Days of Our Lives Spoilers For October 27 & 28.

Trick or treat.

After the clinic refuses to budge about releasing a name, Bo and Hope debate what to do. Pretty soon, they’re donning disguises and breaking into the clinic. “I know it’s pretty risky for both of us,” she tells her fellow cop. A security guard nearly catches them in the act but they manage to snatch the name they need: Lillian Parker. The cops head straight over to the mansion to tell Maggie what they’ve found. The redhead has been busy worrying to Mel about her unknown child. When she hears the name Lillian, it doesn’t ring any bells for her, but it does for Mel. Lillian was her grandma.

Sami and Madison are eager to test their male beauty products out. When the model calls in sick, they force Brady to be their test case. Sami gets uncomfortable when she notices that slathering products all over Brady has sexual overtones. Similar overtones are on display over at the town square as the Halloween party gets underway. EJ and Nicole show up dressed as Elvis and Priscilla and he puts the moves on her. She runs away, but not before they can steal the limelight from Abe. And John convinces Marlena to attend the party alone. She later bumps into him after he’s escaped house arrest and shown up in disguise.

Daniel impresses Jenn by giving up his date night with her to send her to a special meeting he arranged with a political operative. She’s grateful to talk to someone in the know before she decides on whether to take Abe’s offer. She accepts the job and kisses Daniel. Later, they have a Halloween date and are followed around by a masked man. Their daughters discuss their parents getting together. Abby hides that she’s actually got mixed feelings about it now and confides in her mother about it. Once again, Jenn urges her to reconcile with Jack. Before she can do that, Abby runs into Mel and Chad kissing. Mel is wearing the same costume as her friend so he got confused. There are a lot of apologies but Mel and Chad aren’t really all that sorry.

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  27 responses so far...

  1. From patsy

    Why on earth are they bringing more people on like BILLIE they dont have enough storyline or time for the one they have on now .????

  2. From Bope4ever

    Billie is one of my least favorite characters in the history of Days. She is completely unnecessary and always was. Ugh.

  3. From SandyGram

    I just knew Madison would come out with a male cosmetic line…and now the next step will be to ask Brady to be a model….Ya Hoo Buck-A-Roo! Rafe would be good for that job also!

  4. From patty

    SandyGram,Sami said she already tried it on Rafe and he loved it and so did she..HELLO! I must admit Brady does a super job at being a model but the scene was a little drawn out and exagerated with all kinds of sexuel innuendos and tension. No wonder Sami wanted to hightail it out of there.

  5. From Just Moi

    Yes SandyGram, it is a HOT scene and yes Rafe would of done a good job also, Patty the best line was when Brady asked how he looked lol

  6. From SandyGram

    Thanks Patty and Moi….I’ll anxiously await to see the show today….nothing like a little bare chested Brady in the afternoon.

  7. From KT

    Have the writers taken leave of their senses? Suddenly rational Rafe loses it and punches Austin, the psychologist Marlena is in a snit and gives Austin the deep freeze? These characters up until last week were mature adults. I don’t buy it. Thanks for ruining it untalented DOOL writers.

  8. From FrauMart

    I wonder if Billie was the mystery person with whom Madison was speaking on the phone the other day while Brady and Doc chatted about John. Wouldn’t it be fun if she were working for her Mom Kate’s business rival? But seriously: Keep Billie away from Bo and Hope.

  9. From RDOWNE

    Let me get this straight, Chad just graduated high school and started college. Melanie had been a nurse for over 2 years and was married and had a miscarraige. Brady was interested in her not very long ago (would have been a fun match), but why in the world would she be interested in a school boy???

  10. From Randi

    Billie coming back may be good, but please keep her out of BOPE’s life in teh romantic sense—-it would be boring and another repeat.

    Currently I am watching today;s episode and I am ery sorry to say I am highly disappointed at the tackiness of this Madrady episode–it was tacky and the actor that plays brady is more talented than a simple porn star with cucumber eyes! Yes that is how it came off a porn episode whereby teh cloths have not come off yet—writers please acknowledge that this is family day time entertainment rather than those tacky and boring 3am shows of poor wanna be porn. BAD choice-POOR VERY POOR acting.

    Curious if any of you have heard what will happen to Abigal if Chad turns to Mel and couple develops.

    John Marlena it is good to have you back–Jack too, the show needs your investigation mind!

  11. From patsy

    I personly don,t care for the suduceing sceans between EJandNicole TO ME THEY ARE VULGURE NOT SEXY AT ALL when HE andSami DID nearlt the same scean it was sweet tender and very sexy.Same with Sam AND rafe THEY are always loveing and tender . EJ and NICOLE remind me of two animals NO love just lust Im sorry but thats the way I see it .

