The Bold And The Beautiful Shoots In Cabo San Lucas Mexico

On location.

After their last adventure in Aspen, the characters from the show’s youngest love triangle are heading south for the next big chapter. “The Bold and the Beautiful” stars Scott Clifton (Liam), Kim Matula (Hope), and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) are all currently filming in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Complicating things even further this time, Adam Gregory (Thomas), will also be wading into the romantic manipulations.

Look for the scenes to air at the end of December.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on November 29th, 2011 |

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  1. From mary anne pearson

    Things have become all muddled up here. I was looking forward to a new venue with even a bit of class with the new writer but I don’t know if he hasn’t arrived yet, it shows how really bad it has become that the same story line exactly is being used for Steffy/Liam as it was for Bill/steffy. what about some real meat to the B%B after it has been for fr too long that ot has been a repeat of the same stories but with a variety of couples.

    I have watched this since I was in an accident and had to stop work. You know that the story line hasn’t changed once. The only thing that changes are the names of the people. The only person who has whatever you might call morals has been going so har downhill which makes you bored so you finally turn the station. You could still take her character and make it with strong backbone that stands right up yo Steffy, no coniving, no manipulating, nothing but something. Give her a strong voice and platform and stop the repeats. Each affair goes on way too long. Look at the offer from Bill to Nick. How long ago was that. Look at the process Steffy does each time she wants a man (always married). she stalks them, is always there the second the wife walks out the door and starts out (Bill and Liam) bi saying she just cares about him, she is his friend and will always be there for him. How many times did you hear and see that with Bill and then Liam. Same old thing.
    Get atrong minded people in there to speak his/her mond to say what they believe in and take action instead of all sex, lingerie in the middle of the day to get her man , to keep him or to get him to not leave her. Look at Liam and Steffy since they have been married….sex,sex and more sex with nothing else. Before she got him it was all about caring, being there for him, teasing him at the door , stalking and of course always showing up just after they left. Now all you get is sex, no content, why watch?If I hear the word one more time “memom bar” I am going to smash through the screen.
    Oh I forgot, thimgs are going to get really dicey so Steffy is going to go running to bill so she won’t leave her man. Bill will come up with this great idea that everyone forgot they have used before. syeffy will try to get pregnant like Amber and Steffy won’t know if it is father or son but it will be the same genes unlike amber .Anyway, get some really good minds with brains rather than just breats and develop actual plots wirth watching. I have not seen a real scene yet with oomph yo it. It has done so well in the past but it is going downhill fast. Again, that character of hope is the only one with hope for strong character with morals, and a strong voice she is missing now i.e. Thanksgiving. If I had been Hope and Ridge had been telling me how to live my life when he has made a complete disaster and so much pain to others, I would have told him exactly what he could do with his ideas and look in the mirror. She doesn’t have one person to give her some good strong advice they are already living by. thety are not even role models now so what right do yjey have to tell anyone else how to live.

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