Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 12-16.

Unusual offers.

Showing yet more lack of judgment, Sami starts opening up to one of her old enemies and easily fills their arsenal with fresh ammunition. Meanwhile, Brady’s feelings for Madison are increasingly ambivalent. No sooner does he start pushing her away then he decides to try and pull her back again. He attempts to romance her with some of the holiday spirit she seems to lack. Over at the jail, John finds some romance too… when Marlena shows up. But he gets a far more surprising visitor. Stefano pays his old pawn a visit and has an unusual offer that Mr. Black was not prepared for, but it does have something to do with the mysterious relationship between the Phoenix and Alice.

While John is contemplating the offer, Carrie is still hard at work on his case and unearths even more evidence that could go a long way in getting him out of jail. Her sister has other distractions to keep her busy. Sami sees something she probably shouldn’t have but tries to do the right thing for once. And the Brady pub gets more crowded when Kayla returns to town.

Nicole continues to push Jenn’s buttons as her latest attempt to score points for Elvis on the election trail pushes him ahead of Abe. Jenn decides it’s really time to fight dirty if she’s going to give her client a shot at winning. But this isn’t the only stress that’s making her life a mess. Her date with Daniel doesn’t go as planned when his family history returns to haunt him. It’s not long before he and Jenn are kaput. He’s busy worrying that he may have inherited Maggie’s condition and his career could go down the tubes. Jack sees his opportunity to swan in on his ex but moves too fast and could ruin things. And ruined relationships seem to be on the horizon for the young ladies of Salem. Abigail, Gabi, and Melanie all have some serious problems to face when it comes to their men and what they really want.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Stefano visits John in jail…yep this must be where Stefano makes a deal with John that will get him out of jail.

    Then Sami sees something she probably shouldn’t have and trys to do the right thing…I’m trying to remember when Sami ever did the right thing. Maybe this time what ever it is she should just keep on walking.

    Come on Jenn give Nicole some of her own medicine. Now it sounds like Daniel will have Maggie’s Myasthenia Gravis (MG)that could take him out of surgery. I could see him running a Medical Clinic in Salem, but the other professions in the survey…the only logical one is ‘working at Titan’ but what in the world would he do, be a I chemist working in the labs of Mad World Cosmetics?
    If it turns out EJ is also Maggie’s son, will he have MG also? As much as I love her, this is way to much of Maggie being spread around so I really hope she is not EJ’s biological mom that has been so heavily speculated.

  2. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Days Cafe Spoilers December 12th:

    - Carrie comes through for John. And Stefano and EJ suddenly want to make a deal that would put an end to that preposterous civil suit! Will the pawn play …?

  3. From cathy collins

    I hope that there will be a Christmas mircle and that John fines a way out.I so upset with the terrible writting of dool.I so looked forward to drake(john) coming back but he has hardly gotten anything.Instead we get much too much of Ej which i wish you would dool put him in prison never to be seen again.Do something to get John out of this so he can fight like the old john against Stefano and Ej.Bad writting so far hurry up do something for John.Let him bring ej down for good.Get ej off the show.Cathy

  4. From jolie

    How intriguing! That Stefano wants to protect his dealings with Alice..has to be something that will mean a rift in his family. That is all that would make Stefano come to John’s rescue. I wish they would someday reach some kind of impasse and common ground. They both preached family and loyalty to family yet they will do anything to combat it. But a long and strange history there.
    Nicole and Jenn…I love that Jenn is taking the gloves off but really is she prepared for the outcome. And do Jenn and Dr Dan really break up?? His relationships are the shortest on record.
    Sami finally tries to do the right thing. Wonder what that is? That Madison is trying to do something against Titan? Sami might have a little bit of loyalty toward Brady but only if it means Sami still comes out on top.
    Yesterday’s show. The actor who plays Will is doing a wonderful job with his anguished performance. I think this character will be in for a rough time. Maybe since we are hearing that Lucas is making an appearance, he will come in and give poor Will some parenting. The poor child has had very little in his life.
    #3Cathy, I find it surprising that you would want a mainstay character off the show but more power to you.

  5. From jolie

    Does anyone else find it hilarious that at the beginning of each of John’s jail cell scenes, he is busting out a set of push ups or crunches? He’ll be the size of the Incredible Hulk if he keeps it up!

  6. From Marie

    I feel the writers need to go back to writing school. Having Sami act the way she does is crazy. I know she did wrong with hooking up with EJ. Every one knows that sex would have been the last thing on a woman’s mind when her child was killed. Now she is lashing out at everyone and when Will confronts her with his anger she should know what he his hinting at. I would think doing what she did, it would be on her mind and be very conscious of it. At least I would feel that way, that everybody would know what I did.

  7. From kathy

    Will has hit the nail on the head….HYPOCRIT….I am so sick of Sami and her double standards and whining and yelling and blaming everyone else for her screw ups…..she is so fixated on herself, I wonder how she has the time or energy to worry/think about the kids…..

  8. From terry

    am I the only 1 who enjoyed seeing will tearing down sami again and again? that poor guy has finally cracked and its all thanks to good ol sami. he’s not gonna forgive her this time, I don’t see that happening.

  9. From dc

    well, way to go will.. i just wish he had spilled the beans on sami and ej..

  10. From dc

    all of the above that i mentioned was on todays show..
    john should not give into stefano no matter what he offers.. bo and hope are gonna find the truth and i think it will involve ej and his mom..
    i read where shawn (aka daniel) is gonna be leaving the show (after the 1st of the year). i hope for not long. i would rathef him work as titan and stay on so he can be a father to melanie and a son to maggie..
    i love daniels character. even though it appears he will never be able to be with jenn.. i guess she is back with jack (YUK YUK)..

