Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 10-14.

Fighting for your reputation.

Daniel shows up at Jennifer’s and discovers Jack has been staying there. Although he’s told about Jack being kidnapped, the doctor still holds the bearded one responsible for walking out on his family. Jenn breaks up the battle and asks the men to leave so she can figure things out. Meanwhile, Chad is trying to cheer Abby up. Jack discovers she’s dating a DiMera and shows up to put his foot down. She doesn’t appreciate him parenting only when it suits him. Dejected, he mopes off. Jenn finds him and he admits he’s been a lousy father. She assures him that not all DiMeras are evil. He asks if she could ever forgive him but Jenn doesn’t want to be rushed and needs more time. Jack promises that he’s changed. Later, Daniel goes to see Jenn to remind her that he still loves her. She has to admit that she’s conflicted and still has feelings for Jack.

Sami sleeps in and nearly misses work. She assures Rafe that she can handle it and has no problem spending less time with the kids. She’s miffed to learn that EJ is launching a class action suit against John. The tension gets thick for Austin and Carrie as they bicker about the case. Rafe suggests that Austin get away from it to save his marriage. John continues to insist he’s innocent, although his memories start telling a different story. He asks Marlena for a divorce to protect the family. She refuses to step away from him. Meanwhile, Austin unearths more evidence damning John. There are even photos showing him committing crimes but John insists that he’s being set up by Stefano. As the evidence against John continues to pile up, Marlena goes off to confront Stefano.

Bo and Hope meet Alice’s secret attorney, who hands them some of Alice’s less confidential papers. The cops decide that Alice must have been helping someone in need. They discover that Alice had been investigating Maggie and sent her a letter before she died. Since Maggie never received it, the cops begin searching for it. Meanwhile, Mel helps Maggie plan her wedding. The redhead has lunch with Victor to discuss the shindig and she admits that she misses all of her children.

Kate and Madison continue to battle for territory. Kate fumes when Madison rents space in the square and brings in Nate Berkus. She decides to steal Madison’s Japanese distribution deal but her rival is already one step ahead of her. Brady is impressed by how conniving Madison is. She makes it clear to him that she doesn’t fool around with her business partners, but then confuses things by getting a little too physically close to him.

Nicole gets Elvis a TV interview. He’s annoyed that it ends up including Abe. After lashing out at Nicole, he uses the interview to make his rival look bad. He paints Abe as an accomplice to John and Abe stands up for his friend. This leads to bad press for the mayor.

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  1. From SandyGram

    I hate it when the administration deletes our posts! Did you hear me admin??????

    If you have an issue with a post you feel has been removed, please contact us contact – at- I don’t recall deleting your posts but if they do not meet guidelines I will remove at will – this is as per guidelines. Admin

  2. From SandyGram

    Well that’s a nice way to start this new section….good message wrong place. I’m so embarrassed! Sorry!

  3. From SandyGram

    Ummm…let me think, Abigail is in College, over 18 and Jack wants to put his foot down about her dating Chad, a DiMera? Step back Dad, thanks for your input but it’s Abby’s decision.

    So what’s new, EJ is launching a class action suit against John. Just when is he going to have time to run DiMera Industries, run for Mayor and be a Lawyer? A multi-tasker for sure. And he’s wooing Nicole.

    Alice had a secret attorney and a secret investigation of Maggie…very intriguing.

    Yeah….Nate is coming to Salem to decorate Madison’s offices. Maybe Kate could bring in David Bromstand from HGTV my other favorite designer.

  4. From Krystyna

    Oh my word, what now with the DiMeras…. this is so ridiculous. Love how they brought some oldies back DONT like what they have started with them… They need to bring Shawn and Belle back. How long does it take to sail around the world? I really REALLY hope EJ loses the election b/c if he doesn’t we all know that days is gonna be crappy as a DiMera only world. Im curious to find out the thing about Maggie tho. Would also LOVE to ee Jen and Jacks son back home not sent off somewhere he’s like what 6? Also would like for Dr Dan to cool off from the ladies for a while and find him someone else. Cmon Days, things are falling apart I think.

  5. From Cindy

    That’s okay Sandygram. I once sent an email to my boss complaining about her. Oops! Sometimes frustration gets the best of us.

    I am so happy that not a single story right now has anyone pregnant with the wrong man’s baby! Lots of new story lines that are not just recycled. Love the returning characters, too! Alice would love that she still has a story!

    I love that EJ might be mayor. I am not a fan of EJami, but think if EJ were mayor it would force the Brady’s to do things by the book and act like real cops. It would create a good checks and balance system that is lacking now. “The good guys” now do whatever they want.

    Fun fun!!

  6. From Sam

    No Sonny/Will next week? :(

  7. From Grandma Judy

    Just watched my DVR of today’s show. Ah, so EJ just wants people to THINK he has redeemed himself?! I am just so so shocked!!!!

    I have a favorable first impression of Madison. Comical scenes with her and Brady. Since the spoilers say there will be a romantic interest there, don’t you imagine she will be receiving one of those long stemmed roses she talked about?! I can’t wait for Madison to face off with Kate!

    Poor John. He’s not the same John I remember. Hope they snap him back to himself real quick! I’m doubting he has done what the authorities say he did.

  8. From Lisa

    I have to laugh when I hear “Welcome Back” to the returning stars! Who in their right mind would return to Salem???

    If I had a chance to get away from the DiMeras, the Vivians, the burying alive, the backstabbing, the lies and everything else crazy under the sun, I would run like hell! :)

    I already see a romance brewing between Madison and Brady. She kinda reminds me of Nicole but not as pretty.

    Glad that Taylor is gone! Yuck!

  9. From gerri

    1st impression of Madison,I like,and look forward to see how strong a relationship,with Brady,occurs.Best part will be being,equal with the”"B”"Kate,and seeing her finally having to face
    some Karma……

    Not surprised with anything that comes out of EJ’S mouth,.playing dirty and lying,Is .after all his”calling card”"But this very typical of Politicans,hopefully Abe can become just as Nasty.
    but overall at present time,The writers have improved so much,actually look forward to watching each day…..

  10. From patty

    What is nice about the new Days is that it’s not as predictable as it was so it’s hard to guess what the storylines are leading up to…unless you read the spoilers of course.
    I’m loving Madison so far and I love watching her sticking it to Kate the Snake. A romance with Brady should be fun to watch too.
    I think John’s mind has been altered once too many times and it is now not working as it should, something is off with him.
    Jack is starting to grow on me again and I think Jen is starting to soften up so goodbye Dr.Dan,time to move on to your next female patient.

  11. From Robb

    I love the new story lines and the returning characters. I agree I love that Alice still has a story! I LOVE Will coming out of the closet, lets face it, it IS reality that Salem would have Gay people!! I want to know why Roman can’t find a relationship and how Carolyn is dealing with Victor/Maggie’s engagement.

  12. From dc

    well, i don’t even like ej running for mayor and if anyone votes for him they should be shot.. after all everyone in salem knows how he is, maybe he’s gonna buy some votes..
    i would love to see shawn and belle back too.. i am really not liking this situation with jack, daniel and jennifer. i wish they had not brought him back.. and yea, abigail is old enough that her father should have no say in who she dates.. chad is good for her.. and daniel is good for jennifer.
    i’m anxious to see what these letters mrs horton left behind are about..

  13. From Kat

    It is very hard for any parent to learn, that when Kids are grown up, that you can not tell them What To Do,
    but you should never ever stop telling them what you think about any given situation, and that comes right from my counselor, that I saw when my son/Daughter in law went through a break up, and my grandson 4 yrs.old/ and so many were so hurt in the process, by the way they were all living in my house, waiting for their new to be built and finished, sold their home to quick, 2 weeks…..
    Give them your opinion but not orders…..

    Jack and Jen are soulmates, always have been and always will be.
    I have watched them for a long long time, yes, on and off,
    but so have Bo and Hope, dead, alive, with other people, you name it,
    so have Marlena and John/Roman,
    come on, even Maggie and Mickey had their on and offs,

    Jack loves Jennifer and would give his life for Jenn and his children,
    still waiting for him to say, where is my boy????????????????????
    Dr. Dan, I would not put all my money on this guy, women have come and gone in his life, like changing a shirt,
    funny, EJ never seems to change the pink one….
    Jack is quirky, but somehow I do think he does love Jennifer with all his heart, goofy and all.
    John is a big mistery, very deep, but like I said he always has been a big mistery.
    Maybe Doc and Roman, get a little friendly again, who knows for a little while at least..
    Alice, what have you been up too in the past…looking forward to finding out.
    Maggie what is going on with you, are another silent deep water?????
    New writers, give us thrills, mistery, intrigue, corporate espionage, etc. love it better, than all the old brainwashing, kidnapping and old crap….
    Mr. Mayor I presume, Mr. Elvis DiMera,, well at least all of downtown will not be run by the Brady’s anymore…. that’s good,
    that was a joke anymore, for to long.

  14. From Mark

    I am so tired of the Dimeras getting away with murder. They never pay for anything that they have done Now your messing around with John AGAIN. Come on guys lets get the Dimeras once and for all. If I lived in Salem and Days was real I would protest everything the Dimeras do.

  15. From Cougar

    Hands down best line of the day pn Days and probably the rest of the week: Nicole telling Kate the snake to go sun herself on a rock. Mw thinks Nicole should join other fellow snakes favorite place this time of year, a nice warm rock.
    We had a rattle snake warmming it self on our patio. My cats we circling it got it to rattling. Freak out moment for me
    Jack & Jen always were a wild card couple and belong together. Once again Jack has proven himself misguided in his actions, thinking to spare Jen & just disapear on assignemnt. Shame on you Jack! He should have told Jen before he went underground. Before he can win her back he’s really got to make things up to her.

  16. From sarah

    well i think john is gulty of something thats for sure hes starting to remember something… i feel bad for dr jonas thats for sure. katee ahh god i hate her but hey i think her line well be a better out come then madisons ..
    i think ej has feelings for nicole ..
    also i think will is going to turn out gayy i dont know why but i have this feellinn.. ppoor melanie always ends up by her self she deserves a good guy.. hmm maggie n victor so cutee

  17. From Annette

    Thank goodness Julie isn’t calling Alice, “Gran”. No one ever called her Gran til the Princess Gina s/l. Suddenly, everyone calls her Gran all the time. Bring back “Grandma” that’s what they called her for most of their lives….

  18. From BBow

    The best sentence in the whole spoilers section is where it says Sami says she “has no problem spending less time with the kids.” Of course she doesn’t, she is never with them anyway.

    As for the last couple of episodes, I am starting to warm up to Jack and Jennifer again. The chemistry between these two actors is great and it just isn’t there with Dan and Jen. Honestly, I don’t think it is there with Dan and anyone yet, except MAYBE Chloe. The only reason I am okay with him being on here, and probably being Maggie’s son, is that it makes Melanie Maggie’s granddaughter. If it were not for Melanie, I would have no use for Dr. Dan and his patient romancing ways. I know Jack was stupid, but I still like seeing him with Jennifer. They just fit to me, even though I was saying I preferred her with Frankie. I think I had forgotten how much Mellissa Reeves and Matt Ashford own the screen together.

    Sami and Rafe, who I use to like (though not near as much as Lumi), are just getting on my nerves. She is a grown woman and should have the guts to just tell her husband that she is going on a job interview; however, she should also have the sense to respect his opinion and REALLY listen to it. That being said, Rafe needs to accept that she is his wife and not his slave. Once he shares his opinion, he needs to listen to hers. They are a married couple and a decision about her applying for this job should have been made together, with both of them sharing their opinions. Though, in the defense of Sami, Rafe knew who she was when he married her, so how can he act annoyed like he didn’t know she was going to do exactly what she wanted anyway.

    Carrie and Austin…what can I say, these two just bore me. They always have. I was hoping it would be different with Patrick Muldoon in the role since he at least looks intelligent and not like a sad little puppy dog whose IQ is still in the double digits. I at least found Carrie and Mike interesting. I honestly have never preferred Austin with anyone. Of all his romances that I have seen on the show I like Sami better with Lucas, Brandon, or Rafe; I liked Carrie better with Mike; I liked Greta better with Eric; and I liked Nicole better with EJ, Brady, or Eric. It is not that he is a bad character, just not real interesting to me.

    Speaking of Eric, how about we get he, Rex, and Cassie back on the screen. How interesting would it be if all of Roman’s kids were there at one time. Plus, I don’t think we have ever seen Rex and Cassie with Austin either, so that is more sibling pairs. I remember right before Eric Winter left, he and Julie Pinson had a couple of nice scenes as Rex and Billie. It was nice to see the families actually come together. Besides, maybe the more of Kate’s kids that are there, the better she might behave.

    Okay, I am getting way off topic. So, here is my last topic. WHY would Alice be investigating Maggie? What cause could there be for that? What she trying to make sure Maggie was worthy of being the Horton matriarch? I just don’t like this side. Alice loved Maggie like a daughter; the writers are going to have to do quite a bit of work to make me believe Alice would investigate her, or that she would have discovered she had a child and not told her. What if Victor knew though? What if he and Maggie had something WAY back in the past that she doesn’t remember? What if he is Daniel’s biological father and, rather than raise him himself, he had his friends adopt him and he became the godfather. Would he remember it was Maggie who he got pregnant and, if she somehow blocked it out, never told her or Daniel about it? It couldn’t be that much different from the way they made Rex and Cassie Kate and Roman’s kids 18 years after they were born.

  19. From NeeNee

    Hmmmm . . . whatever could pure-as-the-driven-snow Maggie have been doing that was worthy of investigation??

    Maybe a series of flashbacks will show that—oh, I don’t know— she told Alice she was having financial troubles with Chez Rouge and needed money to keep it afloat. So Alice quietly funded the restaurant for several years and finally hired a P.I. to investigate.

    In reality, Maggie was funneling all the money to her daughter, Sarah (artifically-inseminated child thought to be Dr. Evan Whyland’s back in the early 1980′s, but actually Neil Curtis’). Sarah and her sister, Melissa, left Salem years ago for Nashville to pursue a career in country music.

    However, Melissa fell in love with an Aussie charmer who was . . . Quinn! Same m.o. as Chloe: sleep with her a few times and then commandeer her for his stable of girls. Melissa ended up pregnant & pleaded to keep her son and get out of the business. Quinn agreed to her keeping the baby, but she would have to keep turning tricks. Several years ago, Quinn discovered Melissa had a Horton pedigree and decided he could use Melissa as a source for additional cash.

    When Nathan started medical school, Quinn threatened to tell him & the rest of the Hortons what Melissa’s real job was, unless the cash kept coming.

    Sarah found out her sister’s secret and pleaded with Maggie for money to assure Quinn’s silence. Maggie has no idea that Quinn is the culprit.

    Now wouldn’t this scenario help bring Nathan back to Salem for Melanie?? Except Quinn is supposed to be rehabilitated . . .

  20. From Shanon

    I’m enjoying the new storylines, particularly the one involving Madison. Love this character. Finally a strong, successful younger woman who can stand up to Kate and doesn’t mess around when it comes to business. I like that she told Victor “you didn’t pull one over on me”. I like the EJ vs. Abe for mayor storyline also. It is something different and gives Lexi something to do besides hang around the hospital. Please wrap up this Carrie, Austin storyline. They are plain boring. Split up Daniel and Jennifer also. She belongs with Jack and always has. Daniel has had plenty of women and will find another. Nicole and EJ work well together and EJ is right they are the only ones who truly understand each other.