  12. From Kat

    9 patsy, what do you think about Brady and Madison, Randi did not like it.
    I have not seen it yet, just heard about it.
    I love Nicole and EJ together,
    you like Rafe and Sami, so there we go.

  13. From wyassup

    John and Marlena are enough to gag a maggot!

  14. From patsy

    KAT i DO ENJOY WATCHING Rafe andSami They are so much fun to watch they act like a real married couple BUT !!!! I am a EJAMI fan and will always be .

  15. From pattypat

    I too wonder what storyline Billie will be into. Yes, she might have been the one Madison was talking to. Remember that Billie is Kate’s daughter. Whew that would be a shake up. Brady is HOT!!!!!!

  16. From Kat

    RDowne # 9,
    I so agree with you about Melanie and Chad. He is 20, going on 21, she she older and so much more experienced than him, put her with Quinn, he could be more her speed. She has to much of a history in the Men Field….
    After watching Victor turn grey today, I am wondering … could he be the sperm donor????
    Maybe that is why the got rid of the Melanie/PHilip marriage/baby SL so quick, and don’t mention it.. Mel, she acts like there have never been any after effects about loosing her baby.
    Phil, could turn out to be her halfbrother…Yak,
    Marie Horton fell in Love with her Full Brother years ago, so it would not be such a shocker…
    I am sure, it will be a while, before we learn who Dan’s father is, Maggie and Vic I am sure, will be married first, before any more stuff come out…
    Marlena with boots, and John today on the couch, now they are really pushing it, in the Taste Dept., I thought for two old characters, this was sooooooooooo cheap. What’s next, Maggie who is close to Marlena’s age, will be on the couch with her legs up in the air, give me a break. I know people at that age have fun and sex and whatever, the same as young people, but do we have to see and old woman (65) or so, to act like a …..whatever, in the afternoon.
    Writers, get some taste back, please, less is more classy any day.

  17. From Cougar

    As I posted earlier with EJ & Nik the less is more is so much hotter. Its like foreplay. John & Marlene could take a quue. I wonder how much creativity liscence is involved Deidre & Drake. Is it her idea to be 25 forever, the rternal diva that can’t let go?

    On the opposigte end of it – loved Marlenea duel of words with EJ today. I think I’ll call it a draw on who won the debate. It was touchee for both of them!

    I hope the rumors of the new AfricanAmerican role that they are casting DOES NOT have a romantic interest in Lexie . . . again. Its so been there done that. How many times can Abe forgiver anyway. Comon writers give us some new blood; Maxine certainly can have a family to interact with on this level

  18. From Janiebell

    Haven’t Jen and Jack already been stranded in a snow-storm; a long time ago? If Jen and Jack are stranded in a snow-storm again why not have them be stranded “apart”/

  19. From Steph

    I would like for Jennifer & Daniel
    to stay together. Jack needs to move on and find somebody else. Jennifer/Daniel make a great couple!! They are so good for each other. Please keep them together!!

  20. From Randi

    Kat, Maggie on this show is much older than Marlena—and also in real life.
    Safe’s costumes were awful, why would the writers go all out on some, but go chinsey with others–poor taste sorry.
    Marlena had worn that outfit a few times in the past–and now it has grown into a costume???

    Sure wished that the kids could have celebrated more but…….

    Quinn coming back and blackmailing Ej sounds like a boring story line, unless the Blackmail makes the headlines!

    Carrie and Austin can afford thier own place, hence allow such to be please–as this line is getting boring already and it just began!

  21. From Kat

    19 Randi,
    ok. so Marlena is 64, matter of fact Halloween day was her BD..
    Maggie is 68, I would not call that much older, 4 yrs. is nothing.
    John I believe is about 58, about the same as Bo…
    So what’s the point, Marlena is still young enough to act like a xex kitten, or what, and Maggie is not…. I guess, Marlena and John on the couch, tasteful or not, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
    As I have said before, why does Marlena always have to make such a display when it comes to sex/love secenes, isn’t she the one that has all the class, I haven’t seen Kate and Stefano doing that, and Kate is at least seven or eight years younger than Marlena….
    So all of you take your pick, all I did is state my opinion of what I see/watch on the screen, and like or don’t like….

  22. From SandyGram

    #20 Kat
    In answer to your question ‘why does Marlena always have to make such a display when it comes to sex/love scenes?’ The writers make her do it! But then I know you know that. Then we may of not seen Kate throw her legs around Stefano, but we have seen her in very steamy scenes with other male characters on the show.

