General Hospital Weekly Summary For September 12-16.

Back and forth in Port Charles.

Skye told Edward all about Anthony’s plans for Tracy and ELQ. Luke cropped up just as Blaze was about to leave town. She made it clear that she wouldn’t be his ticket out of his problems. After she left, he continued to lurk and eavesdrop. Spinelli also returned, if only to his old personality, and could scarcely recall details of his other life. As he dug around for dirt on the bakery, Maxie went there to dig in the dumpster for Sam’s engagement ring. Anthony’s goons caught her. Meanwhile, Lucky was detoxing and checking his phone messages. An urgent message from Liz had a clue about the bakery. Later, Jason was happy to see Spinelli back to his old self and asked him to be his best man. Spinelli sprinted off to help Lucky. While he followed a trail of frosting left by Maxie, Lucky stumbled into the bakery’s kitchen and discovered the white powder inside wasn’t icing sugar after all. Spinelli managed to track down Maxie, just as she was trying to escape from her captors.

Shawn had to prevent another fight between Sonny and Carly. The mobster stomped away, only to overhear Molly telling Sam that the bone fragment in Kristina’s spine must have been because of the car bomb that Sonny almost killed her with. Molly then told Johnny about her sister’s condition. After he offered his help, Sonny showed up and started threatening him with a gun. Olivia arrived and talked Sonny down, though she needed to use a gun to do it. He stalked off to order a hit on Johnny and Olivia told her ex to take the high road. Back at the hospital, Molly was distraught about her sister but got some comfort from Shawn. After that, Jason put him in charge of babysitting Carly and Sonny, which the mob boss wasn’t thrilled to hear about.

Anthony’s goon told him he had to abduct Liz because she was following him. The mobster was annoyed and then paid Tracy a visit to discuss Gino. After he left with some threats, Lulu showed up to complain about Dante. Tracy told her to get over herself. Meanwhile, Dante questioned Anthony and Johnny about what’s been going on. They filled him in on his father’s latest threats and violence. Over at the hospital, Kristina had her surgery. Johnny dropped in to check on Kristina, who was blaming her father for her condition. Sonny showed up for another angry outburst at Johnny. Kristina gave him the boot. When Matt checked in on her, he discovered that she’d lost the feeling in her right foot.

Half naked Shawn caught Carly snooping in his room. He informed her that he was working for Jason now. He went to see Sonny for orders, but the mob boss said he was useless because of his PTSD. Shawn said only Jason could fire him. Meanwhile, Kate returned to town and started barking orders. Olivia raced over to see her and begged her to try and pull Sonny back from the edge. Kate refused to believe he was her problem anymore. She went to see him anyway, but left before they could speak since Dante showed up to argue with his father about his latest alleged crimes. Kate returned to work to bicker with Olivia before returning to Sonny’s to face him.

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