General Hospital Spoilers For November 28-December 2.

Looking for clues.

Sam tries to calm Jason down, but their physical connection has become difficult. They try looking at the stars, but still feel far apart from each other. Not far away, Franco is lurking in the alleys of the city. Across town, Carly and Shawn flirt as she accuses him of using Franco as an excuse just to hang around. The find a gift from the artist on her doorstep. They call Jason over and show him the DVD she was sent. They begin trying to decipher this, as well as the new graffiti he’s been leaving around town.

Maxie and Matt have sex and then talk about Lisa. Meanwhile, Robin and Patrick try having sex, but all they can think about is Lisa. They go off and she covers for him as he gets rid of evidence and she remembers Stone. Mac finds her in tears and they discuss Lisa. Soon after that, he asks Alexis if she will step in and represent Robin and Maxie. When she returns to work, Monica, trying to save the hospital from more scandal, has a request for her that she doesn’t like.

Liz’s hopes shoot up when Lucky stops in to visit her with Aiden. He also meets Maggie for the first time. Liz starts freaking out again after she learns that Luke brought Aiden in. She starts to dish out slaps.

Lulu turns to Olivia and Steve for help trying to convince Dante to step back from his job. He’s not budging though. He gets a new partner and uncovers evidence that suggests Lisa’s killer might not have even been on the boat. Doing some investigating of his own, Johnny looks into who is beating up the dancers in his club. Delores is also investigating and tries questioning him but his father gets in their way. Tracy steps in and offers to help Michael protect Abby, but she needs something from him too.

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  1. From Pat C.

    Please, please please! Can the Franco storyline come to and already!
    I can’t stand this inane storyline. Ever since it began,I have found it intolerable and ridiculous.
    How about having Jason finding Franco and unloading a clip in his sorry butt. Then lets find the writer who thought this would be an interesting storyline and fire them.
    Hey, here’s an idea. How about keeping Jason and Sam together; no affairs, no divorces, no rapes. Just a well matched couple who love each other and have each others back in the tough times.
    I’m so tired of the constant breaking up of good couples who are fun to see together over the longhaul.
    Lets see them have a family and juggle kids, career, and Jason’sjob as an enforcer.
    But first ands foremost – Get Rid Of Franco.
    I can’t see why anybody thinks this guy is interesting to watch act!

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