General Hospital Weekly Summary For November 21-25.

Some traditions live on.

Sonny tried luring Kate away to the Dominican but she didn’t want to be his rebound girl. Diane delivered his divorce papers and Kate soon changed her mind. Sonny went over to Johnny’s to threaten him about Kate’s car being wired. He then returned to Kate to prevent Dante from questioning her about his shooting in the warehouse. They ran off to New York and visited their former haunts. She took him to his old home in Bensonhurst, but he refused to go in.

Olivia and Lulu discussed Dante working the Lisa case. Delores dropped in to question Olivia until Dante arrived to prevent it. He bickered with Lulu and then his mom invited them over for the holiday. The couple preferred to be alone. Delores went to question Johnny. He took off his shirt so she ordered him to meet her at the station instead. Over at Crimson, Matt and Maxie had sex in the closet. He’d been missing her. She was distracted by other things. Meanwhile, Lulu tried to keep Dante distracted from work. After she burned her pie, he ran off to get another but started having chest pains and passed out.

Jason stopped by Carly’s to tell her about the latest threats from Franco. She could see how upset he was but seemed more concerned about how Shawn was feeling about her. She asked Shawn to have Thanksgiving with her. He accepted and she wished he’d be clearer about his real feelings. Meanwhile, Monica invited Jason and Sam to the Quartermaines’. He tried to wriggle out of it without luck. Over at the Quartermaines’, Edward ordered a traditional meal. Tracy confessed her mob past to him. He already knew about it and covered it up. Michael, Jason and Sam showed up. The family bickering soon followed. Jason couldn’t handle it and trashed the meal, leading to Alice ordering them a pizza. Meanwhile, Shawn managed to tempt Carly into joining him for a home cooked Thanksgiving meal.

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