Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 20 & 21.

Losing it.

When Carrie calls in from Switzerland, this leads to friction between Austin and Rafe. The accountant accuses the cop of crossing the line. He then tells Sami that her husband could be breaking the law. Her doubts about John’s innocence get deeper. She invites lonely Austin to stay at the loft. He’s reluctant but agrees. Rafe soon shows up in a foul mood. Roman just fired him because the FBI got wind that he was helping the defense. Blaming Austin, he smacks him around until Sami stops them. She then makes things worse by rubbing Rafe’s new unemployment status in his face. He stomps away and Sami realizes she may have screwed up. She hunts Rafe down at the pub to apologize. Austin shows up to explain that he’s lost his hotel room so he still has to stay with them.

Abby starts to yodel when Jack shows up to take Jenn out. “You’re not going on a date with him, are you?” she asks. Jack tries to explain and repeats that he will never leave his family. Abby feels betrayed by her mom but Jenn explains why she’s doing what she’s doing. “Whatever issues you’re having with your father, you need to work those out,” she encourages. Abby still thinks this is colossally stupid and storms off. When she runs into Daniel, she confronts him about his weird arrangement with her parents. Meanwhile, Jack takes Jenn to the hospital to decorate Halloween cookies for children. As he talks about all of the suffering children he saw in Afghanistan, she’s deeply moved.

Bo tells John and Marlena that Rafe was canned and he has been appointed to replace him as the PD/FBI liaison. He warns them that he has to stick to the letter of the law and remain objective. John and Marlena are so upset about this that they tear off their clothes and start knocking mops. Bo avoids this scene by joining Hope, Mel and Maggie to bully Alice’s lawyer into illegally revealing information. The lawyer is so moved she decides to leave the room without saying anything, but being sure to leave all pertinent information on her desk. The cops sneak a peek and find the name of the clinic that likely got Maggie’s eggs.

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  1. From SandyGram

    O Please…Carrie would leave town without Austin having money enough for a Hotel Room? Does she control their purse strings, check book, credit cards, etc.?

    Then the now new SPD/FBI Liason Bo tells M & J he is going to have to go by the book. And in the next breath he takes the Horton Ladies to the lawyers office to harass her for more information regarding the Fertility Clinic. And as before the Lawyer just happens to leave the information on her desk so the gang of ‘yeah we’re going to go by the book troop’ can see what their looking for. Wouldn’t it just be easier to visit The All Knowing OZ’?

  2. From dc

    well, i am really upset with the jennifer, daniel and jack thing..
    i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again i hate that you writers brought back back, such a mistake..
    jennifer was doing so good with daniel. and now we are gonna find out that maggie is daniel’s mom..
    and from what i have read melanie and chad may get together..

  3. From ny

    I am new to the show. If Daniel is Maggie’s son. What relationship if Jennifer to Maggie? Does this make Jennifer and Daniel related? thx

  4. From MsBJL

    1)The Daniel-Jennifer-Jack situation (solution???) is stupid. (3) Bo going “by the book” in the Rafe situation? Since when is Bo “by the book? (4) I just KNEW Victor had something to do with the clinic. Does he know Maggie is Daniel’s birth mother? I’m sure he’s not the father because then Melanie would have been married to her brother (ugh! !) and finally (5) What voter in their right mind would vote for EJ? Everyone (I assume) knows about his criminal background–especially about the latest RoboRafe plan.

  5. From Kat

    MsBJL, Melanie would have married and prego by her Uncle Phil, Dan, Phil and Bo would be brothers.
    It is getting very confusing.
    As far as EJ, a few people know about EJ’s involvement with the FakeRafe thing, and they had to make a deal…
    The people of Salem, being the voters don’t know about that, also EJ has No criminal record.
    I still do not think that Daniel is Maggie’s son, he is to old.
    He must be a least 45 by now,
    DOOl is only how old, 45, 46, 47 years old. And Maggie’s eggs were at the SpermBank at least a few years before they were moved/whatever and then Stolen…
    I think there is so much more to this story, Lillian Parker could have used the eggs maybe to have another child, with Victor’s help, and who is the Father that fertilized the eggs. If Dr.Dan turns out to be the Son, that story/buil up ended in a real boring way, IMO, there has to be more to it, Maybe Madison came from the eggs….

