General Hospital Weekly Summary For October 24-28.


As Liz was fished out and dumped on the shore by a mystery man, Matt proceeded to get drunk on the boat. Nearby, Lisa had Robin tied up. She drew her blood and tried injecting Patrick with it. Robin broke free and attacked her. Lisa ran off. Robin tried hunting her down. They struggled some more. Later, Robin woke up and was bloody. Patrick found her and was bloody. Steve found them and was bloody. The cops showed up and Robin handed them the syringe of her blood. On shore, Anthony and Johnny argued about how to finish things with Lisa.

Maxie tried calling Matt but he hung up on her. She was determined to get him away from Liz but Spinelli kept trying to talk her out of it. When she got on the boat, she found the dead captain. The cops found them and Mac started questioning everyone. Meanwhile, Spinelli found Liz on shore and rushed her to the hospital. Everyone from the boat started filing in. Maxie tried to question Matt about what he was doing with Liz.

Alexis bumped into Luke. She confessed to him that she got Sonny to make sure their daughter got into Yale, no questions asked. As she ate a pie, he encouraged her to let her Cassadine colors show a little more. He bumped into Tracy and tried to lure her into a ‘last meal’ before he left town. She turned him down and they exchanged snide remarks. Across town, Kate visited Sonny. She refused to be a weapon to get Brenda back and they discussed whether or not Jax was dead. After rehashing their disastrous wedding, she agreed to lunch with him. Alexis got wind of their slow reunion and told him to be careful because he’s an emotional quagmire who could ruin Kate.

In Hawaii, Shawn filled Jason in on everything that’s been happening in Port Charles. He started having flashbacks to a child in trouble. Carly tried to cuddle up to him. The topic turned to Franco. Jason and Sam joined in on the Franco worries. Carly took Jason aside and admitted to him that Jax is still alive. Then she took out the tequila and tried to get Shawn drunk. They kissed but he resisted her. The next day, he explained that he was her bodyguard and that’s all. She was hungover and annoyed so she had a tantrum about Franco and they packed up fast to head back to town while one of Franco’s goons roamed around the love shack. Michael heard that his mom was in the islands with Shawn and had a fit, lashing out at Abby. He ran into his brother down the hall and Dante began questioning him about the warehouse. This got uncomfortable, Lulu walked in to take her fiance away for a talk.

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