Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 5-9.

Unlikely allies.

The holiday spirit starts to trickle into Salem as Bo and Hope begin decking the halls and the Horton Christmas tree. The festive feeling takes an odd turn when Hope stumbles upon something she wasn’t expecting that could seriously alter things. This isn’t enough to stop Abe from going ahead with the big tree lighting ceremony. The square lights up as Doug and Julie drop in to spread some holiday cheer. In the audience, two couples do their best not to let on that they have become attracted to the partners who are not theirs.

Hope continues to dig into the mystery around Alice, even if that means teaming up with someone she’s not at all comfortable with. Maggie tries to get comfortable in her role as Daniel’s mother by making some maternal gestures that don’t go over totally smoothly. Meanwhile, a disturbed Sami lays into Will for his unnerving blow-up at Maggie’s. Will has bigger problems than his mom to deal with. The downfall of the website has the police involved. Bo and Hope get down to police business to find out who is behind the gambling operation, but Abby, Will and Sonny are busy debating whether to take care of the problem themselves since it looks like Mel and Chad could be hung out to dry for it. Fearing their daughters are in danger, Jack and Daniel team up to help track down Chad and Mel when they go missing. Held in captivity, they continue to get close. Austin throws his support into the rescue operation as well, which further ingratiates him in the cockles of Abby’s heart.

Having a slightly less stressful time, Nicole and Marlena trade some not so veiled threats while EJ is busy planning a romantic evening for his lady. His dreams of love aren’t exactly enjoyable though since he is still plagued by guilt. And maybe the holiday spirit is getting to Kate because she starts to feel genuine pity for someone she usually holds in contempt.

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  1. From Kat

    Hi little blogsite, Are you excepting Posts today????

  2. From Kat

    I guess, Not….

  3. From SandyGram

    Hope stumbles upon something she didn’t except…this must be the ornament that has a secret compartment that we’ve read about in other spoilers. Wonder’s who’s ornament it will be?

    The two couples that do their best to not let on they are attracted to the others partner…this has to be Abby and Austin and Chad and Melanie! I’d say Rafe and Carrie but the article only says two couples.

    Now Hope teaming up with someone she’s not comfortable with …ummm.. well let’s see Stefano won’t help Hope; Susan Banks will only be in town one day; Could be Kate…yep I’ll say Kate for now since the secret has something to do with Africa which could lead us to Dr. Bill Horton who everyone knows is the father of Lucas. Not that the Lucas part has anything to do with the secret.

    Now the police is going to get involved with the Website. Since the guys are shutting down the site it will be interesting how the police get involved. But this may lead us to the danger the Chad and Melanie get into and their disappearance. Being it is Chad who goes missing, I’ll have to re-think the idea that EJ is behind the gambling through the Website. But having Jack and Daniel working together to find Chad and Mel and Austin helping this could bring on some laughter doofes leading doofes leading doofes.

    And finally who is Kate feeling sorry for ….. I’m putting money down on our Samantha Gene.

  4. From SandyGram

    #3 OOPs…gosh I hate these OOPs’s:
    Hope stumbles upon something she didn’t expect not except.

  5. From AC in PA

    Ugh – Abby and Austin and Chad and Melanie? No thank you. Austin is old enough to be Abby’s father (let’s see, his younger brother is her friend’s father, so yep, that’s about right). Abby and Chad are so cute together, and Melanie is an annoying outsider. I get that the writers are trying to make her a “Horton” but she’s not. I like the Horton and Dimera angle that Abby and Chad have.

  6. From SandyGram

    From Days Cafe Alert Spoiler:

    While Will threatens to expose EJ and Sami’s affair, EJ threatens to expose that Will is gay.

    You can see the details of this spoiler by Going To Daytime Royalty for a great MUST READ article from TV Guide: Coming out in Salem; Dec 5th print issue:

    A look at what’s coming up for Will…………..

    Definitely I’m not liking that EJ gets involved in Will’s story. But it sounds like Will left him no choice, but did we have to go down the black mail route again and again and again!!!!

  7. From patty

    Hi all ! Hope you had an awesome Thnaksgiving!
    SandyGram, thanks for the spoilers. My sole purpose for watching Days now is to see Will and how his storyline is going to play out. Cannot wait to see him get drunk at Christmas and trash his Mom. That should be highly entertaining.
    Today Brady and Madison get hot and heavy but she backs out .We still get a nice view of his naked chest.
    Hope, Bo, Jen and Dan uncover a letter from Susan Banks and recognize the baby picture as EJ.

  8. From patty

    Sorry for the typo, that should have read Thanksgiving*.
    Forgot to mention how delighted I was to hear Sami telling EJ exactly what I’ve been thinking all along, that what they did was wrong, sickening and that she doesn’t deserve Rafe. EJ’s in love with Nicole (as much as he knows how) so I guess there won’t be an Ejami anytime soon.
    Carrie definetly likes Rafe but he’s still blindly in love with Sami.

  9. From Grandma Judy

    Yes, Carrie looks at Rafe as if she admires him so much. But he seems to be blind to her adoration and only has Sami on his mind. Sami is so overcome with guilt over her sex with EJ. Didn’t really see any guilt from him today but I guess he will feel some later on according to the spoiler above. Poor Will just doesn’t know how to handle what he saw his Mother and EJ up to while Rafe was finding Johnny. I hate the sound of it that EJ will be involved in Will’s s/l! I liked the scenes with Abby and Jack yesterday.

    We had a terrific Thanksgiving Day and weekend and hope all of you did, too! Hope this website stays on track. It sure was screwed up last week.

  10. From Kathie

    Kind of interesting that Will is now going through what Sami went through years ago when she walked in on Marlena and John.

  11. From patty

    I think it’s kind of funny that EJ’s feeling guilty this time around about cheating on Nicole. He just did the same thing with her own sister right under her nose while he was still very married to her and was not going through a divorce. It’s also ironic that with all the trouble he went through to break Rafe and Sami apart with RoboRafe , he finally did what could break them up forever and now doesn’t want anyone to find out and he’ll go as far as blackmailing Will to keep it secret. I just hope Nicole is smart enough to figure it out because I have a feeling that it won’t be Will who spills the beans. I think Nicole will be EJ’s downfall this time around.

  12. From SandyGram

    November 29th Show:
    First of all Marlena went to Carrie and Austin’s to help cook Thanksgiving dinner; does Marlena cook, I have never seen her in a kitchen; and since when was there a kitchen in a Hotel Room? Carrie and Austin are not in a Business Suit where there may be a kitchenette or small kitchen, there in a Hotel Room. Maybe it’s just another small thing the writers over looked!

    Now Marlena and Will today were wonderful. Although I don’t like the no calling Marlena Grandma, everything else about their day and conversation is terrific, not to mention how comfortable they are with one another. She’s not even squinting as much as usual. Marlena did over state one comment; she said ‘Sami approached all of her relationships with good intention’. There were no good intentions when Sami went after Austin. This relationship was as much about what she thought was love, to her jealousy of her beautiful sister who seemed to have everything. Even Luca, just look at how many years they battled before they admitted they loved one another. The writers are now starting to build the changes that will be coming over Will.

    When I heard Patty Stanger was going to be on the show again I couldn’t figure out why. But today I could see she was used as a friend for Nicole to discuss her feelings for EJ. With Chloe gone she has no girl friend to share things with. And even with Chloe it was never just about Nicole, but she also had to weed through Chloe’s issues. Patty provide Nicole a much needed out let for sorting out whether she really wants to be with EJ or not just using a little girl talk.

    Carrie and Rafe I just knew when they sat down on that bed to spread out her lawyer papers Austin was going to walk in, but the writers fooled me. I didn’t see anything today that led me to believe one or both have goo goo eyes for one another. As it’s always been with Rafe, it’s about family and getting John freed from all charges and set free.

    Finally to EJ and Samantha. He has never loved anyone or wanted to be with anyone like he does Nicole. He wants to a better man for her. Has a familiar ring, has he forgotten all about his feelings for Sami and Taylor? In the past when EJ and Sami would get together for whatever reason you could see an emotional tie between them. But, not today. I think today the writers cut the EJ/Sami tie. He didn’t act jealous of her love for Rafe and she didn’t act jealous of his desire to be with Nicole. She did turn her nose up a bit when he said he wanted to be with Nicole, but I believe that was because of her dislike for Nicole not any kind of jealous toward EJ loving Nikki.

  13. From SandyGram

    #6 Patty
    So they recognize the baby picture as EJ. Heck there goes my theory it could be Hope’s baby from when she was at Masion Blanche, not Zack, but sometime earlier she was there 3 or better years. So I guess that means he’s going to be from Maggie’s eggs also. Darn, Darn, Darn!

  14. From Chris

    IMO I don’t think that Ej cheated on Nicole this time. He did with Taylor. Nicole told him that she wanted to go through with the divorce and even had him sign the papers. Sami on the other hand definitely cheated on Rafe.

  15. From patty

    Exactly Chris, that’s why I find it odd that EJ’s feeling guilt. Either way, Nicole is going to feel betrayed when she finds out. She was devastated the last time and she’s already thinking that she’s a fool to trust him again. I don’t think what EJ is feeling is guilt as much as fear of what will happen if Nicole does find out, there will be hell to pay this time. Can’t wait.

  16. From SandyGram

    Chris and Patty,
    It was interesting when EJ was talking to Sami, he didn’t mention anything about if their secret came out it would affect his campaign for Mayor. He was only concerned about Nicole finding out. But now if Will was to spill the beans as he will soon threaten EJ that he will do (according to the spoilers) then Will’s intention is for the whole town to know. But then EJ stops Will with a threat of his own by saying he will expose him as gay if he doesn’t keep quite. According to the TV Guide article I referenced in Posting #5, EJ sees will drunk in the Town Square with a group of boys and Will kiss one of them which EJ sees. I would of preferred Will’s story went forward without EJ’s hand in any part of it!

  17. From Kat

    13 Chris/14 patty,

    I agree, EJ did not technically cheat on Nicole, because it happened after she did INSIST that he sign the divorce papers….
    However, I think he feel guilty, because I believe he really has figured out that he indeed loves That Woman…. Nicole, more than anything….
    He went through Sami, Taylor, Kate,, etc. but he realized that Nicole is the girl for him… so he of course will feel guilty….
    Good for him,,,
    Now Sami, poor thing, she Did cheat on her husband Rafe….
    I almost feel bad for her, I wish she could show almost as much remorse for having Shot the father of her children in the head,….LOL….
    Of course like I said before, the BabyPic is EJ, they are his BabyPics……
    If Nicole ever finds out, she should be able to forgive EJ more easily, than Rafe could ever forgive Sami…
    At that point in Time, Nicole had walked away from EJ, officially…. so he was legally free, but morally he will alwyas hate himself… She should forgive, she has jumped into it with Brady many times before…..
    I don’t think EJ cares at this point about being Mayor, Nicole is more important to him.

