Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 1 & 2.

It’s hard to keep things quiet.

Now that Johnny is back so that Caroline can babysit him, Elvis’ campaign can get back on the road. Nicole tries to kick things up a notch and winds up getting into a kerfuffle with Jennifer. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you to never to underestimate your opponent? You just made your first mistake,” Jenn warns her rival hype-monger. It may be harder for Nicole to paint Elvis in a flattering light for the public after she catches him and Sami not so secretly arguing again about never discussing their secret again.

With his brain still fried from witnessing EJ sweeping Sami’s chimney, Will keeps giving his mother the stink eye. He turns to Gabi to get some help and has a request she might not be entirely comfortable with. Meanwhile, Kate can’t help but notice that there is more tension than usual floating around Sami. She even spots some between Sami and her new boss and this gives her an idea about how to outsmart her enemies.

John is stuck in his cell and starts to realize that prison is not as attractive an option as it looked from the penthouse with Marlena. “I’m a fool!” John yells as he throws a chair around. With this kind of misery surrounding them, Carrie and Austin make an important decision about sticking around. And just to confirm the sense of family unity, when everyone gets together for a big dinner, Will can’t hack the hypocrisy anymore and blows a gasket at his mother.

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  30 responses so far...

  1. From Janiebell

    When will Sammi ever learn to stay away fromE.J.

  2. From SandyGram

    Good for you Jennifer, finally something more to think about than Daniel and Jack.

    It sounds like EJ and Sami might be their own worst enemy to keep talking about their tryst in public places. SSSHHHH…it’s suppose to be a secret!

    This must be where Will asks Gabi to get an apartment with him, leading her to think it’s more, when it’s not (from another spoiler)

    Turmoil between Sami and Madison is bad enough, but to let Kate see it so she can slim in and use it against Madison….where is that smart business woman Maddy was suppose to be. Was this the plan all along or has the writers changed Madison’s character so Kate always gets the upper hand.

    ‘A Fool’ of course John was ‘A Fool’ admitting to something he didn’t do. Going to prison doesn’t necessarily mean his family is safe, the disgruntled Salemites could still do harm to the family to get back at John. Let’s just hope if it happens it’s not direct at Johnny, Sydney, or Allie.

    Will exploding on Sami at the family dinner, but will he go far enough to actually spill the proverbial beans and let out the secret. And where is this dinner going to be, didn’t I read it’s in a public place where there would certainly be many sets of ears listening.

  3. From dc

    WOW!!! sandygram you are so right on all accounts..
    from what i have read todays show is gonna be good, can’t wait..
    but ya know i still can’t get into jack being back..
    everybody that has retd has been good except for him, just saying..

  4. From SandyGram

    #3 dc
    Jack’s actually growing on me a little when he’s in scene’s other than Jack and Jenn stuff. I liked the idea of him doing a story on John. But how deep could he really go without pointing out what the DiMera’s have done to John over the years causing him memory problems today. Then I like the way he is rebuilding his relationship with Abby. And I hope he has something to do with unraveling the gambling story. Haven’t seen him with Marlena yet other than at the Pub, let’s see how she handles his PTSD. I like what she has done with Will so far. But she needs an office, maybe in one of the new offices in the Town Center she can hang out her shingle. Like next to Quinn’s Spa..the good citizens of Salem could go from the Doctors couch to the legit Massage table.

  5. From Randi

    DC I am curious do you have something against POW’s or our soldiers, for the character Jack is acting superbly in accordance with such.

    I just read whereby ej blackmails Will over his gayness—how pathetic a storyline and disrespectful to this young man. Please give EJ some kind of a life rather than his meager blackmailing bs.

    John’s role is right on, mags and vic ew! Mel where did she go?
    Gabi needs a life too as no gal would hang on this long folks—speed it up or drop iot please!

    RAFE and carries as a couple please do not go there, been done before! Curious will SHANE BE RETURNING w/ Kayla to get to the bottom of the John framing.

    JEn is finally back. But where did Maxine go.

  6. From Lynne

    I am really liking the character of Will. I wish he would have confided in Marlena about what Sami did. I’m not crazy about the character of Sami but I sure feel bad for her. Wishing so bad you could take back something you had done BUT…I sure hope Will lets her have it in front of everyone at that dinner and say exactly what she has done. Can’t wait!

  7. From dc

    no randi i am not against pow’s or our soldiers.
    ya know, this is just a soap and jack should have stayed in london with his family instead of putting himself in harms way, just saying.