    Personally I wasn’t that offended with Marlena and John’s sofa scene. They kept their clothes on and probably for the first time even their kissing wasn’t that bad. Here’s a man who has been paralyzed for 2 years; unable to walk until 3 weeks ago; has been beat up in jail; and is questioning his memory or I guess in some ways his sheer existence. He has this beautiful, vibrant wife, devoted to him in every way, dressed in a very sexy Halloween costume and he’s starting to feel his grove thing after a very long time and wants to spend a little personal time with her. Enjoy John and Marlena nice to see even the old folks have a little spark left after all they’ve been through.

  23. From Kat

    SandyGram, I still think it is sort of …….whatever, even if the writers …write that…
    for old Grandma in that positon, plus all the other over the top stuff she always does, it has alwlays been her, gasping, sighing, etc., had nothing to do with John having been paralyzed, it’s just her, Marlena, and she will do it, if she is still around, for the next 20 or more years.
    I was not offended, like I said in prev. blogs, I am not dead yet myself….
    As for Kate, yes she had sex scenes with other younger man,
    I am talking about her and Stefano, if she layed on the couch with her legs up in the air and Stefano…., we would read about it here, so I will stay with my comments, what a dis-tasteful scene/picture, for the writers to put on the screen… yes they had their cloth on, but it still was raunchy and stupid, for me Ok. fair enough, like I said, all of you love it…fine by me.
    Maybe it’s time, to start showing Old Marlena in a little bit more respectful way, period….
    I have nothing against sparks in old people, trust me……..

  24. From SandyGram

    November 1, 2011 Show
    Several very interesting moments in today’s show. In Daniel’s confusion how Maggie could be his mother, he was even questioning if the IVF technology was even there when he was conceived. In real life the first test tube (in vitro fertilization) baby was in 1978, Louise Brown. In our soap world we know Mickie found out he was sterile in 1977, so if Maggie’s eggs were harvested in that same time frame and her eggs were given to Lillian Parker soon after that would make Daniel around 33 years old today, which I’m having a hard time with since he has a 21 year old daughter. But none the less we know from the spoilers Daniel is Maggie’s son, be ‘darn’ the soap dates. The conversation between Daniel, Melanie and Jenn were great. He’s confused, Mel is delighted with the possibilities and Jenn is always supportive. But unfortunately according to Next Weeks Summary, Jenn is not going to be a stand by my man kind of gal…or at least not for Daniel. Where will Daniel go from here, a new mom, a new father ? (still unknown), and a girlfriend, that he wants in his life forever, who is returning to her family. Will he pursue Jenn as he did Chloe until she relinquishes and returns to him, or respect her decision?
    Well it looks like Quinn is going to have the tiger by the tail, EJ gave in so easily in funding this small business operator, but tells Nicole he can control him. Can’t you just see it, Quinn’s new spa will be between Countess Wilhelmina and Mad World Cosmetics in the Town Center, who will get to rub him down first? He also enlighten us that he gave up his drug business and as Nicole mentioned now he’s going from his very lucrative under the table businesses to paying customers, seems very out of character. By the way, did it look like Quinn had put on a little, maybe not weight, but has bulked up, just maybe in preparation for his new business in teaching martial arts. If I remember correctly in the hotel with Taylor he was already looking mighty fine, to the point I had to look away.
    Now here’s the best part of today’s show. Harold, how many words over the years has this adorable butler/man servant ever said? But today suddenly out of concern for Victor’s health he spews out, he (being Victor) was the one who arranged for Mrs. Jonas to receive Mrs. Horton’s eggs. Perhaps he wants to tell Mrs. Horton, just as Mel and Maggie enter the room. Does Victor share this kind of information with Harold?

  25. From Debbie

    Kat, I’m in your corner where Marlena and John on the couch are concerned. I don’t remember seeing Marlena spread her legs for anyone on the show before so this last scene on the couch was a real eye-opener for me, fully clothed notwithstanding, and I didn’t like it at all. Like you’ve already said, less is definitely more and we don’t need to hear her gasping and moaning each time John touches her. We’ll know she does that even if the writers don’t write it in. I think Marlena may have some issues with growing older as she always seems to want to be depicted as being a lot younger than she really is. Remember at how “surprised” she was to be called ‘grandma’ by Will in the town square? And how she told him not to call her ‘grandma’ in public anymore? Why wouldn’t she want to be known as his grandma? Isn’t she proud of her family? She should embrace the role and not think of it as something old.

  26. From missy

    Love Jack & Jennifer, bk together. they have long history & chemistry together. Love to see Damiel as her brother, not a lover. Love for him & Melanie, as her brother & sister. Love them to be related. Please do this for Abigail. Love them as a family, this wk. Melanie, belongs to Chad, as her b friend.thank’s,

  27. From missy

    PLEAZE ?

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