    How silly of Will trying to blackmail EJ,
    EJ has to much on him, like the coverup of Sami shooting him, him being Gay, etc….. bad move Will.
    Stay away from EJ, you have other friends/family with money….
    or just stay and face things…

    Today with Rafe and Carrie, sitting on the bed and working together, there is something there, they just don’t know it yet….
    And of course we will have SL’s with Abby/Austin and Mel/Chad,,,
    Jack and Dan working together…
    sounds like we will have good SL’s coming up….

  18. From Ebony H.

    Well I like how things r playing out except for ejami.I can not help but to have a wish list. Hopefully Sami is pregnant & that will draw them closer together but she loses da baby once everything comes to light and Ej is their for her while Quinn soothes Nikki and Carrie soothes Rafe. I want will to not be a long time closet — I also wish he and Gabby can remain friends but first Rafe turn his back on Will cause he knew he was gay but decided to date his baby sister anyway. I want more Jack n Jen.Carly need to come back n be Jack friend then decide to date him then Dan n Jen both get green wit envy.John to be released because of Ej doing da right thing.I would love if Nathan comes back. He was Mel soulmate.Right now she is just lost.

    Enclosing a link to our guidelines. Please do not refer to someone in the closet as a ‘freak’. ADMIN

  19. From betsybee

    When EJ and Sami were discussing their problem in the foyer of the Mansion did anyone notice the change in EJ’s hair style. What an improvement !!! Also I agree with #13 Chris that EJ did not cheat on anyone. Sami came to him and if I remember correctly he asked her “please leave” three different times and she being Sami who never want anyone to tell her what to do remained with him. If she is going to throw herself at him why should he refuse, after all he is human.

    I thought the two of them were excedingly good today and they both looked beautiful. Sami at least was dressed for the occasion. If Rafe has no job and she hasn’t been in to work for some time where does she gether money for clothes. Where the blazes are the kids.

    If their guilt produces a split between Nicole and EJ and Rfe and Sami, then Sami will be running back to EJ with the kids in tow. What a blond bomber !!!

    Marlene and John can be removed at
    anytime as far as I am concerned.
    Neither of them can act and they both look terrible.

    Will, what a great job Chandler is doing with his s/l. He certainly is in the Emmy Award lineup next time around. Also Sami and EJ could also be on that list.

    I have a feeling that Victor and Stephano are not in good health in real life. There has to be a s/l to remove them from DOOL.

    In closing, I do believe that Sami still wants EJ, and you could tell that in her face just before she left the Mansion. She tried her best to cover up when she got home with Rafe. Carrie and Rafe fit better together anyway.

    Looks like some good s/ls coming up and just as it gets interesting my satellite dish will probably renig when the bad weather starts.

    Both had better go back to “acting school”. They both look terrible.

  20. From betsybee

    By the way, those of you who dislike the EJ character in all fairness have to admit that James Scott, in the scenes with Allison at the Mansion, is some handsome, desirable, male speciman, who really knows his acting talents will take him a long way in the entertainment world.

    Brady, (Eric) runs James a very close second. I think he will be hurt very badly by Madison, worse than he was ever hurt by Nicole.

    Anyone notice how the mauve raincoat that Nicole wore yesterday was too small for her. OMG she has such long arms and big hands plus beautiful long legs.
    The coat sleeves were way up her arm !!! Maybe that’s the style these days !!!!!!!!!

  21. From Kat

    18 betsybee, you have a lot of good points.
    I don’t agree about removing Victor and Stefano from the SL.
    I like them both, they are like Oak Tree’s, strong characters needed in Salem.
    I don’t know about their health in real life, any of you out there…???
    Carrie and Rafe do look good together, they are both the serene more boring types, Sami is to much f a firecracker for Rafe…
    So far John and Marlena, their Sl is a bit not kicking off yet.
    What does Marlena live on, their personal assest were frozen.
    Can’t see, now that John pleaded guilty, the Court releasing Their Money, when the good people of Salem are still out All their Money.
    Marlena should be more careful walking around Horton Square, people know who she is, and some Nut might try to get her to tell Them, where John has the money Hidden, He did plead guilty, very stupid move IMP, but they need the SL, wherever they are going with it…
    I did however enjoy Jack visit with Roman in jail, and their talk, interesting…
    Jack you are inching in again, and soon we will hopefully see, what a great character You can Be….
    Forensic Austin should soon get involved with the Website and help those kids.
    From what I hear, sounds like they are doing to really kick off Will’s SL, …..
    One blogger on here was right,
    Will be carfull, do not blackmail somebody, when your own barn has just as much crap in it….
    I guess EJ finally figured out, What love is…
    after all the wrongs reasons for him and Nicole to get together in the past, cheating on her with Taylor, chasing after something that was not real,
    now that Nicole finally found the strengt to walk away from EJ,
    they both started to realize, bit by bit, they Do indeed love each other, now finally for all the right reason,,,, Love…. in their heart and soall, Not Just Lust like in the past…. Who Knew.
    But of course, it will rough, lots of ups and downs in true soap style.
    John does to much forced acting with his face, IMO, it does not seem natural like with EJ.
    John’s looks so rehearsed, but maybe that is just me.
    Marlena, I guess no strawberries/and sighs for a while…just being a grandma/mom for change… good, it’s about time.

    15 patti, I agree, no matter what, should Nicole find out, she will feel betrayed, no matter the circumstances/timing of Samis/EJ’s imitation of two tigers wrestling.

  22. From Kat

    of course I meant Jack visiting JOHN in jail, not Roman..
    and I also see a few more small typo’s,like Soal….

  23. From Kat

    19 betsybee,
    You said it girl, EJ is all that and more, You and I were watching the same show for sure, Ladies I am being funny….. so hold it.

    I love Men in Black Top Coats, the kind EJ wore, absolute class.
    EJ is the kind of man, that looks good in jeans and T-Shirt and in a suit/tux all dressed up. He carries himself so well and I like…..

  24. From Nancy

    When Brady went to see his father in jail I could not stand it when John kept called Brady “Kid” why not call him son??

  25. From Shanon

    Abby is attracted to Austin but I don’t see it being reciprocated. Austin is too old for her, and although the older person being with a younger person (Daniel and Chelsey) has been done, Austin is also a married man.
    Gabi is correct, Will only wants to escape living with Sami. I cannot wait for EJ and Sami’s secret to come out and the aftermath of it. Although Will is a fabulous actor, I am still not seeing any sign of him being interested in men.
    I have a feeling that Nicole will end up with Quinn in time after EJ and Sami’s secret is exposed.

  26. From SandyGram

    #24 Shanon

    Unfortunately I too could envision Nicole turning to Quinn after finding out EJ/Sami’s secret. Much like how EJ and Sami hooked up in desperation, emotional turmoil and from once again being hurt by some she loves. And I think she would be just as sorry as EJ is. And although we haven’t seen Nicole hang around in the bar like she use to, I’m thinking she will tie a very big one on and that’s where Quinn (or who knows Rafe…he’s done it before)will find her and take her home leading to her own little tryst..ALL Speculation of course!

  27. From Dolly

    Of course Ej is having trouble with any date with Nicole, Sami is on his mind.

  28. From Randi


    Why on earth would Hope find a secret ornament NOW after all the years of going thru them–stupid idea if such is what the writers are thinking.
    Again to the new writers, please go over very old footage to catch up to date!

  29. From Kat

    23 Nancy, I agree, John always calls Brady – Kid – or Son at times, I would like to hear him call His son, “Brady” sometimes….
    Another of his favourite is calling people, Hey Pal…
    I enjoyed Marlena with Jack today, good scenes….
    Jenn and Dan, kissing all the time, but when she Kissed Jack, it was a big issue, how else will she know if Jack’s kisses still mean anything to Her…
    Wonder, after testing, if Dr. Dan or Mel will have any of Maggie’s illness…….. He does need his hands to operate….????
    Curious to find out what illness little Elvis had, that Susan needed Mrs. H’s help… Beautiful Baby Pic.
    Austin might not be interested in Abby now, but depending of how his marriage to Carrie will go,
    he could end up in a mid life crisis dilema with Abby, it happenes all the time so why not in Salem.
    I am watching after all UeberDrama Soap, so why not…..
    Nicole and Quinn, well one never knows what will happen,
    however, I think more in the direction of Billie for Quinn…
    Something or someone sure has a Hold on Madison for her to always have to go against her feelings and desires….
    Good looking couple, both are having gorgeous bodies.

    Again, the old Marlena was back today, I hope she can help Jack,
    wonder if she will go back to the Hospital to work, or maybe open up a private practice…. something to earn money,….
    It should be interesting how they will get John out of jail, without EJ having to go and do time….

  30. From SandyGram

    #27 Randi

    From Soap Opera Weekly December 5th Issue:

    Quote: “Bo and Hope discovers a secret compartment in one of Alice’s Christmas Ornaments”

    Bo and Hope find a trinket in the ornament that leads them to more clues about Alice’s secret (according to other spoilers). Don’t know why the writers wrote it this way…I guess we will have to wait until December 5th to see just how ridicules it is to a a secret compartment in an one of the treasured Horton ornaments.

  31. From patsy

    I,ll amite that Ari/Nicole IS A BEAUITFUL TALANTED WOMAN and her and EJ/James look good together but I don.t care how hard the writers try to keep them togeter ,They can tango have sex and Nicole can look at him all coweyed THEY still don.t have the fire that EJ/JAMES andSami/ALI HAVE JUST BEING IN A SCEAN TOGETHER ,iF THEY KEEP RUINING sAMI/Ali chatrater just so EJandNicole can be together they are going to loose a lot of fan s that have came back recently .and WITH NBC being in trouble I think the writers better think twice on how the show is being written Alison will be ok no matter what she s pretty active already on all sides of the bussines. HOPE days HAS A HAPPY CHRISTMAS THIS YEARANDsAMI WITH ALL HER CHILDREN

  32. From Leah

    I knew it, knew it, KNEW IT! Confirmation… when the Ejami affair was made known to the general public the daily/weekly ratings on TV and the internet JUMPED! Everyone loves a bit of Ejami and watching the excitement they cause. And thats a fact! More Ejami action please.

