Ian Buchanan Cast On Days Of Our Lives.

Back to Salem.

Wonder what’s up with all of those strange phone calls Madison (Sarah brown) has been making? You’re about to get an answer. Soap vet Ian Buchanan has joined the cast as a super rich businessman who has a hold on her. The character of Ian McAllister promises to be as dangerous as he is charming. Viewers may recognize Buchanan for his role on “The Bold And The Beautiful” (ex-Dr. James Warwick), and “All My Children” (ex-Dr. Greg Madden). They might also remember that he used to be on “DOOL” way back in 2001 as Lord Sheraton.

Buchanan begins shooting his episode on November 14 and will be seen on the air starting on February 9, 2012.

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  12 responses so far...

  1. From SandyGram

    Yes a fresh face!

  2. From Lynne

    There is nothing exciting about the Brady-Madison storyline. I cringe when I see it in the previews. Sami’s looks when she sees them together….I’ve had it with the Sami show after all these years. I have to say this is the first time in 20+ years that I’ve watched that there is nothing to look forward to each day. The only thing that slightly….very slightly interests me is Victor and Maggie but I can see it all coming a mile away. Now I don’t know if Victor will be Daniel’s Father or if they won’t even touch that subject because Melanie was married to Philip but the whole show is just plain BORING. I can’t stand it anymore. I still look at this website and keep hoping something will change. Just can’t stand it anymore. I may actually stop watching. I guess after so many years I hope something might change.

  3. From CM

    Hang in there Lynne, pretty soon we’ll have the excitement of watching Will discover his “gayness.” I can hardly wait for those Marlena scenes of her helping Willy “cope” and Sami to “accept.” Daniel being Maggie’s son is stupid…I know it’s a soap, but come on. Maybe McAllister will be a fresh villain for the show…the Dimeras will always be “the” villains on Days, but having them be behind EVERYTHING (ie. John’s arrest) is soooooo boring. I like Madison, but Brady annoys me…ever since he went “bad ass”…which now, I can’t even remember why he did…is it the alcohol or did something click in his brain? You know, like Bo’s premonitions that were never explained.

  4. From sandee

    They’re bringing WAY too many guys on, with no women to be connected. And Lynne, I am so with you on the “Sami Show” I get really tired of having Sami shoved down my throat on a daily basis. And, as much as I like the Horton Square, why oh why does everything have to be happening there now? What happened to the hospital? And where is Maxine? And does no one work there anymore? I have been watching Days since the very first day it began; it was something my mom and I did together, and I’ll watch it until it stops, in honor of my mom, but I really really wish the PTB would remember that there are more places in Salem than the square…jes saying….not trying to argue.

  5. From jenn

    I for one, am looking forward to this the new character. Perhaps, he have a connection to Quinn as well?!

    Hmmm, I thought Bo’s “premonitions” were stemmed from his fall, nothing more.

    I like that they are spending time somewhere other than the Brady pub, Chez Rouz and the hospital. I mean, it’s not “ER”, they live in Salem. You know that the hospital scenes have not vanished. I think before the “revamp” there were too many scenes in the hospital.

    I do agree that it is the “Sami” show. I just think it’s funny how she thinks Ej and/or Kate is so bad; however, look at everything she has done. She is a hypocrite!

  6. From Chad

    I’m excited about Will’s coming out. Marlena’s involvement will give her a good story and add an educational touch that… many of the viewers apparently need based on comments i see.

  7. From olive

    Very excited about new blood. Have to say that I’m enjoying Madison and Brady and Madison and Sami. Character is good and has real potential!!

  8. From NoMore

    Please don’t have gay-themed storylines about “acceptance” and “coping”! Isn’t this 2011?? Haven’t we been taught to cope and accept since the 70″s?? That would be so boring and such a waste of wonderful characters.

  9. From G-zalo

    I agree with Chad. I thought the ATWS story with Luke ‘coming out” was done in a crafty way, so it seems it will be done in a similar way at DOOl (kudos!) Like in real life “coming out” is a process and then being gay it is just ONE part of who you are, not WHO you are.

    On another note, maybe this James MacAllister dude will bring in a fresh new villain into the mix, as the dimeras are becoming a bit subdued, but Kate is always fun to watch (more so with Victor, hilarious!)

    Still love the show, especially loving the revamp! Go Days!

  10. From Randi

    I am not sure where there Madison and new character are maybe Father and Daughter for he is much elder in life and on soap then she is.
    But as a couple—please don;t.

    Will’s wanna be gay line is being dragged out much too long, get it on with already or delete it!

    Alison severely needs a vacation after all her coldness comes right back at her from Rafe, Marlena, JOHN and WILL!
    Rafe and carrie no please! Although I will say lately it appears as if RAFE Is the Father and Mother of those kids and prayfullu will not leave them.

    EJ’s BS with John hopefully will come out before Christmas and thus he will spend Christmas in an Orange Jumpsuit in jail unti Stami fugure out a way to break him out and sent back to europe for a spell.–Maybe Sami will go with him–yeah!

  11. From Days fan

    Days was the best years ago. I keep waiting as I see my favorite crashing burning and turning to ashes. I honestly cant say one storyline on here is good anymore. Let’s make Will gay that will shake things up. Please Days writers put some fun and excitement back into the show!

  12. From Liberty

    Sandee, you have to admit, the Horton Square is better than the dang Pier. It’s refreshing to see this new change in scenary. I’m sick of the John/Stefano storylines. LEAVE THE GUY ALONE ALREADY. It’s so old news. Maybe Rafe can leave Sami and hook up with Billie next year when she comes back to the show, or Daniel.

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