  21. From NeeNee

    Annette, thanks for bringing up the “Gran” thing. That always bugged me! Whoever the writers were during that time ignorantly changed that little bit of character history. Yeah, I guess saying “Gran” was supposed to be more hip than “Grandma.” But it was phony & fake and Hope came off as sounding elitist.

    P.S. Captchas are getting ridiculous! This was mine, I kid you not: C* (S2n-1., onaahea

  22. From jolie

    BBow, I was with you until you brought up that Daniel was Mags and Vic’s son. That would indeed make Mel Maggie’s granddaughter and I can think of nothing better, except that she married Phillip, Victor’s son. Sorry, I hated to throw a monkey wrench in your sequence there because it was well thought out.

  23. From Kat

    The writers or their helpers, must be reading our blogs,
    they got the Snake remarks, about Kate….
    Vic and Maggie, being Dr.Dan’s parents, that is a stretch to far, even for a soap. So right jolie, that would meand that Melanie married her Uncle Phil and got prego,well that has happened before, Marie married her own brother Tom Jr.
    As long as I can remember anyway…. Hope has called Alice “Gran”.
    Have not seen enough of Madison yet, to liker her or not… the jury is still out.
    It will not help Abe in the election, since Lexie was the one Who so Proudly pointd out, that it was Her Husband, who put the pension fund money into Basic Black, as I pointed out right after that speech, that remark could very well sink Abe’s boat….
    I thought Lexie talked to much anyway, it was such a long speech, that could put you to sleep, like EJ, remember when VP Biden fell asleep when Pres.Obama was talking.
    Must be having something to do with politics, that puts them to sleep.
    Have to go and watch today’s show….

  24. From Grandma Judy

    Kat, – Like you, I remember Hope always calling Alice “Gran”, – like from way back before Hope and Bo were married, she called Alice “Gran”. One of my friend’s grandchildren, ranging in age from 9 to 20, all call her “Gran”. I think it’s rather sweet.

    I just have to tell you all what a gorgeous day it is here in southern Michigan. Not a cloud in the sky and temp is 72 headed for 75. Supposed to be like this thru the next several days. The woods in back of us is all shades of light green, yellow, red, and orange. What a picture! And even better with a deer and her fawn standing out there yesterday morning!

  25. From SandyGram

    News of James Scott contract negotiations:

    From SoapOperaFan, Quote:
    Updated: October 5.

    Soap Opera Digest has confirmed that James Scott (EJ) and “DOOL” have reached an agreement. The actor has signed a one-year deal that will keep him on the series until April 2013.

  26. From BBow

    #22- Jolie, you are right. I forgot about Melanie marrying Phillip and getting pregant. However, like Kat said, it wouldn’t be the first time it has happened. At least the baby of incest wouldn’t have been born. However, now that you reminded me of that, I really hope the writers don’t go there. Melanie has had to deal with enough without learning she married and got pregnany by her uncle. So, who could the father be? Is it possible at all that Micky wasn’t sterile and he and Maggie had a child? Of course, that makes Daniel and Jennifer related, which gets gross (but again, breaks them up). I don’t see how that could fit into the timeline though. If the writers are true to the character of Maggie, I don’t see her just giving up a child for adoption and never mentioning it to anyone after all this time. There has to be some type of traumatic reason that has made her forget. So what could have happened? Perhaps this all took place before she ever even came on the show and the father is a character we don’t even know. I still want to know what made Alice investigate her? Obviously something happened 20-30 years ago that made Alice investigate her, but why would Alice never tell Maggie or pay to keep it covered up? Are they going to steal the Kendall Hart AMC backstory and say that Maggie was raped, got pregnant, then blocked the entire incident from her mind? Did Alice find out but not want to cause Maggie any more pain by letting her be reminded of it? I will never believe Alice did something out of spite, so the writers better come up with a good story for this. You don’t mess up the memory of a beloved character like her. I read a quote once that said “you can tangle with Stephano, you can go toe to toe with Victor, but NO ONE messes with Alice Horton.” With this quote, I tend to agree.

  27. From Kat

    BBOW, since Dr. Dan is at least 40 -45 yrs.old, Maggie had to have him before she met “Marty Hanson” being Mickey on her farm
    She could not walk then,
    so what if she had an accident, was prego at the time, and once she came around, was told that her baby had not survived, and of course she was paralyzed, what if that baby was Dan,
    and much later on somehow Alice found out or was contacted, about the Baby or whatever, let the writers come with a good twist,
    We know Mickey was sterile, that’s how we found out that Mike belonged to Dr. Bill, Who Had raped Dr. Laura Horton (Mickey’s wife) at the hospital one night, remember it well.
    So Alice, what’s UP?????

  28. From SandyGram

    Oct. 04, 2011 Show
    I must admit I do like EJ when he’s being light hearted, his dark side was beginning to ware on me. He’s still being egotistical, selfish and narcissistic, but it’s in a more jovial way. He seemed to lighten up when Nicole came into the room. The back and forth banter was great. He was right in saying Nicole is the only person that really knows him, accepts who he is and could put a positive spin on the DiMera family. I was surprised when he went as far as to say she was the only person he’s ever trusted himself with, or could be himself with. I believe he’s said the same thing, or very similar, to Sami many times when he was trying to make a believer out of her. Then did you hear another big hint to what the future of EJ DiMera may be when Nicole asked him “why are you running for Mayor? Why do you want the national attention”. And with that big arrogant grin he says “Baby Steps my dear Baby Steps”. And lastly, as EJ said himself, he just wants Nicole, as his Publicist, to convince the township the DiMera’s have changed, it doesn’t mean he has. Charming or otherwise dirty rotten scoundrel is so right.

    Now the writers need to work on Kate’s communication skills with her competition. Why can’t the writers make her a little less vulgar? It’s obvious even in this quick glance of Madison she so out classes the Katster. As we’ve heard Brady and Madison will hook up. I say go for it as long as it keeps bring out that big pearly smile. A couple of more meals of eating crow could be just what’s needed to also do away with Brady’s demons.

  29. From SandyGram

    October 05, 2011 Show
    When Kate saw Madison with Brady and Victor she could have spit nails and the longer they stayed engaged her nostrils flared with anger and I even think her blue streak got bluer. Loved Victor with his jibs and jabs at wife number six. Not to mention how great Kate’s come backs were, especially her remark that Brady and Victor mistake cleavage for a business plan, when she has the biggest TA-TA’s of all. And Madison was not short on her own jabs, saying Kate’s product line may be cheaper but then maybe it’s a reflection of the company’s CEO. Kate is going into her ‘mother mode’, she is going to protect her company by digging up any little piece of trash to try and bring Madison down. It’s going to be exciting as long as murder, blackmail, infidelity, etc. is not used in Kate’s destruction plan. And last, color their faces red when Madison called out her new partners for setting up the ‘by chance’ run in with Kate. I don’t think we’ll see them trying to pull the wool over her eyes again.

    Great scene’s in the loft with Sami, Rafe, Will and Gabbi . Squealing and jumping into Rafe’s arms is just what I would expect from Sami after she found out she got the job. And as usual her whole family supported her new adventure. One thing that caught my eye with Gabbi, the writers seem to make a point of Gabbi going back and forth with an angry Blogger. Just a thought, but what if the writers turned this Blogger into a stalker, this would give Gabbi a story line of her own. But I wouldn’t want to see her get hurt in any way.

    At the Pub with Daniel, Melanie and Maggie, it did seem as if the writers are trying to build more of a relationship between Daniel and the beautiful Maggie. Mag’s giving advice to the Danster and Melanie taking it all in. We’re either reading too much into this possibility of mother/son or something is truly cooking!

    Kate Masi (Abigail) did a wonderful job as the angry inconsolable daughter. But I actually felt sorry for Jack until he said ‘he’s going to be a different man, a different father and a different husband’. De Javue of Elvis becoming a better man and we all know how well he’s done at that! Jack will have to tread lightly to regain Abby’s trust, give her space she’ll come around. Now let’s go get JJ!

  30. From jessie

    Days is getting better. and it was so great to see them all dressed up to. it been a long time we saw something like this i just lovedit. kate dress was so beautiful and hopes also. austin and carrie having problems?? and john isnt he a dimera. my mom said he was but is all good

  31. From rose


  32. From Clear

    I hope Madison gives Kate the snake the shovel and gives whatever dirt Kate uncovers back to her with interest!

    I had to fast forward thru the angst w/ Jenn ‘n Jack with Abby. I could not stand listening to him, and think Jenn is nuts to waste any more time on him whether she stays with Dan or not!

    I can’t see Victor being Dan’s father, and wonder if the money went to whoever is his Dad?

    I am glad that John is back, but don’t like the present story line with him jailed and beaten. Why can’t the writers put EJ, Stefano, or Kate Snake into jail and beat them up for the things they have done?

  33. From daisy

    Anyone else think Kate s showing more cleavage a couple of days ago, and the great uplift today was obviously a new “younger” look for Kate? I did like her outfit today, and great makeup. I almost felt sorry for her getting the remarks about her being older, but she was making many threats too.
    I too was trying to remember who the five wives of Victors were.
    I think Madison adds a nice new twist, and will be interesting to see how she and Sami click.
    24 Gramma Judy, your description of the fall weather made me want to paint a picture!

  34. From BBow

    As I watched today’s episode, I have to admit that I LOVED the scenes with Kate, Madison, Victor, and Brady. I wonder how many times they had to cut because the cast was laughing. I could tell they were having fun with the scene. The only thing that just really got me was Kate saying she left Victor for Stefano. She had another husband, Roman, and a fiance, John,in between the two, as well as affairs with Nicholas (though that apparently never happened), EJ, and the guy she hired to kill Victor. She can hardly say she left Victor for Stephano.

    I thought Abigail’s scenes with Jack were great as well. The three of them worked great as a family today. I liked the chemistry.

    Best emotional moment to me, however, belonged to Melanie when Maggie asked her to be her Maid of Honor. Melanie has come a long way since she joined the show and that has had a lot to do with Maggie. I really hope the spoilers/rumors are true because I really want Melanie to be her granddaughter.

  35. From BBow

    #32-Daisy, Maggie said she would be the sixth wife. I know there was Kate, Vivian, and Nicole. I think someone said he married Carly once, is that true? Who else was there?

  36. From Annette

    Hope had called Alice “Grandma” since she was 5 (yeah…..I was watching then….). Jennifer & Julie always called her “Grandma”, too. “Hope” started calling Alice “Gran” during the Princess Gina s/l.

    Hope had “died” in a cage during the “Cruise of Deception” where Isabella Toscano’s (presumed) father killed her. Several years later, “Swamp girl—Greta—appeared & Bo & Billie thought she might be Hope, back from the dead. Then the “Hope” appeared. At first they didn’t know if she was Hope or Princess Gina. There was some connection to John & Carly (through a picture of a birthmark on the back of a woman’s neck—the woman was Carly).

    There was this business with a puzzle box that ONLY Hope & Tom could open (& Tom was dead by this time). Also, there was some question of what Hope called Alice. When Hope could open the box & she started calling Alice, “Gran”, that all was supposed to be the proof that Hope was Hope. After Bo & Hope were re-united, Hope continued to call Alice “Gran” as though she had always done so.

    It bugged me as it never sounded quite right to me. Hope has a tiny bit of an accent (almost seems a little Canadian but I know she’s from MA) & maybe that why I remember her pronunciation of Grandma. Her words also sound “wet” at the end when they turn up the volume on her mike so she said, “Grandma” with kind of a wet, clicking ending to it. (just listen to her closely when she’s talking to Bo & there’s no one else around).

    Years later when Jennifer returned, she was suddenly calling Alice “Gran”, too, as did Julie. All through Jr High & HS (for me), Alice was “Grandma” to those 3 women. It was only after the Gina s/l that it changed. I see now that Julie has gone back to “Grandma”—that just sounds more natural to someone who has watched this soap for over 30 yrs.

  37. From SandyGram

    Victor’s wives are:
    Carly Manning (annulled)
    Vivian Alamain (annulled)
    Kate Roberts (invalid; Vivian tricked Victor into marriage)
    Nicole Walker (invalid; she was legally married to Trent Robbins)
    Vivian Alamain (Wed: May 28, 2010; Divorced: Feb 2011)

  38. From SandyGram

    Now that we’ve seen Madison spar with Kate and Sami has been hired by Mad World Cosmetics….I wonder if Madison knows Kate is Sami’s ‘X’ Mother-In-Law? And, if Madison doesn’t know how will it affect Sami’s job when she does find out? Madison could sure get the dirt on Kate through Sami, but Sami will probably have to hold her tongue because Kate is now a DiMera and EJ has so many things he’s holding over Sami’s head.

  39. From jolie

    SandyGram, I enjoyed reading what all you had to say. One thing, you know Madison has done her homework so she knows exactly who Sami is and might have gone after her for that reason, her ties to everyone is Salem. Plus they are supposed to find out they knew each other in school. Also, the secrets involving the job were just designed to pull Sami in. If Madison knows her, she would know it would be like a moth to a flame. Also she can use Sami because Sami has reasons to want to destroy Kate. And Sami holding her tongue just because Elvis has dirt on her…have you met Sami? She’ll never hold her tongue for any reason. This ought to be a match made in soap opera heaven.

  40. From MAB

    Haven’t been on in a while, just some short & sweet comments from me on this week’s shows:

    SOOOOO happy James Scott is staying with Days. Loving everything going on with EJ…he just needs to get his kids back already…looking forward to some new experiences with him & Nicole. Note – EJ did think he could be himself around Sami at one time, until she got all high & mighty…now he realizes it was really Nicole who let him be himself.

    Enjoying John (& Marlena)…I just hope this s/l is gonna be something big.

    Carrie & Austin, well they haven’t done enough to get a reaction from me yet.

    Jack…pathetic! And not to bash the actor, but he looks horrible even after shaving his beard. He certainly isn’t aging well. Do not like Jen acting like everything’s all of a sudden ok just because of his story. That doesn’t erase what he put her & the kids thru, plus the fact she has moved on with Daniel, and what about Daniel. Is Jen just gonna be stupid and run right back to Jack like nothing happened and drop a man like Daniel who is possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to her? I thought Jen was smarter than that. The interaction between him & Jen was kinda boring to me. It certainly had nothing on his interaction with Abby…now that was a powerful scene. Abby showed him that even tho his story may be true, that it doesn’t excuse him risking his life by taking that assignment.

    Sami & Rafe…nothing new to report…still boring…sick of her acting like a child and him acting like her father. Really don’t care what goes on in the neck of the woods anymore because it’s always the same, boring & unrealistically forced.

    Madison, so far, don’t like her. Looks like I’m gonna be routing for Kate this time around. And I don’t see any chemistry with Madions & Brady at all. In fact, she looks too old for him.

  41. From SandyGram

    #38 MAB
    Just one small question…you are so critical of Rafe relationship with the Sami’s kids…would you rather he ignored them? For me he’s loving, attentive and I’ve never heard him tell them to call him Dad, in fact they call him Rafe. And I have no dought that the kids know that EJ is there real father. I just don’t understand your distain for Rafe.

