to new businesses. The press ignores Abe. Lexi fumes. She lays into her family as a reporter gets Nicole to tell them all about how EJ helped her during the hostage crisis. Nicole doesn’t appreciate being used as a publicity pawn.

As Jack wipes the cake off his face, Jenn can hardly believe it’s really him. Abby shows up and goes into shock. “I love you,” Jack tells Jenn. She refuses to believe that he could love anyone but himself and barks at him to leave. He refuses to let her keep him away from their daughter. Chad takes the mother and daughter home and comforts his girlfriend. Daniel shows up to comfort Jenn. Back at the square, Adrienne interrogates her brother. He wants to leave town but she convinces him to give the truth to Jenn.

Bo and Hope continue to worry about Alice’s secret. They try getting some information out of Maggie but no dice. Maggie is soon distracted though. Victor starts making his big marriage proposal. While that’s going on, Rafe tries to tip Sami off about something while John tries to fill Roman and Abe in on what’s up. Before anything can be explained, John is arrested for embezzlement.

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  1. From Grandma Judy

    Here it is, that 2nd spoiler and blog page they put up during the week. I wrote about it early on the other page and that I would rather they had only one page every week and then that they keep the old page up for a day or two after the new one comes on. Know my opinion won’t change anything but here it is!

  2. From dc

    well, i just don’t want jack coming back into jenn’s life and messing up anything she has with daniel.. they make such a good couple. jack is such a jerk, he always was, even before when he was on the show..

  3. From Randi

    Matthew deserves an Emmy as he as JACK is breaking my heart. Great look of pain my heart goes out to him. Jen and jack are like a match and fire, and I do hope that he can get creppy dan’s hands off of jen. Yes he is creepy and move much too rapidly!

    Welcome back Jonh and Doc a pleasant view that I hope will stick around for a while.

  4. From Brenda

    So does anyone else notice Will acting funny? I have a feeling he thinks he is gay like Sonny. Just a thought.

  5. From KathyL

    Booooo to Jack, stay gone….so glad to have Marlena and John back, could do without the projected drama…….maybe Alice played the market with her house money and has left a nice a nice estate for the children and grandkids…..good ridance to Chloe and Kinsey…..drop the idea that Will is gay, doesn’t work and it’s too late to change him… like Sonny though, he is just a nice guy who happens to be gay….let it rest there……wish they’d share Alices’ donut recipe.

  6. From D. Anne

    I agree drop the Will is really gay act. He is not. It doesn’t fit. Gabby is perfect for him. We don’t need a gay story line. Sonny is a nice guy but as he said today his homosexuality is a small part of him. Let it be.

  7. From Olive

    LOVE having John and Marlena, Carrie and Austin back!! And I do love the drama…mystery and drama is much better TV than “who’s the daddy” and “who do I sleep with next”. Back to the old Days!!

    Oh and I do love Jack, although I’m ready for some drama with he and Jennifer as I love her and Daniel.

  8. From Sara

    I hate Daniel. He hops from one woman to the next like it’s no big deal. I hope they bring Jack and Jenn back together soon. I hate seeing them apart. It’s been 5 long years without them! They deserve to be happy together. Bo & Hope always make it, so they will too. I felt they were so cheated during their last run. It took so long for them to find their way back to each other, then they get separated yet again with that awful serial killer/island/held hostage in the European castle/deathly illness garbage. Want to see them together again! Best chemistry! :0)