  33. From Leah

    As for Nicole… as a female fan of the show SHE MAKES ME ANGRY! Angry that it is ok with her to play second string in someones life. She has always been down the rung of the ladder with EJ and the love of his life Sami but she was also that when her own sister come to town. Time for the girl to grow up and get a backbone! Nicole get a grip EJ has never loved you like he does Sami… you have and always will be second best. Pack your bags, get your divorce, get some money and start doing something with your life. You’ve wasted too much time on him and that merry go round. You need to go back to Brady. He’s THE ONE who truly loves you. You two have been in each others orbits for decades. Time for it to come to fruition. A Bricole baby would just be icing on the cake!

  34. From Chris

    This secret that Alice Horton had is interesting but I’m not sure it would have anything to do with Maggie being Ej’s mom. Why would she keep that a secret. I hope it ends up being something much more exciting than Dan being Maggie’s son.
    When Sami’s & Ej’s secret comes out I hope Nicole forgives Ej because I love them together but if not I prefer Nicole and Rafe instead of Carrie and Rafe. Carrie is too boring.

  35. From SandyGram

    From Daytime Royalty MUST READ ARTICLES if you enjoy Spoilers:

    SOW: Chad and Melanie are Kidnapped Issue dated 12/13

    SOD/SOW: Hope talks to Susan Banks Issue dated 12/13

    SOD/SOW: EJ Nicole to move in….again Issue dated 12/13

    Spoiler pics for the week of December 12th

  36. From MISSY

    i absolutley loved the ej and sami thing, even if not rommantic. put them together already,,, i would love to see nicole and rafe together, i think they would be close to ejami as a super couple… can someone tell me how will plans on getting a place with no job or money, unless lucas is paying for it… just sayen..

  37. From

    Honest with you this program is much better than before…

    “writer” Why let Sami and EJ have sex??? It’s really disguting…. why sex too much in program… something good instead!

    Rafe better off without Sami because of spoil sex with EJ!!!

  38. From Mopy

    I will deny that EJ is anything more than simply not ugly. I happen not to find him attractive at all. None of the men on this show do it for me. The closest to attractive I find are two of the boys, Will and Chad, but since they are a little too young, I don’t really look at them that way.

    There may have been an episode where EJ wore glasses and smiled sincerely when I may have seen something kind of handsome, but since it was out of character and wardrobe for him, I’ve not seen the appeal since. I suppose that is to say I’d probably find James miles more attractive than EJ, going by what I’ve heard of him as a person. But, I see nothing noteworthy of everyday, brooding, serious EJ.

    This was in response to Betsybee

  39. From Mopy

    Oh, and I’m finding myself becoming more and more annoyed with Jennifer. What the piss was with the “OMG, we’re here having breakfast! And, we’re talking! Tee-hee-hee! Let’s make this into a club and, OMG, give ourselves a NAME! How about the Secret Sisters Society Breakfast Club? Tee-hee-hee”? Did anyone else find this lame as heck? Now, I’m usually all for adults being unconventionally youthful, but I had to ask aloud “how old are you?”. This took me, with no word of exaggeration, to grade five when groups of little girls would band together and name themselves “The In Group” or “The Uptown Girls”. Undigestable.

  40. From Shanon

    #37 Mopy – I agree that the one time they have breakfast together now want to turn it into a club. Really? I also found this lame.

    I loved Jack’s scene with Marlena, pouring his heart out to her about what happened in Afghanistan. Maybe the writers will get creative and have Jack fall in love with his therapist Marlena while John is in jail. Just a thought.

    I’m also loving how Will’s storyline is progressing. Finally a teen acting like a teen. In reality, a lot of teens go through a stage where they talk back to parents and drink alcohol, etc. It was just a matter of time after all Will’s been through that he start acting out especially towards Sami. What a hypocrite Sami is for saying to Will that it isn’t ok for him to speak to her like that after her outburst towards her mother and John.

  41. From SandyGram

    November 30th Show Review:
    Brady and Madison: The writers seem to be tapering off on Madison’s spunkiness we saw when she first arrived. But I may be confusing it with what appears to be a very vulnerable Madison with a pass history we haven’t seen yet. Then Brady he must be one busy CEO he is overseeing Mad World Cosmetics, and running Titan and Basic Black. Maybe when Chloe returns in the New Year, not only does Parker come with her, but Philip also! It would seem Brady could be a little overloaded. By the way to be the head of Titan his office is not very attractive. I remember Victor’s office and even Kate’s office when she worked at Titan were both very nice.

    Jen, Daniel, Bo and Hope: So we now know Alice has a connection to Susan and EJ. Getting out this secret is like a loose tooth, it loosens up just a little at a time. But that’s what the writers are looking for the ‘intrigue’ that keeps us coming back for more. Like the little boy who wanted more porridge, more please more!

    Marlena and Jack: Well at least we know now Doc doesn’t have an office. I’m still hoping she will hang her shingle in one of those new offices in the Town Center close to Quinn’s Spa. From her couch to his table all in one afternoon, full service head to toe, inside and out. The writers really got to me yesterday when Jack was explaining what happened to him in the tunnel in Afghanistan. My heart went out to him and all the men and women in our Military that go through this type of torment. God Bless those who fight to keep our country free and our freedoms intact!

  42. From Daysfan25

    I don’t normally post. But I couldn’t help thinking that maybe Mrs. H didn’t tell hope because she’s constantly being brain washed by stefano, too risky.

    Also, jen saying she thought Jack would be the only man she would ever love, what about Frankie or Peter? I just think she seems so happy w Daniel, it’s a low key drama free relationship. He just seems to put her first. Like him better than Jack.

    Love will’s scenes with Marlena. Starting to think she is less annoying when she’s not with John lol as ive loved her scenes this week.

    I find Sami & Rafe boring, but I didn’t watch for a year when they fell in love so maybe I don’t have enough invested. I just think her & EJ have ridiculous chemistry.

    Just my opinion:)

  43. From Kat

    Don’t know why, but I just can’t warm up to the character of Lexie.
    Something about her that ticks me off, everytime she opens her self-righteous mouth….
    makes no difference, if she is right or wrong.
    She always comes across – To Me – as the Self appointed Morals police,
    and her track record has proven she far from that…
    She has treated Abe worse in the past, than anybody like EJ ever could, and I have a feeling – she will again let her family down….

    Glad, that John is starting to figure out, that he acted like a fool, pleading guilty did nothing for his family…
    37 mopy, I am with you about the club….and Jenn, Oh my God…..
    however, EJ/James, with glasses – yes – without still – Yes.
    I think he is so handsome, classy, manly, sexy, all wrapped in one, at least for Me… respect your take….
    Like the idea of Marlena opening an office in the Square, most of the people that will come to see her, are hanging out at the square now anyway, and the Spa right after a session/or the other way around, great idea.
    Sandygram, I also remember Vic’s grand office, and of course Kate’s, and Sami’s, she worked there also in a big time job, long ago.
    Beginning to wonder now, who are EJ’s parents, maybe I should say Mother, Stefano seems to be the Fatha….
    And Daniel, who is the Daddy??????????

  44. From Kat

    41 Daysfan, You make good sense, agree with you, specially about Marlena being less annoying without John.
    You should blog more often, I like your opinions, at least the ones you blogged today….
    but even if I did not agree, you seem to be well grounded…

  45. From patsy

    Don,t know about anyone else but probable wont be watching much after the 13 unless bo and hope sami rafe and the teenscene are onthe other will be way too boreing we see this senareo too many times the last 4 or 5 years tHEY JUST KEEP BEATING THE OLD HORSE TO DEATH TRYING TO MAKE IT WORK AINT GOING TO HAPPEN

  46. From patsy

    This is suppose to be aDemera/brady love story NOT a demera /walker brady /hernades love story and when the writer see that maybe they cansave this soapopera IF its NOT too late

  47. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from a Daytime Royalty (DR) interview with Melissa Reeves on the where abouts of JJ:

    DR: We’ve had a couple of mentions of JJ this week. When can we expect to hear more about him?

    Missy: I don’t know! We talk about him a lot, but no one has said anything about actually seeing JJ.

    DR: Do you know how old he’s supposed to be?

    Missy: Well, he’s only supposed to probably be about five. But the way we talk, it sounds like he’s in boarding school. Maybe high school? That’s what it sounds like to me, but I have no idea about JJ.

  48. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Daytime Royalty, provided by Jason47:

    It looks like Joe’s current contract cycle cut him from a guarantee of 2.5 episodes/week (130 episodes per year) down to just a guarantee of 1 episode/week (52 episodes a year).

    I just checked the contract guarantee list I did earlier this year. Here’s the info from that post:

    2010-2011 CONTRACT CYCLE:
    Joseph Mascolo (Stefano)
    Yearly Contract Cycle: approx. 7/15/10-7/15/11
    Air Dates: approx. 9/20/10-9/20/11
    Appeared In: 136 episodes
    Guarantee: 2.5 episodes/week

    2011-2012 CONTRACT CYCLE:
    Joseph Mascolo (Stefano)
    Yearly Contract Cycle: 7/15/11-7/15/12
    Air Dates: 9/20/11-9/20/12
    Appeared In: 9 episodes over a 10 week period (9/20/11-11/30/11)
    Guarantee: 1 episode/week??

    Based on these findings, it looks like there’s one of two choices for Joe:
    A. They are saving up some of his remaining guaranteed 125 episodes to air between Dec. 2011-Sept. 2012

  49. From SandyGram

    December 1st Show review:

    Applaud, Applaud for Chandler Massey once again, he must be exhausted by the end of the day when taping these scenes. As much emotion that he is putting into each scene would knock me out for a week.

    You Go Jennifer…give Nicole and EJ what they deserve as dirty playing politicians. Can EJ not get anything on this own with out trickery or conniving?

    Finally John opens up his eyes and sees the proof is out there to prove him innocent. In doing so it’s not the best thing for the furniture. I like seeing John taking advantage of his time by exercising and not pining and laying around.

  50. From Shanon

    Awesome acting today from Will today trashing Maggie’s kitchen after Gabi breaks up with him. Can’t wait to see him in more episodes.
    I found it odd that Roman would approach Madison to introduce himself and warn her about Stefano. Does he do this with all new residents of Salem? I also wonder what kind of scenes Marlena and Quinn will have coming up as it has now been mentioned that Marlena is his therapist and Roman has threatened Quinn to leave Marlena alone. Poor Roman, still feeling like he has to defend his ex wife. I really wish the writers would find Roman a love interest. Maybe when Billie returns they could set these 2 up. They have slept together before so it could be an option.
    As for Sami and Rafe renewing their vows, my guess is that her romp with EJ will be exposed and Rafe will leave Sami crying at the alter.
    I agree with all that said that Marlena is way less annoying when not with John.

  51. From Kat

    In defense for EJ, He did not set up what happened today with Abe and the Reporters,
    Nicole did that on her own.

