Dirty Soap Poll: Dream Cast For Season Two.

Future reality stars?

Season one of “Dirty Soap” wraps up next week. There’s no word yet on a season two of the soapy reality show, but if there is one, who would you like to see the cameras follow around?

Vote on your choice of Daytime actor to be featured on a new season of “Dirty Soap.” If your choice isn’t listed, share your ideal cast below.

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  1. From pink

    I would like to see JMB (Lulu,GH)
    Christie Clark(Carrie,DOOL)
    P.M (Austin,DOOL)
    Susan Lucci (Erica AMC)
    Cameron Matheson (Ryan,AMC)
    Geni Francis (Genivev,Y&R)
    Tony Geary (Luke,GH)
    Jeane Cooper (Kathryn,Y&R)

  2. From bettyg

    I watched this first season and was amazed to see how different these actors are from their roles on DOOL. Galen is struggling with being a father, Farah is something else, and I want to push a grapefruit in Nadia’s mother’s face!

  3. From Kat

    Of course, EJ DiMera – DOOL
    Stefano DiMera – DOOL -
    Nicole DiMera – DOOL -

  4. From Rose

    Besides Arianne Zucker, I would like to see either Eric Martsolf (Brady Black on DOOL) or James Scott (EJ DiMera on DOOL). They would be awesome!

    And does Nadia’s mother (Fary) ever know when to back off? Can’t she just be happy 4 her daughter. Besides, I like Nadia and Brandon together.

  5. From michelle

    Kelly Monaco again for sure Love her so much. Also Kristin when she is feeling better.
    Lovew this show.

  6. From Sue

    “Nicole” DOOL but definitely don’t want her to leave DOOL. Love her on there.

  7. From Heather

    I would like to see Arianne Zucker & James Scott.
    Please keep Fary away from cameras. It’s really not good for her.

  8. From Marielle

    My Idea Will Be Deidre Hall, Drake Hogenstyn, Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott, Julie Marie Berman and Marcy Rylan

  9. From Heather

    Just keep the originals. I loved them all and don’t want them replaced!

  10. From maz

    samantha brady from dool,brady black from dool,hope and bo brady from dool,nicole walker from dool,melanie from dool,

  11. From Jennifer

    I’d love to have the same cast back and Maybe a few newbies like Nicole diMera and the hotty Quinn from DOOL and brady & maddison either that our do a whole show on the actors of DOOL

  12. From Donna

    I loved the first season cast, and would like to see updates on their lives, along with Arianne Zucker (Nicole) DOOL, and James Scott (EJ DiMera) DOOL and/ or Eric Marsolf (Brady Black) DOOL.

  13. From Amy

    Eric Martsolf of DOOL
    he has twins, his wife works too, he’s got all kinds of side projects going on along with his Days role.
    Ari Zucker would be awesome too!

  14. From Kristen

    I love the cast like they are but there could be some extras added like Arianne zuker and her husband . I would like to see some more Kirsten and Farah to see why there so mad at each other.

  15. From Meryle

    I want Sami from DOOL, John from DOOL
    Meline from DOOL Chad from DOOL
    Abbie from DOOL Daniel from DOOL and Jack & Jen from DOOL Nicole from DOOL and EJ from DOOL and Brady Black from DOOL

    I’d totally watch it if some of the days cast were in it because I flicked to the channel and I only saw like 2 DOOL characters in it so I dnt watch it I definitely would if Mel, Chad, Daniel, and Sami were in it please can u put them on please???????

  16. From erica

    i would like to see
    a.rachel melvin
    b.hunter tylo
    c.jonathan jackson
    d.adam gregory
    e.adrienne frantz
    f.jacob young
    g.rebecca herbst
    h.marcy rylan

  17. From Heidi

    I loved the first season cast, and would like to see updates on their lives, along with Arianne Zucker (Nicole) DOOL, and James Scott (EJ DiMera) DOOL and/ or Eric Marsolf (Brady Black) DOOL.

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