Days Of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler Video: A Changed Man.

Next week in Salem…

Jennifer comes to realize that Jack is no longer the man she thought she knew.

Check out this sneak peek at next week’s episodes and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From dc

    in my eyes, jack is and always will be a JERK.. he never was good for jennifer. i can’t understand why she has stayed with him as long as she has.
    i read where they are gonna get stranded in a cabin.. this is all wrong. why don’t yall just send him back to where he came from????
    he is not needed on the show (for jenn or abby)..

  2. From Deb

    HJack is not perfect. He has never claimed to be perfect, but his love for Jennifer is real. It supercedes anything Dan has to offer. How many women has Dan gone after now? He doesn’t even know the meaning of true love. He got over Chloe with almost no trouble at all. Jen said it all; if she had known the truth about Jack, she would never have given Dan a second look.

  3. From Kat

    2 Deb, so right girl, Jenn has loved Jack, flawed and all, all of her adult life. Jack has her heart and soul and always will.
    Dr. Dan, has never showed me, that he is any good in a long term relationship, it gets tough, Dr. Feelgood Dan gets going.
    Proof me wrong Dr. Dan, I am really wrong…
    Of course now that he is Maggie’s Son, the sun will shine on him, he will become St. Dr. Dan,
    and Jack,well only Jennifer will know who truly has her heart, no matter what other pressures around her.

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