James Scott Exits Days Of Our Lives. (Updated.)

So long Elvis?

Updated: October 5.

Soap Opera Digest has confirmed that James Scott (EJ) and “DOOL” have reached an agreement. The actor has signed a one-year deal that will keep him on the series until April 2013.


It is being reported that Scott has returned to talks with the series. Scott has issued this statement: “It has always been my wish to continue working with ‘Days of our Lives,’ and in light of recent reassurances given, I am optimistic of my future here at Days!”

Original article: September 29.

According to Soap Opera Digest, James Scott (EJ) will be leaving Salem behind. The actor was in contract talks with “DOOL” but they could not come to an agreement. This means that Scott will be leaving the series when his contract expires. The exact departure date has not yet been released.

Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you updated about this story as more information is released.

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  28 responses so far...

  1. From Casey

    No, please no!!!
    It was hard enough to see Chloe and Vivian leave, plus Dario, etc.
    I hope this gets settled soon. EJ adds so much to the program and to my fantasy life!!
    The show would’t be good without him.

  2. From MISSY

    NOOOOOOOO!!! they cant take ej off he is the show… i am so disappointed, they have to fix this..

  3. From Cheryl

    No please I love EJ hes handsome, love his accent and everything about him. There are way to many people leaving Days right now and James Scott is one of the best actors on the show….Big mistake if you let him go!

  4. From Brenda

    I would hate to see him go—but they could replace him with the guy who played Aiden on AMC ! ! Just sayin’.

  5. From trenna

    he’s got to stay. no one can replace ej. he makes the show

  6. From bettyg

    Yes, I would miss E.J. for a while. He definitely adds a lot to the show, but as we well know by now, no one is irreplaceable. Someone new would step up to fill the villiany requirement. I never did understand how if Susan Banks raised him, how he would have a British accent?

  7. From CM

    I could do without EJ, Sami, Rafe, homo-Will & the Gang being on the front-burner for awhile. (are they still gonna make Will gay? Bad mistake!) Anyway, I’d rather see the focus on John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Jack/Jennifer, Austin/Carrie and Justin/Adrienne. If they could get Steve to return with Kayla…and then throw in Shane/Kim, the show would be complete.

  8. From emily

    send ej to speek therpy so we can understand what he’s saying than wouldn’t be bad to keep other wise send him off to Babbel city

  9. From pattypat

    What is the world is going on with the writers. EJ even though he has his ways is a vital part of Days. I hope they reconsider. I will keep watching though and also surprised that John and Marland just returned and they are going into a stroy line to arrest John. PLEASE……………..

  10. From Casey

    So happy for that update. EJ as Mayor of Salem would definitely be fun, and Nicole as the Mayor’s wife??
    In response to a previous msg., I for one am hoping Will is gay. It would be a good storyline and Salem could use some diversity.

  11. From Lynne

    I agree with CM. I love that John and Marlena are back. Jack and Jennifer too…as long as Jack becomes his “normal” self again and not this loser they are making him out to be. I wish they had brought back Austin Peck as Austin though. More time with Bo and Hope. I read “Kayla” is coming back. I’m ok with that but Stephen Nichols as Patch is my all time favorite character and would love more than anything for him to return. He is on another soap so I doubt that will happen but I can hope! They have a good start bringing back all the old characters that made Days such a popular soap in the 80s. I really love Maggie and Victor. Keep more of the “old” characters and stop with the teenage stuff. Don’t like it. Please Please Please bring Patch back…this time with a storyline. That didn’t happen last time. They didn’t even give him and Kayla a send off. They just walked out of a hospital room and you never saw them again but someone like Chloe or Quinn and Taylor get a huge goodbye. Something is wrong with that.

  12. From Machachi

    Please do not allow homophobic comments to be posted on this site. I am so disappointed that people are still so ignorant and that an overtly homophobic comment would be allowed here. Get over it, people are people. Enlighten yourself.

    From admin- 1. Abuse: Flaming of actors or posters will not be tolerated – whether it be acting or physical appearance, profanity, racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual-orientation slurs. – Please keep in mind that we do allow people to voice their opinion as long as it is not seen as a slur.

  13. From Mickey

    I would hate to see James Scott leave. He is a wonderful actor and his best actor nomination this year proved that. I live how he can play a “likable” villain. I agree with Casey to let him be gay. Diversity is needed. It can possibly bring a whole new audience to the show. As much as I like some of the old characters, you cannot focus all attention on them. The show will get old FAST and possibly be the next soap to die. You need a characters of all ages so it brings more people to watch the show…young and old. People are not going to watch the show if they cannot relate to some of the characters. That is why the young characters are so important and they will eventually grow to be our old characters.