  11. From Shanon

    I thoroughly enjoyed Will letting Sami have it. Hypocrite is right. It’s supposedly ok for Sami to rip into Marlena, but not ok for Will to do the same to Sami? Wonder if Will is going to continue to turn to alcohol being as his father is a recovering alcoholic, it runs in the family.
    Nice to see Sami stand up to Madison.
    Nice to see Quinn give the teens a free spa treatment. I’m curious as to why Quinn looked to EJ for financing being as Vivian already offered to finance a legit business for Quinn. I’m sure he could still call his mother and ask for financing. I like seeing Quinn and the spa as a new setting for people to spend time. I wonder if it will be Quinn who Gabi starts having interest in, being as there is a small selection of available guys for her.
    Abigail and Austin, please no. I just can’t see Austin cheating on Carrie especially with Abi, or maybe they’ll have him going through a mid life crisis.
    Nice to see Stefano and Kate sharing a tender moment. They are a great couple who really understand each other and each other’s need for privacy. As he stated he trusts her judgment. I like these 2 together. Shows that even Stefano can find romance.
    I hope EJ has someone cleaning his couch being as it’s seen a lot of action lately.

  12. From cyn

    i’m so tired of Sami’s tirades. i thought for a while that with Raf’s calming influence that she would finally grow up and become more of a stable character on the show. Silly me!

    i also don’t like the idea of Will being gay. enough of the gay stuff already.

    I also really really hope that Daniel does not have MG. let’s have a few characters on the show lead normally healthy gun shot wound abduction free lives.

    I hope Jack finds a new love interest at the college. i like Jenn and Daniel together.

    wouldn’t be nice if someone on the staff of Days read these comments!

  13. From Kat

    JJ you have such a nice and loving family, your Mom Jenn, siste Abby, at least Dad came to visit you in London, I had tears in my eyes when they all hung Your Ornament on the Tree….NOT.
    This should be your second xmas without family, you would think they bring you home, even if we would not see you, sort of like Joey Johnson…
    Oh and Hope and Bo, they forgot the ornaments for Shawn,Belle and Claire, to bad…. all of them soooo close…
    But we have Victor, Dan and Mel on the tree, so what….
    Maybe next year, Stefano and EJ will also be hung up, ON the Xmas Tree….LOL
    Like Julie said, Never know, well at least Victor is part family, he was Julie’s ex-lover, small family after all, and so sharing, they share just about anything and everybody in this town..

  14. From Debbie

    I thought it was odd that Maggie hung Victor’s ornament next to Mickey’s! Maggie’s ornament should have hung right between her two husbands. Chandler continues to kill it with his spot on performances and his drunkenness wasn’t overdone today at all. Loved how he socked it to Sami. I just wish he had revealed what he saw to everyone in the room today.

  15. From carly

    The guy that plays Will is amazing…by far the best actor on Days…possibly of all the soaps. Can’t wait until Sami gets hers…I wish she would end up on the street…what a slut! We all know she will end up being pregnant with EJ’s kid AGAIN!!!! Give it a rest, Days.

  16. From Suzy

    I love everyone’s comments, but it is unfortunate that some of the posts use such poor spelling and sentence construction. Makes it look tacky.

  17. From dc

    carly, you are right..
    writers, PLEASE PLEASE don’t let sami be pregnant again by ej..
    i loved today saying all he did to sami. the look on her face was priceless.. i just wonder if she realizes will knows what she did with ej..

  18. From Kat

    I guess my follow up blog did not take,
    So ironic to me, to watch
    Hope and Bo, missing Zack with all their heart, hanging his ornament, wishing with fiber in their bodies to have him back and hold him close…
    then there is Jenn, has Not seen her little boy, younger than Zach, going on two xmases now, didn’t even hang his ornament, and also is to busy leading two men around their noses, to go and get her child home. Hope should have a real talk with her cousin about the blessing of having children…..
    I know it is the writers, so my dear writers, if you are smart, please write some SL’s just a little bit better, not so ovious (?), making Jenn a bad Mom… At least Jack went to see the little boy, but Jenn and Abby, no, to busy with everybody elses business and men…
    Bring back JJ, even if we don’t see him, just like you are planning to do with little Joey and Kayla, I guess we won’t actually see Joey, but that’s ok, at least his mother cares…
    Jenn going to be to busy slinging Mud here pretty soon.
    I doubt very much that Sami will be prego, to boring a SL, done to many times, we need new adventures..

  19. From cricket

    does anyone else think that maybe EJ is John’s kid? i cant really remember what happened years ago but wasnt Susan pretending to be Kristen and at that time Kristen was with John?

  20. From gerri

    Kat good blogs…I agree about Jack and jenn’s child.I don’t understand,the purpose of inventing a S/L that include children,If they are hardly ever seen,and mentioned even less.
    I agree also about Bo and Hope not
    hanging Shawn,Belle and Claire’s ornaments.

    And the writers messed up,again,by Putting an ornament for Victor,next to Mickey’s.
    so Imo the tree trimming and Ornament hanging was a Big Goof—-up.

    I think EJ and Nicole should have taken their X-Rated Sex Scene to his room.(I guess all the servants
    have been fired,or sent away on an extended vacation)as no one enters,the living room anymore,so far only Will has had the experience of witnessing what’s happening on the couch.haven’t even saw Kate at the Mansion lately(What’s up with that?)

  21. From SL

    even if Daniel couldn’t be a surgeon, he could still be a doctor -

  22. From patsy

    See what I mant when I said the writers were ruining ALLISONS charater Sani SO every one would turn against her andwant ARI charater SaintNicole to be with jAMES charater lord EJ you know Sami went to EJ,S that night to rapelord EJ she SURE IS A STRONG WOMAN TO HOLD HIM DOWN TO HAVE SEX .tHAT pore pore man

  23. From SandyGram

    From Days of Our Lives

    Bryan R. Dattilo Back on Days of Our Lives Wednesday December 7, 2011

    Bryan R. Dattilo is indeed returning to Days of Our Lives as Lucas Horton. Set side sources confirm that the actor began taping his first scenes on December 5.

  24. From Sharon

    I thought Carrie and Sami were sisters with the same mother and father? Wish this site would have a family tree to help reference where each character fits with which family. If Sami, is going to be pregnant, she might learn that the baby is actually Rafe’s and not EJ’s I would love if they would bring more relatives for Maggie such as a sister or brother or two.