  8. From Kat

    7 dc, Just saying,
    Jack has paid for his mistakes more than any other character on this show, so why don’t we just give him a break,
    all the should have and could have, staying in London, la, la, la… it’s done, it’s over, He paid for over a year a very hight price, so let’s get over it…
    Thank you to our troops, that have had similar experiences like Jack… God help them…
    So all of you get over Jack and give him a chance to maybe become a better person.
    None of you hestitated with Dr. Dan Juan, to give him all the support to go after our Jennifer.. LOL
    What big suffering did Dr. Dan ever go through to deserve her after all the crap he pulled since coming to Salem.
    Sure he saved Bo, Chloe and Kate, but boy did he also ever collect from the females….
    Well, it looks like Will watching his Mother and EJ, will finally blow the lid of this boiling Pot…. It’s been coming, he is going to have to come to terms with his sexuality… it’s in him, and it will OUT…
    Randy, Will is blackmailing EJ FIRST, let’s get that straight, EJ is just countering back, telling Will he knows about his secret… So let’s keep things straight please, and not condem EJ right away….
    I really don’t care about Shane and Kim coming back, they are such Old news, please let them stay in their retirement in CA.
    randy, Mel is right there, just having a few days off, like all actors get,
    get ready she will be swooning with Chad pretty soon…
    I have no problem whats going on between Kate and Madison, that is business, may the better and slicker person win,
    Kate is doing no different than what Madison is doing, trying to get one over on the competition, good for them….
    So far Sami has worked about two half days for Madison,
    Rafe working for free, so who is paying the bills,
    EJ and Lucas I would suspect…..

    I hope that Marlena can help Jack, and make him a changed man once and for all, dealing not only with his cave problem But Also his Upbringing with that crimianl Politican father….
    do you guys remember him… Joe Camponello(?), he was good in his role.
    Maybe Jenn will get with Dan for now, and Jack might move on with somebody else, but as for good Soap fashion, sooner or later.. Jack and Jenn will get together again, just like Bo and Hope, etc…
    All done with my Xmas shopping, the house is decorated, in and out, the menu’s are planned, so what now Kat…?
    Go shopping for all the goodies I should get for myself…,
    I ordered a ring from Silpada today, called The Cosmo ring, love it, I have so much other stuff,
    since Silver is so in right now, I put my gold and diamond away….
    Black dress and silver, love it…

    Hope to find out what was wrong with EJ, and did Stefano know back then, that EJ was sick..

  9. From BP

    I agree with Kat! The writers put Jack through all kinds of horrible things! Give him a break. Jack is awesome and I am glad he is back! I do hope he ultimately ends up with Jennifer.

  10. From Kathy

    I just can’t stand Jack….never could… about Sami, Carrie and Nicole…..everyone is sleeping with someone that they shouldn’t……maybe we need to start a pregnancy pool and make guesses on who will be the father of whose baby…..this could get very interesting…..I wish the new writers would live up the hype that they were given when they were hired and come up with some really good, riviting story lines…..maybe get rid of Kate. give EJ a taste of his own medicine and let him go to prison for 25 or 30 years, take Stefano with him…..send Kate on a cruise that never ends…..

  11. From Steph

    So, lemme get this straight on the Jenn love triangle. If Maggie is now known to be Daniel’s son, and Maggie has always been known to be Jenn’s aunt, doesn’t that make Jenn and Dan FIRST cousins??? Am I wrong? I know the Salem family tree is full of twisted branches that don’t spread out very far, but is this a bit much?

  12. From SandyGram

    #11 Steph
    Jenn is a Horton through her father Bill Horton. Maggie was married to Mickie Horton and he is now dead. Jenn and Daniel are not biologically related. Tad confusing but biologically ok!

  13. From BC


    Please do not post all in caps and note our first guideline regarding gay slurs. ADMIN

  14. From Adrienne

    Kat-i totally agree with you about jack. i almost cried when he started going through his flashbacks in the cabin. i do think the writers are kind of poking fun at how he used to be (making him extra goofy) and i do wish he could be more mature outside of flashbacks and ptsd scenes though. i am one of the few that want jack with jennifer. i dont like dr. orange – i mean daniel very much since he has been somewhat hypocrital with his relationships…at least in my opinion.

  15. From Kat

    13 Adrienne,
    I have a feeling that after Jack goes through all the therapy, etc, talks to other men that went through what he did,

    the writers will give us a whole new Jack, maybe they used this SL to give Jack a much needed make-over, how long can they keep him as a GoofBall, been there – done that.
    However, I hope they do not get rid of his somewhat zany kind of humor, I always like that a lot,
    just make him a responsible Grown up now, with a sense of Humor…
    I like a bit of Humor in everybody…. even us bloggers….
    I like “Dr. Orange”, never understand why everything is alwlays forgiven for him,
    but Jack, no matter what he had to endure, is the “bad one”.
    Let’s see what Jennifer decides, it won’t last, no matter who she picks, it’s a soap…

  16. From Adrienne

    Kat: maybe one of the eggs stolen from maggie was made into a clone of jennifer for daniel so jack can have the real one (lol) or maybe daniel will be the next inappropriate love for abby (the writers are so wrong for pairing her with austin anyway). i want to see some flashbacks from when jack was originally ‘courtin’ jenn.
    but you are right, its a soap so whatever jenn decides is most likely going to change from week to week anyway.

  17. From patty

    Wow,some more great acting by Will today. Gabi breaks up with him and he goes beserk,starts throwing things around to the point that Chad and Sonny have to hold him back. Poor Will really has issues.
    Loved me some Jennifer Rose yesterday when she let into the smug Nicole and EJ and let them know that if they want to play dirty, she can certainly play the same game with their nasty backgrounds. Like Lexie told EJ, he doesn’t play dirty, he plays filthy. Well I hope Jen digs into his very recent scam that he pulled on John by robbing the good people of Salem of their pensions and exposes him .
    I think Quinn has the hots for Kate. Well now there’s a match made in heaven. Also,since when does Quinn go see Marlena as his shrink?
    Sami wants to renew her wedding vows…as if that’s going to erase what she did.

