Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 13 & 14.

Getting to the bottom.

Jack continues to probe Jenn about her feelings. She can’t face them and keeps the topic focused on their daughter. She wants to help them reconnect, but only if he won’t hurt Abby. He promises he’s doing all he can to change. Meanwhile, Daniel admits to Victor that he’s worried he could lose his lover. As Victor and Maggie gossip about it, Jenn admits to the doctor that talking to Jack again has brought back a lot of her old feelings. Bo and Hope show up to tell Maggie and Jennifer about the Alice mystery. They unearth evidence that suggests Alice was sending a special letter to Maggie. The redhead never received it so they head to the Horton house to search for it.

“No wonder Salem is in the mess it’s in!” EJ says as he and Abe debate on TV. “You are an elitist who will use anyone to get what he wants,” Abe suggests, which leads to Elvis bringing up John. He tries to make it sound like the mayor and the most hated man in Salem are in cahoots. Abe defends his unpopular friend. That’s just what EJ wants and the audience feedback clearly shows that he’s coming off as the better candidate.

Kate keeps rubbing Madison’s nose in how she ripped her off. Madison doesn’t care because, it turns out, she expected this and already set in motion a counter plan. Brady’s impressed. She keeps impressing him as she lays out her plans for her showroom. Madison makes it clear to him that she keeps all of her working relationships strictly professional, but the way she rubs up against Brady makes him wonder what she really means by that.

Austin fills Rafe in on the details of John’s case and shows him the damning evidence. There’s even a photo showing John standing, when he was supposed to be paralyzed, and doing illegal transactions. Carrie confronts her client about the picture but he has no idea what’s going on. Marlena realizes how big the holes in his story are. John confesses that someone stole his computer and phone and recalls more disturbing memories. Rafe is still sure he’s innocent and starts to dig around. Marlena is still sure that Stefano is behind this and plods off to confront him.

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  1. From mary

    See how predictable dool is. Dopple or split. Of course couldn’t the writers have come up with something better than this?! If this is the new direction dool is going then I think I will set my DVR to sponge bob.

    An crook for a mayor!! Hello been looking at the Detroit News over the past few years. We have been there done that.

  2. From marynelle

    I just hope they don’t have EJ winning Mayoral election. That wld make the people of Salem look so dumb. As if, they don’t all know how corrupt the DiMera’s are. And Abe needs to bring up what EJ did to Rafe. So writers, don’t leave all of that our.

  3. From Lynne

    I hate these doubles storylines. Hate them! This storyline is already boring. Please move on and spare us all!

  4. From dc

    well, the show today was really boring.
    the debate with ej and abe i sure hope that ends really really soon.
    i what can i say, i hate that jack is back on the show. he is a REAL JERK.. and if jennifer plays up to him she is just as bad as him.. i really wanted her back with daniel.
    jack needs to be gone gone gone. his part today was just boring. he acted like he was just doing evrything for show to try and get jennifer back, so very very wrong.
    come on writers do something with him, get him on another assignment, just get rid of him..

  5. From Kathy

    This story is older than me and I have watched since I was 16, 43 yrs, pls “Doc” and John are boring and have misplaced all their acting skills. Gotta tell ya not impressed with current writing. There is still a lot of potional with the younger people Abagail, Chad, Rafe, Sami any one under 70. John, Doc, Carolyn Stefano, Maggie Victor, they can come to weddings, births ,deaths, you know like doug and Julie. They appear just enough that you still enjoy them.

  6. From TRACY


  7. From Bonnie

    Sorry Jack is back. Never liked his goofy character. Love Jenn with Daniel. Hope they stay together.

  8. From vera reid

    Get rid of Jack fast. John and Marlena back is great, and the story line is great, but writers please don’t make Will gay. And for goodness sakes, tell what Stephano and EJ did to John in t he dungeon.

  9. From cg

    I agree….Jennifer should stay with Daniel! Jack should go away!

  10. From missy

    love jack & jennifer bk together let daniel go love them bk as a family they belong together PLEASE ?

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