    But He did not mind it all, once she told him..
    So what are Jenn and clan, going to do, play dirty about EJ’s past, and thus Hurting His Kid, even more than they have already gone through…………
    I am not excusing EJ, just debating….
    I have a feeling that EJ will bow out of the Race anyway,
    still wondering How they will get John out of Jail, without sending EJ up the river… He is needed in the SL in Salem after all…and so is John.
    I agree, Roman is way overdue to get a life of his own, living on Marlena Crumbs is just not enough.
    Billie for Roman or Quinn, and now who will they Pair with Gaby, After Will?????????????????????????
    Sami needs some SoloTime, in order to straighten out her life,
    it’s a mess, she needs to see a shrink bit time, soooooooooo long overdue, to help her deal with her rotten past, just like Jack,
    otherwise she will never be truly happy with anybody, no matter WHO,
    Sami has to learn and accept To Love Herself first, before she will ever be good for anybody out there… Just my humble opinion..

    Jennifer and Nicole today, great, that’s politics out there,
    not dirty, right, it’s always filthy, just look around through history….
    Good guys get eaten up by the press or their opponents LOL..Only the thickskinned will make it, unfortunately……

    46 patsy, it’s the story of DOOL’s in Salem, that includes all kinds of people, not just the Brady’s/DiMera’s. It’s diverse, otherwise who could stand watching it…
    Just like Christmas, you might a big long List,
    But you will never get everything on the List,
    Other people want their goodies too… sorry.

  52. From SandyGram

    #51 Kat
    EJ never does anything wrong, someone else always sets it up or starts it whether it’s Stefano, Sami, Nicole, etc. He’s just so weak he goes along with what ever it is, making him just as guilty. I think the law refers to that as co-conspirator. And why shouldn’t Jennifer use EJ and the DiMera’s past it has to do with the character of the candidate. EJ didn’t hesitate to say he’s never had a conviction of any wrong doing which may be true, but ones character is equally as important when one wants to hold a public office. And, I thought the whole reason he was running for Mayor was to enhance the persona of the DiMera name so that the children can be proud of being a DiMera and of him as a father. Then why the dirty/filthy politics, maybe he should get that message to Nicole. And it’s not like the kids will never hear of the DiMera deeds of the past, it’s just a matter of time. So for me I say….GO Get’em Jennifer!

  53. From patty

    Yes ,go get them Jennifer, get them good! I hope she digs up all the dirt on those two and exposes them for what they are. EJ has done so many dirty deeds they could use against him and all EJ and Nicole have against Abe is he visited his friend John in jail…wow. Even worst is that the guy’s in jail for something EJ did all by himself , no one else to blame. I can’t wait till that finally comes out. Keep digging Jen!

  54. From Clear

    I like that we are seeing some interesting stories with actual events, mystery, evidence instead of eavesdropping for once and some great galas like the great parties and the openings of the wellness center and spa, etc. I hope it has a martial arts studio or Do Jang –if that’s the name for it. When do we get to see Quinn’s form and some martial arts sparring?

    I see Will’s character going downhill to worse than gay in the spoilers. He is beginning to look bisexual! I don’t like what is happening to him in agony over what he saw with Sami and am not enjoying his story line at all. I guess maybe I cannot stand watching my favorite characters suffer for long without justice or redemption of some sort including Sami, and now, John too!

    Of course, we still have to put up with the Jack Flake, who is one character they can write out any time and I will not miss him. I am looking forward to seeing what EJ’s mother, Susan, is like when she visits according to spoilers–because I never watched when Susan was on before.

  55. From Kat

    So you guys want Jennifer to get down and dirty also, wow…
    If she goes after the DiMera’s, it will also hurt Lexie, Theo, EJ’s kids, all of them….
    and two wrongs still make no right.

    Did I not say in my blog 51, ….but )EJ) once he found out, he did not mind at all…….
    Well clear, you might have to put up with Jack the Flake, just as myself and others have to put up with some characters that we are not to fond of, such is the deal on this soap…
    Tell, Are we having any fun yet, because I do, I choose to watch the Circus in Salem, good or bad, and I can laugh about it.
    I think Jack is a great character, he brings so much diversity to the story, better than John’s agonizing painful looks on his face all the time.
    Jack/Matt must be great to stir up so many feelings in people, just like Sami and EJ.
    Their little “Delight” sure brought the blog numbers up, over 330… everybody came out and had something to say,…. LOL
    This Susan, will not be the same actress that played her originally.
    Eileen Davidson was great in all forget 4 or 5 different roles she played.
    I like all the new plots going on,
    some more than others,
    but you will Never hear me, hoping that writers will write out a character, just because I don’t like him. If We all got our wish, Nobody would be left on the show,
    but we each would have gotten a wish fullfilled…..
    So live with all the characters, they are what makes the show….even Rafe, but I would never ask for him to be written out…. he has a family to support, don’t they all????

  56. From gerri

    SandyGram and Patty,and Clear.
    finally some free time,to read the blogs,on board here.
    It appears we 3 along with Grandma Judy,and Daisy,all share the same thoughts,re-the characters and S/L’s.
    we’d like to see some justice,at some point,but It seems like Days,
    Is just like real life,99% of the time,only the criminals get justice,and the victims get thrown under the bus.

  57. From BBow

    I think Jenn is going about the election publicity all wrong. She says she wants to play dirty, but she wants to bring everything EJ has done into the light. The problem with that is that nothing was ever proven and EJ was never convicted. Why not go a different route they can prove. Who would they prefer as the First Lady of Salem? A doctor and Chief of Staff of the local hospital, or a former porn star? Bring out some of Nicole’s sins because they are bound to bring out some of Lexie’s.

  58. From SandyGram

    #57 BBow
    Abe certainly wants a clean campaign but it seems Nicole and EJ may have left Jenn no other choice than join them in playing dirty politics. Nor are they thinking about the affect it may have on the kids to be a dirty politician as they have started this ball rolling.

    If dirty politics is a must I would say Nicole’s background is as much a target as is EJ’s. But bringing out Nicole’s porn indiscretion may cause a positive reaction by the Salemites since her father drugged her and forced her to do pornography in her adolescence. But as we all know she was convicted of the baby switching and kidnapping of Sydney. Now that should resonate in some citizens memories since she went to prison for the crime.

    As we all know any politicians career can be ruined by the Media just by bad publicity. And I’m sure the DiMera Campaign would not have a problem bringing out Lexie’s background. They all have indiscretions that have never been proven in a court of law. So let’s see should Jenn/Abe ignore Nicole/EJ’s dirty tactics or fight back? And obviously the good citizens of Salem have over looked Lexie’s background the first time Abe was voted into office. Although I do think the writers mis-handled the Abe visiting John scenario. Abe would have shown great character to stand up to those reporters and said regardless of John’s conviction he has been, is and will always be a friend. Heck EJ can’t even say he has a friend!

  59. From BeenWatching

    “He is beginning to look bisexual! ”

    I didn’t just seriously read this, did I? I can’t have! Someone please check if my head has exploded from pure astonishment and bemusement.

  60. From Grandma Judy

    I’m on the run but just wanted to say cheers once again for Chandler Massey. And I, too, like Marlena better these past few days without John, but I will always love John. Although it seems they are having trouble getting him started on the show and I am disappointed so far. I agree with those who say Go get ‘em, Jennifer, and bring out all the dirt you can on EJ and the DiMeras. And you won’t be playing dirty, either, because it will all be true!! Like, there’s so much, where should she begin?!

  61. From SandyGram

    Hallelujah…Hallelujah…Hallelujah !!!!

    Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Bryan Datillo (Lucas) was spotted on the Days set in Burbank.

    What a Christmas present this would be!

  62. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Daytime Royalty, Spoilers from CDN TV Guide dated December 12th:

    Thursday (“Leveraging Stefano”)
    Power falls into Alice’s lap when Stefano makes John a proposal.

    Now let’s see Leveraging Stefano…My idea generator thinks Stefano will tell John he will have EJ return all the money and clear his name…if John has Bo and Hope back off investigating his and Alice’s connection.

    See more CDN TV Guide spoilers on Daytime Royalty.

  63. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from daysofourlives article: Days of Our Lives’ Chandler Massey Dishes Will’s Coming Out Story
    Wednesday November 30, 2011

    Quote: As the storyline progresses, things turn more sinister. EJ realizes Will is gay and uses the information to his advantage, threatening to reveal the truth unless Will does his bidding.
    “It turns into this master-slave relationship,” notes Massey, admitting he was “shocked” to read some scripts. “Other shows might be afraid to go this direction with a story that’s this potentially sensitive, but I think what we’re doing is so much richer and dramatic because of it.”
    As for a romance for Will, rumor has it he will finally meet — and kiss — a boy in late February. “There’s a whole lot more to come… It just gets better and better,” says Massey.

    Here we go…EJ using Will to his advantage…yep that tells me EJ really cares about his kids or did her forget Will is Johnny and Sydney’s brother. And yes I know Will tried to blackmail EJ first to get money to leave town; but, that’s not the issue. EJ’s continued exploiting others to get his way, especially when that ‘other’ is his kids brother, that’s the point. Also the fact, the continued criticism of Sami, Jennifer, for not thinking of the kids before acting, when EJ leads this pack in keeping the DiMera name in mudville which will eventually be seen by the kids once they are SORS’d and can understand what’s going on around them.

  64. From Kat

    I still say, beware Jennifer/Abe/Lexie before you go join EJ/Nicole in the so-called Mud, however for the Abe visit John thing, what Mud have EJ/Nicole dished out about the Carver family so far, I must have missed something.
    Abe visiting is a fact, anybody (of course Nicole did it first) could have realeased the info to the press, and like somebody said, Abe did it, now he should have just lived up to it period.
    Once Jenn goes the Mud route, all bets are off, and the dirt will start flying all over Salem, is that really what Honest Abe wants, because it can happen, once the Flood Gates are open, and there are going to be MOre Loosers than winners in this battle.
    Think about that rationally, but of course, we are thinking Soap…
    But then again, All the kids of Salem, big or little, are brought up in Mudville anyway, look at Will, go back to Sami, even EJ, the little ones.
    Look at all the scars so many of them have, look at Jack….you name it….
    So Jenn go right ahead, open up the floodgates and let it rip..But remember, Nobody will be immune in that mess, Sami shooting EJ, Carline switching test, and on and on…All of Lexie’s affairs, it could be very exciting times in Salem once ALL the Dirt would be on FrontPage, Love it….
    However, Jenn also be prepared, Nothing against the DiMera’s was ever proven in Court, or anybody convicted, so it would also expose the Salem PD and the Mayor Abe of making Lots of Deals with the DiMera’s to Cover up and Protect their Own….. So funny, they are all in Bed together, they all would not look so good in the public eye and Abe would loose also… and they could get a brand new mayor, that is not related AT ALL to the ELITE of Salem. I am having so much fun with this,….

