Days Of Our Lives Poll: Susan’s Return.

Big revelation.

Elvis’ mother, Susan Banks, is headed back to Salem, though not for long. Rumor has it that she will be revealing something that could cause all kinds of turmoil. What secret could she reveal?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Oh Dear….what to choose from! At this point I will go with ‘I have no idea!’

  2. From Kat

    Mrs. Horton had Maggie’s eggs fertilized by Santa Claus….
    why not, everyting is possible in Salem…

  3. From jenn

    I have a feeling Ej will be a Horton. Is that baby pic, EJ?

    BTW, why doesn’t Days ever mention that John is a DiMera?

  4. From dc

    well, not sure about the above question, don’t remember too much about ej’s mother..
    i do have (2) questions though, not pertaining to the above,
    (1) i read where chloe is coming back after the 1st of the year. will she be alone or is she bringing parker and maybe phillip?
    (2) who is hacking the web site that chad, sonny and will started?
    if anyone has read anything let me know..

  5. From dinky

    I think it will be a horton connection. Which I think is silly. Days needs to stop baby switching, baby this, blood this, whose your momma , whose your dadda. blah ! enough! How about a good adventure. Everyone is whisked away to some wild adventure in europe, on an island or ( does anyone remember the Cruise of Deception) not sure if I have the name right. But ADVENTURE, MYSTERY, GOOD STORYTELLING! no more baby stuff. even if it is about who is ej’s daddy. mommy, whatever!

  6. From dinky

    And i know all the scenarios I listed above have been done before but at least it was 20 years ago. when the writing was much much more creative.

  7. From jenn

    dc, I do not know who is hacking the webstie for sure; however, here is my opinion on it. On one of the previous poles, someone commented that they think Tad is in on it. I think that is very possible. But, I thought Chad’s reaction was strange last week in regards to the bet that Jack and Austin were wagering. He seemed a little paranoid or nervous about something. What do you think?

    I hope the rumors are true that Chloe is coming back.

    Dinky, I totally remember the Cruise of Deception! That is when Days had some primetime spots….those were the days! :)

  8. From rue williams

    i think steffano and maggie are EJs parents. we will find out soon im sure.

  9. From Danielle

    If Maggie’s eggs were stolen and Daniel is her son, could EJ also be the product of the missing eggs?

  10. From jenn

    Rue, I am with you on this hunch…

    Yowsers….if that is true and Maggie is EJ’s mother. Then, Will/Allie and Johnny/Sydney will be related in more ways than just siblings. That means they would be cousins as well?

    It would explain why EJ always has a battle with his conscience.

  11. From jenn

    Nevermind my last comment, they wouldn’t be cousins. I sometimes forget that Maggie is a Horton by marriage.

  12. From Marilyn

    EJ is Maggie and Stefano’s son unfortunately.

  13. From bella

    Watched Days for 30 years, and think original characters should be together … BUT never did care for Jack/Jennifer. He does need to go again. I do think that Jennifer/Daniel have chemistry.
    Jack is the hacker on the website!!!

  14. From Marilyn

    PLEASE do NOT allow EJ to be a Horton! But I think they will find out he is. So who’s the father? Mickey was sterile – Bill? Perhaps but that makes no sense unless Kate is the mother which also makes no sense since she is Luca’s mother and Bill is the father.

    I do NOT care for Jack with Jennifer. I never did. He is immature; childish and self-absorbed. He needs to go and I don’t care if it’s off a cliff or to some foreign country for an article he ‘can’t say no to’.

    I understand Daniel will be gone from Days for a few weeks. I hope in that time Jennifer realizes who she really loves and tells Jack to take a flying leap off a short pier.

  15. From FanOfJackAndJenn

    I love the Jack character! I also like Daniel but he is just so good and so perfect that is a little much. I like that Jack is messed up but wants to be the good husband and father that Jennifer wants/needs.

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