  9. From jolie

    Jack looks worn out. Maybe he’ll look better once he is cleaned up. He has never been what Jennifer really wanted. She wanted the family life like her grandparents but instead got all the craziness Jack could throw at her. That might have been exciting once but Jennifer is older now. I can see her wanting what Hope has. I love it that Bo and Hope are really being so committed to each other after all they have been thru. Not my favorite couple in the last few years but I’ll stand by and watch and let them grow on me. I am glad John and Marlena are back. They are a little sappy with all the deep kissing they do. I mean, really, does that really happen? I think most people feel good about a quick peck, my husband kisses my hand at times, discreetly, in public. Not a big showy thing but I know it is heartfelt. I like Sonny more and more and I love Adrienne and Justin. I just don’t like the Will character as gay. I can’t wait for Victor to ask Mags to marry him. I hope it is the most romantic thing that has happened in a long while. Mags deserves it. I want them together and happy. Yes, Victor is a scoundrel but if they can’t put him in jail, then give him someone in his life to make him want to do better. Too bad Kate doesn’t do that for Stefano. They are too much alike but at least they do get along and make a really good couple. Alice’s secret…could she have found out something about Tom or was she being blackmailed about something from Tom’s past and she was covering it up from the family after he was gone? Again, I just don’t want those 2 people tarnished. It would be like finding out something dread about my own grandparents! Loving the new strong Nicole. I am glad Elvis is seeing what he should have seen before Taylor hit town, darn her.

  10. From Kat

    Again, when Dan and Jen talk about how Jack abondened her and the kids, and that she is such a good mother,
    where is little abondoned Jack Jr.
    I have not heard his mother/sister mention him at all.
    Writers, please take a moment, and explain where that little boy is,
    he is only a year or two older than Ciara….
    How long is Jen is Salem now, not a phonecall, summer Vaction visit,
    or a trip to Europe by her, Mommy dearest.
    So until somebody explain “Jack Jr.”, no more talk about what a great Mother Jen is,
    and how Jack abondened them, so far in my book, she abondened her little boy in Europe……

  11. From Lorraine

    RE: Kat’s post on the whereabouts of Jack Jr., how about Ciara? Where is she?

  12. From jolie

    I think the writers are not thinking like a mother, hence they are just worrying about how Jack abandoned the family and not thinking that the mothers who watch this show will be concerned about the whereabouts of kids. I think they will explain it but they are just not considering young Jack’s absence as a problem. UNTIL they see how many people that might have a problem with it. But seriously, I think they have just committed a sin of ommission rather than blatantly pitting who is the worse parent of the 2. And Ciara was seen a great deal earlier this year but has surely been absent lately. Guess she’ll come back wearing belly tees. I think it is much like how we think characters from the past should have come back to Alice’s funeral or Grace’s for that matter. It would just be too expensive and would likely not add much to the story at present so the writers don’t include the character. Out of sight is out of mind to them.

  13. From Kiki G

    First time posting, and I have been DYING to ask, does anyone else remember Roman and Kate’s twins Rex & Cassie? DAYS seems to have completely forgotten about them! Kate is always going on and on about her children but NEVER mentions either one. Like Jolie stated, out of sight out of mind…BTW, My life is a soap too!

  14. From Precious

    Speaking about the “missing kids” on this show…it would have been “nice” to have Bo and Hope mention their children on this show other than Ciara, there is Shawn and Belle, and it’s also too bad they were’nt there at this Horton reunion.

  15. From Kat

    12 jolie, I hear you,
    but JJ is a little boy, a bit older than Ciara,
    even though we have not seen Ciara, we know she lives with Hope and Bo, we have seen her, we know she is around, just not on the screen,
    but little JJ, Jennifer came back from Europe alone a year ago,
    the boy is never mentioned, who is he staying with, and what excuse could Jenn possible have to not have her child live with her.
    We don’t even have to see him, let him be with the sitter, in the choweder factory, like all the other kids, when we don’t see them,
    but let it be a fact that he does live with his Mother and Sister in Salem, period.
    We all know that Bo and Hope’s son Shawn is married to Bell and that they are on a trip with their daughter Claire… ok, someday they might be back, they can take care of themselves, but I am talking about a little boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old, I think this is vital that the writers explain Jennifer and her Son’s situation to us the viewers, we deserve that much, we were watching when he was born, when Patrick Lockhart changed his diapers, when Jack was gone again, and then when Hope thoughts she was prego with Patricks baby, turned out to be Bo’s… Ciara…
    Little JJ should be here, growing up with family and cousins etc, we don’t even have to see him on the screeen….LOL
    Lorraine, at least we know Ciara is in Salem, even if she has not been in scenes,
    but JJ is somewhere in Europe, abondoned, as far as we know, which is nothing so far…Writers, please, something….

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