  65. From JiBi

    Kat I’m so 100% with you, with all your post, love the way you right and think. Maybe I’m a French person but I think a lot the same of you about DOOL :) Have a nice afternoon to all…

  66. From Kat

    65 JiBi, thank you lady,
    I am German but my best bud in the world is French/Canadian.
    Growing up in a different culture, sometimes makes me look at things a bit different, also I have always been very analytical by nature.
    Let us hear more from you, and have a good day also…

  67. From patty

    OMG, how much more despicable can EJ get, going on live tv before the deposition saying how can John sleep at night after robbing little old ladies of their pension….and Nicole smiling like an idiot in the background. God, what have they done to the real Nicole, who would have seen through that BS in a second.
    Well, John knows EJ robbed those people and set him up and he lets EJ know that he does. Nicole should heed to Marlena’s warnings to saty away from the DeMiras…but she won’t and will end up flat on her face yet again..

  68. From betsybee

    #38 Mopy

    I guess I described EJ in the manner in which I did since he happens to be an exact replica of my brother who was killed in the Second World War at the age of 22. That was the last time I saw him and EJ is a sure reminder.

    Sorry to hear he does not appeal to you but then there are lots of others to whom he is appealing.

    Kat Thanks for agreeing with my description of EJ/James Scott. I doubt that James wants his character EJ to change since he likes to act a little on the dark side.

    I think that the Baby Picture is that of Madison !! Her father (who is suppose to arrive very soon) has sent her here for some particular reasons. it will make a great s/l in the future. Imagein Brady’s reaction when he learns that she could be a Dimera !!!!

  69. From patty

    Kat, EJ has never been convicted of a crime but he certainly has committed plenty and is committing a huge one right now by stealing people’s money and framing John for no reason at all. That is not dirty politics anymore, that is just plain evilness. I don’t believe Jen will have to use anything against those two because John is on to EJ and it is only a matter of time before it all comes out. Now more likely than not, EJ will get away with it but it would be nice for once to see him pay for his crimes. Since when does EJ worry about the consequences of his actions on his kids? EJ is his father’s son and does what he does for revenge and for kicks, plain and simple. I’m even betting he’s using Nicole right now…poor Nicole, would serve her right for being so dumb.

  70. From patty

    betsybee, the baby in the picture is Elvis Jr.
    James Scott might be a fine looking man, but in my opinion the character he plays is ugly to the core.

  71. From betsybee

    #70 patty

    At no time have I heard that the picture was actually Elvis Jr. They only said that Elvis was ill as a baby. The picture just happened to be in the same box as the letter. Folks are only guessing IMO.

    Look at Elvis colouring at this point in time or even when he first arrived on this soap, that baby picture is almost impossible to be him. Johnny looks more like Elvis at his age than that Baby picture looks like Elvis. Just comparing.

    Chandler, once again, has done a magnificent job of acting. this boys will go a long way with this kind of talent.

    Nicole, to me, looks like a lost cause, in her particular job. One moment she is stu-pendous and the next a pathetic soul. !! Strange!!!!

    The message in the Christmas decoration which Hope and Bo found is also a very strange situation. I am sure they will finally get back to police work once they know that Chad and Mel have been kidnapped. I suppose most of you
    will blame EJ. Sorry folks, he has nothing to do with it according the spoilers on other sites.

  72. From betsybee

    Ssorry, I did mean to mention that I hope that Roman does connect with Marlena, as Quinn suggested today.

    John is pathetic when it comes to actin, as I have mentioned before. He and Marlena should never have been brought back on to this show.
    I also got a feeling today that EJ is not behind John’s problems and he only told his father that to make him appreciate him in his own foul way, but someone else is behind it all. Could Madison’s father have anything to do with all of this. Just a thought. She saure is hiding something and that is why she will not have a relationship to severe with Brady.

    All of this is only IMO

  73. From patsy

    I think that enstead of calling SANT Nicole I,LL call her dumb dumb Nicole For getting mixed upwith EJ again Seems like she just never learns .I almost feel sorry for her NAW NOT REALY SHE deserves every thing she s going to get so does EJ.

  74. From LadyLumps

    I missed the show twice this week for some reason it didn’t record. I HATE when that happens.
    So glad I got to see it today though and Will’s intense meltdown, he did a phenomenal job.

    What was with Roman’s talk with Madison though? I would not be happy if my dad had a talk with my boss asking her to keep me safe. My goodness, Sami is a grown woman!

  75. From Kim

    Hellooooooo, why isn’t anybody talking about the fact that since Maggie is Daniel’s Mother, Jennifer and Daniel are COUSINS, Ewwwwww, come on ‘Days, why the hell are they still involved??????????

    oh, and Will is so conflicted in his relationship with Gabby because he is gay and doesn’t know it yet.

  76. From Kim

    Since Maggie is Daniel’s Mother, Jennifer and Daniel are COUSINS, Ewwwwww, come on ‘Days, why the hell are they still involved??????????

    oh, and Will is so conflicted in his relationship with Gabby because he is gay and doesn’t know it yet.know it yet.

  77. From SandyGram

    #71 betsybee
    In the November 30th episode
    as Bo, Jen, and Dan listen, Hope reads the letter, they found in the book, from Susan about needing help from Alice in getting a medical specialist for sick baby Elvis. She includes a picture of Elvis Junior (which is the picture found in the box) and asks Alice not to tell Stefano,
    as she was in hiding.

    Although the picture in the box and the letter was in two different places among Alice’s belongings, nobody recognizes who the baby is, so it is they assumed the picture is EJ.

  78. From SandyGram

    December 2nd Show Review:
    So Roman has been told from higher up to keep is hands off Quinn, that’s interesting. Who’s the higher up? Then Roman warning Kate she should be careful of partnering up with Quinn. It would have been so easy for Kate to say Thanks for your concern, but instead the venom slithered off the tip of her tongue reminding Roman she is Kate DiMera and she’s not afraid of anyone. And this was when he was showing genuine concern for her well being.

    Then busy Roman warned Madison about Stefano since Kate was her business competition he didn’t want to see her hurt. But I did think he was out of place asking Madison to keep an eye on Sami. Sami can’t be locked in a closet and never have her exposed to the DiMera’s. If he’s so worried about Sami have him put a tale on her, without her knowing of course.

    Really like the camaraderie with Austin and Carrie today. It’s the first interaction between the two of them I’ve liked since they have returned. And then there is our new nosy noodle, Abby, she’s got it bad and Austin didn’t take his eyes off Carrie once.

    Now to our Will and Gabi. It is rarely said but Gabi did a fine job today. She may not know what it is, but she does realize there’s more to Will being upset than meets the eye. Glad to see the writers show her as a strong young lady that could walk away when she knew something was wrong. This may be helpful when Will is finally shown as being Gay, as many have mentioned she could stay a very strong friend for him as he works through coming out and his Sami troubles. And I hope the writers don’t go down the road that Gabi is going to fix him.
    Another brilliant interpretation by Chandler Massey of this trouble young man, he has really taken ownership of this role!

  79. From Kat

    67 patty, I know EJ is bad, (like I mentioned before, he is also one of those kids, like Sami, now like Will, etc. that are the product/will be the product of their upbringings),
    Who knows what Johnny, or Ally will be like some day…..
    Look at EJ’s baby pic, wasn’t absolutely adorable, the wrong parent, and there goes the kid.
    Now it’s Will’s turn, going to try and blackmail EJ, for whatever reason, dumb move, he should know better, they all claim they know so well EJ is Bad…
    Will must not be thinking with his right mind of course, but EJ is not going to let him expose his and Sami’s lousey secret…
    One thing however is happening on here as we blog, Will is becoming the Darling of so many of you Bloggers, IMO the writers know exactly what they are doing, laying the groundwork for him coming out of the Closet, and most of you are still going to love him.
    It’s going to put a lot of you in a pickle about the gay situation…
    So I guess you are going to love “Will” but not what he IS.
    Should be very intersting.
    LadyLumps, about time that you got back on, I agree with you about Roman and His Talk with Madison, none of his business, maybe it’s time for Caroline to make a visit to the police station and ask to make sure that they keep her boys Bo and Roman safe….
    Patsy, so Nicole is dumb, she would not be the first smart girl, that gets dumb in love…..
    and No, she does Not know that EJ is behind the framing of John, at least not yet….so let’s stick with the facts, she wants to believe the best right now…..
    patty,of course EJ has never been convicted of a crime, But Why, because like I said in an earlier Blog, the Salem PD always so much dirt on their Stick or one of Their own, that they ended up making deals, I forget yours, if you forget ours. If those honorable Salem people would just stay and be Honest, they could have put the DiMera’s and Kiriakis’ away a long time ago….. period, but then DOOL would already be over…..
    I truly can see EJ DiMera for the very complicated character/person that he is, that is why he is so interesting to watch, that’s why I tune in. I do
    Not tune in, to just see sugar and

    spice, I like all the unusual
    stuff that happens,

    betsybee, James/EJ is one hell of a good looking Male, and he does play the role of tormented between good and evil EJ very very well.
    As I have said so many time, my grandson who is 12 looks so much like EJ/James, of course I love to watch EJ, good or bad, he brings the screen to life. I hope he stays good/evil for a long time, I enjoy him that way. At least he admitts to what he is….
    the goodies do not, they pretend that their poop does not smell, but we all know, at times it smell so bad, you can’t get within 20 yards of them.
    With the bad ones on the show, you know it will smell, no secret, no pretense. LOL
    I would not be surprised if the writers are relly going to put a fast one on all of us,
    and EJ really is not the one behind the John framing. Always thought that was just to easy and stupid and simple, there has to be a bigger twist to that, or I will really be dissapointed, so lame,
    just for once I would like to be surprised and have the writers put a twist on a twist, like in really good detective stories/thrillers.
    So writers, if you or some of your spies read that, put that in your pipes and smoke it.
    Nicely done by the writers – Gabby breaks up with Will,
    some were concerned how Rafe would react once Will comes out and then he would drop Gaby, now that one is taken care of, …
    Who is Madison’s Father…. is that Ian B…something guy her father?????????????????
    people like EJ, who does have a concience, maybe not 24/7, but nobody does, but it shows up and torments him big time, only he does not seem to learn from it for very long….

