Brynn Thayer Cast On Days Of Our Lives.

It looks like the mystery around Alice may be solved.

“One Life to Live” alum Brynn Thayer (ex-Jenny) will be making a brief appearance on “Days Of Our Lives” next month as none other than Elvis’ (James Scott) mother, Susan Banks. The role was previously played by Eileen Davidson (Ashley, “The Bold And The Beautiful,” “The Young And The Restless”).

Look for her to pop up on Wednesday December 7.

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  1. From NeeNee

    Hmmmm . . .

    Is she gonna be

  2. From Anna

    What a shame Sony wouldn’t let Eileen Davidson cross over for this story. Lauren Koslow crossed over to B&B so it isn’t like it hasn’t been done. Still should be interesting.

  3. From Soleowner

    Susan was NOT “mean-mean-mean”*, she was quirky and she was in love with Elvis and John..Hence EJ Dimera was created when Stephano dressed up as Elvis and seduced Susan. Can you imagine that NOW???
    *I can just hear her saying that!!LOL “He is just mean-mean-mean” with those glasses and buck teeth. I wonder if Brynn will duplicate the props???

  4. From bettyg

    At last! Susan returns! She was a lot of fun and definitely quirky! So is this appearance going to explain who raised EJ, or did I miss something or forgot who did? Open to your comments, folks!

  5. From rose castillo

    its just to bad that ileen davdison isnt returning. she was good at her roll.i will be seeing on 12-7 for sure. never found out who raised ej. maybe celeset????

  6. From CM

    Wish it was Davidson returning to the role, if just briefly in a cameo appearance. Days, so far, has really dropped the ball with the “new” Days. I see the ratings are still in the basement. Maybe, just maybe, people don’t want to see Gay Will…and maybe we’re tired of storylines like Daniel being Maggie’s son (dumb). They finally bring John back, and apparently are using the same script they did when Steve returned a few years ago…by completely wasting him. These fan favorites return…not heroically like, say Bo did in the 80s…but crazy or under house arrest. This storyline for John/Marlena’s return is a dud…and they couldn’t even come up with something original outside of “the Dimeras set him up.” (yawn) But hey…we can all look forward to the wonderful scenes of Marlena helping Will cope with his newfound gayness. Oh goody.

  7. From cynthia

    i agree… the plots just get rotated between families. how many times in your circle of friends and family do the members get shot every year, bad accident, lose their memory, etc. i really like Days, but come on… let’s move on to some new story lines.

    and i think the gay characters is over played. i get tired of it. i would like to see Will become one of the characters that they develope into adulthood and a different career than layer or cop or doctor. at least Austin has a different profession!

    does anyone think that anyone that does any of the writing ever read any of the blogs so that they know what the fans are thinking and looking for? Marlena needs to go back into practice and Will needs to stay straight. how come they don’t bring back Shawn Douglas and Belle. how long does it take to sail around the world!!

  8. From Casey

    I for one am looking forward to the gay storyline. At least it’s different, unless they claim that Stefano turned him gay! Wouldn’t surprise me.
    Sami and EJ having sex when they think Johnny has just died?? How sick do the writers think we are to be entertained by garbage like that?

  9. From ging

    I kinda wish Ej and Sami would get back together. At least then it would never be boring. Rafe is a goodie two shoes and would pair up good with carrie. Can;t wait till Susan shows up though that ought to be fun.

  10. From lisa

    There will never be another Eileen Davidson and why even bother bringing Susan back it won’t be the same without Eileen.
    I wish she would leave Y&R and come back to DOOL as Kristen, her role on Y&R is really boring but I guess it’s the safest soap to be since all the others are cancelled or soon to be cancelled. DOOL lost me a viewer yrs ago the show has gone way down hill the past 10 yrs.

  11. From ak

    I’ve watched DOOL since the 60′s and must say these story lines are just turning me off Hope the writers get a clue soon and bring back Days to what it should be.

  12. From Lucy

    i HATE the latest Sami/Ej coupling…makes me sick, and soooooo unbelievable. I am ready to give up on this show.

  13. From jennifer

    The witers really dropped the ball on the EJ/Samil situation. It made me sick. Enough already! Andenough of the “missing children”, and now Will is gay? Can’t thy come up with a decent storyline? They need to clean house with these writers!

  14. From jenn

    Too bad Eileen will not be coming back to reprise the role. :( I just hope that “Susan” is not a Horton. That would be way too ridiculous.

  15. From janet

    what are the writings thinking?? I suppose Sami is going to end up pregnant from that roll on the couch with EJ…if that’s what we’re suppose to believe actually happened. Or did Will’s leaving/door closing bring them to their senses before it happened? Are the writers actually TRYING to turn off all their faithful watchers???

  16. From Justin

    I think the new storylines are pretty good to be honest. Having John/Marlena & Carrie/Austin come back and be thrown right into a big storyline was a good call! All of the storylines currently playing out are new and really character based…Abe/EJ squaring off for mayor, Will coming out of the closet, Sami actually working and Kate having a new character (Madison) to battle with. I think the past few weeks have been really good, the drama is there and the acting is gettinb better.

  17. From bettyg

    I agree with you, Justin. I’m into all the storylines, and the acting has been good. How can people keep comparing present stories with the past stories? This is the story of two families, and people change with the times. I never did care for the “adventure” stories that much(except for the ones with Vivian and Susan!)

  18. From Gina

    The storylines are okay. I do agree we could have done without the Sami/Ej drama. I been watching since I was in 4th grade so I’m a true fan at the age of 39. All shows have ups and downs. We all have options and if the show is not appealing to you anymore then don’t watch. Nobody is forcing you.