  42. From Kat

    As long as the writers do Not give a good explanation about little JJ,
    I don’t want to hear any more bitching and complaining from Jennifer or Abby about Jack deserting them, and how all of them suffered him being gone….
    For over 1 year now Jennifer/Abby are in Salem, running around, finding new men, etc.
    but Jennifer does not see, that she, the Mother, should be having this little boy with her. There is No excuse that I could come up with.
    Dr. Dan in the pub, carrying on,
    how he missed all the years with Melanie, he would give anything to have been with her,
    condeming Jack for choosing to spend all this time aways from his, family,
    Dr. Dan, Jenn has all the time in the world for you, but she forgot, that she is a mother to 2 children,
    she has not seen JJ in over a year. Xplain that, Lucy….
    Everybody is so big about Dan,
    well has Dan had to prove yet, and I mean really prove, his love for Jennifer, have bad things happened between them, all we know, Dr. Dan packs it in and runs to the next woman, when things do not go his wife.
    He has not been tested with Jenn, and I would not put my money on Dan,
    Jack, yes he has done so much srewey stuff, but one things has always been a constant, he loves Jenn and his kids.
    I remember when Abby was born, he was there with Jenn, when they were lost, it was Jenn and Jack,
    I get that Jack loves Jenn, and she does love him, she chose him over and over again, so that man is in her heart and soul.
    Jenn prob. fell for Dan, she was alone, Dan saved her life, how many women out there have crushes on their Doctor’s…..
    I just don’t think, Jenn’s feeling for Dr. Dan, are the same as for Jack, they shared to much together, good and bad, and of course 2 children.
    JJ- where are you?
    Writers have your spies read this..
    I agree, Madison did her homework, she knows everyting that goes on in Salem, and Sami IMO, got hired, because she is Sami, and she hates Kate.
    Let’s see how the character of Madison will unfold, then I will chime in.
    Well in a sense, Kate did leave Vic for Stefano,
    she was living in his house at the time, so she left him…..

  43. From Kat

    One more thing,
    let’s not forget that Jack is an Ace investigative reporter,
    and in this upcomping storylines…. Political campain, Investment fraud, corporate intrigue,
    that’s is excactly what will be needed to make the story great, the press, a good reporter, that will dig deep into the misteries, the fraud, the deceptions, and of course, who better than Jack and of course like in the olden days, Jennifer by his side, helping him.
    Now that is what I am looking forward to, Jack and Jenn, digging, investigating, and getting to the truth, about a lot of things, that will be going on in Salem…
    Go get them Jack, with Jenn by your side you can do anything to solve some of those misteries…

  44. From MAB

    #41 Uh, I don’t recall saying anything, anywhere about it being a good thing if Rafe ignored the kids. The problem is simple, and one that I’ve stated numerous times…Rafe needs to know his place when it comes to the kids…that it’s EJ who is the real father here, and when EJ & Sami are discussing the kids, then he needs to butt out and keep his big mouth shut. It would be different if EJ was an abusive, no good father Sami was trying to keep the kids from, but that is not the case. EJ is a good father! Sorry but I don’t trust a dude who comes along out of nowhere and starts planning to keep another man’s children away from him at all costs, and that is what Rafe (& Sami) tried to do which is what started all the mess in the first place. Rafe needs to get over his self. That is how I see it, and so do many others. Sorry, but don’t really care what you think of him. I don’t like him, never will, at least as long as he’s with Sami because her relationship with him has officially ruined her character for me. I thought I would gag yesterday when Sami tried comparing him to John…what a joke! He will never come close to the likes of John Black.

  45. From Cougar

    I know this is like Sunay afternoon arm chair quarter backing but I think Days missed a great opportunity when they brought Jack back skulking around then falling in a cake. Only slightly climatic. He was kidnapped; capitalize on that. Picture this Jen starting to commit to Dr. Feel Good then they get an ominous message with a picture of Jack holding yesterdays news paper under his bearded gaunt face. The message states proof of life and a demand for 1 million dollars. Now that would have been a tremendous return! EJ’s fund raiser to brink back the brave journalist held by the evil taliban growing poppies for the golden triangle drug trade in Afghnastan. This could have been drug out a few weeks prior to releases and his homecoming which would still be very dramatic and conflicting for Jen. Yeah I know its a rip off from the movie Proof of Life but but it would give the actors involved a chance to show off their acting chops. We know they have it in them

  46. From SandyGram

    October 6, 2011 Show
    The scene’s with Carrie and Austin were done nicely to show the conflict between their work and their family lives, with family winning out (as it should be).

    It was inevitable that Nicole would accept EJ’s job offer and wow at a six digit dollar figure, great negotiations Nikki. But she does protest to much it we are to believe its only business. Arianna and James are so hot together it’s like honey dripping from a bee hive hanging in a tree. That move he made to lean over her to pick up a paper took her breath away. Nicole’s plan is to re-invent and humanize EJ building on his strength’s since Abe has corralled the family persona, pointing out after all he doesn’t have his kids. This is leading to something, after all the reporters will dig into EJ’s background asking the question ‘why doesn’t he have shared custody or at least visitation rights’. He’ll have to clean this up some way or it could hurt his campaign.

    For me Lexie’s reaction to EJ running for Mayor was appropriate. Her main issue when talking to EJ outside the Pub was, as family he should have given her the courtesy to tell her first. But as she said his arrogance got in the way. From the look on his face I thought he got the message until he went back inside and told Nicole he hated that he broke his sister’s heart, but he’s still running for Mayor. Now the fundraiser to build how others view the DiMera family, of course it was going to involve John. I can see it coming, EJ will put up with the money to repay those that had lost so much and I call that ‘by off’…he’s going to buy their votes. But could that back fire on EJ that would also be a DiMera making a payoff for a DiMera. I’m loving the new writers so far, much intrigue and just waiting for the adventure.

  47. From BBow

    I was so happy to see Lexie tear into EJ. I know there are plenty who disagree with me on this, and put off what EJ did as just politics, but that is not the case. Lexie is his sister, his family, and that makes it personal. If EJ wants to run, yes, that is just politics, but he owed it to his family to talk to them about it first since he knew it would be shocking. It may not make him a bad person (which I think he is) or a bad politician (which he is clearly not), but it makes him a horrible brother. I am very big on family, and to me, you don’t do things that you know will hurt your family, at least not without a warning. I am not saying that they would have respected his decision, even if he told them his reasons, but it would have been the right thing to do as a brother. Any real person of quality, including a politician, would be a brother first, and a politician second. I actually considered a run for office earlier this year and the first thing I did was talk to family about it because it would have involved them. EJ owed it to Lexie.

    #44- MAB, while I generally agree on most things eith you (except EJ), I have to respectfully disagree about Rafe. I do agree that Sami and EJ should be the primary decision makers; however, Rafe is their stepfather, which means he is part of the family, and one of the adults responsible for those children, as is Nicole. From the opinion of a teacher, when you have children from mixed families it is VERY important that all of the parents are involved in the decision making and the upbringing of the children. I do agree that Rafe steps over the line trying to keep EJ from them, but I disagree that he should “but out.” In fact, at present, EJ voluntarily signed over custody to Sami and Rafe. It was a stupid decision, but until he has custody back, it is more important than ever that the children see Rafe as a parent that they need to listen to, obey, and respect, and one who has their best interests at heart.

  48. From SandyGram

    I think it was last week I posted the following casting call from SoapSheKnows:

    Casting call is out for “Julian” who is described as a 20 to 30-year-old gorgeous, extremely well-built African-American male. Julian is authentic, heroic and incredibly charming without trying. He has an ease and confidence about him that melts just about any woman he encounters. There is a darkness in his past that at times casts a shadow on his otherwise charmed life.

    Now I’ve found out a little tidbit about the role he will be playing. He will be a doctor and be a love interest for Lexie. Why writers we have already gone through two love interests with Lexie Brandon and Tek?

  49. From patty

    Great post BBow!
    I’m still amazed when someone says EJ is a good father, he kidnapped his own daughter and passed her off as dead. HELLO! As for Rafe keeping his big mouth shut, the guy hardly says a word. EJ ,on the other hand,bellows and hollers like a bull. He’s the one who should keep his big mouth. shut.

  50. From daisy

    37 Sandy Gram, thanks for the explanation of Victors wives!
    45 your ideas. I think the writers should use them!
    I can’t imagine what the writers can do to explain JJ s absence..surely it doesn’t cost anything to mention his circumstances and why a Mother and Father would both be away from him.
    Only in Salem can Sami and Nicole get these great jobs with criminal records and no experience/education in the work force!!!

  51. From patsy

    You know why no one likes Sami anymore its because they ruined her charater so you will like Nicole better .Looks like they are winning so to the dival with the EJAMI fanstHEY WON,T PRINT THOS BECAUSE THEY KNOW ITS TRUE

  52. From Kat

    48 SandyGram, that would make it No.4 for Lexie,
    she had a fling with Abe’s brother, with Brandon and Tex, and now you mention possible No. 4.
    And she is telling EJ to respect her husband,
    girl, you do it first, than you tell others to do it….
    I am all for family and more, but I think Lexie just laid it on a little bit to heavy, incl. with Theo, and telling EJ that his kids might not respect how EJ handled the political announcent.
    She should worry a little bit more, how Theo will feel some day about a Mother, that did not know at first who his father was, Abe or Brandon,
    and all the affairs before and after (coming up),
    then she can sit in holy judgement over EJ.
    EJ gave custody of his children to Samantha Not Rafe…
    Rafe has had to big a mouth about the kids in the past, and I never did like that,
    EJ is the father, and Sam is the mother.
    I have never heard EJ hollor and bellow like a bull, now it is statements like that, that just show nothing but silly unjustified hate for the character…
    EJ, took responsibilty for his bad actions and gave the kids to Sami,
    when is Sami ever going to take responsib. for shooting her kids father in the head,
    and Rafe and Will covering for it.
    To me, Rafe is no ACE FBI agent, nor honest lawman, but someone that will bend the law which ever way the wind blows.
    In all the wrongdoings that have happened, by Brady, Sami, Rafe, Will,
    the Only one that stood and took what he had coming is EJ, he gave up his kids, that to me is Sel-inflicted punishment, more than all the other so-called criminal goodie two shoes could and would do.
    They are still floating around as if they were all lily white.
    PS, what will Lexie do with a 20 to 30 year old doctor???????????
    EJ and Nicole, what a duo, I like them so much, they make the show worth watching any day,
    more than righteous Lexie ever could.
    Also, I do not get the feeling that Abe really wants to run, he has tried to tell Lexie in the past few weeks, but it is starting to look, as if she wants this more than her husband….
    It would be nice if Victor would put up the bail for John, his daughter Isabella loved him very much,
    or why not Stefano, John is his brother.
    Any of them incl. Brady, could just put up the bail, and John would have to accept and get out,
    he could always pay it back, once his name will be cleared and the money is found.
    In the meantime, it is our Mayor Abe, that invested the pension fund in Basic Black, so how long before the voters will turn on him,
    Lexie was so proud to tell all of Salem that her husband is the one that did that… Outch.
    Bye the way, where is Marlena staying, heard her talk about going back to the house, What house.??
    They sold the condo, Sami used to live in, and where are Carrie and Austin staying, any idea????

  53. From holly

    About Rafe’s feelings towards EJ — let’s remember that Rafe spent months alone with Sami hearing nothing but negative story after negative story before he even met the man.

    I can’t say that I love the Sami/Rafe relationship. I find it somewhat normal, which translates to boring in the soap opera world. They need to somehow shake things up a little for these two. I thought the old FBI girlfriend twist looked promising, but they didn’t follow it up.

    EJ and Nicole – definitely not boring. I hope the writers take it slow and really develop the relationship this time. They are the two best actors on the show right now. They deserve a great s/l.

    I’m not sure about Madison either just yet. I really do like the idea that there is another strong female in Salem though. We’ll see where it goes I guess. Love that there will be scenes taking place outside of the two mansions in town!

  54. From patty

    Yeah yeah, EJ is such an upstanding guy! That must be why even he admits that he needs to pretend to clean up his act.
    As of today, John is out of jail under house arrest. Rafe and Carrie escort them to the place Sami use to live in. John says he’s glad they never sold it. Then Marlena showers and they go at it so that is when I ff to the next scene. Something about these two making out makes me want to throw up a little bit.
    I’m hoping Lexie doesn’t go down that route again with an affair. Just because she’s a DeMira doesn’t mean she has to have their loose morals. Let EJ and Stephano carry on with their evil doings but let Lexie be the great doctor, mother,wife and friend she has become.
    As for silly unjustified hate for EJ’s character, I also feel the same about his father, Kate the Snake, Vivian, Gus and the rest of the blackhearted villains on soap operas. I do like EJ and Nicole together though because even she knows what a scumbag he is but hey, of course she’s going to take him up on that 6 almost 7 figure paying job.

  55. From SandyGram

    #52 Kat
    Days Cafe Day Ahead says John and Marlena goes back to the town house, it never sold.

  56. From Shanon

    If Will is going to have a gay storyline I wish the writers would get on with it. When nu-Will came on board I had high hopes that he would be a chip off the old block (Sami) and he was for a while, but his character has fallen flat for me. Him and Gabi are plain boring together. There is really no indication that Will is gay either. Wonder where and when this storyline will occur. Wonder when Kate will find out that Sami is working for Madison. Can’t wait to see her confront Sami. I’m enjoying the mayor storyline and the John storyline. At least it s something different. As for Alice investigating Maggie, it seems a bit strange. If Maggie had a son wouldn’t someone have seen her pragnant?

  57. From Shanon

    Why did the writers give Sami a cancer scare? Just to fill in some air time for Sami? It never turned into anything except to display the love and commitment towards Sami by Rafe, which we already know is the case, so why bother? I like Sami as a character and Rafe is perfect for her. They resemble a normal working family trying to raise children.

  58. From Kat

    57 Shannon,
    The writers have ruined the Sami character, go ask Ally Sweeney if she is happy with her SL,
    she used to be so hot, and now Nicole is surpassing her in every way.
    If I want to see a normal working family trying to raise kids, all I have to do is look at my own family or my neighbors, etc.
    I watch Dool, for something different, more exciting, more intriguing and so on, a little bit over the top, against the rules, you name it.
    It’s time to start some trouble between Sami and Rafe, long overdue, they have become so boring, it’s abnormal for a soap opera,
    my goodness, what do some of you w ant,
    everybody normal and perfect,
    everybody never lying, cheating, getting one over on the next one, doing things that displease the next person, then please do not get involved watching a soap,
    you will not/nor should you find it on a soap,
    what do some of you want,
    The always perfect Days of our Lives, where nobody hurts anybody ever, we all just love, love, love, and get along, we light candles everynight and hold hands, because we are all so good.
    Now this remark, is to sum up, remarks I have read over more than the last year, bloggers calling for harmony and love forever….
    Most of you get it, soaps have to keep moving on to keep the viewers interested, but there will always be the FEW, that just never will get it. Peace.
    Jack D. …get your reporters hat out and go to work, and help the good people of Salem get their misteries solved, the way only you, with the help of Jen, can do it. Start sleuthing around….