  80. From patty

    Kat, I beg to differ. EJ has no concience like most people do.
    Now as for your Will comment…no need for writers to lay the ground work to know that the kid is an outstanding actor. Of course we’re still going to love him when he comes out because he’s Will and we already love him, why should it put us in a pickle? Now EJ will be blackmailing the poor kid to his advantage and having a “slave, master” relationship with him…interesting! You’d think EJ would at least pick on someone his own size.

  81. From Kat

    78 patty, sorry to say, but we are talking by each other again, and I don’t like that, to much of this going on here…
    IMO – EJ does have a concience, as I have pointed out, the only bad thing is and I have said that so many times, It does Not last, as soon as everthing is ok again, there it goes, he is right back to the old ways….
    I have not seen yet what EJ will do after supposedly Will tries to Blackmail EJ, dumb move, so I will wait until those scenes about SlaveMaster are on the screen.
    All I pointed out, EJ is as much a victim of bad parents – Stefano – as is Will, funny in actual Salem Time, Will was born before EJ, funny how he stayed younger…..
    what do any of you except from EJ, he is the bad guy in the story, so when Will tries to dance with the big bad wolfe, he will get hurt.
    Also Will is not that young in innocent anymore, not after covering up his mother shooting EJ, that was pretty big stuff, and then since last summer struggeling with his sexuality, seeing Mom and EJ, he is angry, confused etc. and trying to go the blackmail route, wrong move…
    Seems like you did not understand what I tried to get across about Will and what the writers are doing. Prior, quite a while ago, just the mention of a Gay Story line, made some people go up in arms, and that is a fact…..
    that’s when people really did not care for Will that much….
    all I meant, now that he really has become the darling/great actor…etc. it will be harder to come down on the gay SL without coming down on Will, I hope I am making myself more clear. When I said groundwork, it had nothing to do with knowing that he is a good actor, it is really coming out now, prior to that so many of us thought he was quite boring, but he has come into his own here with all the new terrific SL’s the writers are giving him. SL’s are very important to help an actor shine….
    Yes, I will say it again, to have Will become the darling now, it will put some in a pickle when it comes to the gay story line and trying to hate it, but loving Will the character.
    I hope, I got this across the right way now, because in my mind patty, you did not get what I had tried to say before, and I am sorry for that, because I like blogging with you, and have discussions back and forth, but mis-understandings can be a pickle in itself….. Are we good, I hope

    P.s. it is so hard to comment n stuff we have not yet seen on the screen, just heard rumors about it….
    I just ordered “Killing Lincoln” for my grandson….of course I am going to read it first, I love history. It will be autographed by Mr. Bill of course…
    Have a good night Patty, friends….

  82. From Chris

    I don’t think the baby picture is Madison. There’s no reason why the Dimera’s would have a picture of Madison in their home. I do think she is somehow connected to this secret but just not sure how. I think Ej is one fine looking man, and as for Nicole if she can forgive Ej for switching Rafe which caused her mother’s death then I think framing John shouldn’t be a problem for her. I know the writers will make it a huge problem but I like the Nicole who has edge. Ej & Nicole maybe want to change but deep down they can’t . That’s what I like about them.

  83. From SandyGram

    Excerpt of an Interview with Melisa Reeves (Jennifer) from

    WE LOVE SOAPS TV: What is your role going to be like, going forward? Are you going to get your tendrils further into the the election?

    Melissa Reeves: Yeah, it’s going to continue, and it’s going to get a little bit dirty. Jennifer and Abe (James Reynolds) get into some territory that they should not be in. They keep saying, “Okay, well it’s for the greater good, we can’t let EJ (James Scott) be mayor of this town!”

    I can’t really go into anything, but Jennifer and Abe were such upstanding citizens of Salem! [Laughter.] To cross over into territory they shouldn’t be in–it wouldn’t make Tom or Alice proud, I’ll tell you that.

  84. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Renee Jones (Lexie)Interview with, date November 17th:

    WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Have you enjoyed the election storyline? Is there anything that would make you vote for EJ?

    RENEE JONES: No. [laughter] There’s nothing that would make me change my mind. This is my husband. And, he is the best person. EJ is crooked; we don’t want a crooked mayor!

    WE LOVE SOAPS TV: How would Lexie react to a political scandal involving Abe?
    Renee Jones: I think that, maybe in the beginning, I would be really disappointed and angry, because I have Abe upon such a pedestal. Abe has never done anything bad. But I think I would think about it after and say, “Wait a second, I’ve done some pretty unscrupulous things, and Abe always forgave me, eventually, and took me back.” This is what happens in a marriage. But who knows how long it would be before I got to that point? I think at first, I would be so pissed that I wouldn’t even want to look at him.

    You’re still going to see a lot more of her defending Abe, and being in Abe’s corner. This election process goes on for a while. It will be a lot of me confronting EJ and Stefano about their ways, and sticking up for Abe, and being on Abe’s side. Also, trying to get EJ (especially) to tap into some sort of humanity he must have deep down inside? [laughter]

  85. From Clear

    Kat, I could handle watching Jack/Mat if his character appealed to me. I wish they would write him off or change his character. I certainly have no problem with the actor. He has to be good to deliver the unlikable character they created for him!

    I feel about the same with what they did to Will. He was a strong stable son and brother in spite of any family drama! I became invested in seeing him happy with Gabi. Now if I fast forward through Jack, Will, and other scenes that make me gag, the things I like on Days make Days less of a priority to watch.

  86. From Kat

    83 Clear, Hi, I like your answer, that’s what I call adult debating and commenting on here.
    I can understand that so many don’t like Jack, the way he is right now,
    but be patient, I think Jack will come into his own, once and for all, after getting Therapy, badly needed for almost all of his adult hood. He has a lot of baggage, his upbringing, his adoptive father, I remember the SL’s well back then.
    So, let’s him a chance and let him evolve as the SL goes on.
    With Will, I guess it’s about overdue, that he looses it….
    I remember his upbringing,
    Sami, lord the stuff she did, starting with denying him his own father – Lucas – letting him think that Austin was his Dad, etc.etc.
    knowing that his father shot EJ in the back In Church of all places,
    his mother shooting EJ, while he is dead to the world….
    That kid has been holding IN, more stuff than any kid ever should have to.
    So now on top, struggeling with his own sexuality for quite a While, however “loving” Gaby in his own way, The Johnny/Sami/EJ episode,
    yes Will is exploding, he is loosing it and he will need a lot of help and support to come around.
    Trying to blackmail EJ about the Sami/EJ fiasco, of course wrong move, it’s like getting a nake out of a pit, you will get bit…..
    Clear, there are scenes on Dool that I find extremely boring and I FF, and of course like you said, writing the SL’s for each other, makes him or breaks him,
    but in any good STORY you have to have the good/bad, likeable/not characters, to complete the plots…
    Nice blogging with you Clear and I do respect Your opinions, and your willingness to talk about it in a good way.
    81 SandyGram, well that’s what I said in my blog earlier, # 63, once Jenn goes the MudRoute, watch out, nothing will be sacred, you take the lid of the bottle, the what’s her name is out!
    And prob. Mr.and Mrs. Horton would not be to proud…But again, the story needs it, and we viewers want it, Excitment…big time, at least I do, the more – the better.

  87. From Sarah

    My Days Christmas wish would be for them to stop stalling and get to Will coming out of the closet all ready.

  88. From Janiebell

    What if Will is NOT GAY; just having a hard time excepting the way Gabbie wants to be treated BECAUSE Will’s mom, Sammi always bounced from one man to another? That would be a twist in the story.

    All these secrets about Alice should turn out to be an act of Alice help[ing someone in need.

  89. From betsybee

    Sandygram You, my friend, are the greatest source of information. I just loive it !!!!! Keep up the good work.

    I still think that the picture is Madison and her father who will arrive on the scene in February problems and also he has a problem with Roman. When writers make things too simple to solve then has something to do with the s/l.Plus I also think he has something to do with John’s they will pull a fast one on us and maybe that is “okay” since it makes it a lot more interesting.

    I also think that Jenn is going to get herself into deep trouble if she steps too far over the line with Abe..

    Will, knows better than to blackmail EJ, especially if it is for money to survive without Rafe and Sami..After all EJ has prove of Will helping Sami and Rafe with his shooting so instead of using that for blackmail EJ will try to scare him off over the Gay situation. Didn’t EJ think about Sami all the time when he was married to Nicole the first time.

    Well, at least Days is much more interesting these days.

    Jack can disappear any day as far as I am concerned. I keep repating that Marlena and John s/l is pathetic and so is their acting. Talk about a forced pair of actors, do they ever rehearse or just barely arrive on site on time.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend before too much bad weather arrives.

  90. From patty

    SandyGram,thanks again for the spoilers. I ,for one, is happy to hear that the good people of Salem are going to start fighting dirty because playing nice doesn’t seem to get them anywhere. Hopefully they too will get lucky and not have to pay for their wrong doing as is the case for the DeMiras.
    As for Will, I hope he continues to blow us away with his wonderful performances and I am so looking forward to his coming out .He will pull this off brilliantly in my opinion.

  91. From SinceCollege

    Did I miss something along the way here?
    Rafe has a history with an Emily Hudson and now we have Quinn Hudson?
    SandyGram please help!

  92. From Clear

    Thanks for the interesting remarks in your post,Kat. I always like reading your spoiler takes and info too, Sandy.

    Janiebell, no telling what else they will do to the character of poor Will, but watching it makes me ill! The actor that plays Will should get a Daytime Emmy for the suffering and misery he’s emoted already, but I cannot stand it. Still I wish you would be right about Will and that he would get back to happiness with Gabi. It doesn’t look like the writers will let him now that he is getting attention for Days in his present condition. There was an article in one of the recent issues of TV Guide about him coming out. For me it means Days is going further down the tubes unless something changes.

  93. From Clear

    PS I’m wondering since Roman said he was told to back off Quinn if Quinn is working undercover some way to take down one of Stefano’s operations or EJ’s? I’m still waiting to see Quinn lead his martial arts class and his martial arts studio for some good sparring and a change of pace!

  94. From SandyGram

    #86 Janibell and #90 Clear

    Janibell, I have pondered the same thing. Although all the Aricle’s and Spoilers lead us to believe Will will be Gay, maybe the writers are leaving that option open in case the fan response to the Gay story line is to negative they need an out. In that case, Will’s turning away from Gabi is actually be driven by his feeling about relationships overall due to what he has seen Sami go through with hers. Does that make since?

    Clear – Yes Roman’s comment about having to back off Quinn was suspicious. I have seen the speculation he is working under cover mentioned before by members of this and other boards. This may be how he got off so easy when Roman told him to leave town and never come back. But then why wouldn’t Roman know he was under cover?

