The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Getting Together Again.

At it once more?

If you’ve been watching “B&B” for long, you know that pretty much nothing happens just once. So it should come as no surprise to see that Bill may want to take Steffy for another game of mattress tag. Katie certainly suspects this is the case. Is she right and would it be so wrong?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From missy

    love to see bill & katie together & liam bk w/ hope in def. take steffy leave fm la. thank’s,

  2. From Sheryl

    Katie needs to keep her big nose out of everyone elses business. All she does is interfere in everyones marriage. She broke up Nick and Brigett way back when and she tries to come off as little miss perfect Please!!
    She should be sacked from the show, shes a terrible actress, even when she was on the Y & R no one liked her even then.

  3. From Andrea

    I love Liam and Steffy together. What did Bill get attracted to in the first place? He had ample opportunity and dumped her because he was committed to his wife not out of guilt but becuase he said he loved her. I think the writers should use this as an opportunity to show Steffy’s total commitment to Liam and reject Bill

  4. From Andrea

    I love Liam and Steffy together. This story line has brought me back to B&B after being fed up with Ridge and Brooke. Finally Taylor’s kids get some happiness. I think the writers should use this as an opportunity to show Steffy’s total commitment to Liam and reject Bill. And Liam should come to realise how much steffy really loves him. Hope was so wrong for him however much i love her ideals. Hope has had everything handed to her on a silver platter with little effort or talent while Taylor’s kids had to work from the mailroom to where they are. Get some balance back in the show without the logans hogging it all.

  5. From kecia

    Luv Steffy & Liam 2gthr but he “aint got no balls” Can’t stand Katie & hope dat her husband leaves her for Steffy & be happy. Katie & Liam are weak

  6. From Coop

    I am so sick and tired of these writers!!! STOP the crap with the Logan sluts. Nick is WAY too good for the tramp Donna. Katie needs to have a heart attack and die. Brooke needs to DISCOURAGE her daughter from wanting a married man. Ridge is such a loser the least the writers can do is give his children happiness after all the crap they have been through at the hands of Ridge the idiot and Brooke the perpetual home wrecker.

  7. From Cayenna

    Liam needs to be back with Hope. Once back he starts to show Bills qualities that he’s not the person everyone thought he was but more like his dad. It has dragged out too long keeping Liam with Steffie. Bill needs to be with Steffe, and Katie might hit on someone new due to her insecurities. What’s happened to Ridge, you have changed his looks so that he looks like a Vulcan from Star Trek! UGLY! Change his hair back the way it used to be or what ever it was… hate his new look. Get Ridge off of Liam’s back and start to support Hope more. Have Thomas fall for someone else. Have Jackie go back to Owen and have Nick and Briget get back together; they were a cute couple even if there’s a baby involved.
    Would love to see Bill get caught lying about the Dr’s and Steffy’s condition and Liam finally learning the truth, soon! I think they should let Rick progress with his designs and keep his designer and see what happens. I think Stephany and Eric should go on a vacaton together alone for a change. I think Daisy should keep doing what she is it’s a good part for her.

  8. From CA

    I just felt the one who could make Hope truly genuinely happy is Liam. They got a lot in common and are very genuine characters. I will always support Liam x Hope. Hopefully directors will not make Hope being like Brooke. Steffy pretty much like Brooke and Taylor. It would be nice for Katie to be the central supporting role model of the show since Stephanie noted she was the only decent Logan. Katie pretty much gone through bad pasts, like Brooke stealing others’ men (Bridget’s former Nick), Bill’s infidelities, etc. She’s perhaps less controversial than Brooke and Donna. I also support Rick x Beverly. Steffy better off with Oliver. Owen with Bridget. Stephanie also central role model mole as Katie and Nick, independant, no need to depend on Eric. Bill maybe with Allison. Justin with Donna. For boosting ratings, more moments of Liam x Hope. Good guys make the flows of the shows. Bad guys draw more cliffhangers for the show. Contrary, moral values add more depths to the good guys. More angel & devil in any character to keep the show going. After all this show had been known for its controversial relationships between some characters and their mixed relations, storylines.

  9. From Anne

    Steffy and Leim need to be parents hope needs to get her own life

  10. From Anne

    Steffy and Leim need to become parents and Hope needs to get her own life

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