  59. From holly

    #57 – They gave Sami that s/l because September is ovarian cancer awareness month. I don’t think they ever intended for it to be anything serious for her.

  60. From BBow

    #52-Kat, I have to disagree on one point. Sami was married to Rafe already when EJ signed custody over to her. Therefore, he was giving custody to both of them. Any parent knows that when they give custody over to the other parent, the stepparent is a part of the deal. I, for one, never said EJ bellowed at his kids. I simply pointed out that, being a mixed family, it is going to take all of them (Sami, EJ, Rafe, and Nicole) to make decisions. Did you have a problem with EJ helping to make decisions about Ally when Lucas was in jail and EJ and Sami (who were married at the time) had custody? Like I said, I know I see this from a bit of a different perspective, but working with children every day I know just how important it is that stepparents play a very active role in the children’s lives. Yes, it ultimately comes down EJ and Sami, but neither Rafe nor Nicole (I say hopefully, because I want she and EJ together sooo bad), needs to shut their mouths and butt out. They belong front and center in those kids’ lives along with Sami and EJ.

  61. From Kat

    BBOW, I never said, that you said,
    EJ bellowed at his kids,
    I referred to blogger 49, that said that EJ hollers and bellows like a bull.
    The only decisions Nicole made with EJ about the kids, what to feed them, how to change a diaper, I am not talking about any of that stuff, I am talking about life changing decisions, the kids belong to Sami and EJ, and no Rafe did not get custody of the kids when EJ signed them over to Sami,
    BBOW, I went through divorce and custody with my son/wife/grandson, and both of them are re-married,
    The stepfather always knew his place and I do respect him for that always, the step-mother, my sons wife, boy did she have to learn ever, to keep her mouth shut, decisions were none of her busniness, even though she tried to chime in all the time, kind of like Rafe did in the past, She had to learn fast, to just shuttie in certain situations, period, has nothing to do with daily living, and daily everyday decisions, you just have to know the difference.
    I love your blogs, and I like sparring with you, and I hope we can always do that in a good way.
    I think EJ needs to get back into his childrens life, pretty darn soon, or some day they will go after him, saying he just gave them away, and they will not be happy about it.
    Look at Sami now, she never has them now, of course with the job starting, who really will be raising those kids,
    Caroline can only live so long,
    Rafe, according to Soap protocol will be gone soon, so who do those little kids have left….
    Why not just ship them to Europe and have them join JJ at whatever school for little boys he is at,
    Ally, Sidney and Johnnie go join JJ, and why not Theo, Mommie might be to busy with the campain and as someone on here pointed out, she might have an upcoming affair with a new young black doctor,
    Oh I forgot Ciara, she might as well join all the kids, in the overseas School for neglected Soap Children from Salem…
    That would give Caroline time to go after her old boyfriend Victor, after all, once married, it won’t be long before the three-some starts, Vic, Maggie and Caroline, why not….
    BBOW, three in my movie/dinner club are school teachers, just saw them last night, you guys are good people, but still not total experts on family and custody problems.
    Lots of different opinions, but please keep up the good blogs, I do enjoy them.

  62. From Renee

    Thats right they have not showed Ciara or Caroline lately. They mention her name but that about it. And Theo has not been showed either. What is up with that.

  63. From Debbie

    Someone said that EJ does not have visitation privileges with his kids. Why doesn’t he? It’s good that he voluntarily signed over physical custody to Sami for the good of Sydney and Johnny, but I think he should still be allowed visitation privileges once in awhile.

  64. From SandyGram

    #63 Debbie
    When EJ turned Johnny and Sydney over to Sami, if the agreement included visitation he certainly hasn’t taken advantage of it. But for me they should have shared custody with equal visitation. I would venture to guess something like that will be coming up as his Mayor campaign gets going.

  65. From SandyGram

    #61 Hey Kat,
    Quote: “Rafe, according to Soap protocol will be gone soon”. Can you give us an address where you saw Rafe will be gone soon? And, What is Sap protocol?

  66. From SandyGram

    #65 Sorry my brains were working faster than my fingers….it should be “What is Soap protocol?”

  67. From patty

    EJ goes from one extreme to another, he either keeps the children from their mother altogether or he hands them over completely without so much as a visitation. Now he wants to pretend to change his ways to impress his kids. If he wants to impress them, he should try and see them or at least give them a call once in a while.Right now, Rafe is the only father figure they have in their lives and he’s doing a great job and so is Sammi as far as we’re allowed to see. Sammi will be working from home for now and will still make them dinner even if it is only peanut butter sandwich. She will be running around like crazy just like many working Moms out there.

  68. From Grandma Judy

    My first impressions of Madison are good and I loved the scenes with her, Brady, and Victor handing it to Kate. And I can’t wait for Kate to find out Sami’s working for Madison!

    As for Sami working, it seems to me that’s pretty normal in today’s society. Won’t she be just like most young mothers these days, juggling work and home and having to depend on either professional day care or a family memeber to care for her children?! That’s very much today’s reality.

    I have never felt Rafe overstepped as a step-dad. I very much agree with BBow that step-parents have to play a big part. Otherwise the family dynamic doesn’t work. I have worked in child day care most of my life and many of the families I worked for were divorced families and I came to know the family members very well. In those cases, the families worked so well together that it was hard to tell which of the adults were the bio parents and which ones were the step-parents. That’s how it should be, and it’s what’s best for the children.

    Also, at the present time, our son who was married this summer is going through a custody battle with his ex-wife. They currently have 50/50 custody of their 2 boys, ages 10 and 14, and the boys spend a week with dad and then a week with mom and so on. But now the ex has decided they should spend more time with her, since she is the real mom, and not 50/50 time with the new step-mom. It doesn’t seem to matter to her that by taking the boys away from the step-mom, who the boys absolutely adore, she would also be taking them away from their dad. But my real point here is that the step-mom has had just as many interviews with the court evaluator as the bio parents have had. Why? Because the evaluator said “step-parents are an equal part of the family circle and at one time or another even have to hand down the discipline”.

    Our grandsons want things to stay 50/50 and, at their ages, we hope the court will take that into consideration.

    I feel sorry for Lexie and I think she has every right to feel betrayed by her brother, EJ.

    I have never cared for Marlena but I have always loved John. However, I don’t like his s/l so far. And the smooch fests between them kind of turn me off. And I haven’t even see the big one yet that’s supposed to be coming up!

  69. From Grandma Judy

    AFter my previous post, I know it’s hard to believe I would have ANYTHING more to say, – - – but, for those who want some discord between Sami and Rafe, I think there will be if he loses his job, as some spoilers say he will. Often, in real life, the wife working and the husband not causes problems. And isn’t there supposed to be some other big s/l coming up for Rafe?

  70. From llloyd

    No! Do not get rid of Rafe. That only leads to a Sammi/Austin storyline again. And again. Been there, done that. If you’re going to do a story line about how hard it is to be a working mother-pick a mother that actually spends times with her kids. Poor Gramma Brady. Now there’s a woman that is running a business and taking care of someone else’s kids.

  71. From BBow

    Kat, I LOVE the idea of Caroline trying to come in between Victor and Maggie. How great would it be to have a central, love-triangle, storyline that involved these experience, very talented actors. Caroline has not had a great story since Grandpa Shawn died. In fact, I have worried if maybe Peggy McCay’s health is failing and that is why she isn’t on screen much. Why else would a show just waste such a valuable actor.

    I really hope they don’t try the Austin/Sami story AGAIN; however, as always, I would be okay with them getting rid of Rafe is Lucas (or even Brandon) were to come back.

    I know we give Sami and Lexi crap about being horrible mothers, but I guess we need to remember that this is fiction, and in real life, what we see on the screen would only cover a small portion of their day. There are still plenty of times when the kids would be in school (except Sidney, she is still too young). Theoretically, there could be an arrangement made where Caroline wants to see the kids every day, and Sami and Rafe pick them up at a certain time. Maybe all their “alone time” takes place before they are scheduled to get the kids. I doubt it, but I am going to give them a bit of a break. Why? Well, for one, because I know how Hollywood labor laws work children can only work so much per week. Keeping them in the scenes would cause shooting to go SLOW. Also, children just aren’t all that interesting when it comes to Soap-style stories so that is why the writers leave them off the screen. The main reason I am giving Sami and Lexie a break though is because at least Lexie mentioned Theo regularly, and Sami mentions all of her kids regularly. As Kat and many others have said, up until recently Jennifer never even mentioned JJ (though I still don’t know why they call him Jack Jr. when his name is not Jack Harcourt Deveraux Jr., it is Jack Patrick Deveraux). With Patrick Lockhart no longer on the screen, I have a feeling he will eventually return and just go by Patrick (it wouldn’t be any stranger than Jackson going by Sonny). Anyway, it is one thing to never had your kids with you; it is another to never mention them at all.

    I wonder if Rafe’s storyline will involve him investigating John? Perhaps he will clear John’s name by fabricating evidence? It would be interesting if He, Carrie, and Austin all worked together to clear John’s name, creating the needed evidence, then got caught just in time for the election. Not that I want EJ to win, but oh what would that do to the Brady family? Or how about this? The evidence exists, the three of them find it, it implicates Kate, she learns from Austin ahead of time (because a good son would warn his mother), she tell her husband, and he makes the evidence disappear so it looks like they just fabricated it and they all get in trouble? Okay, that is enough for the idea generator and my planning period is over, so time to get back to work.

  72. From MAB

    Wow, much better show Thursday with the more interesting characters on the screen.

    Yes, we all know EJ doesn’t have custody of his children, but this was his doing. They weren’t taken from him. He relinquished custody to Sami for their own well being & safety so that should count for something. And Nicole could easily play that up in his campaign.

    I think Lexie’s reaction to EJ was 50/50. On one hand, I can understand why she feels deceived being EJ’s sister, but on the other hand, this is politics and no one wins by just assuming things aren’t gonna get heated. I don’t think they should be all bent out of shape because EJ is running against Abe. If Abe was so confident of being re-elected, then he should welcome the challenge.

    I never said Rafe should not participate in being a stepfather. He just continues to step over the line, and enjoys doing it, which makes things worse for the kids. I still stand by what I said, that he should butt out when it comes to EJ & Sami parenting together (and that also includes Nicole). If EJ & Sami want their 2 cents, they’ll ask for it. Sami wouldn’t stand for it from Nicole so why should EJ stand for it from Rafe? It’s obvious Rafe wants to be the father, because I think he isn’t satisfied unless he’s controlling people. His unwarranted, uncalled for interventions when EJ is around takes away from EJ being the father. If this were real life, I would hope all 4 parents would act like adults and put the kids first…THAT is how it should be, and what is best for the children, but again every situation is different and no one situation is ever gonna be the same so you can’t compare, least of all with a soap opera, because it just doesn’t fit or work. This is not real life people, and we know that EJ/Sami/Rafe/Nicole are never gonna get along so the family dynamic is never gonna work here. So again, Rafe needs to know his place and back off.

    OMG, I’m still amazed at the continued hatred of some for the EJ character, and how they continue to hold EJ accountable for everything where his children are concerned, yet excuse Sami’s behavior, not only the fact that she was the cause of all this mess to begin with, but did equally evil things in her own right with her Rafe as her sidekick. Bottom line is…EJ is a good father period. I know what I see on screen and since those kids were born, EJ has done his best to be a good father to them. Of course he’s made mistakes, but all parents do. (But this is the soap opera world, not real life, so we should stop trying to compare normal real life situations to this situation, because it really doesn’t apply here). I even think his sacrificing give up his custody rights was good parenting. Not many would do that, but he was willing to do what he thought was best for them. EJ is also the only one who was willing to admit to his wrongdoings, is trying to change, and be worthy of his children’s respect. I don’t see Sami repenting for anything she did, nor Rafe either.

    It is so not true that Rafe spent months alone with Sami only hearing negative stories about EJ. Sami told Rafe it was Stefano she didn’t want her kids around, and admitted to Rafe that EJ was a good father. Sami only went ballistic and changed her tune after she found out EJ was moving on with Nicole.

    As for Rafe hardly saying a word…hmm I can’t count how many times he has ranted & raved at nearly everyone in town along with being disrespectful to most of Sami’s family, even her own father. Funny how some only see what they want.

    EJ doesn’t claim to be an upstanding guy, nor do we as fans see him that way. He admits to who he is and doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not, unlike some who hide behind a fmily name or a law enforcement title that they think automatically makes them a better person.

    John…all I can say is I love him and enjoy seeing him on the screen again. He is great!

    Finally enjoyed Carrie & Austin yesterday. Good stuff from them.

    Kat – so right as usual. We watch soaps for excitement, not to be bored by everyone being happy all the time.

  73. From gerri

    Lot’s of “”"Good Blogs”"”posted,
    and I agree with most,only the references to Sami and Rafe,I don’t agree on.Granted Sami could spend more time with the kids,but as BBOW stated,there are many aspects to raising children,and this is fictional,but needs to explain,why some time spent,Is not written In,because Writers don’t think It’s important(I disagree),but I think Rafe Is a wonderful Step-Father,.He Is attentive,and It Is very evident that the kids love him,(If this was a real life situation,In your life would anyone not want,It be this way?)

    Where has EJ been,since giving up Custody?The only time,I’ve seen him with the kids was at the tribute,or did I miss an episode?
    of course I beleive,If at all possibe,”"Joint Custody”Is best..

    Please writers don’t throw another Man,In for Lexie,enough of that already…(I really did like her ,giving It to EJ,she was totally correct,He should have Informed his family 1st..)

    I also love The Idea,of Sami working with Kate’s competitor,should be lot’s of fireworks!!
    and I think Putting Jack and Jenn’s
    Investigating experience,on John’s case,would be a great S/L.
    I do wish writers would do a S/L,on explaining JJ’S absence.
    this to be explained soon…..

    And last even tho I like Nicole and EJ together,I can’t get past,her knowing all of his dirty deeds,and past history with Crime,how she can be on board,to help him with his campaign,I say writers,make her slip up somewhere or get her thinking back,(on what happened to her mother,knowing the DeMira’s involvement)or give her a conscience,to make him lose this election..

    He does not need another reason to be arrogrant,nor need another DeMira Celebration……..

  74. From SandyGram

    SPOILER from Days says when Sami finds out EJ filed a class action suit on John, it may have some affect on EJ see the kids. That’s interesting…doesn’t the new writers know since EJ gave custody of the kids to Sami he’s had no visitation? Or it could be a very mis-leading spoiler!