  95. From daisy

    86janiebell,91 Sandygram I hope you are right about Will not being a homosexual, As you said his whole life he has had a terrible example of a mother. Actually, if I were the writer, I would have had him confide in Gabi not only what he had witnessed between Sami and EJ, but Sami s lying ways in the past. She would have been understanding as to why he is so torn up, and why he wants to treat her with respect, and not a sex object. The actor playing Will is a very talented guy,and I would like to see Will, and Gabi be a couple. You haven’t left any couples of the present younger set together, which isn’t true to life. Some high school sweethearts stay together, and marry.

    Writers, if you insist on going down the path of Will being a homosexual, or bisexual, I hope you are responsible enough to be clear about what this lifestyle has cost society, financially and emotionally. As a nurse, I have nursed the patients and cried with their families.So, don’t say this is no ones business but the parties involved, and it doesn’t hurt anyone else. And I don’t want any blogged crap about my being homophobic. I have would never treat a homosexual differently than a heterosexual.

  96. From Maryl

    Somehow I have this feeling that EJ didn’t set up John on his own. I think there is a possibility that this new guy ,Ian, did most of the dirty work. Could it be possible that the Ian character has something against John and he approached EJ on helping him set up John? EJ could have seen it as a good opportunity to help him win the mayor’s election and agreed to help scam John. Stefano probably would know about it all and most likely would be the one to get the ball rolling with Ian and then have Ian approach EJ for help–making himself look as though he had nothing to do with any of it. So far, we have not heard too much from EJ about how all this scam came to be or how it was accomplished so quickly. Madison’s hesitations to Brady’s attempts at a relationship could be because she knows that her father may have messed with Brady’s father? She looks as though she is definitely hiding something. Just my thoughts and nothing more.

  97. From bebe5caterina

    Friday’s episode with Will was so emotional. I felt so sad for Will, I couldn’t stop crying.

    We all have moments in our lives when everything goes wrong and feel so alone, but it breaks my heart when it happens to the young ones. I know they have to learn the good and the bad in life, but they should be happy and enjoying their youthful years because it goes too fast.

    Good job Will, wonderful and believable performance.

  98. From Solan

    Daisy, did you really just say what this lifestyle has cost society emotionally and financially?? Yes you did.So I guess in real life People who are Gay should just get to snapping their fingers and “change immediately! because it is just that easy you know.Sorry but you can not say something so crass and not expect to hear something.A Nurse..would not want you near any of my family or friends.really? I just can not believe you said that…must have been drinking

  99. From sunSETdrama---meadow mist

    ……it’s been awhile, i believe kate fills sorry for daniel…she’ll try to come between him and new mother maggie..also it seems to me that carrie would be perfect with quinn..he’s street thuggy and she’s straight arrow goody-goody….abby’s an odd fit for austin, but i’ll wait and see how it evolves……..alice’s secrect must be that maggie is ej’s real mother, and hope’s real mother too…which would make lexi ”not” ej’s sister…[[ ooh ooh ooh ]]hope and ej related to each other sends delious tingles up and down my spine…lol

  100. From SandyGram

    From Days Cafe Spoilers:

    This Week:
    - Chad and Mel find themselves alone in danger together after they are abducted at gunpoint.They kiss in captivity! Abigail is taken to join them by the website gambling crooks.

    Week of December 19th:
    - Santa Doug reads the yearly Christmas tale.

    - A Salem Miracle … John and Marlena are
    together for Christmas!

  101. From Kat

    98 sloan,
    I beg your pardon, but what daisy in blog 95 talked about is right on the money.
    First of all let’s clear it up, she did not say, nor did anybody else, that gay people can just snap a finger and they are straight…don’t even go there…
    However facts are facts, and daisy as a Nurse has to deal with the Heartbreak of illnesses caused by the lifstyle. As she mentioned, she is there with the loved ones, family, friends etc. and she has to see beautiful lifes being destroyed…
    Sloan don’t say you wouldn’t want someone like daisy near your family, you know nothing about her, and all I got from her blog, is that it breaks hearts to have to care for the loved ones.
    To knock a Nurse, a person that helps, cares and does so much for ill people is beyond me, it takes a special person, to clean up a person in diapers, I watched with my old friend in the hospitel…..
    I don’t think I could do it.
    And then to top it, you call her a drunk, when all reason fails, to debate with somebody, just make them a drunk. Shame on you, that is so shallow, but slinging Mud is all that some people can do. Mud is never good… IMO
    Everything that daisy said, was factual, and we all know that it is a sad thing, the terrible fall-out in so many ways, what that lifestyle can bring, nobody said, they should just snap a finger, unfortunately it seems that is just impossible.
    daisy, what you stated was very brave and factual, so don’t feel bad, and knowing you, you don’t because you believe in yourself and you are didicated to nursing, helping others, ALL OF THEM period.
    And I mean every word, so slinging Mud back at Me, It won’t stick, so save yourself the time….

  102. From daisy

    Foxy Kat, thank you for the above posting. I appreciate your words of support. Truth does cause some people to spew unjustified words in rebuttal, but the facts speak for themselves.

  103. From patty

    What a disaster Sami’s tree trimming turned out to be. Marlena shows up with Carrie and Austin and Sami is pissed but Rafe calms her down. She tries to act nice but ends up yelling at Marlena once again telling her she’s selfish . Will, who’s been sneaking drinks in the background, gets in his mother’s face and calls her a hypocrite and a bitch. When Rafe tells him to apologize, he does to everybody in the room except his mother.
    The tree trimming at the Hortons goes a lot smoother but both Jack and Daniel show up.
    In the meantime, Nicole and EJ are busy putting more stains on the DiMera couch.

  104. From Janiebell

    Who does E.J. think he is? He tells Nichole he is “running for Mayor, for his children.” E.J. tells the news media he is just trying to “help the poor people John Black has ripped off”. We all know E. J. is out for E.J. and no one else.

    I wish they would just stop trying to make Alice look like “the bad guy”. Tom and Alice Horton were good people and it is not right to try to make them look bad after they are gone.

  105. From patty

    Janniebelle,isn’t it like the stupidest move ever to steal people’s money and frame an innocent person for it just to prove to his kids what an upstanding guy he is. To make matters worst, he’s conning the same people he robbed to try to get their vote. I’m sure the children will be very proud of their scumbag Dad.

  106. From Guest

    To the faithful American bloggers, I won’t steel the thunder of tomorrow’s show but you won’t want to miss it. Hats off to the writers on this one. A great episode with memories, heat, TENSION, tension and a side dish of tension. Great drama guys, not to be missed.

  107. From gerri

    Just getting around to reading,some of the blogs.been very busy!!!
    anyway 1st up,Sloan#98,what a bunch of stupid remarks,you made to Daisy.
    I’m a retired nurse,and your remarks relating to our profession
    made me very have the right,to see the characters,however you want to,as we do as well.Bravo to you Daisy and Kat(go girl)

    watching EJ,today,during the deposition,today with John,I wished I could have slapped,him into the middle of next week( a southern slang)he Is so evil,how can he look at himself in the mirror,and like the person looking back at him,and he thinks tjis will make his kids proud of him?he needs to go back to the planet he came from.

  108. From gerri

    oops misspelled this,in blog#107

  109. From SandyGram

    December 5th Show Review:
    Well now tell me how many tissue boxes were brought out when Bo and Hope were talking about Zack? Me for sure! For me this was a great piece of acting for Peter and Kristian. I could feel their sorrow for their little boy and when Hope was asking Bo to hug her tighter and the camera came in on Bo’s face, I outwardly sobbed.

    Sami, Rafe and Will: Sami is thinking down the right path that there is something else going on with Will other than Gabi breaking up with him. What an eye opener it is going to be when the truth comes out. I think I’ve read a spoiler that says she suspects Will knows of her and EJ’s tryst before it does actually come out….and I gotta say I’m wanting to give Rafe a big Hug also with what’s coming his way.

    EJ, John and Carrie: Well it was apparent today that EJ has been down at the pond swimming, scum was just dripping from him today. I’m not a physical person, but I’m with John, I’d like to reach across that table and give that narcissistic pig a whack across his face. How humiliating is it going to be for Elvis when Stefano makes some deal to get John out of jail in exchange for asking Bo and Hope to drop the investigation into Alice’s secret (speculation on my part) with a hint from a few spoilers.

    Marlena and Nicole: Although Nicole was ‘standing by her man’ I could just see that wee bit of doubt on her face that just maybe Marlena was right.

  110. From patty

    SandyGram, I saw that hint of doubt on Nicole’s face too. I can’t, for the life of me,figure out why the new writers are making Nicole out to be such a blind fool, standing behind the man who has betrayed her over and over. The old Nicole would be on to him and already be plotting her revenge.
    I agree, Bo and Hope had me bringing out the tissues as they always do when they remember Zack. I still see his sweet little face and I still can’t believe he died. My husband caught me many times with red puffy eyes during that time, even when I wasn’t watching the show.
    I think Sami catches on that Will knows about her little tryst on your next show. I,too want to hug Rafe ,just as much as I want to slap EJ upside the head.
    I also want to mention that you will be getting a glimpse into the past and see a youthful and handsome Jack receiving his Christmas ornament from a beautiful and youthful Mrs. H.

  111. From SandyGram

    #110 Thanks Patty…I love it when we get a glimse of Days of ole and a nice fix of Mrs. H. is just right for this time of year.

  112. From SandyGram

    An excerpt from Days Cafe Days Ahead that caught my eye:

    - At the mansion, EJ presents Nicole with a card – Nate Berkus; so he can help spruce up the house. Nicole is confused. He explains he would like her to come live with him …

    I love me some more Nate for sure, but we have yet to see Madison’s new office for Mad World Cosmetics that Nate was going to decorate. Maybe this time they should bring in David Bromstad from Color Splash on HGTV. He could really liven that DiMansion up!

  113. From patty

    Yes SandyGram and I hope they throw away the old couch…and get some beds.

  114. From Just Moi

    Well you ladies just step away from the Rafe, I’m doing the hugging lol.

    YES bring in Nate and first on the list of things to go has to be that nasty couch…ewwww.

    I was thinking the same thing about Nicole??? What happen to the strong, no BS Nicole that I loved?? Being with EJ has turned her into a mindless, spinless creature I don’t recognize.

    For me Bo & Hope always deliver. I think they are great actors and every time Zack is brought up, the tissue box comes out!

