General Hospital Spoilers For October 31-November 4.

Surprises and disappointments.

Sonny invites Kate to Kristina’s going away party. Sonny’s mood isn’t good when Diane pops up with news about Brenda and then informs Alexis that Sonny’s her problem now. Meanwhile, Lulu gets more anxious about her engagement when Dante returns to work. He starts arguing with his brother about the warehouse while the Davis girls help Kristina pack up for Yale. The family gathers together with Kate and Sonny. Dante still has his ears open for a slip-up from Kate.

As Jason and Sam’s honeymoon winds down, Franco has plans for them. When Jason wakes up, he’s not where he expected to be. Back in Port Charles, the Drakes show up at the hospital to see their daughter while a creepy clown looms around. The parents give their daughter a special birthday gift.

Maxie gets a birthday surprise, but is disappointed to discover it comes from Spinelli and Matt has forgotten all about her special day. He’s too busy trying to save Liz’s life. Meanwhile, Lucky visits St. Margaret’s churchyard and is surprised by what happens when he places Siobhan’s rosary in a wall.

Ethan heads over to Wyndemere and discovers a secret passageway before returning to town to have a memorable goodbye with Kristina. Across town, Carly goes looking for Shawn to moan and isn’t happy that he’s spending his time off with another woman. Already in a foul mood, she runs into Luke and things get ugly. She explodes. After attacking Luke, she attacks Shawn, Coleman and then Johnny. Sonny arrives to watch her meltdown.

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