Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For October 21.

Cookie Date.

Jack takes Jenn to the pub. He explains that it’s closed for a private party… for them. He shows her in and points to a table covered with cookies and decorations. He explains they are part of their date. They’re going to decorate them and give them to children in the hospital for Halloween. She’s surprised he would come up with this. “You’re meeting a brand new guy,” he says. He doesn’t want a ‘do-over’ he wants a ‘do-better’. Jack confesses that the ‘cookie date’ is about more than just a date. As they decorate, he tells her about a little boy he met in Afghanistan. He met a lot of kids with no family or future. Seeing how upset he is, she suggests he write it down. Although he’ll never forget what he saw, he could never turn it into a story. They rehash how he nearly cost Abby her life once. After they deliver the cookies to the kids, she talks about how great it was. All of this reminded her of her grandpa.

Bo drops by the penthouse to see John and Marlena. He breaks the news that Rafe has been fired for helping them. John blames himself and pouts. Bo says they’re just lucky this came out now. He explains that he’s taking over the investigation. John sighs. The cop explains how good the evidence is. “The evidence is worthless!” the doctor declares. Bo assures John he will never turn against him. They hug. After Bo leaves, they teleconference with Carrie. She explains that Rafe tipped her off about a witness and she’s meeting with him. After she signs off, John and Marlena get optimistic. She has a shower and he gets out the strawberries and whipped cream. She takes the hint and he begins inhaling her. As he molests her robe, she feeds him and says it feels like the first time. He can’t remember the last time. As he licks her shoulder, she gasps and unbuttons him. After he lights the candles, they strip down. She wraps up in a sheet and they have soft focus sex.

Hope shows up at the mansion. Maggie is obsessing about her child. Mel pops in babbling about the wedding. The redhead is distraught and can’t hide her news anymore. Sitting Mel down, Maggie tells her the story of the eggs and Alice’s letter. They decide to bring Mel with them. Moments later, they are in the lawyer, Erin Hewitt’s, office. Erin explains that she can’t explain. Maggie tells her she’s in agony. Taking out the files and placing them on the desk, she says she can’t tell them anything and then announces she’s leaving them alone for a few minutes. They start rifling through the files. The cops find what they’ve been looking for – the name of the fertility clinic.

Sami heads home with Austin. When they go inside, Rafe is drinking. He punches Austin and accuses him of getting him fired. Sami’s confused. Her husband explains and repeats his accusation. Austin repeats his defense. He doesn’t know why Rafe is so interested in having some kind of relationship with Carrie. Sami has the same question. Rafe has no regrets or apologies for what he did. He did all of this for family. Sami has to get between them when Austin gets smug. “So you’re on his side?” Rafe accuses. She snaps and rubs it in Rafe’s face that he just lost his job. Sami apologizes for saying that. He walks out. Sami cries. Rafe goes to the pub for a pint. His wife crashes the party to apologize again. He apologizes back. Austin strolls in and tells them that his hotel room is no longer available and there’s nowhere else to stay. “Staying with you guys might be the only option,” he says.

Salem Spoilers for Monday’s Days Of Our Lives:

“You want to stay with us after getting me fired? You gotta be kidding me,” Rafe snipes.

“You can at least pretend to be happy about this,” Sami complains to Rafe.

A half naked Austin falls on Sami.

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  1. From missy

    Love Jack & Jennifer bk together, they def have a long history & def chemistry together. Love Daniel, def not be her lover. go Jack & Jennifer def a fan let Abigail, forgive her dad. bring them bk on track PLEASE ?

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    No,I don’t. Go back to the first page please. Ugh

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    missy, ditto all the way

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