  25. From Cougar

    Have really enjoyed watching Chandler tear up the scenery. His portrayal of unbeleivably well adjusted after being raised by dysfunctional Sami Will Horton is to say the least is going from milk toast, mouseburger to edgy!
    Hope Lucas is there to save the day and straighten him out just a little. I think that Will is going to have a bumpy year trying to figure out if he is gay, bi, straight or just so messed up he doesn’t know.
    Either way the viewers win and are treated to anEmmy earning performance.

  26. From Cougar

    I find it ingteresting that Will’s behavior is “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. His behavior is paralleling Sami’s reaction to catching John & Marlene in the act. Sami has to have an idea that Will is aware of her angry sex with EJ for the reason of his recent behavior.

  27. From KS

    Couger I think Sami suspect but doesn’t know for sure I loved Will going off on Sami it was about time Sami had it comming.

  28. From Cougar

    Kat I had some of the dame thoughts too. Will there be DiMeara ornaments on the Christmas tree if EJ turns out to be MAggies son. I also waited nd watched to see if they would place JJs ornament being hung on the tree.
    Off on a tangent here I would llike to know how many boxes of ornaments they would have lying around on all the adopted Hortons from seasons past that no longer are in the fold or in good Horton stannding. For example a Sami or Chloe ornament from their marriages to Lucas.

  29. From Just Moi

    #24 Sharon…Carrie and Sami share the same father Roman. Sami’s mother is Marlena, Carrie’s mother is Anna, who married Tony Dimera.

    Loved, loved Will giving Sami some of her own medicine. Maybe Sami will see herself in Will and relize how rediculous she looks and acts and this may finally be THE changing point for Sami…well a girl can always hope!

    Loved the hanging of the Christmas balls, it always brings a tear to my eyes. I agree with some though, there sure are some new and strange balls hanging on the tree.

  30. From Cougar

    KS I agree. Sami was a grinch to Marlene to not put her differences aside and let her kids enjoy their time with Marlene. Yeah, yeah, yeah we know you hated the facct that Marlene & John fell in love and had an affair that you walked in on. That was a long time ago. Get over it; forgive and forget. If not retrurn all that filthy money you John gave you to live off of when you were broke and unemployed or better yet Pay Marlene back rent while you lived in the townhouse. After all you want to act like they are not your family so make it a non-personal accept no favors relationship like any one else who has to deal with the cold cruel world in order to get by.

  31. From Tyjule

    Is will struggling because he is gay? Hope not

  32. From Lissa

    #22 patsy- I don’t believe there is some huge conspiracy to ruin Sami’s character all for the purpose of getting EJ and Nicole together. I can understand you are rooting for Sami and EJ but in all actuality they would end up as boring as John and Marlena in the end. Sami’s character has always been meant to sabotage herself, it’s in her nature and always has been… even way before EJ came into the picture. In the beginning I saw potential for EJ and Sami, much as I did for her and Brandon for a time BUT in soaps it’s all about drama and quite frankly this last tryst between her and EJ I felt was rather painful to watch. Really hope she doesn’t end up pregnant with his baby again because we all know every time they sleep together she does. James and Ari do have as much chemistry without the dragged out Colleen/ Santo fairytale backing the pairing up. James Scott admitted himself that he enjoys working with her a lot when they first paired their characters up and has said he can see them two having a future together on the show and I can see it. While I agree the writers have written Sami and EJ in a way that makes their relationship almost nonredeemable you just never know, they could get back together at any time, especially since they are writing sex scenes between them even still. I prefer EJ with Nicole myself but that is only my opinion. In the end though, I don’t care as long as they keep it entertaining. I’ve let go of emotionally attaching myself to couples on soaps because it only opens the door to disappointment. Right now I’m wishing they would do more with Marlena and John. Ever since they brought them back they put him on house arrest, tried making him a martyr, created a rift between him and Brady, pretty much just disappointing me with their storyline because it could be so much better and less boring having him be free. They need to get those two beloved characters back on the right track.

  33. From jolie

    #31 Lissa, very astute observations. And very well put. I think you have honed down the relationship of Elvis and Sami..and we know it can happen again and when most unexpected. And I too like Elvis and Nicole together but again, I know it will not last. Nicole has changed. She still has some of the old Nicole but she wants more now. Elvis should have kept his drawers on!

  34. From SandyGram

    #32 Jolie
    Girl you have me rolling on the floor with the ‘drawers’ comment. Like me you have got to have a little southern in you to know ‘drawers’ are underwear or what I like to call ‘tidy whities’. Whew…I needed that!

  35. From Cougar

    I have to admit I loved Nikis little naughty elf outfit. It certinly got my husbands attention as he walked through the room while I watched mt dvr. On the cothing note, that had to be the worst dress on Kate. It looked like she was wearing a bustle!
    I enjoyed the wacky Susan scenes delivered in typical Susan fashion. I appreciated the delivery style of not showing Susan’s face since they did not get Eileen to do it. Oh mean, mean, mean!

  36. From Kelly

    Just throwing this out there – and I appologize if this was already addressed! But aren’t Jen and Daniel now related – ewe that is just wrong… just saying…

  37. From jolie

    #33 SandyGram, I am a true blue Southern, battered and deep fried, forever and then some. I am so glad I gave you a chuckle since you provide us with all the spoilers which even if I tried not to read…am addicted now so I read right along with you. Have a good evening now. I am going to start some supper.

  38. From betsybee

    The S/L are becoming rather annoying and confusing.

    Rafe’s wife/girlfriend’s name was Emily Hudson and now we have a Quinn Hudson .. suppose they are related in some way and the truth of her death will be coming forward.

    Rather difficult to surmize what big secret Sami knows about unless it has something to do with Madison and her company.

    I think the kids did a reasonably good job today over the Web Site being closed down and Melanie and Chad being kidnapped. Now that Sami is away in Chicago with Madison looks like Rafe and Carrie are getting closer.

    As to what Stefano is offering John could be anyone’s guess. The background of these two is too mixed up to even think of unraveling it. Where in blazes are Sami’s kids all this time. i am surprised that EJ does not take the time to even ask about them.