  75. From Kat

    65 SandyGram, what I tried to say, as it happens in soaps, couples together not to together,
    it does not mean Rafe is leaving Salem, but couples do break up, that is what I meant, then what about the kids,
    then they have no Dad….So nobody jump to conclusions, just meant by the book of soap/protocol….sooner or later something will go wrong in the relationship between Sami and Rafe, and YOU ALL know it.Sorry you all assumed, that I meant Rafe will leave the show, not at all, maybe just Samis life……
    BBOW, GrandMaJudy, Did I ever say that steparents are not part of the childrens everyday life, no,
    I would be a moron if I wanted that.
    Of course, they will be there picking children up from school, taking them to the doctor if needed,
    however in my case, Mom and Dad go to the doctor with my grandson,
    Dad is the one that deals with Mom, they make big decisions together. So all take a deep breath, we have shared custody, Mom beginning of week, Dad other half of week, and every other weekend. It works out great.
    I said, in the past Rafe did overstep, he has gotten better.
    Telling Sami to hide her baby from EJ, trying to take the kids away, those days, yes he did overstep.
    Just think, when Lexie tore the CampainPoster down in her Rage, if a news person had taken a picture/video of her and published it, her rage now, several times is over the top. At least EJ stayed controlled, stood there and listened.
    About the kids, we all know that they are in Salem with their parents, even if we do not see them a lot…It’s a given.
    JJ however, we do know that he is in Europe, we do know, he is not a the Horton house with a babysitter or whoever….So until the writers explain this part of the SL, I think Jenn is a selfish mother, not much better than Jack.
    Has nothing to do with child labor laws…
    Patrick Lockhart, has always gone by Patrick, what am I missing?
    Again, yes right NOW, Rafe is the only father figure they have, but if there is trouble in paradise, as we know will happen in the soap world, what then, “The Only Father” they have, will be gone also….that’s what I have been talking about.
    EJ should stay in the picture, his kids need him, a parent (most of them) is forever.
    Since when will Sami be working from home,

    why then have all these beautiful to be new offices down at the Horton square.
    Hey Sandy, one day when Rafe and Sami break up, I will try to get you Rafe’s new adress, do you have plans, like bringing him dinner….

  76. From BBow


    I am sorry, I think there was a pronoun/antecendent communication error. “He” referred to Jack Patrick. I meant that with Patrick Lockheart off the screen, I think Jack Patrick will show up just going by Patrick. It is about time we see him and find out where he has been. However, with no more kids in Salem high, I have a feeling we are about to see a case of SORAS with Jack Patrick, Ciara, and Theo. Claire will be a little more difficult if she comes back because Shawn and Belle are still so young.

  77. From Kat

    BBOW, got you. By the way I did not know that JJ’s name was Jack Patrick.
    You have a point about the kids growing overnight,
    don’t forget Ally, Sidney and Johnnie, they have to grow with them to keep it in well proportionat(sp), you are the teach, correct me…if needed.
    I am glad, we can always straighten each other out, when communication is a bit unclear.

    Hey “Been Watching” are you not blogging, or are you here under your other ALIAS, that you talked about a few weeks ago, just wondering…

  78. From Grandma Judy

    Kat, of course, all situations are different. I was just pointing out that in our son’s case, the court evaluator (who has the credentials to make him an expert on the subject) interviewed our son’s new wife, the new step-mom, and said the reason for that is that “step-parents are an EQUAL part in the family circle”. Not just picking up the kids from wherever, cooking meals, etc. but an “EQUAL” member of the family.

    About comparing the show to real life, I think it’s fine to site real life when explaining our feelings about a character or storyline on the show. Afer all, all of us on this site come from different walks of life, different ages, gender, etc. and it’s our personal real life experiences that shape how we view the characters and story lines, not only on Days but any other TV show, movie, or book we read. So I think it’s perfectly OK to draw on that when explaining a viewpoint. Of course, none of us probably has ever been possessed like Marlena was, or buried alive like Carly, Vivian, and Maggie, but the more basic s/ls are fine to compare real life.

  79. From Gferguson

    I have watched this show since Julie was in HS… I don’t get the Maggie s/l. like you said she was in a wheel chair in the country and had a hired hand that had been with her forever when she met Mickey (Marty). John Black? Too many writers that didn’t keep up with the s/l. A pawn to look like Roman, no… he was a priest, no, a jewel thief with “Gina” no… he’s Vivians nephew… His name he chose when he found out he wasn’t Roman and needed one, but no… that’s what they called him in the monastary… confused yet?

  80. From MAB

    Always excuses made for why Sami doesn’t spend enough time with her kids, but if it were EJ, there would be a reason behind, along with people blaming for ignoring his children. And just because you see a couple of scenes showing Rafe with the kids, don’t automatically put him in the hall of fame for stepfathers.

    Sami would use ANY reason to keep the kids away from EJ. Hopefully her schemes won’t work, and EJ will begin the process of getting his kids back.

    Kat – I hope someone did take pics or video of Lexie freaking out over the a piece of paper with EJ on it. It’ll just give EJ’s campaign more leverage.

    You can compare to real life if you want, but it still does not “compare”. As far as personal life experiences, they do not shape the way I view characters of fictional TV shows, etc. I wouldn’t want to be associated with anyone from Salem in real life because in the real world, they would all be considered crazy, inbred criminals. I strictly watch for entertainment value, and see the soap world one way, while seeing the real world another.

  81. From Kat

    78 Grandma Judy, of course like I said, they are an equal part in the family life, of course, that’s how it should be, to give the children as good and secure a family life as they deserve,
    I am talking about legally,
    in our Case StepMom and StepDad have no say. It’s the Mother and the Father, and here, Mom is the custodial parent, she has the final word. Her home is the main home on record for my grandson and he goes to school in Mom’s school area, that’s why I pick him up 2/3 times a week to take him to has Dad’s house, 3 times on Mom’s weekend, 2 times on Dad’s weekend.
    Like I said, it works great.
    So I guess, like Madison said, in the beginning for now, Sami will work out of ther home, till the offices are ready.
    Could see a Carrie/Rafe – Sami/Austin pairing if there is conflict brewing on the horizon….

    Nicole, quit protesting/quitting job, every five minutes, we all get it, I think EJ gets it. It’s getting boring.

    Sorry GramJudy, that we have been talking by each other, buttom line, we mean the same thing,
    equal in the daily homelife, but not legally, and that’s the way it should be.
    Stepparents/grandparents, etc. anybody has to be put on the school list, to be able to pick up the kids… and they can be taken off at any time, and is good to protect the children, who know a stepparent can go sour, and then….. so the law is good.
    GrandMa Judy, I know that agree, it’s hard to go through, and it helps a lot when the kids adapt to all of it in a good and happy way.
    That helps me a lot, because the pain when he was only four years old, and his Dad left, for another woman, almost broke my heart. They were living with me at the time, new house was not finished being built. The welfare of children/divorce has always been near and dear to my heart, and I am sure, the same with you.
    Thank God for Grandma’s and of course Grandpa’s, both his grandpa’s are gone, left to young.

    Like EJ said today, let the games begin, love it so far..

  82. From BBow

    #79- Mab, your quote…

    “I wouldn’t want to be associated with anyone from Salem in real life because in the real world, they would all be considered crazy, inbred criminals.”

    I LOVE it!!! It has been a long day and that made me laugh. Thank you.

  83. From patty

    I’m puzzled by Brady’s reluctance to contact his father. Still hasn’t come by even after Sammi told him he was beat up in prison. Everybody has rallied around in support of John but still no Brady. I wonder what is up with that.

  84. From MAB

    BBow – you are welcome!

  85. From MAB

    I agree, what is up with Brady’s animosity toward his father????

  86. From daisy

    I wondered if Johns injuries by his mouth hurt worse after he tried to swallow Marlena s face.
    The raging hormones must take his mind off the pain!
    It is interesting that Nicole never laments about missing Sydney.

  87. From SandyGram

    October 07, 2011 Show
    That was unusual today when the Lawyer wouldn’t give Bo and Hope any information about the bank statements. Hope told him she was executor of Alice’s Will, which normally means she would also have Power of Attorney (or at least that’s how it was when I closed out my Dad’s estate). Other than because it hasn’t been written this way I would also say….’Hope go to the bank and ask to see copies of the deposits and withdrawls’ that would tell you where the money came from and where the money went. There we go reality running into the Soaps once again.

    Carrie to the rescue Hoorah! John and Marlena are back at her apartment that never sold. John’s comment to Doc “He has been wanting to be with her like this for a long time and would like to go forward” would lead me to believe this is the first time they have been together intimately after leaving Salem. We can see the tension building between Carrie and Austin now that he is going to be working on John’s case also. It’s nice to see a story line with real type disputes between a couple rather than some love triangle. It sounds like through the spoilers Sami and Rafe will be experiencing some of the same. Oh yeah, loved the brother-in-law conversation between Rafe and Austin. Being married to Brady women they have their hands full and surely many challenges ahead.

    So ‘Mattie’ was best friends in the first grade with Sami. The dynamics between the two of them are great. But what was even better about these scenes was the interaction between Brady and Sami. From the moment Sami raised her eye brow when she saw Brady standing there thinking he had something to do with her getting hired to their talking of family. There always very good together and I hope to see more interaction with the two of them.

    And finally EJ and Nicole….enough already with she’s coming, she’s going, once he mentioned the almost 7 figure salary she was staying, that’s our Nikki. I was also wondering today, is EJ going to use the DiMansion parlor as his campaign headquarters? If so how tacking, get this man an office in the Town Center. And also I know EJ can multi-task…but really he can run DiMera Industries, run for Mayor and be a Lawyer for a Class Action Suit? Then there he goes again, instead of running for Mayor on his own qualities, he’s running on John’s misfortune…oh yeah he is EJ DiMera.

  88. From gerri

    funny,funny comment re-John’s mouth injury,and the face swallow kiss.

    SandyGram always love reading your comments,as well as Grandma Judy’s
    I think we agree about 99.9% of the time…

  89. From patsy

    I love JAMES/EJ and ARI/Nicole but not as a couple .They would be better as enemys more fun that way . I don,t like them being on every day either .Give some of the other stars a chance to strut their stuff to .TOO much of a good thing get old after a while

  90. From Kat

    85 daisy, just the other day Nicole lamented how much she misses the kids.
    gerri, I like you and the others too, even we don’t agree 99.9%,
    that should not be the only factor in liking someone, I am kidding..
    It’s time for the factor……

  91. From gerri

    You are one of my favorites,even tho,We might not agree alot of the time,It doesn’t make either one of us bad …that’s why It’s nice to read,and comment…..

    Love the Factor too.Bill O’Reilly,
    is tough,tough on some of his Guests,but most of the time It,Is deserved!!!!

  92. From SandyGram

    gerri and Kat,
    A Factor fan I’am, O’Reilly is the man…but I also watch Rachel Maddow, Morning Joe so I can see both sides.

  93. From Kat

    Thank you ladies, I feel loved again, all in good fun.
    Bill and Hannity and of course Greta, I like….
    I watch other shows, but somehow I always come back to Fox.
    gerri, it would not be fun if were like clones, agreeing about everything, my goodness the people in Salem
    like MAB pointed out,, crazy, inbred criminals, I had to laugh at the show and all of us that are so invested in the show, despite all of it’s crazyness, You got to love it…..
    Most of you, are real sweethearts and I think we are having a good time, that’s what I try to have, everytime I post, lay it out there and see what others think….

    P.S. I like that Bill O’ is tough,
    politics/being out there, is not for the Meek,
    that’s why when I comment on EJ/Abe/Lexie, it’s politics, grow a thick skin, it’s not for the weak and meak.

  94. From daisy

    89,90,91, yep its those foxy ladies, all in a row…so I just had to jump in and say, ditto!

  95. From patsy

    Can someone tell me WHO has the most fans ?EJ&Sami,EJ&Nicole,Sami&Rafe or Nicole&BRADY.Not trying to start anything would just like to know .I have a steak dinner rideing on the answere.

  96. From Mopy

    Currently, Patsy, I’d bet on EJ&Nicole.

  97. From Neon

    Why???????? have the writer gone old school on us??????? These returning actors have had their day! And they were very good. But let’s move into the 21st Century with newness. They could have reminded us that John Black is Stefano’s half brother. I would have been cool to see that the only person that would take John’s case would have been EJ. Brady and EJ would have made a crazy but good team. Brady has proved to have a very dark side. He could have gone undercover for EJ to find out who is behind the set up of John. He and EJ could have traveled and going into trouble only to have to depend on one another. They could bring Vivian back into the picture as having something to do with the setup but making it seem that it is Victor and Stefano. They could have worked the storyline that Parker is really Daniel’s son and that Kate is really behind the second change of test. They could have proved that Gus shot Maggie the storylines are endless without bringing back all of the past character. John and Marlana would have been okay for a while if the storyline could have been with EJ being his lawyer and getting him off and he and Marlana leaving again for good. Rafe could end up having an affair and Sami could find herself telling her problems to EJ of all people only to realize she has feelings for him but that he really loves Nicole. All I can say is that these writer must be the ones that wrote for Passions. And we all know where Passions is now, CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!

  98. From Grandma Judy

    I really wasn’t asking for permission a few posts back, about comparing real life to the show, but thank you very much, and I will continue to compare if a portrayal on screen is some same scenario that I have seen played out in real life, – my own or someone I know.

    Yes, Kat, – we were talking by each other. Hubby and I pray that this custody issue in our family will not actually go to court where we would be asked to testify. We have always had a good relationship with our former daughter-in-law and she often asks us to help her out with the boys when it’s her weeks to have them, and we don’t want this custody case to spoil that. Would be so much better if the evaluator makes a reasonable recommendation to the court that will satisfy everyone and be best for the 2 boys, so that this is kept out of court. Both boys have told the evaluator they want things to stay 50/50 so they can spend equal time with both parents. So far, 50/50 has worked well but now I believe our son’s ex is jealous of the “family” life our grandsons have now with their dad and his new wife. Not that she is trying to step in as a mother to them but it does make it more of a “family” atmosphere over there, whereas at the bio mom’s, it’s just her and the 2 boys. Which is part of the problem for her, we think. She is the one who wanted the divorce from our son so she needs to move on. The boys are 10 and 14 so, at those ages, what’s the sense of changing custody now?! Another 4 years one will be in high school and the other in college! Gues this is my vent. It’s an upsetting issue for my husband and me!

    I would bet the favorite couple would be either Sami/Rafe or Nicole/EJ. Seems many on this site who were Sami/EJ fans have gotten over it. I think Nicole is a good match with EJ.

    I’m with you foxy ladies and we love Fox NC. These past few days it’s celebrating it’s 15th anniversary on the air! Our Fox favorites are Fox & Friends, O’Reilly, Hannity, and Greta, and we love Megyn Kelly but don’t get to see her afternoon show much. Speaking of TV, are any of you watching “Revenge”, one of the new shows this fall? We are soooo hooked on it!! Besides, the guy who has the boat and the dog is HOT!

  99. From gerri

    My vote would be for E/J and Nicole.

  100. From gerri

    My 1st post didn’t go through.
    so I’ll re-do..
    Since there is no show today,let’s do something fun,
    do any of you wonder,what or whom we bloggers,look like or have been told we look like.
    you know If we get to see a pic,or meet a DJ,and they never look like what we think, they would after hearing their voices.

    I’ll start ”’
    Lot’s of people,many times have asked me If I was related to “”Shirley MacClaine”"
    some of my former patients,when I entered their rooms,would say come In “Shirley.”
    I don’t see It,but apparently,they did….
    Ok,It’s your turn now…
    I just think It will be fun,to have an Idea,whom our Bloggers Buddies look like…..

  101. From SandyGram

    #96 Grandma Judy
    Revenge…yes, yes, yes, one of my favorite new shows. I loved Emily VanCamp as Rebecca on Brothers and Sisters and I love her more on Revenge. Then there’s Madeleine Stowe as Victoria our Kate on Days for sure. An old time melodrama set in the beautiful Hamptons. Is this suppose to be a mini series or will there be a second season?

