Mary Beth Evans Returns To Days Of Our Lives.

Back in town.

Along with all of the other veterans returning this fall, it turns out that Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) will also be back for a stint. Her character returns to town to give Caroline (Peggy McCay) some help at the pub. Evans will be on the set to start shooting on September 23.

Look for her to start appearing in episodes around December 15.

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  1. From cliffdiver1119

    Kayla is a doctor… and she’s coming back to help around the Pub?

  2. From SandyGram

    I’m with you cliffdiver….Kayla should be taking Carly’s place at the Hospital. Or maybe not, that would be to close to the soon to be not so attached Daniel when Jack comes back. Would Kyla ever cheat on Steve? And is she bringing Joey with her or will it be another Brady baby with little time with their mommy?

  3. From Doris JJ

    According to another site, she is bring Joey with her. But, will the baby (born 2008) be 3 or 16?

  4. From Brenda

    He will be old enough to interact with Chad and Will.When Marlana and John got home from their honeymoon Brady and Belle had morphed into teenagers from four and three year old children. Marlana looked at Belle and said”Is it just me or have you grown”? Only time anything was ever mentioned about the “growth spurt”.

  5. From pattypat

    I am so happy to see Kayla return to Days. Guess what? My son and daughter-in-law named their daughter who is now 11 years old Kayla Elizabeth after the character. teh show has gotten kind of stale and I am glad to see some old familiar faces. Can’t wait for the new storylines.

  6. From CM

    Kayla without Steve sucks. Too bad my fav couple were completely wasted in ridiculous storylines a few years back when they returned.
    Love the old favs returning…but I wish they’d keep Chloe and pair her with Brady again…great couple…and anything is better than Sonny, Chad, and Will’s lame “facebook” venture storyline…”Touch the Sky” anyone? Maybe Jeremy Horton can be their angel investor.

  7. From Justin

    blah blah blah CM…all you do is bitch about the Will/Sonny storyline. You need to open your eyes, grow up and get over it and learn to not be so judgemental…I don’t think you have any idea how sad you look when you continously post about it. *gah*

  8. From Mickey

    I do not care to see Kayla back. I LOVED her back in the day but the last few times she was back, I hated the character she played. Perhaps that is the fault of the writers so they better giver her a better story this time.

    As for Will,Sonny, and Chad…I like that we have some young people on the show. The show cannot grow without them. But I am finding the “internet site” story boring unless they have plans on taking it somewhere.These guys have potential for big stories so I hope the writers will make that happen.

  9. From Lee

    Kayla= BORING!!!!!!!!! I also agree with you Justin….CM sounds ridiculous.

  10. From CHRIS

    I hope she doesn’t keep making that face again…that one were she looks like she has something sour in her mouth. She annoyed me that last time back, too preachy and high and mighty. As far as the Will/Sonny storyline – I still thing the story would be better w/Chad & Sonny, what better way to fuel a family fued between the Kiriakis’ and the Dimera’s than to have the 2 guys be involved romantically — can’t you just see Victors head spin and Stefano pop a vein? Waaaaay better and more entertaining and more furture story lines if Chad & Sonny were together. Honestly, who cares if it’s Will w/Sonny — I don’t see that having future potential.

  11. From Mickey

    @Lee…I agree on all accounts.

    @CHRIS…WOW, you should be one of the writers. I really like Chad and would hate for him to be gay as he looks good with the ladies. But that would make sure an interesting storyline.
    As for Will’s character, it wouldn’t be surprising if he were gay. He was alway weird and flakey anyway so gay would not be any different.
    But I love where you are going with the Chad and Sonny thing, even if it was just a short fling.

  12. From fan

    I have been watching the show since Kayla was first introduced. I have alway found the character boring and annoying- even back in the day. It would be more interesting if the Kimberly character would return.

  13. From Lynne

    I actually named my daughter Kayla. My favorite characters since the 80s were Steve and Kayla…especially Steve. I named my daughter that because I just liked the name and that is the first time I ever heard it. Anyway, I don’t actually care about Kayla’s return if Steve isn’t coming with her. Sounds like her coming back is temporary. I hope it is anyway because Stephen Nicols is on another soap and won’t be returning and I don’t want to see them break up Patch and Kayla like they did Jack and Jennifer. Not that I really care about Jack and Jennifer. Its just that they ruin a character and a storyline by just breaking people up because they aren’t on the show

  14. From Lynne

    I wanted to comment about how they age kids on this show. In real time wouldn’t EJ be a teenager or at least in his 20s? Jack and Jennifer left for the island one summer and Abby was 10 years old and they came back and she was almost in college? Where is JJ…wouldn’t he be just 5 or 6 yrs. old now? I remember watching when Eric and Sammi were just kids who showed up at weddings and its eemed like a minute later they were in their 20s with their own storylines. I remember watching when Shawn D. was born and Belle wasn’t they are the same age. There isn’t that much age difference between Sami and Belle but Sami changed the DNA results….at what…the age of 10? I guess we shouldn’t expect soaps to realistic but really?

  15. From Justin

    They tend to age the younger kids to get them involved in storylines. EJ was born in the late 90′s when Eileen Davidson was on DAYS as Kristen/Susan/Mary/Thomas/Penelope. Eric/Sami were aged as well but not as much because Sami was on screen as a teenager where EJ came back all grown up. Belle was aged to Shawn D’s age because Days had a different writing team and brought in the generation X group, ie: Shawn/Bell/Mimi/Phillip/Chloe/Rex/Cassie/Jan etc. Those were the good ole days. Those actors worked well together and they had great storylines. Hopefully Mimi/Phillip/Chloe/Sean D/ Bell all come back.

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