    Nicole is right the Sami “cloud” is always hanging over she and EJ and alwsys will. I have no doubt that EJ knows it also but try as mch as he likes he can not dispose of it.

    The S/L recently does seem to want to bring you back to DOOL and I hope it continues to be interesting. Isn’t it amazing all the trouble you could get into on computer Web Sites. Glad I do not have one.

    Christmas celebrations in Salem do not look too “MERRY” this year.

  39. From jan t

    are John and Marlena back to stay?I didn,t like them 10 years ago They are still so flakey I liked Sami telling everybody that John was nut case. Go Sami.Hope EJ will be good to Nicole this time.

  40. From gerri

    Jolie and Sandy Gram,
    From One Southern Gal,to both of you,I call our evening meal”Supper”
    as well,and our noon meal Is
    “Dinner”but today seemed like we were IN the North ,high here 43,windchill 35..Brrrr don’t like cold weather at all.

    Jolie liked your comment re-EJ’s Drawers..too funny!!..
    Sandy Gram thanks for all your spoiler alerts.I look forward to reading them…

    Grandma Judy,haven’t seen any Blogs from you recently,are you OK?
    our observations about Days

  41. From p atsy


  42. From CG

    PLEASE get rid of Jack and have Jennifer be with Daniel!
    Also, SO tired of Nicole with EJ. EJ and Sami have much better chemistry!!!

  43. From Rose

    OK…What’s up with that voice and accent of Susan Bank’s? IF she talked like that before,she shouldn’t talk like that now. Wow!It’s both funny and annoying at the same time. As for Will, he is a great actor! He really gave “what for” to his mom. As for the characters,they sure are dumb sometimes for being so smart and educated.Melanie is reverting back to her early “days” with that goofey sputtering laugh and spazzy head shaking.Still love DOOL, and glad it is getting more interesting with the story lines for some.

  44. From Shanon

    Does anyone miss the old Melanie who was the party girl who came to Salem, was business savvy, determined and dated men, not teenage guys? Although I like Melanie, I feel she has now become another teen in the show. I am not happy about yet another kidnapping in the show, however this one is supposed to be wrapped up quickly with Austin looking like the hero. I was hoping that Stefano would somehow be the hero and Chad would come back into the family fold.
    I don’t want Jack to leave the show, I would like to see him get therapy for his PTSD and once on track again find a new love interest, although I think Jack always brought life to an otherwise bland Jennifer.
    Glad to see the gambling storyline come to a head finally. It is one of those storylines that took a long time to unfold but gets wrapped up quickly. I found the whole scene today with the kidnapping, the dorm guy running to Bo and Hope for help and the Salem U guy spilling the beans to Rafe a strange and awkward show. For one, why would the Salem U guy be in Rafe’s apartment instead of the police station if he was looking for help finding his family? I just found the whole thing bizarre and it all happened very sudden.

  45. From SandyGram

    #40 Rose
    Eileen Davidson was the original Susan…the Susan we saw today was played by Brynn Thayer. I think she had the right character to her voice that we could believe it was Susan. We haven’t heard from Susan since 1998 or so at which time Eileen was in her 30′s. Brynn was born in 1949 making her 62, so I could see where her voice would sound aged. For me over all Brynn portrayed a good Susan…or at least her voice did!

  46. From Soap Opera

    According to an insider, it will soon be revealed that EJ is John’s son. Stefano had stolen John’s sperm and injected it into Susan Banks all those years ago, and then raised EJ as his own, as the ultimate revenge on John. Susan Banks will admit this soon, once she returns to Salem.

  47. From SandyGram

    Excerpts from Days Cafe Next Week Spoilers:

    - Carrie comes through for John. And Stefano and EJ suddenly want to make a deal that would put an end to that preposterous civil suit. All the DiMeras want is …

    - Sensitive Dan cannot take the dating threesome anymore and ends things with Jen, but has Jack really won so easily?

    - Quinn is ready to show his stuff.

    For me….Of course all the DiMera’s want is Basic Black, but that only ends the Civil Suit….Let’s see how this want to be Mayor explains this to the good citizens of Salem. EJ’s going to have to give back the pension money!

  48. From Debbie

    #37 Betsybee, thank you for bringing up Emily Hudson and Quinn. I didn’t remember her last name and to use Hudson for Quinn’s last name is too much of a coincidence for the writers not to have noticed. I’d love to know about Rafe’s background as there’s still so much story to tell here and this could be an interesting opening for it.

    #42 Rose, I agree with you about Melanie. I’ve always found her ditsyness annoying and never understood what mature young men saw in her to make her so attractive.

    #45 So if it’s true that John may be EJ’s son, that means that he and Maggie are EJ’s biological parents….ewww! That would really throw a monkey wrench into the family ties, it seems.

    Gerri, I miss Grandma Judy too…and Clear, Just Moi, Been Watching and BBow too. Where are you guys?

  49. From Debbie

    Dang, I just noticed my last post saying that “if it’s true that John may be EJ’s son”…of course I meant if “EJ may be John’s son”. So embarassing….lol!!!

  50. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from daysofourlives Article “Days of Our Lives’ Sarah Brown Weighs in on Ian Buchanan and Madison’s Secret, Dated December 8th.

    Quote: “Brown admits that Madison has been purposely keeping this secret. “Oh, 100 percent,” she acknowledges. “It never was supposed to happen between Brady and Madison. So it’s just an, ‘Oops. Now what?’ Madison knew better than to get involved with him, but oops she did.”

    This might make me think Madison came to Salem to do some kind of harm to Brady Black; although the character Brady hasn’t really been involved in any kind of big business goings on until he started working at Titan. So then I might think someone is going after Titan. Could be the Ian Buchanan character that is due in February; and could Vivian although off camera have something to do with bring down or taking over Titan and that’s why Quinn is back in town. A lot of good speculation possibilities just on that one quote.
    Read the whole article you may find some other hints what’s to come.

  51. From SandyGram

    #45 Soap Opera
    Quote: “According to an insider”…can you give us any more information on who or what this ‘insider’ is?

    EJ being John’s son has so many implications my idea generator almost exploded when I read this posting.

