The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For October 24-28.

A new level of stupidity.

Hope and Liam discussed what happened on the mountain. He said he went crazy when she dumped him. She told him about her mom’s conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, Brooke confronted Steffy about her suspicions. Steffy insisted that she and Liam were committed to each other now and that’s all that mattered. She wandered off and into Liam. He confronted her about trapping him. Hope showed up to hurl accusations and Steffy hissed at her. Liam sided with his wife so the blond accused him of taking stupidity to a whole new level. She stormed off in tears.

Ridge asked Marcus to take care of the publicity for the Hope For The Future Line in the middle of the marriage mess. He wished his daughters could get along. He dropped in to see Brooke and she moaned about how manipulative Steffy is. Taylor showed up to chime in. Ridge suggested they all stay out of this. They tried to get back to business but everyone was wrought up. Thorne called a special meeting. Thomas wanted in on his takeover plans. The family convened to bicker over power but the balance remained in Taylor’s hands. Thorne lashed out at Ridge but Taylor refused to pit her children against their father. Eric ordered the boys to behave. Ridge ordered garbage dumped into Thorne’s office instead. Taylor turned up to tell Thorne she just wanted to be friends.

Jackie and Nick mused about their romantic problems. He urged her to find someone more mature. Eric ran into her later and opened up about his problems with Stephanie. As they commiserated about their crummy love lives, she gave him a peck, which Ridge and Brooke just happened to witness. Ridge was outraged and confronted him, vowing that he wouldn’t let him hurt his mom. Brooke chased after Jackie to complain about what happened. Jackie shot back that, “If you had to marry a moralistic prick, why couldn’t it have been my son?” Over at the cafe, Amber and Rick bumped into each other and caught up. He left behind his portfolio and she stalked off with it, bumping into a drunken Thorne at Bikini Beach. She told him it was his lucky night.

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