The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For November 21 – 27.

Chloe reacted, Patty took action, and Sofia accepted a proposal…

Kevin confessed to Chloe he hadn’t been Delia’s donor. Chloe was furious with Billy but realized Kevin’s heart was in the right place. Victor drilled Jill about the trip to Myanmar. Billy told Vikki he had been in Genoa City. He kissed Vikki as Santa and visited Delia. He confessed he was the real donor and Victor’s part in keeping him away and how he told Billy Vikki had moved on with Sam. Vikki was upset Billy hadn’t had more faith in their relationship. Billy tried to explain about the girl, Chelsea, but as long as Billy didn’t love her, Victoria didn’t want to hear about it. She only wanted Billy to return home with her and never hurt her again. Billy went straight to Delia then explained what happened to his family. Victoria confronted Victor, quit Newman and disowned him.

Devon admitted to Abby that he wanted to get to know Tucker but turned his back on Harmony. Katherine assured Harmony if Devon could support Tucker at his wedding, there was still hope for them.

Patty cooked Thanksgiving dinner for Jack and Genevieve, which knocked them out, then climbed on top of Jack. When Adam arrived, Patty ordered him to help her keep Jack and Genevieve apart. If he didn’t, she’d reveal to the police what she saw the night of Diane’s murder. He called her bluff, so Patty promised to leave town. After she left, Jack and Genevieve woke up. Jack claimed he dreamed someone was arguing then they both noticed a cat in the house. Meanwhile, Patty planted something in Adam’s office then called Ronan to report that the murder weapon in Diane’s case was at Newman. Adam appeared, told Patty he’d been following her and had replanted the evidence in Victor’s office. As Ronan was about to take Victor to the station, Nikki returned.

Phyllis ran into Avery at the prison. During a lockdown, Phyllis cried about how ‘they’ made her cover for their father until she looked like a criminal. She wondered why Avery never tried to clear their father. Avery admitted their father had been guilty then stormed off.

Sofia accepted Neil’s proposal, which made him appear uneasy. Devon and Lily heard the news and warned Neil he might regret rushing into marriage.

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