  102. From Kat

    96 GrandMa Judy, my heart goes out to you, it is very painful, until things finally settle down, for the best of the children I hope…
    Looks like you enjoy the same shows on Fox as I do.
    I do like Megan Kelly, and Shepard Smith. Do any of you remember E.D. Hill from Fox and Friends, I liked her.. sure I am forgetting some…
    Revenge, love it, that is so well written. Also like PanAM, Playboy, Harry’s law, and another one, stars one of the former desparate housewifes…??
    Revenge has all, glamour, intrigue, mystery, much what I would like in DOOL…
    PanAm, as I mentioned before, brings back memories, when hubby was VP for Major Airline and we got to fly all the time, to Europe, I was lucky to see my family so much, and my kids felt very much at home at the Grandparents house, the both spoke fluent German of course.
    We flew a lot on PanAm, TWA and of course Lufthansa,etc. I remember the days back as in the new show,
    for so many years, almost 20, Airlines were our life..
    I wish hubby could be here to enjoy the Show, it was so much part of his life, he would enjoy it very much.
    Trying to think who I look like,
    5ft.6, between size 10-12, depends on the cloth and make,
    shoulder lenght hair, high/low lights, left part, with a few bangs,blue eyes, and great legs,(I am always told)hubby was a leg man, so he said????
    So “Shirley” I am trying to come up with somebody I look like….
    We have done this before, and I remember a Sandra Bullock look-a-like, and ??? forget.

  103. From Lemon

    The only reason I’m watching again is because they brought Matthew Ashford back. Jack has always been my favourite character. He’s not a cookie cutter, oh so perfect hero, like Jennifer’s other men. I just hope they do something with Jack & Jen’s storyline that they’ve never done before. Him pursuing her while begging for forgiveness and her being angry at his lying has been done to death. Throw a wrench in there. Surprise us.

  104. From Janiebell

    Why paint Alice as a “saint” when she is alive and then after Alice is dead paint Alice as someone with a “shadey past who has her daughter-in law investegated”? Alice and Maggie were close during Alice’s lifetime and Alice was not a2 face, double-dealing so and so; Alicer played her cards close to her chest, yes, but Alice was an honest, up-front person, and why all this mistery now? Even with John arrested for takeing funds that were not his. How do these 2 come together? Both of these r good people.

  105. From Kat

    Why do we have to assume, that what Alice was/still is involved in, Is Bad….
    She could have set up a life time fund for somebody being cared for in a sanitorium/whatever, anybody that she is taking care of for whoseever lifetime.
    It could be something good she is doing, just did not want to share with anybody for whatever reason.
    and who knows, Dr. Tom might have known about it.
    So I think, I will wait and see,
    could be a child with an illness, anything.
    Alice, whatever her mystery, will prove, that anybody can have something they just won’t share with anybody, therefore we never know, was Alice an 100% saint or maybe just 99%, or maybe even a 2000%… Love the mystery.

  106. From Grandma Judy

    Kat, – thank you for your thoughts about our custody situation. The woman who is on “Body Of Proof” used to be on D. Housewives. Maybe that’s the show you are thinking of and it’s a good one, too. I agree that Alice’s secret could be something good.

    SandyGram, – do you think the #8 in “Reven8e” stands for her number of victims? And what after that? We always wondered where “Prison Break” would go once they broke out of prison but the show went on for another 3 or 4 seasons. Loved it!

  107. From patsy

    I like SamiAND Rafe and enjoy watching them togther .He is so loveing and good and Sami would be a fool to go back to EJ even for the kids BUT I can,t help it I,m a BIG EJAMI fan and I can,t help it and hope they get them back together soon real soon
    SO sue me

  108. From SandyGram

    #104 Grandma Judy
    OMG….Prison Break Too! I was addicted! Wentworth Miller (Michael) and Dominic Purcell (Link) now there are two hunks I’d love to see on Days.

    Then the #8 in “Reven8e”…could we be any more in tune? I too wondered if that is the number of victims. It sure makes since or it’s just a very fancy ‘g’.

    This morning I read an article that said Revenge was actually filmed in North Carolina for the homes and also in California where sets were built to represent the inside of the homes. The Beach House looks some what like my current home, but not quite so big and we’re not on the beach but in the mountains. It would be great if Days could afford these kind of settings.

  109. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #106, – I practically cried my eyes out in the final episode when Michael died. I had it on DVR and played it again and again for a long time before I finally deleted it. Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller both hunks but Michael was my favorite character. Interesting info on where Revenge was filmed and the sets built. And to think there are people who actually live like that! Oh, if only Days had a mystery s/l that would take them to a setting like the Hamptons!

  110. From Diana

    I have watched Days from Day 1. The last 3 years have been horrible. Everybody in the Brady clan gets away with even Sami’s attempted murder of EJ. The Brady’s have done a lot of wrongs without any consequences at all. They continually ridicule the DiMera’s when they are no better themselves. I don’t like so many of the old characters coming back. I would like to see even more of them go and bring in some new life to the soap.

    I am fed up with all the kissing and bedding going on for all ages in public. And since when is everyone allowed in the police station when questioning is going on? Do you notice that business is conducted, even private business, in public places and not behind closed doors. And of course, someone is always lurking behind a flower pot listening in.

    I hope to see EJ and Nicole unite and EJ become Mayor and clean out the police station. These cops only know how to ridicule people, Bo especially with his calling EJ Junior all the time, and never catch the bad guys especially almost everyone in their family.

    The only thing that will save Days is to forget all the old characters coming back and let other families take center stage since the Brady Clan in no way resembles that of the Tom/Alice days.
    We have nothing but spoiled brats and law breakers. It’s time to get Abe and Lexi out too. They serve no purpose but to judge and act pompous and apoiled.

    I now tape Days so that I can FF through most of the soap. My only interest is in the young people and the Di Mera’s excluding Kate. She sickens me with all her judgements of people considering her past and her way of getting what she wants. And that wardrobe????

    I think it would be fun to see the better side of the DiMera’s with still a little of the old days of them. Let
    EJ get the kids back and he and Nicole raise them since they have a mother who doesn’t seem to care being away from them. Days will not
    win Emmy’s the way they are going. And if I remember right, didn’t
    Maggie accidentally kill someone during her heavy drinking days?
    Yeah for Victor and Maggie. Send Brady packing. He doesn’t need
    a new bed partner. lol And Rafe and Sammy should use the bedroom
    not the couch with all their kids popping in. All Done for now.

  111. From Kat

    Revenge symbol, means Infinity,
    go look it up on Google Like I did, means a lot of thing.
    I had a real long, deep into my feelings blog on here, but it did not make it, maybe thats good or bad, whatever………………
    Judy, my heart is with you, I know for sure, what My Heart went throug.
    but things are good now, so hang in there, it will work out,,, honey, against All Odds, trust me, Grammie

  112. From gerri

    I didn’t know that my Idea,had In fact,been done before,(was before I started to post)anyway It would be fun,to have an Idea,as to who we all possibly looked like.
    It sounds like you have had a very exciting Life.

    I’ve only flown about 6 times,(not
    my favorite thing to do)my youngest daughter,Is on an airplane quite often,with her Job as an Investigator,and I’m worried very much,until she arrives back home safely…

    I have collar length hair.left side part as well.size 14,….5ft 4&1/2 inches.

    Grandma Judy,I hope things get better soon,with the family,Divorce Is so hard on kids,as we have both been through it ourselves,but my girls actually,
    are better because of It(tho not always the case)my former mother In law,was happy,when my ex remarried,and hope that I would find someone too,then when he decided after a year(that he had made a mistake)guess what?she hoped then,that I wouldn’t find no one else,and would take him back,what she didn’t know was I had already found him,and will celebrate “”37 years”" Oct 26th(which just happened to be her Birthday)and her son has been married to 5 different women.What a record huh?she didn’t live to see him happy,with anyone,(because he was never happy with himself)
    He suffered a stroke 3 wks ago(he is only 8 months older than me.)but has lived too fast and has had bad habits…
    Don’t know what his chances are,but my 2 daughters here,adopted by my hubby)has requested to his family,that they not be listed as survivors,should he pass away..Sad huh?but that Is their decision…not mine……But like I said,just be there for your grandsons,they’ll be grown sooner,than you probably want,but hoefully,with a good relationship with your son,and your new daughter-In law,things can still be very good.for them…luv ya..

  113. From SandyGram

    #108 Kat & Grandma Judy
    Infinity, that makes since too…after all double infinity is the symbol Emily’s dad drew for her in the sand, is carved on the deck post at the Beach House and she has the tattoo on her wrist. Very clever of who ever designed the title Reven8e.

  114. From daisy

    Gramma Judy, my prayers are with you in your custody situation. Divorce affects more than two people, and lasts a life time. I speak from experience.
    Glad you are with us “foxies”!
    Gerri, it is interesting to imagine what the bloggers look like. I am 4’11″, dark blonde ,size 10. I don’t think I look like anyone famous, more of a combination of my Mom and Dad!
    Kat, you do sound like you have had a very interesting life!

  115. From Kat

    Hi Ladies,
    nice to read your stories, after all it’s the weekend, and I do enjoy reading them.
    Yes, I did have a very interestig life, much travel, much moving within the USA, met a lot of intersting people…
    maybe that is why I am so content now, I still like to travel, but believe me, for some reason, I am not crazy about flying anymore,
    I rather drive.
    Looks like we all had/have our share of pain in life,
    nice to picture you guys in my mind. Daisy you sound like I would describe my Grandson’s Mom, cute.
    gerri, what color hair…Eyes?
    Have to go, my son and grandson are here, and of course Maggie the dog/golden retriever, be good, it is such a beautiful day, blue sky, perfect fall day.

  116. From gentzy49

    I was SO looking forward to the ‘old’ actors coming back but I’m sick to death of the story already!!!!!!! Why couldn’t they just bring them back without all the freakin’ drama right away. John and Marlena’s assests are frozen but yet they have a penthouse to live in and champagne to celebrate John’s bail release – REALLY!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope the writers don’t get stupid and do something that will stop Maggie and Victor’s wedding; I really want to see them married AND happy!!!! Why can’t at least one or two couples on DAYS be happy and without drama!!!!!

  117. From BBow

    #94 Patsy- Out of those listed, DEFINETLY EJ and Nicole. I have always hated the EJ/Sami pairing, the Brady and Nicole pairing is okay, but not my favorite (I think I am now well established as one of the few Melady fans on here), and Safe is even starting to bore me. While I like the characters of Sami and Rafe, EJ and Nicole just have undeniable chemistry that few other couples on that show have.

    I know there seems to be a lot of disagreement on EJ, but I am going to try to explain my position on the character. I may hate EJ, but he and Stefano are the characters I love to hate. They are such gifted actors and make great villians. I know there is a lot of love for EJ and so many people want him to win mayor, and to change, and for all of Salem to love him. But I say no way (though I will be okay with him winning mayor for the story it could provide). I want EJ to NEVER change. Yes, he has done things I hate, but he is so good at it. Give him more evil storylines, let him surpass Stefano as a villian. The writers, directors, and producers have such a valiable resource at their hands…make use of it. Don’t make him responsible for everything that goes wrong in Salem, but give him plenty of bad things to do. Yes, he is arrogant, selfish, and on many occassions appeared heartless to anyone who is not his family(though with the writers changing frequently, the heartless aspect of the character seems to come and go). However, I say all that not trying to anger his fans, but to let them know that I like him that way and that I appreciate the show would not be the same without him. Rafe, on the other hand, is a character I really like, but the show could easily live without him. So, while many of us hate the villians of the show, and use this board to complain about them, most of us appreciate that they are the ones that make the show (except maybe Kate…I am reaching the point where she could leave and I wouldn’t miss her).

    # 98 Gerri- I am about 5’9″, 200 pounds. Unfortunately that weight is more fat than muscle but I am working on it. I have black hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and am told I look about 25 rather than 30 (let’s hope that looking younger thing persists as I get older). I am actually 1/4 Japanese (my grandmother was born in Osaka), but you wouldn’t know it by looking at me.

  118. From Kat

    GramJudy, I thought about your blog today, don’t know why, but your words stayed with me….
    Your daugher in law, she wanted the divorce, and you say, you had a good/decent relationship with her,
    but now your son/her ex is remarried, and reality is setting in, She is now sharing Her children with Another Woman, not easy, no matter how it happened,
    the same goes for man, when all of a sudden, after they leave, wife, how dare she, moves on, finds happiness again, and Daddy has to learn to accept sharing His children with another Man.
    It is tough, no matter who was a fault, reality sets in, the kids, oh my god, they Are Mine, and now, things are moving on, and another “parent” is going to be part of the picture, didn’t really think about that one…………ha.
    Judy, I don’t really know you or your daughter in law, but I think you like her, cut her a break, she is after all, and always will be the mother of your grandchildren.
    Lord knows what jealousy she is going through right now, that maybe drives her new demands…..
    I will always love the Mom of my Grandson, can’t help it, but in spite of having been the injured party, she is a real good person, she loves me and me ditto, she is remarried and happy, I like her new husband and Grandson is happy On Both Fronts….
    Hope it will work for you,
    but remember, Mom of your grandsons will always be Mom,
    stepMoms can come and go,
    sort of like I tried to point out about Rafe, Stepdad,Mr. Wonderful, but he might/could be gone/moved on the somebody else.
    Sami’s history, she does loose men, the have been known to come and go…
    but EJ will always be their Dad,
    good or bad, but we all know, that he does love his kids, we have seen that…
    Hey BBOW, what intersting profile you have, trying to picture you,
    I like your take on EJ, very good,
    I feel pretty much the same,
    EJ makes the show, without him, boring, keep him in the middle, good, not to good, a touch of bad now and then, but always loving his kids, and when pushed/or needed he is good and cares.
    I don’t want EJ to become the villain Stefano was/is, that would be to much, Stefano in the early days has done some inthinkable things, same as Victor, that I would hope Brady and EJ will never repeat, just keep them on the edge, bad enough, but always re-deemable.
    Sami, I hate to say, her character has become almost like a cartoon,
    the slotty dress at the Horton square, that blouse on her first day of work, the overblown behaviour, help, somebody give her some chillpills, to much already, she is now old enough to become a Grandmother, and of course Carrie, all I have seen so far, is pouting at Austin for what he is doing, His Job, but anything she does and decides of course is Ok without question,because she says so…
    There will be conflicts coming,
    and Rafe working with Carrie on John’s side, just might get a wee bit to close…
    and let’s not forget Marlena and John, him wanting a divorce to protect her and family, might make her get a wee bit close to good old Roman, lord knows the guys needs a little bit, and we all know so does Marlena by now, after 2 year with a Non funtioning John, LOL, but true fact.
    All weekend I worked my a.. off, but my yard looks absoluteyl beautiful and manicured and clean,
    going back out on the deck to enjoy an absolutely beautiful Fall evening in PA.
    Judy, gerrie, SandyGram daisy, BBOW whoever, come and join me for a glass of Merlot, well deserved…

    Kass, my dear blog buddy, this is the first week of October, so you should have had/or will have your “second wedding”, I hope all went/or will go well, please join us again on this blog, I miss you,
    God bless your union and you and your family, I know you have been through a lot this last years, hopes and dreams were crushed, but you moved on, so my dear, the best to you always, lovingly Katherine….

