Eden Riegel, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Darius McCrary Leaving The Young And The Restless? (Updated.)

On their way out?

Same Day Update:

Eden has confirmed that she’s leaving the show and posted on her Twitter, “Apparently my run on “Y&R” is soon coming to an end. It was a fun ride! I have to say I was a wee bit bummed. But looking at Jack [her son] makes it hard to be down about anything.”

Reported Earlier:

Soap Opera Fan Blog reported this morning that Tristan Rogers will be leaving the show. CBS Soaps In Depth is now reporting that an insider has stated that three more Genoa City actors could be leaving “The Young And The Restless.” Though the show will not comment on rumors the stars said to be on their way out include Eden Riegel (Heather), Sean Patrick Flanery (Sam) and Darius McCrary (Malcolm). Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep readers updated with exit details as they come.

Out of these three actors who do you not want to see leave the most? Vote in our poll to let us know…

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  1. From LR

    No offense to this Heather, but I enjoyed the first one so much.

    IMO, Sam is boring and to pair him with Victoria would be wrong and Sharon’s too much of a good girl, they would be boring.

    Malcom has too many anger issues, I’d rather see Sophia with Neil.

  2. From BJT

    I don’t care for any of these characters (at least with their current actors). Malcolm was cast with the wrong actor after with this recast. I love Eden Riegel but as Bianca not as Heather. I think they should keep Colin because poor Jill can never keep a man.

  3. From dc

    i just wish the (tucker character) would leave the young and restless and go back to days, just saying..

  4. From Clear

    I like Sam, and his character could be good with Victoria and give us a little romance with a good guy. I never liked Billy, and think his character will crawl back into the bottle at the first sign of trouble.

  5. From Clear

    Since the big question is who killed Diane, is there any possibility that Colin killed her? I was thinking that since he’s leaving the show maybe they might write him out as the killer, but what motive would he have had to kill Diane? Maybe Australia mob involvement, and it was just business?

  6. From ABBEY

    Personally, I like the Sam character and am sorry to see him leave.

    This Heather and Maulcum are a total waste of screen time. Happy to see them leave.

  7. From AMANDA

    Personally, I like the Sam character and am sorry to see him leave.

    This Heather and Maulcum are a total waste of screeen time. They need to leave and have a re-cast.

  8. From PLL

    I want Heather to leave, as well as Colin. This heather cannot act, therefore, the world would better without her. Colin is a bad man, and whenever I see Tristan and Genie Frances together in a scene, I cannot help but to think of Robert Scorpio and Laura Spencer of GH. (their former roles) Robert and Laura are opposites of Colin and Genevieve, until I secretly laugh, because I never thought that neither actor had it them to play characters so mean and hateful. now if Tony Geary were to appear on Y&R, I would really be busting a gut, LOL. As for Malcolm, I still see him as Eddie Winslow of Family Matters where he was the stupid one in the family. Malcolm refuses to leave Neil alone for what happened between the two of them about Lilly, who is stupid enough to go back to Caine.

  9. From Tl

    Malcolm needs to leave a take Sophia with him. Both actors are terrible on the show. Their acting is cringe worthy.

    By the way, Nikki killed Diane. It’s so obvious

  10. From Virginia Robertson

    I truly agree that this guy that plays Malcom is recasted with the wrong players. It’s almost like one bad turn deserves another,the young lady that plays Sophia could also be recasted she overacts her part making it quite unreal.My vote would be Deacon as the killer.

  11. From donna

    THANK YOU YR for canning that girl that plays heather! that girl is the worst actress i have seen on this show ever…well her and that guy that plays malcom..omg those two are the worst very worst of the worst. i am not a actor but have done much better as a extra in movies than these two combined. they are the worst that girls need acting lesson. or just find a job as a cashier or something THANK YOU FOR CANNING THESE TWO!!! thank you thank you thank you!

  12. From cupcake

    I wanted to vote for all 3 of them…I do not like either of them. I am so happy that Heather is out of there. I loved the old Heather. I don’t want to see the role go away, just this Heather. And there will never be another Malcolm like Shemar Moore. I don’t think he would ever come back….but until he does, they need to do away with the Malcolm role, in my opinion. And as for Sam, he is cool, but not for Sharon or Vikki…idk if he really fits in on Y&R. sorry to say that. But I love, love,love my Y&R. Best show on day time. Love ya :-)

  13. From Pushin It

    Sam is one of the most boring characters that has ever hit the soaps. Be glad when Sharon says her so longs and comes back to GC where she belongs!!!

  14. From Super star

    Please get rid of Jeannie Francis. Gosh she is so annoying. What a —acting job she is doing.

  15. From WildwomanJ

    Has Sam stopped filming yet on Y&R? I hope so as he was very boring and I hope his time is done. I figure they will bring Sharon back and she may mention the good by but we probably wont see him again.

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