  6. From Sandi

    I can’t believe the writers brought back Jack – one of the most uninteresting characters on TV! The actor playing Jack was and still is one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen. He ‘over acts’ every scene and the storyline is really ridiculous. When the Jack character comes on, I usually find something else to do because he is so annoying!

  7. From Barbara

    I have been a DOL viewer since the initial episode.
    Many thanks for bringing back FAMILY. It always was about the Horton family and how much Alice and Tom loved their children in spite of their shortcomings and problems.
    Not sure I want to speculate on the new story lines yet. So far the only one that is getting under my skin is the EJ for Mayor Crapola. When he speaks is where I turn it off.
    And as for Sami…didn’t she work for Countess Wilhemina??????

  8. From Sandi

    Bringing back Jack was a colossal mistake in all ways. He is a big liar and a buffoon. Even his daughter knows that. It is a shame the new writers are making Jennifer so flighty. She went from intelligent(reporter, hospital PR, investigator) to stupid in no time flat! HATE JACK.

  9. From pattypat

    Waht is going on with Day’s Writers please reconsider the Jack, Jen and Dan storyline. They are to old to play games. I am shocked with the storyline for John, just getting back on the show. Oh my, hard to read what is ahead for Days. I will be watching.

  10. From Randi

    I thoroughly Agree PattyPat and will add that this BS betweeb Austin and Rafe is literally CHILDISh and a repeat of SAM LUK AND AUS once again just with Rafe replacing Lucus! BORING

    Chad and MEL???? Ick–gross and poor thoughts of writing— not good leave him with Abby they match and the vibes are there and set already.

    Sorry Abigal is a good actress but bashing her Dad as she is is wrong and unfair—she doesn;t realize what a horntoaded sleeze Dan really is. Last year at this time he was all goo goo over Chloe and now he thinks he owns Jen and she is allowing this BS, not the JEN we all know and love!
    JACK is Jen’s other half whther you like him or not–J&J brough much humor and intrigue in the past and we can only hope the allow them to do so again. Maybe Jack should snoop again and find the real cause of the John allegations as only a snoop could!!!!

    Mags as Dan’s Mom is lousy storyline–please rethink it quickly!

  11. From patty

    What is wrong with this picture? Austin practically begging for a place to stay at Sami’s and Rafe’s who live in a loft with 4 kids when Kate DeMira is his mother and lives in a mansion with gazillion rooms. I’m not sure I’m liking the direction the new writers are going with all this. Making Jenn date two men, Maggie having a child she didn’t know about,John being a thief, the Austin/Sami,Rafe/Carrie switcheroo and worst of all EJ running for mayor and Nicole just sitting pretty at his side(bring back Nicole please???). All things that are out of character for these people and hardly believable.
    At least Rafe and Sami have already kissed and made up for he slip up about his job.

  12. From Shanon

    Abby is annoying constantly whining about her father. Grow up already. Not liking Jennifer dating 2 men either. Come on, you are too old for games. Wouldn’t Daniel be too old to be Maggie’s son given the age of the eggs? I would peg him at around 40, being as Melanie is his daughter and she’s around 19 or 20. Abby and Chad have sparks, however this is a soap opera and things have to be mixed up to keep it interesting. I dislike the way the Sami, Rafe, Austin, Carrie storyline is going. It’s hard to believe that Austin would be left with no money to pay for a hotel, that he wouldn’t consult Carrie of where he is staying or vice versa and that he would even want to stay with Sami and the other 5 people living there. How big is their place anyway? For Austin to comment that Rafe is getting too close to Carrie is ludacris. Does he not trust his wife? They’ve been together a very long time to not trust her. Sami is the one that cannot be trusted to fall for Austin again. When Austin mentioned he had nowhere else to go, Sami’s face lit up with delight. She didn’t even consult Rafe about anyone moving in which is not right. There is clearly some jealousy lingering on Sami’s part towards Carrie. I agree there are other people Austin could stay with like his mother. We could see how he would get along with EJ and Stefano.

  13. From Grandma Judy

    patty #11, – although we can all understand Austin not wanting to live with Kate. Yes??

  14. From patty

    Yes,Grandma Judy, I can understand Austin not wanting to stay with Kate the Snake but she is his mother. Right now Rafe is furious with Austin because he thinks he’s the one that caused him to lose his job, so I can’t understand him wanting to stay with them. To make things worst, the previews show him stumbling on top of Sami wearing only a towel…at least at the DiMansion he would most likely have his own bathroom and have no little ones running around.
    Shannon, the reason Austin has to move out of the hotel is because of the publicity over John’s case(which doesn’t make that much sense either) and not because of money. Either way, there are better places to go live than with a family of six where you are not wanted.The Austin I remember had more pride than that.

