Days Of Our Lives Alum Lisa Rinna Returning. (Updated.)

Back to Billie.

Updated: December 12.

Lisa Rinna is back on contract and will be appearing in Salem again as Billie beginning on March 8.

Original article: October 25.

The Huffington Post has reported that Lisa Rinna (Billie Reed) may be returning to “Days Of Our Lives.” Rumor has it that she will start shooting again in December. Rinna made a name for herself playing the role of Billie from 1993-1995 and again from 2003-2005. She also had roles on “Melrose Place” and “Baywatch” in addition to doing a string of Primetime guest appearances.

Soap Opera Fan Blog has contacted “DOOL” for a statement and will tell readers when we receive more information.

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  19 responses so far...

  1. From Missy

    If they bring back Billie to mess in any way with Bo and Hope’s relationship, in any way, i will never watch this show again!

  2. From Fraumart

    Oh no. I HOPE this does not mean more trouble for Bo and Hope. They’ve finally reunited after Carly; they don’t need to be separated again (and again) by Billie. Let her team up with Quinn.

  3. From Debra

    I love Billie, but I really hope they don’t put her with Bo again. That’s already been done half a dozen times. Maybe they could pair Billie up with Quinn, or Daniel, or Jack. Or maybe Roman (she and Roman used to date in the late 90′s). It’s about time Roman had a relationship!

  4. From jolie

    Billie with Roman…good idea and there was a spoiler that Roman would have a woman coming into his life. I love Lisa as Billie. I hope this just doesn’t have anything to do with Bo and Hope. We just did that one. Maybe Billie will need an organ transplant and Dr. Dan will dump Jenn and go with Billie. Oh, yeah, we’ve done that one too.

  5. From jenn

    Yay! I think Lisa coming back will be really good for Days. I agree with the prior comments, please do not cause trouble for Bo and Hope. Billie’s character has so much potential, hope they don’t blow it!

  6. From jenn

    I am assuming that Billie will be up against Madeline and Sami because of the business competition. That will be fun!

  7. From dc

    well, it is gonna be exciting to find out what kind of role she will be playing. quinn would be a good match..
    she sure does not need to come back and put a crimp in bo and hope’s life again..

  8. From bluejay45

    I would love to see Billie come back, especially with Lisa coming back to the role! But…KEEP HER AWAY FROM BO AND HOPE!!!!!! That is a story that has been done already, don’t want nor need a repeat!!!!! I agree with the others, let her get involved with Daniel, Quinn, or even EJ…no wait…I want EJ and Nicole together..scratch that! lol

  9. From jenn

    I agree that Roman does need to find love but I don’t know if it should be with Billie. Now that Kate and Roman share children, that might be weird. Wait…Kate and Roman are the parents of Rex and Cassey right?

  10. From Jacob

    Lisa Rinna is the true Billy to me. That being said, I thought Julie Pinson did an amazing job and I was very sad to see her go. Her and Kate meshed very well together. Now, back to Lisa Rinna I loved her character when she was on originally, when the Bo #2 was on. Her, Jennifer and Kristan were so awesome together during the Maison Blanche storyline. They had such great friendship chemistry. I’m glad to hear of her rumored return, but I do not want her messing with Bo and Hope. I can’t take that nonsense again. That, and I’m not sure I can stomach looking at her bloated lips again. They’re honestly hard to look at!

  11. From Kat

    10 Jacob,
    you won’t have to look at those bloated lips again,
    Lisa had them fixed, did you see her Reality show a year or so ago….
    I agree, no messing with Hope and Brady….
    Forgot about Roman and Kate having to children, Rex and Cassie…

  12. From BBow

    Personally, I like them bringing Billie back, but I wish it had been Julie Pinson. She was my favorite Billie by far.

  13. From bluejay45

    Love that Lisa is coming back to her role as Billie. And like others have said, PLEASE DO NOT HAVE HER MESS WITH BO AND HOPE! Been there done that so many times! Let Bo and Hope be happy!!! Actually, I would like to see Billie hook up with Dr. Dan. That will leave the door open for Jack and Jennifer to hopefully get it right this time. Well, Jack to get it right. Jenn is the one always left behind. If Jack does it to her one more time, then Jenn needs to permanently cut him out of her life.

  14. From jmpbu

    PLZ don’t bring any Billie back. Some of the old is good, but this is way too much….

  15. From Martina Dial

    Billie and the doc? Really? How about “Hi, I’m Billie, and you’re the 40-something doctor, who dumped my 60-something mother, for my 19 year old daughter, then dumped her for my brother’s trashy 20-something wife, then dumped her for my brother’s 40-something half-sister”? Lucas might be inclined to lock up Ali, for the rest of her life, and maybe Will, too. All in the family, indeed.

  16. From Paki

    I’m with JMPBU, we don’t need Billie. She was only a filler if you ask me for when Hope was MIA. I don’t like Kate either and don’t need any more of her children around. Don’t care for Lucas either.

  17. From dinky

    pretty funny Martina! I like Lisa Rinna but she looks older than Kate, her mother. Same goes for Austin.

  18. From Heather

    Totally agree Martina! I was thinking doesn’t anyone else remember all of that!
    I think now that Billie is coming back and Abby is back they need to bring Chelsea back. Both of her parents will be on, her and Abby were best friends, and she has history with Melanie.

  19. From kikisgirl

    Just a little bit of work done on Billie’s face, don’t ya think !!!! Not attractive !!!!!!

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