  18. From Solan

    Ok,while I am glad that Marlena is back and booting up Will’s story…enough of John going no where story…really??? This is what I get instead of Maggie and Victor…Maggie has been the one and I want her back up front and center…Stefano,where are u? RomanceYES,odd pairings ..stop it already..Now, where is my beautiful Maggie and the wonderfully talented Victor?

  19. From Liberty

    Chandler Massey is doing some superb acting these days. I love this new improved Will. I hope Sami gets fired. After all, when does she ever work? She also never calls in to let her boss know what’s going on. In what world can a person get away with this? Really? Please end the John storyline soon. He has the

    same lines over and over and over.

  20. From SandyGram

    #18 Solan
    I also posted this on the Next Week Spoilers December 5 – 8 site:

    To answer your question ‘where is Stefano?’:

    Excerpt from Daytime Royalty, provided by Jason47:

    It looks like Joe’s current contract cycle cut him from a guarantee of 2.5 episodes/week (130 episodes per year) down to just a guarantee of 1 episode/week (52 episodes a year).

    I just checked the contract guarantee list I did earlier this year. Here’s the info from that post:

    2010-2011 CONTRACT CYCLE:
    Joseph Mascolo (Stefano)
    Yearly Contract Cycle: approx. 7/15/10-7/15/11
    Air Dates: approx. 9/20/10-9/20/11
    Appeared In: 136 episodes
    Guarantee: 2.5 episodes/week

    2011-2012 CONTRACT CYCLE:
    Joseph Mascolo (Stefano)
    Yearly Contract Cycle: 7/15/11-7/15/12
    Air Dates: 9/20/11-9/20/12
    Appeared In: 9 episodes over a 10 week period (9/20/11-11/30/11)
    Guarantee: 1 episode/week??

    Based on these findings, it looks like there’s one of two choices for Joe:
    A. They are saving up some of his remaining guaranteed 125 episodes to air between Dec. 2011-Sept. 2012

  21. From Solan

    thanks SandyGram

  22. From OneStar

    What’s going on with Abigail and Austin?!?!

  23. From Solan

    Abby and Austin…ok..ew..yuk..

    what I think is that they will pair them and then send them away.
    Then Carrie and Rafe will pair and leave,Gabby will follow one of her brothers.Then Mel and Emo Dimera will pair and stay..I hope.
    Jen and Daniel 2gether,Billy will find Jack when she comes back(they worked well togther…

  24. From Solan

    So,have they written out the part where John and Stefano are Brothers? John says to Lexie,you and Abe and Theo are like family..? She is his Niece? Of course she is family…just noting.

  25. From SandyGram

    Since John has returned to Salem we’ve haven’t heard any mention of John being Stefano’s brother. Let just hope writers didn’t waste all of out time with the Ireland/Santo/Colleen story, during which time we lost Shawn Brady.

  26. From Solan

    I so agree SG

  27. From Sara

    Daniel is a terrible character! He has never brought any substance to the show, and all he has ever done in Salem besides pretend to doctor is bed-hop and split up couples. His daughter does the same exact thing. How could anyone root for him? He and Jennifer have nothing in common, and he’s not as “stable” as she seems to think he is. Obviously people who want to see her with Taniel have no clue what the Jack/Jennifer relationship was all about. As far as I’m concerned, Jack and Jenn haven’t had a decent storyline to showcase their love story since their wedding in 2003. The summer after that started with new writing, that awful serial killer garbage, and every other storyline where the writers did nothing except keep them apart and make Jack look like he cared nothing about his family. His family are the ones who moved on without him. I keep hoping that the writers will realize what a stupid move it is to keep splitting up this supercouple. They can’t be apart for too long. It didn’t work for Bo & Hope, and it didn’t work for Steve & Kayla, so it can’t work for Jack & Jennifer either. All of you Dannifer fans need to go on youtube and watch some old Jack and Jennifer scenes. Then maybe you will realize that they have more chemistry and love between them than Dannifer. Daniel and Jennifer just look pretty together, but that says nothing for how they feel. No relationship lasts on looks alone.

  28. From lhsanna

    the writers need to put more story line for Mel,Daniel& Jen, John and not so much Sami. I can’t believe any wife would act like she did to Rafe. They can send Jack away on another story and let Jen find a man (not a wimp
    like Jack). Let everyone know what a crook EJ is. I like Allison but not the lines the writers give her.

  29. From Adrienne

    #27 Sara: I totally agree with you about everything you just posted :)

  30. From StrawBeary

    pesonally am tired if jack and always have been. Jen/Daniel should be together.
    will…here we go again. hasn’t this line been done enough????? so what if he’s gay. now he and sonny get together???
    ej…wel, what can you say? he’s a chip off the old block. love a bad man…

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