  15. From Grandma Judy

    Living with one’s mother isn’t always a good solution, especially a mother like Kate. But I agree Austin should have known better than to accept Sami’s invite to stay with her, Rafe, and the kids. And, like the spoiler above says, the living conditions are way too intimate. So the DiMansion would have been a lot better in that way.

    And I agree with Shannon that Sami should have consulted with Rafe before inviting Austin. My husband and I have been married over 40 years and I would never invite a house guest, even other family, without checking with him first. And my hubby would do the same.

    Rafe shouldn’t have slugged Austin today because he doesn’t know if Austin ratted him out or not. Austin doesn’t know Rafe gave Carrie information. So who did cause Rafe to lose his job? Rafe getting a little too close to the truth?! Of course, Sami could be right and John could be guilty and not remember.

  16. From Christy

    Patty, I thought about the DiMera mansion, too! Doesn’t it have an endless number of rooms, even wings? Austin could stay there and never even see Kate.

    Shanon, yes, Abby needs to grow up. I loved it when Jen pointed out to Abby that she is an ADULT now!

  17. From JiBi

    Randi # 10 Why Chad and MEL together is gross and poor thoughts of writing ??? They are togerther (dating)in real live and it is not gross to see them togerther…. They are cute togerther and in real live and they will be in DOOL also.

  18. From kenaiqueen

    I love having Jack back! He and Jenn are made for each other. Abby needs to grow up. And Daniel…everyone forgets the way he stalked Chloe. He’s a nut case and Jen would be well rid of him.

  19. From MsBJL

    Yes, it would be interesting to see Austin move in to the DiMera mansion–he and Carrie would split up because I KNOW she would refuse to live there. But it would be fun to see EJ “chew up” Austin on a daily basis (he seems like such a wimp) and then befriend him to use his forensic CPA for his own purposes, turning Austin to the “dark side.”

  20. From MsBJL

    Yes, Austin should move in to the DiMera mansion with its gazillion rooms, instead of in to Sami and Rafe’s cramped(c) loft. Of course, then he and Carrie would split up because I KNOW she would refuse to live there. It would be fun to see EJ “chew up” Austin on a daily basis (he seems like such a wimp). But EJ would befriend him to use Austin’s forensic CPA for his own purposes and eventually Austin would turn to the “dark side.”

  21. From Something

    I want Daniel to be Maggie’s son. Though i dont really want Victor to be the father because that would mean Melanie married and then got pregnant with her uncle Philip, which i find gross and dumb cause they both look the same age. Though i would love Melanie to be Maggie’s granddaughter, they already get along really well and have just about every scene together…and not to mantion they look alike. I wonder if they brought Melanie in on the secret that Maggie has a child because it is going to affect her or have something to do with her. If it isnt Daniel, i wouldnt mind Madison being her daughter with Victor, though that also means no Brady and Madison romance…since it seems to be going that way. I cant believe people actually consider EJ to be Maggies child…that i think is ludicrious, unless the writers r jumping the shark. Or they could do the thing they did with Melanie and her parents, pretended Mia was Carly’s daughter by making her get along with her and haveing her and Melanie being enemies, but it turns out Carly is Melanies mother.

  22. From missy

    Love to see Maggie & Daniel, reconnect as mother & son,& bio daughter Melanie. not Carly. Love to see Jack & Jennifer bk together & reconnect, they have to much chemistry & Love as well. Love to see Daniel, as her brother, & Jack her husband. bring Abigail connect w/ her dad. thank’s,

  23. From bonnie woeckener

    I can not beleive that they have brought Jack back, I didn’t like him before and less now. Does Jen really beleive the lame excuse about being held captive? The date with Jack and Jen at Brady Cafe was really stupid, I skip the parts with Jack when I tape the show. The story about John isn’t good either. What is with Sami siding with Austin, Rafe should leave her. Seems that Sami wants to hurt Carrie again. The writers should write Kate, EJ, Jack and Ausin out. Who in their right mind would Vote for EJ, the people of Salem must be stupid if they vote EJ for Major, I wouldn’t vote
    him in as dog catcher.