  14. From Mickey

    @Lynn…the 80s were great with those characters but you have to remember they were all the “young” characters back then. Many of us who watched the show back then are drawn to these characters and will always love them. But again they were “young”. We have to keep the show fresh by still having new “young” characters so they can grow otherwise Salem will die when these characters die. It’s good to have old and yound character storylines.

    I agree with you though about Austin. I loved both Patrick Muldoon and Austin Peck, but I have to say I liked Austin as Austin so much better.

  15. From Dag

    I hate the Maggie and Victor romance. I think it ruins the character of Maggie that she will settle for Victor when he is a villian through and through.

    I hate the Will and Sonny gay theme.

    If James Scott as EJ leaves the show I will have no reason to watch anymore. The show has to have a good villian to balance the good characters who are loveable but also super-corny.

    Nicole and EJ as the leading citizens of Salem (mayor and wife) is hilarious! Please make that happen.

    Gabby would make an excellent model for Countess Wilhemena cosmetics.

    Stop with the Melanie missing Dario nonsense. I liked the character and the actor and I wished they had kept him, but he was on the show for about five minutes so making Melanie sob over him is ridiculous.

  16. From StrangeLove

    Did anyone see the last week of All My Children? I have not watched AMC in many years, but I tuned into the last week in the hopes of seeing the old cast members and clips from the last 40 years. Instead all I saw was a grand (over the top) farewell/salute to Erika Cane. It was really awful! I wanted something much more. I compare it to the last week of DAYS, where talk about Alice and the last decades of DAYS was front and center. The writers of DAYS did just what I was hoping for AMC. I am sorry for the cast of AMC that they were ignored in favor of one cast member. And I am happy for DAYS that the writers understand the relevance of the entire history of the show and the contributions made by everyone. Special congrats for the lovely recognition of Bo and Hope’s new emergence as the show’s center, taking over for Alice and Tom Horton. Very nice imagery!

  17. From DAG


  18. From Olive

    WOW! This is the best Days news I’ve heard in a long time….PLEASE be true!!!

    Also, IMO – Patrick Muldoon IS Austin – Austin Peck was terrible.

  19. From lori

    It would be a BIG mistake to let Scott go. He adds A LOT to the show.

  20. From jenn

    EJ is a HUGE part of the show…keep him!

    Olive,ditto. I thought Austin Peck was horrible too. I am very happy that they brought the original Austin back.

  21. From Precious

    Maybe James Scott is getting too big for his ego~who knows what was offered for him to stay, BUT~he CAN be replaced, and I would say, with all the actors on daytime that are out of work, it shouldn’t be a hard choice~something HE should think about, just in case he walks…..!!

  22. From Fifi

    Nooo, please don’t leave James. You have become such a large part of the show and the reason I look forward to watching everyday.
    The character is great and James is such a wonderful actor. It all fits so well and the show would really fall apart without him.

  23. From Missy

    I’m not homophobic, so I don’t mind at all the new gay character (can’t think of his name) being introduced, but having Will all of a sudden being gay is dumb, when there hasn’t been any hint of him questioning his sexuality before, and that guy seems way older than Will, so it would seem perverted. I might be the only one, but I was THRILLED when John & Marlena left! Neither of them can act, and I want GAG when he says, “and that’s the fact”…that’s not cute or funny. I can only hope the crimes John committed are punishable by the death penalty! I was wondering how long it would take for John to be beaten up in jail, since everyone in the Salem jail gets beaten up, but unfortunately it wasn’t as serious as what happened to Rafe’s double in the Salem jail. Oh well, I’m glad Jack is back, and I hope he gets back with Jennifer. I like Daniel, but him & Jennifer have no chemistry and everything between them is so forced I feel embarrassed for them. It seems Days if trying so hopefully it will be better now.

  24. From sr

    I think he’s a good actor, but I struggle to understand him much of the time. I’d like to see the character stay with a different actor.

  25. From Kat

    I have no problem understanding EJ (James Scott), as I was taught English in school in Germany, not American, there is a big difference.
    So I understand, why some of you have problems…
    I think EJ’s character is one of the Best characters to grace DOOL in a long time. This guy is so multi-dimensional in his betrayal of the good/bad/torn/ guy, I enjoy it so much. His face alone, can tell a story of a thousand words….

  26. From nancy

    OMG PLEASE keep him i reallly love him on the show i may stop watching of they let him go LETS keep james scott on days there has to be something we can do to keep him on days PLEASE help keep him there

  27. From pattypat

    Please keep E.J. He is one of the best actors on the show and has so many sides to him. One time sweet and the next time evil. Love it…..

  28. From Missy

    Love to see ej & stefano go kate too. Love to see Abe win the election. Love to say good bye to them. No ej now or No in the election, let Abe switch the papers. no ej in the furture either PLEAZE ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

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