Days Of Our Lives Poll: Bad Friends.

When friends turn into enemies…

Well, maybe not enemies, but rivals at least. It’s clear that we’re headed for some kind of convoluted, double-faced love and lust fiasco involving half the cast. That’s not too new, but it’s not usually this complicated. Mel seems poised to hook up with Chad, the boyfriend of her best friend Abby, who is longing for Austin, who is married to Carrie, who has a thing for Rafe, whose wife cheated on him with EJ, who is married to Nicole. There might be more to it, but after all that eggnog, who can remember? Anyway, betrayal is in the cards for all of these friends. Whose betrayal will be the greatest?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From patsy

    For helvens sakes get EJand Sami back together sooner than later and get this boreing show back on the road get rid of Madison and get Brady and Nicole back together too.the only love story worth watching right now AS ALWAYS isHOPE AND BO MAYBE LATER Chad and Meldene posable Rafe and Carrie .Right now its going down real fast please some of us DOOL fans would like for it to stay on afew more years

  2. From Lori

    I agree – give us EJAMI! They have been promising it for years and never deliver…just throw us a bone every now and then to keep us watching. Let Sami’s true nature out so that she & EJ along with Stephano/Kate can cause all kinds of fun!! Pit them against Marlena/John & Carrie/Rafe…oh the possibilities!
    I agree that Madison needs to go and have Brady & Quinn battle it out for Nicole. Let the loser have Billie when she comes back to town.
    Jen needs to quit wasting time and grab Daniel now!! Jack can go away again anytime as he brings nothing to the show.
    I also like Mel & Chad…they are cute!

  3. From nimbus

    Please no Sami and Ej. They are gross and unwatchable. Those flackbacks are repulsive.

  4. From DLM

    I do not like EJ and Sami together. Its very sad that they seemed to have forgotten that EJ raped Sami. But the storylines have got to get better. Most of the oldies but goodies are back and the storyline is just too weak. I would love to see Shawn D and Belle return.

  5. From jenn

    Like Nimbus and DLM, I am not an EJ and Sami fan at all. DLM, I think the writers at the time were trying to make Sami and Ej like a Luke and Laura from GH. Luke was crooked like EJ, raped Laura and eventually fell in love.

    Since DOOL keeps bringing the vet characters back, too bad they cannot do a DiMera type storyline for the Horton family. It’s always been the Brady’s against the Dimera’s, why not have Horton’s against another family.

    DLM, I would love for Shawn D and Belle to return as well.

  6. From Carly

    I agree with you nimbus no more Sami and EJ. Where are Justin and Adriene? We never see them any more. The writers are trying to get too many affairs going.

  7. From More To Come

    Where are Justin and Adrienne? I liked them and always wanted to see more of them. Where is the hospital? Why can’t Roman have a bigger storyline and a love interest?

  8. From Casey

    Sami and EJ are a ridiculous couple. They don’t look right together and they’re not fun together. On the other hand, Nicole and EJ are a perfect match. Can’t wait till Jack and Jen are back together. She and Daniel have no charisma as a couple.
    Mel and Chad have it!!

  9. From Mystysch

    I wish this page (and others like it) had a *LIKE* button!! ~ Can’t wait for Jack and Jen to get back together!! ~~ Hate what they are doing with Sami & Rafe, love them together!! ~ Miss Justin and Adrienne a Lot!! ~ I think they are going to do a Billie, Daniel & Quinn triangle.

  10. From Mystysch

    Sick of Bo & Hope agonizing over their kids, but love the storyline of them investigating “Gran”… WOuld like to see a lot more Gran & Stephano storyline coming together. ~ Starting to really like Madison and Brady together but stil don’t trust Maddy. ~ I think that Lucas and EJ are going to be fighting for Sami later in the year but at some time down the road, Rafe & Sami will end up back together. ~ WOuld like to find out that WILL is actually WILLAMEENA somehow. (With Soaps, Anything is possible!! ~ Stephano will have had something to do with THAT cover up because of his hatred for John)

  11. From sarahb7178

    PLEASE do NOT have Rafe and Carrie get together. It would not work, Rafe has always been so devoted and in love with Sami and they belong together. Carrie is so annoying. I think that Austin would be better off with someone else also.I would also love to see Jack and Jenn back together. There are some couples that should not be seperated.

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