  52. From JiBi

    # 47 Debbie I’m pretty certain that if it’s true that EJ may be John’s son, that means that he and Susan, not Maggie, are EJ’s biological parents…. (Stefano had stolen John’s sperm and injected it into Susan Banks) I dont thing he stole Maggie’s egg as well lol Just my opinion…

  53. From MAB

    I’m back…for now anyway…just too busy to keep up w/ reading or posting anymore…but not too busy to watch the show everyday! I just thought I’d chime in and give my two cents on what’s been happening lately.

    EJ is as awesome as ever! Enjoyed his recent scenes w/ John, but it still doesn’t have the same affect as John vs. Stefano. I can’t wait to see their upcoming scenes together. I’m trying to get used to the idea of EJ & Nicole being together again, and it’s nice, but after EJ & Sami’s recent love fest, I’m wanting more of them! I guess it won’t happen tho, not anytime soon that is. I very much enjoyed EJ & Sami together again, even if it was only for one night. They fit everything but the kitchen sink into their scenes together…every emotion imaginable…love/hate/sorrow/anger! She hasn’t shared that many feelings w/ Rafe the entire time they’ve known each other…just goes to show which couple has the REAL chemistry!

    How can anyone say Sami & EJ would end up be a boring couple, especially when she & Rafe have been boring from day one? EJ & Sami would never get boring. There’s too much story to tell w/ these 2…for years to come…that is unless the writers screw it up.

    I loved John & Brady’s scenes at the jail. It’s like their real life father & son! I hope we continue to see more of them together, and I think they need to have an on screen talk about Isabella. I still don’t care for Madison, or the fact their pairing her w/ Brady. She’s not good enough for him…and I think her character is boring.

    I absolutely love the fact that Bryan/Lucas it returning!! He should’ve never been let go in the first place (and replaced w/ Galen/Rafe). Hopefully w/ Lucas’ return, we’ll see Rafe’s exit…but I doubt it. I don’t care if he remains on the show if they pair him w/ someone like Carrie and get him away from Sami. At this point, I would even choose Sami reuniting w/ Lucas if it meant getting her out from under Rafe’s thumb. But I don’t want Lucas & Sami back together either. As I’ve always said, they are better as friends, and it will be nice for her to have the father of her other 2 kids back in her life to help her w/ the upcoming Will s/l. Lucas & Sami have always had a great relationship outside of the romance, and it will be refreshing to see them sharing the screen together again. It’ll be interesting to see who Lucas’ love interest will end up being. He’s always gotten the shaft when it came to the love, so I hope this time around, he finds true love!

    Thank God for Kate telling Sami to stop acting like a wimp and stand up for herself w/ Madison. As I’ve said all along, this is what her character is being reduced to, letting her boss & husband turn her into a wimp. Sure was nice to see some of the old Sami for a change!

    Bo & Hope, not much to say, just love them together! I really think these 2 are the next Tom & Alice.

    I heard Patrick/Austin may be gone soon. If this is true, I wonder how he will exit. Will it be over Abby’s apparent obsession w/ him? Will something happen and he will get fired from his job, and Carrie divorces him? I’m sure this will soon lead to Carrie & Rafe eventually getting together.

    So it looks like Chad & Melanie are really into each other, and will eventually end up together. I hope he’s decent enough to tell Abby the truth and not string her along. And what about Gabi? Is she also gonna have the hots for him too? Why do we have to have 3 girls piled on one guy? Either bring some new guys in, or stop making all the eligible young men gay. I will say tho that I’ve Will’s s/l is becoming more interesting…I just don’t like where it’s going tho. But he is playing the part well. Too bad he & Gabi had to break up. I think they were a great young couple.

    I read that Daniel will be gone from the show for a while in 2012, but will return. I don’t like this because I assume that means that w/ his absence that Jack will swoop in and he & Jen will get back together. I think it’s a mistake for Jen & Jack to get back together. I don’t think they belong together anymore. It’s says Daniel may end up inheriting Maggie’s illness, and he may even have to quit being a doctor. I guess he’s the next character the writers are gonna trying to ruin.

    I enjoyed the hanging of the Horton Christmas ornaments, but I don’t think they should’ve broken w/ tradition. It should’ve been done on Christmas Eve like always. I read Doug will read to the children at the hospital. I guess they decided not to break that tradition, thank goodness. Hopefully they’ll have it at the hospital, considering they haven’t had any hospital scenes since the changes.

    I hope we don’t have to listen to Susan Banks too much. She got on my nerves for just that short time on the phone w/ Hope. I think she sounded like an idiot over the phone. We all know Susan talked funny, but apparently this new actress playing the part is trying too hard. There’s no need to overdo it, but she did. Susan may have been eccentric, and a little crazy, but she wasn’t a retard…and before anyone gets offended (as usual), I mean NO offense to the mentally challenged…just trying to make a point.

  54. From JiBi

    Mad, I’m so with you about Susan Banks she also got on my nerves and it’s sad because I was a big fan of Kristen and Susan at that time. I was hoping to see them (Eileen Davidson, the original Susan) return one day and know my dream is over…

  55. From SandyGram

    #52 Mab
    Nice to see you posting. This time of year keeps us all so busy: Decorating, Baking, Cooking and Wrapping for the grandkids and the families and kids at the Veterans Hall…I still find time to do my do diligents for my other baby ‘Days’. I happen to mention Days the other day when I dropped off some things at the Veterans Hall and the postings on this site is nothing like the lady’s at the Hall, they definitely needed a referee so I just eased myself right back out the door before they came to blows.

  56. From MAB

    JiBi – I think they could’ve done w/o bringing a Susan Banks back. They’ve done w/o her all this time, so why bring her back now when Eileen can’t play her?

    Hey SandyGram – oh yes the holiday season is upon us and I’m really busy. It’s just to hard to keep up w/ reading & posting, but I’m keeping up w/ the show! Yeah, our disagreements on here are nothing compared to what I’ve seen & heard other places.

  57. From DaysFan

    So I’ve missed some shows. Did they ever reveal who the mysterious masked stranger was that was stalking Jen on halloween?