  115. From Maryl

    Consider This:
    Alice may have learned of EJ’s parentage during baby EJ’s illness. When Susan sought her help, I’m sure Alice did everything she could to help. In the process, through blood tests, possible DNA testing, etc.–Susan was proven to NOT be the mother. It was probably necessary to notify Stefano of EJ’s illness and Stefano had to ‘fess up about whose eggs were used in impregnating Susan. Maggie carries the genes for a hereditary disease. Could EJ have been showing symptoms of this and that’s why Stefano had to be notified? Upon discovery of all this–Susan forfeited her rights as a parent and let Stefano have him? Alice agreed to keep Stefano’s secret, afterall, the deed had already been done, but in return for her silence she made him contribute to needy causes over the world for the rest of his life? Africa in particular, since Bill Horton is working there. This could be the reason for the bank account and all the activity still going through it. Victor is involved also but no guesses to what degree or how his story plays out in this.
    I had posted these ideas on an earlier blog but at that time I couldn’t connect the dots on how Alice would have discovered the egg hi-jacking. Now I can see the possiblity of how it may have happened. These are just my thoughts.

    My soap opera Christmas wish is that somehow, someway the writers use their imagination, pick up that pen, and bring Zack back to life and back into Bo and Hope’s arms! This happens on soaps all the time and you can always blame it on the DiMeras–Stefano has him hidden somewhere raising him as HIS son–you know he was attached to him because Hope was pregnant with Zack when she and Stefano were held as prisoners by Gina. You could slip in Tony also and bring him back to us!

  116. From Solan

    not mud slinging,just angry that ignorance is so tolerated and that is what has cost society..ignorance, that thinks it can just speak any time.Stand by what I said and shame on anyone who speaks that way…It is still an insult if you have anyone in your family or that you care about.I would not tolerate that statement if it were made about Spina-bifida,Cancer,MS…nope not cool…

  117. From Solan

    Gay, straight,the way were are born.Confused,usually a product of society.Cancer and other challenges..again things we can not snap and with …deal with…No one is a drain on society,they are a gift and an a chance to learn something…

  118. From Cougar

    DOOL was g-r-r-reat last week.
    Chandler is really showing his acting chops. He was pretty bland, like milk toast. The notion that Will is a well adjusted teen after being raised by a disfunctonal mother such as Sami, well not so much. However we really still don’t know whether he is going to turn out gay, bi, straight or just so messed up he doesn’t know which. None the less great acting; I smell Emmy.
    I too relished the memory of Zack and the interaction fo Bope. This is a much more fleshed out characterization of what they are about. Much better than the usual smooch fest and fanny patting that goes on between these two.
    Marlene is better as a strong independant professional working out of her town house to make ends meet than as the adoring wife married to a man wealthier thatn God. A squint free, sighless and no more leg hiking as fast as you can dipa strawberry in whip cream Marlene. Now all we ha ve to do is see her embrace being called, dare I say it . . . Grandma!

  119. From Cougar

    Abby & Austin, I don’t know. Are they really going to go for that May December romance thing. Its obvious the Abby is a smitten kitten but Austin so far looks uninterested. However, philandering professers in the college campus scene have been around for a long time. This could make faculty meetings interesting when Jack finds out.
    Finally, they have given Jack some more substansial writing in the addressing of his hostage situation.
    I was upset when they did not follow a “Proof of Life” s/l prior to his coming back. And I still feel they missed out on a lot of drama by not doing it that way. The use of flash backs and Jack’s recalling his experiences are putting the drama back in this s/l so richly deserved. Better late than never.

  120. From Cougar

    As a pereniel Ejami fan I wonder if the turn of events, Sami & EJ having angry sex & Marlene planting little seeds of doubt in Nicole’s mind, will be a long and winding road for those to to get together again. I am not holding my breath by any means, Ejami fans have down this path before and been disappointed. My question to myself is this just toying and teasing Ejami fans or have the writers pushed those 2 so far apart never again. But we all should know to say “never say never.”
    will say this much they sure are assasinating EJ’s claim to better a man. Dissapointing. I suppose the ultimate redemption is to now make him a Horton via Maggies eggs and brother to Dr. Dan.
    Speaking of Dr. Dan maybe after Abby & Austin break up & Dan& Jen break up, Dr. Lothario can go after Abby as his next young chick conquest. The daughter after all is the next best thing to the mother.

  121. From SandyGram

    Cougar…I too like Marlena as a strong professional being totally independent of John. If the spoilers that say John will get out of jail is true…it will be interesting to see what profession he goes into. Maybe he could do some ISA work with Shane that takes him in and out of Salem. Other than his ISA work, the few times we saw him sitting at a desk at Basic Black and making deals when he ran the DiMera empire…what has he done other than try to stay out of the control and reach of Stefano. But for sure Marlena needs an office, maybe in the Horton Town Center as I have mentioned before between Quinn’s Spa and Kate and Madison’s Cosmetic Companies, this would be an interesting triangle. The Salemites could go from the couch, to the table to hair and makeup in one fell swoop.

    I’m suspecting there will be some excitement with Austin and Jack both working at the University. They may become good buddies, regardless of Abby’s infatuation for Austin right now, combining there forensic skills with investigation skills to try and take down the criminal elements in Salem. Or is that just wishful thinking on my part.

    In Next Weeks Spoilers it sounds like Daniel has some concern he will have Maggie’s Myasthenia Gravis. If that happens TPTB will have to bring a new surgeon on board, maybe that would mean the return of Nathan (just a thought).

  122. From Lisa

    Okay, what is up with all these celebrity guest appearances? Patti Stanger, Nate Burkus, come on! Do we really need these people in Salem?

    When I saw Patti giving Nicole advice, I almost threw up!

    So far, I am not impressed with the new writing. I expected big things and so far it’s just been a dud.

    As far as EJ and Sami go, he belongs with Nicole and the sex scene between them was just sex, plain and simple built up, mourning over their “dead” son, sex. Nothing more than that!

    I cannot stand Sami and I hope Will spills the beans on her to Rafe and he can move on and find a nice girl, not some loud mouth bully who wants to blame everyone else for her problems.

    When she suggested to Rafe to renew their vows, PLEASE DO NOT have another one of Sami’s ridiculous weddings! Who cares at this point!

    I loved it with Madison confronted her. Who in the hell does Sami think she is to be getting a massage on company time. She needed a break?!? Huh! Madison should have fired her on the spot. And Rafe taking up for Sami! Ugh!

    I like Carrie but for a trial attorney, she needs to dress more professionally. I have said it before, when she goes to trial, she dresses like she is going out dancing. Come on!

    Austin and Abby together?!? Sick! Make it a school girl crush and move on.

    I can see something brewing between Melanie and Chad. I like them both but poor Abby. I like her too.

    This thing with Jack/Jen/Daniel needs to end now! I know she and Jack have a history and two kids but it is so obvious when Daniel comes into the room who she belongs with. How many people do you know or maybe yourself, have gone back to someone for the sake of the kids or to try and rekindle something while leaving another person behind? If she chooses Jack, she will regret it. He is a big overgrown oaf! She needs a real man in Daniel.

    Thank goodness Maggie is starting to dress with more class and style. She looks beautiful!

    So happy too that she, Melanie and Daniel are related. She and Melanie look like mother/daughter! Very believable!

    Also, has anyone ever noticed how much Hope/Doug/Julie look alike?

    Anxious to find out what the deal between Stefano and Alice is…I hope it is nothing dirty and it ruins Alice’s memory. Oh well, that’s soap and sometimes soap gets dirty! :)

  123. From SandyGram

    December 6th Show Review Part 1:
    Nicole and EJ: Very romantic, but there he went again leading her yet again into his web of deceit. I would have like to of seen, at that moment where Nikki mentioned Sami, EJ tell her the truth about the heartbreak sex he had with Samanther on that very sofa, she could have forgiven him then. But when it comes out later, it may be Nikki that takes aim at Elvis (conjecture of course). Nicole’s Santa outfit was G-R-E-A-T!

    Horton House: Loved everything about the Horton Ornament Hanging. It is such a reminder of the importance of tradition, Family and Extended Family, including those who have passed on. I have no doubt that although we didn’t see every Horton Ornament hung in the scene today, they will all be on the tree when we see it again. I debated whether I liked that part of the script where Maggie thought she may not be invited because her name was no longer Horton and whether there should be ornaments for Daniel, Melanie and Victor; but then I go back to my reminder comment earlier, family is family no matter what the last name is. Then having Maggie sit in Alices’s chair certainly made the right statement that she belonged. Not to mention it was our beautiful Julie who brought it all together by welcoming Victor into the family….as she said ‘Who would of thought it’. Just wonder if she will feel the same way if EJ turns out to be Maggie’s son; will EJ and Stefano and Kate & Nicole as their wives get an ornament on the tree. Good Golly Miss Molly I hope no part of that last thought comes true.
    I’m going to address my thoughts on what happened in the Hernandez Loft in Part 2. I’m still gathering my thoughts on that part of the show.

  124. From janiebell

    I fill so bad for Will but why doesn’t he just “face hismom down” about what he sawbetween her and E.J.?

    Why don’t they just find out that “Alice helped someone and Stephano was greatful. Alice did no wrong.” and put a nice bow on the case and end that before they ruin a lifetime of good that Tom and Alice did?

  125. From Nancy

    I just got to watch 12/6 show. At the end who was watching Sammi’s kids when they went to the Horton Town Square?? Will, the Carvers, Austin, Carrie and Marlena were all there

  126. From lisa

    i think theres a secret ornament to and its ejs i think somehow ej is related to alice and tom and the hortons, and also i hope there not trying to put austin with abby thats gross theres a huge age differance there, why would they have abby having a crush on austin for in my eyes shes a kids and austin is a grown man, keep austin with carrie there meant to be, everytime they come back to salem they try to mess up there releationship leave them alone there meant to be, not austin with some kid

  127. From SandyGram

    #124 Janiebell
    For me, Will Horton’s story line right now has been the best thing that has happened for this character. Will is a young man who at best has had a turbulent up bring not just because of his Mom Sami’s antics throughout his life time; he also had his Father Lucas who turned to alcohol; he was caught in the middle of bitter custody battles; then his overbearing Grandmother Kate who at every step of the way would do anything to keep his mom and dad apart, not to mention taking her hate for Sami to the level of keeping her from being happy in any relationship; each of these keeping Will from what he wanted most and that is a loving family. Throughout his young life he lashed out at many along the way to adult hood. But, then and now I believe the love for his mom has never changed. This makes what he’s going through now, because of what he has seen, even more difficult and complicated by the new issue he is facing as young man. I too as a fan would love to see him spill it all in one episode. Although, for me it has taken him a life time to get to this point. So I’m willing to wait for the story to unfold over a period of time to ensure both aspects to the story Chandler is telling is given the respect deserved for a story line that is so relevant in today’s society. But you can’t bet along the way I will be sitting on the edge of my seat shouting out the TV ‘tell her Will tell her’.

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