  19. From NancyD

    I can see where this is going. EJ isn’t really Susan’s child, she is Maggie’s,from her stolen eggs (where have I heard that one before?) Thayer is only appearing in a 1 time episode, probably to make the reveal, or allusion to the fact EJ wasn’t really hers. I’m pretty sure that Stefano made some kind of switch(where have I heard that one before?) and that is the secret he & Alice had. The question is why would Alice keep it a secret? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that is going to be part of the mystery.

  20. From Louise

    The show is great. But EJ and Sami having sex was just a mistake by the writers. A big mistake, wish they could go back and pretend that never happend bad move on their part. Looking forward to Will coming out, FINALLY! a gay young man on Days it’s 2011 people!.We need more stories like this. This is real life people young men and women realizing they are gay is real! Switching eggs and brain washing people into stealing money (John Black story line)really are not. I too have watched the show for more than 20 years. It’s a good show. I just hope they can write a normal story line for Sami, I am sick of her children being in trouble and the time has come and gone for her and EJ…let’s move on…shall we?

  21. From Stacey L

    Although most of the folks thought Sami & EJ having sex was a mistake and out of left field, I completely understand … they were both wrought with pain at the thought of losing their son and turned to eachother in anger first, and passion and comfort second. I can see how that can happen. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of exes mixing it up in the sheets after the fact – I sadly, know plenty of them.

    The website storyline is boring. The gay storyline (if Will turns out to be gay – did he..? did I miss something) would be one not really embraced by DOOL…I don’t remember ever having a main character stick around if they were gay like other soaps do.

    Do we really care who raised EJ? Do I really care if John is guilty? Get JOhn out of jail and send him on a caper with Bo – that’s more exciting than what’s going on here.

    Not digging Brady’s new gal pal (her name escapes me)….but he needed someone. I liked it when he was with Theresa (oh wait – that’ the OTHER show). Ok – enough ranting…ciao

  22. From Justin

    Stacey I kind of agree on the Sami/EJ having sex being a mistake but at the same time…there was no built up, it was like “bam”…it’s good when the show can do that and actually give you some unexpected shock value which I think they did nicely. Website story is kind of drab but it looks like Will will be coming out pretty soon which will be a great storyline. I think DOOL is finally ready to do a good gay storyline and with the way the writing/acting has been lately I think it’s going to go over great!

  23. From sarah

    Sami needs to tell Rafe the truth! I feel bad for Nicole, even though she probably deserves EJ- & PLEASE don’t make Will gay!!! I am loving Madison & Brady :) back to Nicole, even though she does horrible things, I find myself cheering her on!! she is such a real character!

  24. From missy

    Love John & Marlena bk together soon, they are soulmates bring John out fm jail. Love to see Jack & Jennifer bk together as well. Daniel w/ Carly. I, also Love Brady, & Arianna, bk together. Will bk w/ Gabriella Gabby. Love to see Stefano Kate gone, bk to bold & beautiful. Love Ej, be a Brady, see where that goes. Chad to be a Devoroux, & Melanie, his girlfriend. storyline a new love for Abigail.

  25. From Craig

    I, too, wish Eileen was coming back as Susan, but I’m still looking forward to the character returning.

    As for your thoughts, Cynthia, about gay characters “being over-played”, how can you say that? First off, Days has NEVER tackled a gay storyline. Secondly, the only gay storylines I can remember from recent history on the soaps would be from As the World Turns and All My Children. That’s over-played but straight storylines aren’t? Are you kidding me? Maybe you just don’t like gays, but we deserve to have characters we can relate to just as much as you do. And sorry, but we aren’t going away. So, don’t like it? Then move on. These stories are trying to teach tolerance and they are meant to be educational. If you can’t handle that, then you are totally missing the boat.

  26. From Trudy

    I have Watched the show from the beginning and I am not crazy about Will being Gay, because they usually write them off after a story like that. Why not just use Sonny more he is Gay and a great guy. I love the connection between Chad and Sonny their friendship may bring the family together for the next generation. Since they both grew up away from the family and the fighting. So they did not grow up hate each other. Get John out of Jail he can not have a good storyline for jail. I would love to see the two goodies falling for each other and tarnishing their image. Carrie and Rafe seem to have sparks like Sami and Austin, but I do not like the idea of the sister swapping men. That has already happen with Lucus. Since Lucus is coming back he and Sami have always made a great pair.

    You could do a story about someone missing in the fighting over seas, but you have not sent anyone to the military, but you could pull someone who is related to someone on the show and work it in as if they have been in Afghanistan and just got word that they are missing in action. That is a story that would get attention.

  27. From Jill Banchoff

    I hope they are not going to have EJ geting both Sami and Nicole pregnant again. Too over done!

  28. From Craig

    Hey Trudy,

    I totally get what you’re saying. Usually gay characters are played for one story on a show and then they move to being the best friend with no story. However, I think that Days is crafting a really good story here for Will. One that doesn’t have to do with him being gay and really has more to do with him being the son of Sami Brady. It looks like he’s going to get up to the old schemes that Sami used to after seeing his mother in bed with EJ. Also, I think the goal is to pair him and Sonny up down the road. I think it’s really interesting that he’ll be blackmailing EJ soon.

    Also, they did the story of someone fighting overseas already with Phillip. That’s how they explained his new “old” face when Jay Kenneth Johnson came back to the role after Kyle Brandt played Phillip for a few years. That said, I wouldn’t be against them having another character that fought overseas. But with Jack currently fighting his PTSD, that story may not seem too original at this point.

  29. From jamie

    did this ever happen? i dont remember her having a scene anytime in the past few months…hope was on the phone with her but that was it…i dont think they even had her voice. did i totally miss something???? i watch everyday

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