General Hospital Weekly Summary For September 19-23.

Surprise wedding.

Spinelli rushed to Maxie’s rescue and fought off the baker. As they kissed, the baker lunged at them again, only to be shot by an unseen Johnny. Meanwhile, Lucky saw Liz running from her captor. After he shot the goon, he vowed revenge. The cop met up with Maxie and Spinelli as they searched for the engagement ring they’d lost again. Mac had a lot of questions about what had been going on. Dante covered for Lucky and Liz. Across town, Luke secretly watched as Anthony had Tracy over for a dance and a chat about Gino. He went to check on Skye before she left town. Back at the restaurant, Johnny showed up after killing off all of his father’s remaining accomplices.

Dante told his mom that he was planning to propose to Lulu. He managed to track her down at the Star just as she was asking Ethan to help her vanish. Dante took her to a rooftop and popped the question. She wasn’t sure and needed to think about it. She ran off and asked Maxie for advice. Lulu decided to go for it and recruited her brother to help her make a big show of her acceptance.

Kate lashed out at Sonny and slapped him before they rehashed their history. Over at the hospital, Patrick and Carly discussed whether she would ever be able to let Jason go. He walked off only to find Sonny attacking Matt, accusing him of screwing up Kristina’s surgery. Matt went to check on his patient as Kate was giving her a gift. Sonny then barged in and offered to take her away. He started calming things in the family. Alexis wasn’t won over though. Ethan dropped by to see Krissy. When he touched her leg, the feeling returned. Sonny dropped in to apologize to Kate for his behavior. He invited her to Jason’s wedding. She reminded him that she got shot the last time they were at a wedding together. Meanwhile, Johnny arranged for one of his goons to plant something in Sonny’s warehouse. When he went over himself, Dante showed up. He hid and Anthony arrived. Shots were fired.

Shawn cooked dinner for Carly as she moped. They danced. The next day she cleared out Jax’s office and he made it clear that he was only spending time with her because he was paid to. Carly went off to see Sam and assured her that she wouldn’t try to ruin the wedding. All of Maxie’s plans for the ceremony kept falling apart. Franco heard about the wedding and was upset that he wasn’t invited. Meanwhile, Edward gave Jason Lila’s ring to give to Sam and then Liz stopped by to wish him well. Things continued to go wrong with the wedding. Jason even saw Sam in her dress. She was fed up with all the wedding chaos. He took her hand and they rode on his bike to a little Chinese restaurant. As they told one of the owners about their problems, he explained that he was legally allowed to marry them so they did the ceremony there and then. After they spent their first night together as a married couple, Maxie called and ordered them to the church. All her plans continued to crumble as the guests arrived. The couple showed up to explain that they we already married then took their guests back to the Chinese restaurant. Franco watched by surveillance and danced with Sam’s dress after stealing it.

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