  119. From gerri

    would love to share a glass of wine,with you and some of the oter bloggers,that I feel connected to.
    my “sorta” surrogate daughter,and her little girl very active little red head 4 year old,came down from B’Ham for the day,we went to Zoo,then to eat mid afternoon at Cracker Barrel(my fav place)then to the mall,I’m frazzled ,but enjoyed her visit,she Is a Teacher for 7th grade gifted students,she loves It,my oldest granddaughter is in her 4th year of college,for elem education,she Is going to be a Special Education Teacher,she loves Special Needs Children..anyway worn out,will watch some TV(Amazing Race one of my favs).get a shower read some,and off to here has not been as nice as your weather there In PA.light rain,and cool(some kind of tropical system In Gulf,causing It)
    BBOW like Kat,I am trying to imagine,your looks,maybe the younger looking thing will go on and on.
    Kat,I have hazel eyes,and was blonde as a young child and until about age 40,now I keep It light brown,with a few highlights(not many).
    don’t want no gray,anytime soon.

  120. From daisy

    Kat, Merlot sounds great! I wondered , with your German heritage and travel, if you are familiar with Johann Falkenberg Riesling Rheinhessen wine? I was gifted with a 1.5 L, in a beautiful tall blue bottle. It is one of the best I have ever tasted!
    I pulled up the green bean plants today.Harvested some, fed some to the two darling goats next door.Amos and Andy are Nigerian goats…so cute. I am so lucky to live next door to a five acre farm, right in the city limits.

    It was a sunny lovely day here in the Pacific Northwest!


  121. From gerri

    5 acre farm in the city,and you’re next door,how lucky can one be?
    I was raised on a farm,and even had a pet goat,at one time.but these do sound so cute>>>
    glad your weather was great today.sounds like you had a busy day also…..

  122. From MAB

    I’m just glad I don’t live such a dramatic life that I can compare my real life experience to a soap. The ONLY close comparison I’ve ever made to this show to my personal life was Alice’s death, as I lost my mother around the same time. And still, there really was no comparison. It’s never the same no matter how you try to slice it.

    Uh, I for one will never ‘get over’ being a Sami/EJ fan, and I know there are MANY others out there who feel the same way. Some just assume that people change their minds at the drop of a hat, but not me. I will always fly the Sami/EJ flag because I want to see a show that has the guts to write a s/l pairing a DiMera with a Brady. I want to see something different! EJ & Sami’s chemistry is undeniable and there are so many stories to be told with these 2, unlike the same old boring recycled s/l’s like she has with Rafe right now, which is all she will ever have with him.

    I agree, I don’t think Alice’s secrets will turn out to make her look bad. If so, then the writers have sunk to a new low.

    Diana – I’ve said the same thing many times, I don’t understand why all the police work is done out in the open. We need to have the offices back, like Roman’s, and maybe let Bo & Hope have an office as well.

    It’s been one day and Sami is already having a problem trying to balance work/home…just more silliness for Sami’s character. Where oh where has the real Sami gone??

    Don’t see any chemistry with Madison & Brady.

    BBow – I like your take on EJ, and think some others should look at his character the way you do. But those who have tunnel vision where he’s concerned just don’t get it. They’d rather continue to play the hate game to the point that they can’t see all the aspects of the dynamic character. Yes, he is who he is, and he shouldn’t change, not completely anyway. But he should maintain a soft side, especially where his kids are concerned, because it will always show he has another side. But ultimately he is a villain, and should be a ruthless one. I mean someone has to take over for Stefano eventually because unfortunately he won’t be around forever. I don’t know if I want him to be as bad as Stefano tho. I think the things Stefano did should be left in the past. EJ should be a different kind of villain. Not one that kidnaps, erases memories, etc. In fact how they are doing him now if how he should be. Be ruthless in business, etc.

    EJ will always be more popular than Rafe. Rafe is a mediocre character that is expendable. EJ is and always will be needed, playing a true dimensional character with the formula that makes soaps work.

  123. From Grandma Judy

    Thanks to those who have commented on our son’s custody situation. I think it will probably turn out for the best but my husband and I just hope we won’t have to testify in court. Considering how much we love our son, his new wife is a sweetheart and wonderful with our grandsons, and we’ve always had such a good relationship with our former daughter-in-law, – we would certainly hate to be put in the position of having to take sides.

    As for getting to know me, I am 5’4″, size 10 or 12, olive complexion, blue eyes, ear-tip length brown hair with reddish highlights (don’t have to color it yet), I tend to like tailored clothes best and love the jeans and blazer look with stacked high heel shoes, although fancy dress is fun when the occasion calls for it. I have a fettish for earrings.

    And, oh, Kat, I love Merlot!!

    More deer out in back of us this morning. Currently sunny and 72!

  124. From Kat

    110 Diane, looked for your blog, after MAB mentioned it, must have missed it,
    good one, I like a lot of what you said, not to crazy about the young ones all the time…
    I guess, if the business was not always in earshot of everybody in town, we would not get all the good stories, because all the secrets would remain secrets…
    Gram Judy, you sound like cute, I like your choice of dress, we sound pretty much the same in that dept…. and I know you love Merlot..
    Now I pretty much have an imagic of you Ladies, I invented of course the rest of the facial look.
    Gram J. I wish you all the luck in the world with your family problems, it is so hard, when you like all the people involved, Mom, Dad and new wife.
    If you had to turn on Mom, that no matter what would hurt the boys, they love both, Mother and Father, and of course they are very fond of StepMom…I pray, that all three will decided to put the boys first, love them more, than maybe they might think they do not like the other person, it’s all about the kids in the end, they do get hurt more than the adults..
    BBOW, like MAB, I do like your take on EJ, very well written, very objective and I like that.
    EJ is a very strong character and so vital to the SL.
    I also have said so many times, get away from the old melodrama SL’s, want more intrigue, Corp.drama, embezzlement, political aspects, etc.
    looking forward to the Debate between EJ and Major ABE, that Could be good..
    Sami, said many times, they are doing her a great dis-service, her character has become a cartoon character, where is the Real Samantha Brady.?
    daisy, I like the names Amos and Andy, maybe that’s what I will call Victor and Stefano (the two old goats).
    Another beautiful day in PA

  125. From daisy

    124 Kat…love your naming of the “old Goats”!

  126. From BBow

    #122- MAB- I understand your EJami position, not because I agree with it, but because I am the same way with Lumi. Like EJ, Sami could always be herself with Lucas. EJami and Lumi actually have many similarities. They share children, they have had periods of time when they did horrible things to each other, yet the characters still have great chemistry. I, personally, think Lumi has more chemistry, which is probably why I prefer them; however, I can see where others prefer Sami with EJ. Even now, with Lucas off the screen, I still hope for the day that he returns and that he and Sami (and as many have said, the REAL Sami), can get back together.

  127. From MAB

    BBow – yep there will always be EJami’s & Lumi’s out there…that will never change. Besides, they are the only 2 men that are compatible for her. I was Lumi before EJ came along, but by that time I had already lost interest in Sami & Lucas when he married Carrie and was so horrible to Sami. Then EJ did come along, and I was instantly hooked on her & EJ becoming a couple. There was so much potential for them that I can’t believe the show let that ship sail…what a waste! Regarding Lucas, I think it was a disgrace to his character to boot him out just to replace him with Rafe…another huge mistake on the show’s part. If she can’t be with EJ, then I’d rather see her with Lucas, especially if that meant Rafe would be gone, or get involved with someone else.

  128. From Randi

    Yes both Jen and Hope always referred to Alice as Gran and yes Nee Nee your memory fits you well. Yet sadly the Quinn they are currently using is much too young for the role–but melanie and Nate would be a good couple.

    Dan really needs to get a life and away from everyone else’s. As said he stalks and is really creepy. He’s only been dating Jen for a few months, over what 25+ plus years together and Jack and Jen the newspaper sleuths. Those 2 working together to help John would not just be grand–but entertaining.
    Dan just gets creepier and please not on our fair Jen!

  129. From Grandma Judy

    Carrie is cute as ever and I liked today how gracious she was to Sami, telling her she raised 4 beautiful children, when for a moment Sami felt like her little job didn’t compare to accomplished Carrie. Thought Sami looked lovely in the dark blue dress and I liked how her hair was done. I’m impressed with how Rafe is willing to help her at home since she took a job. Rafe probably gave Austin good advice today, too. I am one of the ones who does NOT think Rafe is mediocre and expendable from the show!

    John was portrayed as being a little stronger today and I was glad to see that. Pretty awkward when Daniel showed up at Jennifer’s early in the am and found Jack there! Daniel probably overstepped with Jack but, since I don’t care for Jack, I enjoyed it. Poor Jennifer is so confused but not nearly as much as she will be in days to come. I’m not sure if I believe Jack’s story or not but she wants to believe him because she still loves him on some level.

    Speaking of overstepping, the previews for tomorrow look like Jack does just that with Abby over her dating Chad, since he’s a DiMera. I will like it that Abe stays loyal to John even though it may interfere with Abe’s mayoral race.

  130. From patsy

    aS MUCH AS i ENJOY ej IT WAS good to have a day with out him and expecialy with out Nicole .I get so tired of the writer makeing Sami a bad preson and bad Mother .The kids would still be better of with their real MOTHER than that MOMMY WANT TO BE .lOVE that sweetheart Rafe .Could you picture EJ doing that for SAMI?tHERES NOT TOO MANY MEN LIKE THAT AROUND ANY MORE My husband was like Rafe .And no he was NOT boreing

  131. From Kat

    Well, it’s Monday, back to business, agreeing/or not about the show.
    Rafe’s advice to Austin, just quit your job, money is not everything, that sounds good, but
    I am sure, that Austin and Carrie do have a Home in Switzerland, to maintain a home etc. all bills, takes money,
    With Carrie working for nothing, and no Job for Austin, who will Pay…. for everything.
    Maybe, Austin and Carrie could move in with Rafe and Sami, doesn’t their apartment have a LOT of Bedrooms, ha,ha,
    that could maybe work, Oh, wonder if Sami still has the $50,000 John gave her, and she gave to Nicole at one time….to leave town with Sidney…
    she could give that to Carrie…
    Money does seem to have become important in the Hernandez household, did’t Rafe just say, Sami is taking a Paying Job, to do more for the kids, and All.
    So Rafe, which is it, do people need to have an Income in order to pay their bills and make good on their comittments….
    Another things, everybody is totally convinced that John is innocent, so what could Austin possibly do otherwise.
    True, professionals should be able to work during the day in their jobs, and not make it personal.
    Yes, Rafe is being very supportive with Sami, wonder how long it will last…..he must not be to busy at his own job, to have all this extra time on his hands.
    patsy, you speak of your husband, in the past, have you lost him,
    you don’t have to answer of course.
    I read, that EJ wins the debate with ABE on Thursday…. see SandyGram, you got me curious, what’s about to happen…..LOL…

    I so enjoyed Dan and Jack sparring, reminds me, why I like the secenes with Jack, never a dull moment, his facial expressions today were priceless.
    Poor Jenn, but I guess we all know, who her heart and soul belongs to, when all is said and done, Jack, father of her children (JJ, where are you??), wonder what they will do with Dr. Dan, will Chloe come back with Parker (maybe his son), or will they bring in another Love interest for Dr. Dan,
    let’s see, whose life could he save this time??

    I do think, the SL between Rafe and Sami has become boring, writers need to inject something to kick that one up a few notches, IMO….if a SL becomes boring, so do the characters involved….

  132. From patsy

    Yes kAT MY HUSBAND passed away on Oct 26 2006 from cancer he got from Asianorange .Don,t let the silent strong ones fool you they can be very exciteing but not for the world to see .They dont have to put on a show to prove they are a man Yey DONT feel bad for me WE had 49 GREAT YEARS .At lest I didn,t have to worry about he going to my worst enemy to make me jelious .

  133. From Kat

    patsy, so sorry,
    I have a friend in Germany, her husband passed away so many years ago, must be going close to 35 or 40. He was in Vietnam and got that “AsianOrange” didn’t know how it was spelled till now, thank you,
    don’t know if your husband had the same….
    I agree, good men come in all packages, and of course most men are not like the ones on soaps, but then again, some can be worse…
    Just consider yourself lucky, that you had a wonderful man for so long.
    Now another thought about the show,
    what if it turned out that EJ maybe with the help of Nicole, will actually find out who is behind the big Pension swindle/embezzlement, and I don’t mean Stefano,
    what if there is even a bigger crook on the horizon, that will put the fear into all the old time crooks, like Amos and Andy.
    Some other blogger, another site, touched on something like that,
    sounds intriguing to me, certainly would not be the Same old Same old.
    Maybe Lawrence is alive and well in Europe and getting his Revenge….
    That could open the door, for Carly and Nicholas to come back again, someday, I mean they are Melanie’s family.
    That of course would make EJ an instant Hero in Salem, saving Uncle John Black/Ryan DiMera,
    why not, they are family,
    there was a time when John thought that the Baby (EJ) belonged to him…
    Rafe better watch himself, that he does not get to personal involved in John case, to impress some people, it could turn out to bite him big, it would not be fun to be without a job, just ask Austin,
    like I said, they could all move in together to save money… LOL

  134. From patty

    Woohoo! Nate Burkus on tomorrow’s show here in Canada. Love him and that beautiful smile of his! In the previews we see Sammi’s jaw drop when she sees him,the expression on her face is priceless. I cannot wait to see more of him.
    I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian bloggers on here…we have many blessings to be grateful for in this great country of ours!

  135. From patty

    So sorry about the loss of your wonderful hubby Patsy! I am also blessed with a good and kind man (like Rafe …ok, maybe not as hot, lol) and he’s anything but boring.
    Grandma Judy, I’m with you 100%, there is nothing mediocre about Rafe. ;~)

  136. From Chris

    I would have to pick EJ & Nicole followed by Rafe & Sami. I don’t find them borrowing at all. I love the way he supports her and loves her. I did like Sami with Lucas but I hated what the writers did to them. From what I’ve seen so far Jack hasn’t changed. He still seem so goofy. I hope Jen stays with Daniel they look cute together.
    Does anyone think that Alice’s bank statements have anything to do with John’s case?

  137. From Safavi

    Writers! Please, please get rid of John and Marlena and their bad acting and weird eyes. I have really enjoyed all the characters and stories, and you have to go and ruin it. They are horrid!

  138. From Grandma Judy

    Patsy, I, too, am very sorry you lost your husband. It must have been and must be so very difficult to keep going without him but yet you have to. I’m sure you are a very strong woman. As Kat seems to be.

    Patsy, you are so right about silent strong men. My husband is one of those, also, – very quiet and mild mannered but nothing boring about him. For me, those are the most sexy men, more so than the showboat type.

    Kat, I know what Rafe meant when he was talking to Austin yesterday. Yes, in this economy, especially, we all have to think about our savings and how much money we have and how long it will last. But the bottom line is that money ISN’T everything. As for Rafe not being very busy with his own job that he can help Sami, well, what do couples do when they are both working, as is the case in most families nowadays? Each spouse has to contribute their fair share of work at home. A spoiler on DaysCafe, though, says Rafe loses his job. That may put a strain on him and Sami, as is often the case when the wife is working and the husband is not. Although there are those stories in the news where the husband is a stay-at-home-dad and loves it and it works out very well. If one of the couple is going to stay at home, I would never say it has to be the woman. But some men don’t feel like men if they aren’t the one working.