  58. From SandyGram

    December 8th Show Review:

    Am I confused or what? I thought Melanie as well as Gabi and Abby knew about the gambling on the Website and that’s why the guys took it down. Today it seemed like Mel didn’t know anything.

    Well the DiMera name sure didn’t get Chad very far since the goons knew he wasn’t connected to the family other than by name. And we didn’t see Mel throw out the Kiriakis name. But then they probably knew she was no longer married to one; but only related to one by marriage; but probably the later not long enough for the goons to know. Chad can sure take a punch. I thought he was hit with the butt of the gun; but there was only a little teeny tiny mark on his face; but blood in his mouth. Now through the spoilers we read the other four are picked up by the gambling dude’s also and Austin will save them. Then Rafe not calling Sami in Chicago, well that’s probably a damn if you do, damn if you don’t scenario so hopefully it’s all resolved before Sami comes home; but Rafe will get the Sami blast when she finds out he didn’t call to tell her Will was in trouble. Between the 6 college kids their DNA comes from some very influential places through out Salem, but the ‘bad guys’ don’t seem to be impressed.

    Now on to the rumor EJ is John’s son. That it was John’s sperm implanted in Susan all those years ago not Stefano’s. If this is true … Yee Gads what will they think of next!

  59. From Randi

    NO Ej as Maggie’s son is going over the bridge and breaking it in dysrepair! NO please do not go there writers, no. Also review as Sami and Kate despise each other and making them allies just doesn’t work—-writers you’ve have already began to do so—don’t go there either as it is the wrong direction. Dan and Jack work well, nice to see it, but Dan……For Titan nah, for mad maybe or opening a clinic is possible but he’s have to work!

  60. From SandyGram

    #58 Randi
    The rumor is EJ is John’s son and Susan is the his mother, take a look at Post #45 how this could happen is explained there.

    For me, I like it when Kate and Sami are nice to each other. Kate has been out to destroy Sami for years because her relationships with Kates sons. But Kate has also helped Sami along the way like when she called Sami to let her know EJ was planning on taking Johnny and Sydney out of the country. You may remember that’s what triggered Sami to go to the DiMansion the night Sami shot EJ. Kate’s occasional crumb of niceness toward Sami gives her a dimension rarely seen. According to the spoilers Sami is even going to allow Kate to, dare I say, babysit for her. Now that is something look forward too!

  61. From Shanon

    I don’t like the idea of EJ being John’s son. Brady and EJ as brothers? Can’t see any bonding ever going to take place there. EJ is a good son for Stefano and let’s leave it that way.
    The whole gambling website finale was abrupt, bizarre and borderline ridiculous. The fact that the kidnappers were tracked down so fast by GPS made me laugh. What’s with Bo and Hope allowing Austin to rush in and assist, yet wouldn’t let Rafe help. Yes I know Austin was there, but they could’ve told him to back off and leave it to police like they did with Rafe. Did anyone else catch Jack’s comment to Rafe about him being the police? Guess he didn’t get the memo that Rafe was fired.
    I just can’t warm up to Austin’s character. I found the whole scene with him asking Abigail to be his teacher absurd.

  62. From patty

    Shannon, I have to agree about the website finale.It was quite bizarre and it ended as fast as it started. I had to laugh at all the contantly ringing phones, texts and pics, yet nobody could be reached. The girls each got to have their hero to the rescue but as the couples reunited and hugged in town square, everyone is looking longingly at someone else. All those budding romances are a bit much in my opinion.

  63. From Guest

    Here is a challenge. How many characters from Days do not have an ornament for the Horton Christmas tree? Maybe they need two trees. One for current Horton connections, and the other for Horton used to be’s or Horton wanna be’s.
    Cougar 30 AMEN to all of that.
    Cougar 34 I agree that Kate’s 1982 inspired poncho/bath towel dress was truly hideous.

  64. From soleowner

    I could almost swear I remember Stephano dressed as Elvis coming in to a sleeping Susan and doing the deed and hence…Elvis John.
    A very confusing time at DOOL. Kristen, Susan and Sister?? a nun were tripletts!! Kristen was Tony’s wife. I can’t imagine a storyline twist putting Maggie as EJ “real” Mother. All that would be just going too far out!!!

  65. From Maryl

    At the time of EJ’s birth, I thought there was a possibility that John was actually the father. I could not figure who the real mother was. However, after the Colleen/Santo storyline, I pushed that thought aside for the reason that if EJ was John’s son, he would be part Brady and therefore kin to Sami. That would place their relationship in a very questionable position since they even have children together. So unless the writers have completely deleted the Brady/DiMera link in John’s birth, then I think there is a problem with EJ being John’s son?

  66. From SandyGram

    #63 soleowner
    Your memory is correct with one exception. Stefano dressed like the Elvis P. to make the drugged Susan think she had sex with the King. It was artificial insemination, but apparently based on the spoiler it will be John’s sperm that was in the Turkey baster thereby making EJ the off spring of John and Susan.

    #64 Maryl
    Isn’t this confusing. Gets back to ‘what a tangled web we weave’, but can the writers ever untangle this mess?

  67. From DaysFan

    #64 Maryl – Good point, Colleen is Johns mother and Shawn was her brother, so If EJ is Johns son then he and Sami are second cousins which is okay in some parts of the world but eew!

  68. From Shanon

    Did anyone feel sorry for Chad like I did when he came back to Horton Square after the kidnapping and everyone was hugging their families and he had nobody there? With Stefano being his father I’m surprised that he would not have known what was going on and had his men searching and seeking retribution. Whether Chad wants to be part of the family or not, he is still Stefano’s son and Stefano takes care of his own.
    I can’t understand either why Bo and Hope left Sonny at the warehouse alone when 4 others had already been kidnapped. I guess the writers’ aim was a happy ending and they got it, although ridiculous.
    If EJ is John’s son, does anyone want to guess how Stefano ended up with John’s sperm?

