The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For October 24 – 28.

Genevieve felt guilty, Diane’s murder suspects were nervous, and Chloe proposed…

Suspects in Diane’s murder watched as a projector showed each attacking Diane in the park. While Adam realized Patty was back, Genevieve visited her housekeeper, Myrna, who had a kitty tattoo and suffered facial burns from the explosion. Someone dropped Ronan’s phone off at Adam’s. Ronan found it there then took Adam to the station. After Avery got Adam released, he agreed to tell her about the memory card. Avery begged Adam to waive his right to confidentially, so she could have the river dragged. Nick pleaded with Adam, for Sharon’s sake, to be the man she’d thought he’d been, then told Sharon he could no longer be her savior. Even though Sharon didn’t approve, Victor insisted on risking jail time to testify for her. Nikki called Victor to inform she’d be returning home after taking a short trip.

Nick found Avery upset and comforted her with a hug. Phyllis spotted them, went to Ronan to flirt some more and they had sex. Phyllis called Nick out for strategizing with Avery and admitted she’d done some of her own. Little did Phyllis know, Ronan copied something off her laptop. While he ordered a search for a bracelet, Victoria found the one she’d been missing.

Genevieve handed over Colin’s book of codes to Chance. Before he was deported, Genevieve told Colin their old friend would pay him a visit in prison, which brightened Colin’s spirits. Cane and Lily put the past behind them and made love.

Nina and Chance were reunited. Paul was surprised Chance didn’t know why Ronan left after the liver transplant, considering they’d been working together. Heather wanted to be with Chance, who refused her. Adam took advantage of Heather’s drunken state and lured her to his room. He called someone to come over and take photos of them. Ricky appeared and snapped some of them together.

Sofia received divorce papers. While bonding with their son, Neil promised not to run out on Sofia. Abby developed feelings for Devon. Before she could tell him, Roxy interrupted, which left Abby staring at the couple from the sidelines.

After Kevin told Billy Delia would make a full recovery, Victor showed Billy a photo, which forced him to leave Genoa City. Meanwhile, Victoria signed her divorce papers, and Chloe proposed to Kevin. He accepted.

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