  139. From jolie

    Yes, I agree that Nicole may just poke her nose into the scandal and come up with an answer and applied to Elvis’ situation, makes him a hero by finding the pension funds and saves John Black’s skin. Elvis wins the election. Inroads made between John and Elvis maybe. This was discussed some on one of the polls last week. Meanwhile, wonder what else will happen to poor John and Marlena before all of this is over. I don’t think she’ll divorce him but it will probably look very dim before a glimmer of light in the case. If Nicole doesn’t nose into it, maybe Rafe will save the day. Wonder how Sami is going to keep up with her kids (who has them) and still keep her job. But maybe that is how Elvis gets them back into his life. Maybe Sami misses a pickup, Johnny, Syd, and Allie are off wandering the docks (we haven’t seen the docks in 2 weeks so crime is down). Elvis will ride in and save them and Sami will have to relent and give him visitation. It is called Shared Custody! Parents do it all the time.
    Did anyone else think the guy on the bicycle riding thru the pedestrian Horton Square was strange? He just kept riding thru. I thought maybe he’d clip someone and Bo would get him to the station and question him about Alice’s secret account but he appears to have gone.
    I hope the Mad World/Countess Willie war doesn’t just become Harpies Behaving Badly. Personally, I do not care to see 2 powerful women showing this ugly side to themselves. Think Oprah would act this way?? I would rather see them not snipe at one another in public. It is demeaning and I just don’t like watching it. Stefano and Vic would stand and trade insults. They would act much more subtle, make their veiled threats in low voices, then set to work. Get control ladies (and I use the word loosely).

  140. From jolie

    I think the thing several of you have referred to is ‘Agent Orange’ which was a defoliant to rid the trees of leaves so snipers could not hide and attack or generally make the jungle less verdant. It later became the problem you have mentioned in the postings. God bless any and all who have suffered.

  141. From Mary

    i’ve really enjoyed the last couple days shows…I really enjoyed Madison and I think I will like her with Brady. I think the big bombshell will be somehow making Daniel related to Maggie because they’re really pushing the whole Daniel/Maggie/Melanie relationship.

    There’s a big Day of Days announcement coming this Wednesday. Is anyone else going this year? I went last year and I had a blast! It was so much fun! I hope it’s Bryan Datillo coming back to DOOL! I miss lucas so much. Also, who knows if this captcha will go thru…i’m getting like the weirdest symbol ever…

  142. From carol

    i get mad when you people put rafe and sami down, for pete sake she has a man that makes her happy witch was long over due , and loves her children, he don’t put ej down and look what ej done to him because he was jealous cause his kids liked him , so if sami you think is a baby i think she has come along way from what she use to be , i think they are very good together and as for rafe i think he is a good actor i also likr him on dirty soasoap he has two beautiful sons in real life and a very pretty wife , if you get a chance to watch dirty soap do it the old bell is there and cloey lane brain bow and hopes older son mostly all days old cast they let go and some of the people that lost there jobs when they canceled the other soaps , its pretty good

  143. From MAB

    Monday’s show was ok. John was the best part. Was it me, or did John give Rafe a funny look when he left the penthouse? It might have been just one of John’s “looks” but it seemed weird to me.

    Jack is just a waste of space! I can’t believe Jen allowed him to spend the night at the house. She shoulda made him leave. He is such a dork. And his banter yesterday with Daniel was childish. Why must he act so childish? Abby is more mature than him. I think Daniel handled things just fine, and definitely more mature. He made Jack look like a chump, which isn’t too hard since Jack regularly makes himself look like an @$$ w/o help from anyone else. I’m glad Daniel doesn’t believe Jack, and hopefully he’ll make Jen take a closer look at his excuses for ditching his family for the umpteenth time. I wish Jen was a little more skeptical than she’s acting. I mean this is classic Jack, leaving his family just to come back with some ridiculous story to worm his way back into their lives. Looks like the writers are gonna have Jen dating both of them coming up. After all Jack has done over the years, if she chooses Jack over Daniel, she’s just gonna end up looking like a fool in the end for falling for his antics once again. I think she should settle things with Jack, be cordial, but make it clear she has moved on, and stay with Daniel where she belongs.

    I’m really enjoying Carrie. This is new for me because her character was kinda boring to me in the past. Sami still seems on the defensive where Carrie is concerned. It’s like she’s ready to pounce if Carrie says anything negative to her. Spoilers say Austin will start staying with Sami & Rafe. If this is true, then what will end up happening? Will Sami start having feelings for Austin again…will Rafe be jealous of Austin….will Carrie & Sami start fighting over men again?

    Of course, if Sami & EJ was a couple, he would be just as attentive to her, helping her with the children, etc. In fact, we’ve already seen that when Sami lived with EJ. They were always with the kids and doing things with them & for them. Rafe certainly doesn’t hold the title for being the most attentive guy on the show, but his attentiveness would be more believable if the writers would stop forcing the issue.

    Looks like Rafe telling Sami he will do anything, taking care of the house/kids, etc., will be coming true. According to the spoilers, he’s gonna be doing just that once he loses his job, but apparently he’ll become resentful when it’s Sami who becomes the bread-winner of the family. Surely not surprising he’ll act that way with his past track record. If things don’t go the way he wants them to go, then he’ll be sure to make Sami feel guilty about it.

    Just another reason why comparing real life to soaps is not a good idea…the Rafe character simply cannot compare to a real life man who goes above & beyond for his woman. Not only because he’s a fictional character and not real, but it’s how his character is portrayed. One minute he’s mister nice guy, the next minute he’s preaching to his wife and treating her like he’s her father. He’s ok as long as he’s in control, but once things aren’t going his way, he changes his tune. I surely wouldn’t want a man like that in real life, and don’t know any woman who would. The way the writers continue to force the issue of him being some kind of hero, like they have to constantly remind us of it, well that just makes it even more unbelievable.

    Rafe’s advice to Austin was stupid, and those who like to compare Days to real life should see how ridiculous his advice was. Telling Austin to quit his job is not realistic. But I guess for Rafe & Sami, they seem to make it whether either of they are working or not, so I guess since it worked for them, then Rafe thinks it works for everyone else too.

    jolie – too funny, I also thought the guy riding his bike thru the Horton Square was strange. Not only that, it was silly. I don’t think they need people riding their bikes around. They have enough people walking around. I was waiting for him to mow someone down.

    Hope was the only one who referred to Alice as Gran…Jen never did…she called her Gram.

  144. From MAB

    I watch Dirty Soap, and I don’t see Galen as such a great guy in real life either. He seems to enjoy his job a little too much, while his poor wife never seems to get out of the house…and when they did go away together for a few days, she was made fun of because she called home to talk to her kids. She seems like a wonderful mother to me, but Galen’s fatherly instincts leave much to be desired. He doesn’t act too interested in is children when he’s at home. It’s always his wife who is doing everything for them.

  145. From Kat

    141 Carol, don’t get mad, because some of us do not see Rafe in the same light you and some others do,
    it’s a waste of emotions, disagree, but don’t get mad.
    I don’t, GramJudy/others don’t see some stuff my way, but I adore those ladies and their comments, that’s what it is all about, different opinions.
    I disagree with MAB about Jack, I do enjoy him, and I think Jenn does, after all she has been with him a quarter of a century, she knows who and what he is, and she loves him in spite of it.
    Dan, I have never cared for very much, but of course if he turns out to be Maggie’s son, Instant “Saint Hood” for him.
    Thank you jolie, for the corr. on Agent Orange, thought that’s how it was spelled, but not sure after patsy spelled it differently… Live and Learn, I always do..
    I think the reason John gave Rafe a funny look, Him thinks, what’s up with this guy, he just met me, and already he tells me, he will do anything to help John, (what a Kiss-a..- knowing John, he would not want that kind of help,
    not the way Rafe/Bo and Hope have operated lately about other cases…
    Keep it straight, or not at all.
    Look what is has gotten the Salem PD, they still did not get the DiMera’s, and it is all their own (disonest) fault in the end.
    jolie, I do not miss the docks at all.. I did blog on one of the Poll Sites, about EJ and Nicole maybe cracking the case about the embezzlement, along with another blogger on there…
    Wonder how long Mr. FBI will last as Mr.Mom, who knows he might turn out to be a Saint and find his real calling in life “Mother and Father Hood”, I am kidding now, so none of you get mad, chill, and enjoy the ride..

  146. From Mary

    Kat- I totally agree with you about Daniel and the instant saint-hood… It’s like…HELLO? Did you Horton’s forget what Daniel did to Lucas?!?! I don’t feel anything for Daniel or Rafe. Maybe it’s their acting…or maybe it’s their dumb storylines. maybe it’s because I hate that they have pushed out Lucas…I don’t know. I just don’t think i would miss either of them. or, maybe they need to be with different characters? maybe try madison out with Rafe.

  147. From jolie

    It seems to me that lately many past slights have gone to the wayside (Caroline/Daniel, Sami/Lexie, Chloe/Nicole but of course they did come out and have a conversation about past sins and made up to become real friends)so if Daniel becomes a Horton, we will be expected to forget what he did to Lucas. I just can’t forget that guy riding the bicycle and can’t figure out what he has to do with Alice’s secret. Just kidding.

  148. From jolie

    Did Carrie and Austin come back so they can break up? Surely they have been married long enough and been thru enough Sami-inspired breakups that they can put aside jobs (get separate offices for their stuff so there is not mistake or improprieties) and still be a couple. I don’t want to see these 2 split. I think it would be like Bo and Hope spliting up again. Austin would be the likely one that Hope and Bo turn to for help with the Alice secret due to the nature of his job..forensic accouting. He can route out the truth. I trust they will find the answer soon so Sleepy Hope doesn’t team back up with Dr. Dick and start knocking noggins on the docks of Salem again.

  149. From Kat

    146 Hi jolie,
    Dan, even being Maggie’s son, would never be a “Horton”, maybe a Simmons, or whoever is real father was or is….
    Lucas, is a true blue blood Horton, and I agree, they got rid of him, like to see him back, but more mature of course.
    So please, don’t even say the name Horton and Dr. Dan in the same sentence, to be a true Horton is special. I would like to see Dr. Bill Horton back (Jen’s father)have him become chief of staff, Lexie will be to busy, running a campain, her home and and “Affair”.
    Dr. Bill could live in the Horton house..
    Hard to believe that our Julie at one time had an affair with Victor K… that guy sure got around.
    jolie, agree about Carrie and Austin, why can’t they be true adults and professional, and keep their personal lifes apart from their professional doings….And why does it have to be Carrie’s way, Austin did what he did first, she was not involved in anything, and now that she is, He has to give up his job… Yeh, I know it’s a soap, and family comes first, but Austin should also come first with Carrie.
    Lordy, Lord, Jack today, in true form, I had to laught, but it was also so sad. “Abby, where is little abondoned JJ”, will I ever get an explantion that will be able to stick….
    I am not defending Jack, but everybody else in Salem has had a chance to get used to Chad DIMERA, even Jennifer,
    now Jack walks in, sees Chad sitting on his daughter, not very much cloth on, and of course HotHead Jack will grab Chad and pull him off his daughter, all he could see is a DiMera on his daughter, so let’s cut him a little bit of slack, a wee bit.
    Also, Jenn knew that her husband was an investigative Reporter, and they do leave home on assignments, there were times when she used to leave with him on a story,
    that’s how Jack makes a living, and paid all the bills, dear Abby, so don’t go way overboard in your pounding on Dad, he has been there for you, I do remember so many of those scenes and good SL’s.
    I know she is young and angry, and I hope time will heal the wounds,
    he is her Father and always will be, the same as with Chad, Stefano is his Dad, and time will tell.
    Love your blogs, good stories coming up, and of course lots of disagreements, and agreements, love it.

  150. From jolie

    So Kat you bring up a very interesting point…who was paying the bills while Jack was “kidnapped” and I know why they let him go…he just plain annoyed them and they got tired of it. Torture, starvation, none of it would work on Jack. He’d still behave like a slightly kooky kind of guy. He just waited them out. And it would have to be a shock to see a Dimera with his dear girl. So yes, we might need to cut him a little slack but he had better cut Abigail some slack at the same time. And Chad has not moved back in to the Dimera Manse so he is proving to be his own Dimera.

  151. From jolie

    Oh dear. Alice’s secret. Was she paying someone to keep Jack hostage and also sending money into an account for Jennifer and kids to live off?
    Yes, late afternoon and I might need a snack. My imagination is getting as wild as Jack’s.

  152. From Kat

    Hi jolie, funny, funny, you are…good one.
    I would imagine that that outfit that employed Jack kept on sending the monthly paychecks, it was after all on their dime he did the investigating.
    I think Jack reacted on the spurr of the moment when he heard the name DiMera, did not bother to find out the details.
    I still would like to know why little JJ was left behind in Europe, until then, Jen and Abby get no slack from me.
    They have not seen him in over 1 year, they better come up with a heck of an excuse, at least Jack had a reason why he left, a Story/being his paying Job to support everybody, what excuse do Jen and Abby have for leaving that little boy??????
    I am willing to listen, but so far nothing, nothing, and even Jack, nothing, like where is my son.
    Now jolie, all fun aside, we all know that Jack must have gone through hell being held prisoner, do some of you hate him that much, that it does not matter what he had to endure.
    Is he any worse than some of those criminals in Salem, that kidnap, shoot people in the head, etc.
    So let’s be a little fair, Jack went to hell for a year, is he really that bad in some of your minds, that he deserved all that…. I think not, Jenn was happy with him, they went to Europe, he went on assignment, and yes, some of them are a secret, and of course from a guy that cried wolfe before, everybody assumed the worst.
    I enjoy watching Jack, good old Jack, don’t care that much for Dr.Try to love them All, Dan, of course SaintHood is in the making.
    I think with Jack held captive, he paid for most of his sins he ever committed, certainly more than certain others in town..
    jolie, did the snack help you, funny about Alice paying the bills,
    but I do believe, Jenn and Jack had more than enough money to sustain them for a year, besides Jenn moved home, live in the Horton house and worked for a while, somebody has to stand up for Poor Jack…. LOL

  153. From Kat

    Moving to next site, this one will go down tomorrow anyway, somewhat, whatever……………………..

  154. From daisy

    139 Jolie, loved your comment about the docks!

  155. From Randi

    To all who refer to Agent Oragne know that it was one of the wrost chemicals used in warfare/Nam and caused more damage then just getting rid of leaves. I have friends who still suffer from such.

    Jack and jen will always belong together, Dan’s hormones simply need to find another cictim—he is creepy and much too possessive.

    Yet today I gotta say the character Nicole must get rid of the Lindsey Lohan fake braid, your much prettier than lowering yourself to such standards, unprofessionalism and sloppiness!

  156. From Janiebell

    So it looks as though all “this stuff” about Alice’s bank account is Alice still “reaching out to help others from beyond the grave”, but what others and why?

    When will John b found innocent of all “the bad stuff” that is now being spread about John and the Demears brought to charges once again?

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