  69. From JiBi

    55 Mad – I know, they should not bring her back if it was not Eileen who play her. I have missed Eileen Davidson’s portrayal of Kristen since she departed DAYS in 1998. Not only was Davidson a terrific villainess, she was my favorite all-time bad girl on DAYS, when Stefano as return to Days of Our Lives, I was hopping Eileen Davidson/Kristen makes a return to Salem ”some day” to help run the DiMera empire?” But like I said before my dream is over, I guess I will nerver see her again in DOOL…

  70. From JiBi

    67 Shanon – ”If EJ is John’s son, does anyone want to guess how Stefano ended up with John’s sperm?” This is so funny…I have weird picture in my mind right now :)I Never though of that…

  71. From Randi

    Thanks SandyGram that’s a relief.

    YEs the new writers really do need to research leaving belle and shawn off the tree was a big bad move as was putting Victor’s New ball next to Mickey’s—poor writing.
    Marie you got it right!
    And please new writers tune & tone down Sami—she does not make this show but is potentially destroying it as it the Sami Brady walker dimera hernandez show and sorry Ali but the acting is going down hill fast—–is it possible that you have too much on your plate?

    Ej is tall just like john wowee huh. Maybe Tony will rise again and come back with Susun who is far from as stupid as protrayed the other day.

    YEAH BO TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH go BOPE! (just saw it!)

    And Austin Abs please do not go there
    And JEN/Dad are cousins don’t go to back to Kissin Incest

  72. From Maryl

    The writers are definitely messing with our minds! SandyGram, I always thought that Stefano had John’s sperm implanted in Susan but I find it a hard sell that he used Susan’s eggs. He wanted a “perfect child” and I don’t see Stefano accepting Susan as a candidate for the plan, unless he hoped to use this somehow to hurt John which is very possible with Stefano. I don’t know what the spoilers and rumor mill is trying to get us to believe, but all I know is that I’m getting totally confused about which one is what one and what one is who? (Ha!) I am really enjoying this sort of SL. It’s about time for us to have something to ponder about.

  73. From JiBi

    70 Randi – JEN/Dad are NOT cousins…. Maggie is not a Horton she was only maried to a Horton!

  74. From Kat

    The intent back then was…
    Kristin wanted to have a child with John, but couldn’t, so Stefano found a look-a-like, Susan, had her totally re-made to look and sound like Kristin…..
    She was to sleep with John, get prego, carry the child and then Kristin would pass it off as hers and John’s.
    Somehow Stefano got in the mix and pretended to be Elvis, had her implanted by doctors, and of course the whole scheme about Kristin/Susan did come out…
    So now, so many years later, who really is the Daddy, writers have their choice, the always leave the door open, just like with Sidney/Sami/Nicole and the Toothbrush used for DNA by Rafe….
    Who is the Mommy….???
    The writers can go either way some day….
    Fans, get ready, like it or not, Abby and Austin will become an item, just look at Gooddie Carrie, she has a thing for Rafe, wheter she knows it yet or not, it’s there, Austin, right now has more of a protective thing for Abby, after all, he saved her life when she was a Baby, and he feels close… However, him watching Carrie and Rafe, …… sooner or later he will see Abby in a whole new light, A Woman.. Abby is 23, Austin 43,…
    And surprise, surprise, this is a Soap, in case anybody forgot, that’s what happenens on Soap for LOL… get used to it, like it or not.
    Victor married Nicole, Kate, all women so much younger than him…
    Dr. Dan did dance around with Chelsea, and people ended up accepting that, until Kate and him got drunk and did the Rumba…
    I am beginning to think that Maggie/EJ will not happen, to much…
    But Stefano, if the John thing is a fact, KNOWS it of course…
    and is going to do all he can to keep the secret protected.
    I hope the writers will NOT INSULT US, and pretend the Santos/Colleen, John/Ryan being their son, Never happened. I for one would find that a really stupid thing to do. What else have we, or are we watching, and in a year or two, it never happened… Give me a break, that would make the writers just ……
    I mean this was a whole story in Ireland, with half the cast of characters there participating, Shawn died on the way back, or didn’t he die, if Ireland and Colleen (Shirley Jones) never happened..??????????????????????
    All of the fans should be outraged, if the writers are ignoring the Irland Story, what’s next.
    That’s also, where Bo got really sick, which led to Dr. Dan coming to town, to save him. It all goes together.
    I think somebody should have let Stefano know about Chad, he is the boys father, no matter what.
    But Stefano’s time on screen I guess has been cut.
    Victor’s ball next to Mickey, instead of Maggie, stupid…
    and of course my main beef, NO JJ Ball with Jack/Jenn/Abby, the worst,
    and of course Bo/Hope/Ciara, and not hanging Shawn D’s/Belle’s and Claire’s ball, bad writing I agree.
    Chad and Mel of course will happen, and then Abby will really go after Austin, she is smitten bad… and it happens,…in life.
    Of course Carrie will be very “helpful” by hanging around with Rafe every chance she gets…
    Now Gaby, who will she find…Lucas, it happens, mature guy, good looking young girl, …
    and Remember, We all signed up for a Soap…… so live with it,
    complain about the story lines, but know what you are watching, over the top, outrageous, crazy, sometimes almost the unbelieveable, that’s what makes it so much fun, at least for Me…

  75. From Janiebell

    Jack will win Jenn back.{Doesn’t he always?} Daniel will not inherriet Maggie’s illness and if he does,Victor will set Danielup as CEO of one of the Titan offices; but what will happen when Maggie and Daniel find out Victor played a part in Maggie’s eggs getting switched and knew all along that Daniel was Maggie’s son?

  76. From lloyd

    Ok-if I remember correctly-isn’t John Stephano’s 1/2 brother? So, now we want E.J. (his 1/2 nephew) to be his son too? And Maggie will be E.J.’s mother? I can see where the incest concern is coming from. Please don’t let Jennifer pick Jack. She outgrew that toxic guy months ago.