  24. From bonnie woeckener

    The story line about John is not
    interesting. Austin is a wimp and
    Sami taking his side against Rafe is stupid, Rafe should leave and find someone else. Sami is trying to hurt Carrie again. The story with Jen and Jack isn’t good either
    why would anyone take Jack with his lame story about being held captive when she could have Daniel.
    Please let Kate, Austin, EJ and Jack leave.

  25. From Jack Fan

    Love Jack. He’s the reason I’m watching, and he’s the most interesting character with the most interesting situation right now. Also, I think Matthew Ashford is likely the best actor Days has ever had. Daniel is dullsville.

  26. From A

    I love Jack. He’s the reason I’m watching and the most interesting character with the most interesting situation on the show right now. I’m excited to see him deal with the what he’s been through, and I look forward to all the lovely J&J angst before they reunite. I don’t like both men dating Jennifer or Jack putting up with it, but the cookie date scenes made me think this show might do Jack justice. I hope so. I also think Matthew Ashford is among the best actors Days has had. Oh, and Daniel is shallow and dull.

  27. From Maria

    hate jack. new storylines are boring!!!!! only watch show to ej. sami should let ej help with kids

  28. From Nancy

    Again I ask “WHERE IS JJ” He has been mentioned a lot lately (in name only) by Abby. How did Sammie learn so much about helping Madison out in her business so quickly and the same for Nichole knowing how to read the polls and how to help EJ with campaigning

  29. From patsy

    Ive been looking and haven,t seen anything saying that Sami won,t let EJ see Oor HELP WITH THE KIDS Has he asked ???All I,ve SEEN HIM DO IS SCEAME TO BE mAYOR or TO get on Lexies good side .iF YOU HAVE SEEN IT WOULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHERE IT IS AT ?

  30. From Grandma Judy

    Jennifer said something in passing the other day about JJ saying he wants to come home so maybe that will be a s/l down the road.

    I agree and have seen or heard NOTHING about Sami not letting EJ see or help with the children. The first EJ has mentioned the kids in a long time was yesterday in his conversation with Lexie.

  31. From Kat

    Gram Judy, I am sure that EJ is supporting his kids, the last thing he needs, is to be called a Dead Beat Dad (sp).
    I am also just as sure, that Lucas is sending plenty support money,
    maybe Rafe has to cut back on the Beer, funny – yes…

  32. From SandyGram

    Lisa Rinna could be returning to Days according to

    Quote: “Back to Billie”.

    The Huffington Post has reported that Lisa Rinna (Billie Reed) may be returning to “Days Of Our Lives.” Rumor has it that she will start shooting again in December. Rinna made a name for herself playing the role of Billie from 1993-1995 and again from 2003-2005.

    Could this be Quinn’s new playmate? Does this mean Chelsea and Max will return also? Now we’re rocking and rolling!

  33. From SandyGram

    For Your Information … I put in an email to the Administrators for the missing posts from October 24 – 28. Hopefully they can fix it soon!

  34. From Grandma Judy

    Kat #31, – Not sure why your post is directed to me since I didn’t say ANYTHING about support money?!

  35. From SandyGram

    From Days Cafe Spoilers for 2012,
    In early 2012, Kate’s daughter Billie Reed returns to Salem
    to shake things up! Once again played by Lisa Rinna, her
    character will be focused on her career.
    Also in early 2012, legal eagle Carrie will have an interesting
    new case.

  36. From Kat

    34 GrandmaJudy,
    I guess when you said, ..Sami not letting Ej see or Help with the children.
    The word Help, all I meant, I am sure he is helping by paying big support Money, so – and you did not say that one -Rafe should Not have to worry about the kids Sports/Dance activities…

    Sorry I was not to clear in my response. Basicly I had your blog and another one in mind when I aswered. I took the word “Help” and ran with it in the support/money mode, sorry about that..

  37. From Kat

    I don’t think EJ has been allowed to see his children,
    just look at the fuss it created for a few moments, when EJ ran into them at the Horton Square, Rafe’s negativ Reaction, Sami mulling it over, and finally the kids were allowed by their mother to go say hello/with hugs to their Father.
    So I can not see that EJ has had visitation rights. I think he will get over his guilt and get back into his childrens life for good, they need him, and he needs them,
    I don’t care about the Adults feelings, however I do care about those children. A Father is a father, unless he is a complete Drug/Alcohol/physical abuser, then of course NO NO.

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