The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For November 7 – 11.

Phyllis caught Nick, Patty hid from Jack, and Lily became suspicious…

Avery alerted Phyllis to Nick’s whereabouts after they made love. Phyllis found Nick dressing in Avery’s suite and told him to go to hell – after divulging details about the call Ronan received. Avery and Phyllis privately argued over their father. Avery believed he’d been innocent, but Phyllis insisted he robbed many families out of their lifesavings. While Avery planned to get Daisy released, to reunite her with Lucy, Ronan arrested Phyllis for stealing the photos. Daniel confronted Avery about being his aunt and using Daisy to stick it to Phyllis. Neither Avery nor Phyllis gave Daniel answers into their past. After Phyllis was released on bail, she and Nick decided to remain strictly friends.

Adam accepted Victor’s job offer after Victor agreed to put him on equal footing with Vikki. Vikki reported back to Victor that Adam ‘had bought it’.

Genevieve brought Myrna/Patty home to her estate. Patty hid her face from Jack.

Angelo helped Gloria with her financial troubles, which made them partners. Angelo asked Devon to get Angie into a singing competition. Angie told Devon she wanted Kevin, who refused to take her out.

Cane went to Ronan for help in locating the woman Billy spoke of, Chelsea. Ronan called in some favors and obtained a visa for Cane. Lily ultimately agreed to trust Cane when he announced he had to leave town. Meanwhile, news came that Delia was in remission. After Kevin hacked into Victor’s computer, in order to email Cane a photo of the woman, Victor appeared and ordered Billy to leave town. Jill and Vikki planned to track Billy down in Myanmar. Cane, already there, received the photo and realized the woman who’d sent him on a wild goose chase was Chelsea.

Christine returned and heard what Ricky did to Heather. Paul and Christine recalled the trauma that Isabella caused. Ricky shared his regrets with Paul, over the photos, and wished he could make things right. He unnerved Christine by claiming he’d heard a lot about her. Christine lashed out at Ronan for not telling Nina and Chance why he’d left town. Nina promised not to push for a relationship, which affected Ronan. He confided in Phyllis that he owed Chance and Nina his life and didn’t know how to deal with it. Meanwhile, Nina supported Chance’s decision to return to the Middle East after his next assignment at the Pentagon.

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