Dirty Soap Poll: Who Did You Enjoy Most?

Favorite Dirty Soaper.

The first season of “Dirty Soap” gave viewers a glimpse of the off-screen lives of seven soap stars. We saw Galen and Jenna’s hectic home life, Farah and JP grappling with commitment, Nadia and Brandon battling her mother, Kirsten dealing with family and health issues, and Kelly finding closure on her past.

Which of these story arcs did you enjoy most on “Dirty Soap?” Vote and comment below.

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  1. From karen

    i loved this show, recorded it every week because it came on too late! it helped me get through my depression due to AMC & OLTL being cancelled!

  2. From Lynne

    Loved Farah. Like seing Galen’s family. I won’t say anything bad because this is about the actors, not a character but didn’t enjoy Kirsten or Kelly. I liked seeing Nadia actually having a personality because Chloe never did. Weird to see Brandon aka Shawn wit her. I didn’t know they were together. I like them but don’t like that Nadia lets her Mother treat Brandon that way. She needs stand up to her. He deserves better than to be treated like that. Loved the show and watched it every week.

  3. From sue

    ditto what lynne said… never so frusturated as i was watching nadia’s mom.. would never say anything about someones mom.. but that woman needs to be reined in big time.. she is soo rude and disrespectful..

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