Dirty Soap Poll: Best Relationship.

Making it work.

“Dirty Soap” might center around seven soap opera stars, but it’s their relationships that make up most of the drama on the E! reality show. Some pairings seem copacetic while others definitely have some issues that need working on.

Which relationship do you think works the best? Vote and comment below.

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  1. From Days Fan Since 1965

    The only people I am really having trouble liking is Kirsten (the princess) and Nadia’s mother. Why doesn’t Nadia stand up for Brandon more firmly with her rude, ill mannered mother? I understand this is her mothers personality, but why does her mother think rudeness is acceptable? She speaks her mind. So do I, but never at the expense of others as she does. She has absolutely no right putting Brandon down like she does. He obviously loves Nadia a great deal to put up with the abuse he receives.
    If Nadia is able to stand up to her mother about the house decorating, why wouldn’t she do the same with Brandon? For her mother to call him stupid and an ass turns my stomach.
    She needs some lessons and needs to be brought down a few pegs. I am a mother too and would never treat someone I love like that by the comments she makes.
    Nadia loves her mother, but obviously does not respect Brandon. Unless she commits to him and starts repecting him by putting a stop to her mothers abuse, he should find someone who does not allow others to treat him like a doormat. How would Nadia feel if someone from Brandon’s family treated her like that? Letting her mother get away with that is not loving Brandon.
    What is with her mother anyway? Why does she feel so important on this show? This show isn’t about her. She is not a star or famous.If it was about her…I wouldn’t be watching it. I will not watch any show that condones abuse and lack of common courtesy.

    If Mommy Dearest is retired…where does she get her money? Nadia? Give me a break. Grow up Nadia’s mother and cut the apron strings. Go back to Persia or wherever.

    Kirsten. I always thought she was so sweet and nice when she was on Days. Now I see it was only her character. I think she is very lonely. Maybe that should tell her something? Can you say Diva?

    Lastly, I love Farrah. She tells it like it is, but seems to have some understanding in there (as compared to Nadia’s mother). Many women have had the procedure you called surgery. I have…three times…it certainly did not warrant being in bed and waited on. I had to work the next day each time. My husband couldn’t go with me because his work wouldn’t let him. We had no money so we couldn’t fly off to have it done either.
    Stop acting like a diva and get busy. It’s a procedure…not surgery.

    I realize this is rough and I assure you I adore others on this show. I am really struggling with the ones listed above and focused this post only on them…obviously.

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