  77. From patsy

    Presonly I could care less who that put James/EJ with they ruined his charater three year the first go around with the townslut nicole to hurt Sami .he has to get a lowlife like himself because a respectable wouldn,t want the likes of him as a husband .Nicole has no morals either liveing with a man who cause her mother to get killed AND they say Sami is dumb I think they should take another look at these two charaters and quit going by just their looks . ANOTHER THINg to me SEEMS LIKE jAMES /ej IS TRYING TOO HARD TO MAKE US THINK HE ISin love with Nicole MUCH HE WANTS TO WORK WITH Ari/NICOLE its not comeing across in the scenes , its too forced . please keep Sami away from EJ AND nICOLE deserve each other they are both lowlifes

  78. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Daytime Royalty, SOD/SOW 12/20 Issue: John/Marlena & Stefano/EJ

    Quote: “EJ and Stefano present John and Marlena with a shocking proposal: If John is willing to sell them Basic Black, EJ will agree to drop the civil suit against him. “John has always suspected that Stefano was behind setting him up,” notes Hogestyn. “Now, he and EJ come to John and say they want to buy Basic Black, and that if John sells the company to them, the missing money will mysteriously re-appear. Stefano will pay off all the people who lost their pension funds and all the people who invested in Basic Black, and then EJ will slide into being elected mayor. It’s all too transparent.”

    Marlena is outraged by Stefano’s shameless blackmail attempt and implores him to promptly return the missing funds. With a sly smile, Stefano claims he doesn’t know what Marlena is talking about. Stefano then informs John that he has 24 hours to consider the offer, but John doesn’t need that long and provides them with an answer.”

    Wow….I thought EJ did the whole pension fund stealing on his own. Now the writers are either confused as to what was said in an earlier episode, or Stefano has been behind it as suspected by many. If Stefano has been behind it all along, once again it goes to show that Elvis can’t make a move with out PaPa! And, I’m surprised EJ/Stefano would even offer to buy Basic Black. With John’s freedom on the line, it would be more like them to just take it in exchange for returning the funds and setting John free. Then it will be interesting to see how EJ/Stefano explain to the good citizens of Salem how the money was returned. Will John still appear to be guilty and they out of the goodness of their black hearts are covering the losses. It will obviously be written in EJ’s favor to ingratiate him to the good folks of Salem resulting in him becoming Mayor. Now this is a Dad and Grandfather Johnny and Sydney can be really proud of……….

  79. From Travis

    In response to the following quote by MAB:

    “And what about Gabi? Is she also gonna have the hots for him too? Why do we have to have 3 girls piled on one guy? Either bring some new guys in, or stop making all the eligible young men gay.”

    “Stop making all the eligible young men gay”? Isn’t that a great exaggeration on your part? How many gay male protagonists have been on “Days” in the past forty-six years? If I’m not mistaken, Sonny is the first and he will certainly not be the last. Not unlike Los Angeles, Salem is also a city not devoid of gay men and they’re finally beginning to be represented.


  80. From gerri

    so agree with your remarks about EJ,about the time I think he might decide,to live a somewhat decent life(for his children,if for no other reason)he becomes even worst than ever.framing John Is one thing,but in doing so,destroys all these other lives,by stealing their savings,and retirement..
    It Is way past time for him to Pay.
    and He thinks,that becoming Mayor and getting the money back will qualify him,for father of the year.

    Sandy Gram right on,with your last sentence in blog#76

  81. From Kat

    Patsy, In my mind, Sami is no better than Nicole, they both have soooooooooooo much dirt on their stick,
    so whoever EJ ends up with, one is not better than the other,
    Nicole tried to kill Vic, but Sami tried to kill EJ…
    But thats what we have on this soap, they are all such flawed people, been around the block, soooo many times, there are No Virgins left in that crowd…
    Why are so many again and again surprised by Stefano/EJ, Isn’t it clear by now, who the Bad and the Not so Bad Are…. LOL
    There is No White left in Salem, black and grey, that’s it….

  82. From jam

    As for the parentage of EJ…
    Stefano wanted the perfect child and John was his mercenary, Horton blood could possibly be the next best thing or possibly his Queen of the Night.
    It leaves three options to me:
    1) an obvious Maggie that the writers have left open with the whole Daniel storyline we have going.
    2) Marlena has always been the object of Stefano’s affection and Lord knows there have been many times her character has been taken and this could have been possible
    3) Why use Hope to unravel this mystery? This is a long-shot, but remember there was a time Hope’s character was missing off the show as well and her time as was it “Princess Gina”. When does this all fit in with the Suasan storyline. I know that EJ’s character is much older now, but they have aged the character. Is this why Mrs. H was involved?

    Food for thought!

  83. From SandyGram

    December 9th Show Review:
    OK the gambling thugs are caught but, is this story line really over? Is this all there was to it? Did those two goons operate on their own or were they working for someone else? They didn’t seem smart enough to be running this gig solo! And it’s the kind of story line that could have long reaching tentacles.

    It looked like Gabi took on the role of stabilizing force in this episode. While Abby went from thinking about Austin to worrying about Chad; and Will under stress to get the website up and trying to give Gabi space; and Sonny with which way did they go, which way did they go; little, by the way beautiful, Gabi held it together for the team.

    The scene at the Town Center with Austin talking to Carrie about her safety; eye balling Carrie rubbing Rafe’s shoulders; and Austin woopin’ on the goon, this is the best I’ve seen him since he returned.
    I hate to see Mel, Gabi and Abby ruin their friendship over these guys. As Mel said ‘she doesn’t do very well with friendships’ and she doesn’t want to hurt Abby. And Gabi and Abby with their big eyes but for the wrong guys and their ‘Oh he saved me”, both I think are headed for a rude awakening.

    And finally to my pet peeve! Get Chad a hair cut or just get that stringy look off his forehead and out of his eyes. He went from an attractive young college man to a scraggly dude.

  84. From jam

    Not sure my previous comment went through so I will try again.
    It related to the parentage of EJ…
    It seems many are thinking the father could end up being John since he was Stafano’s mercenary. Stefano was out to create a perfect child and wanted a child quickly for Kristen.
    This leaves speculations about the mother. It is thought that Stafano would want a perfect child and Susan would not provide this, just the person to carry it. I figured he had three choices:
    1) Maggie – the one the writers are offering…goes along with the Daniel story right now, but might be a bit much.
    2) His Queen of the Night, Marlena – she has gone missing several times, but of course Marlena can’t be a choice because then Sami and EJ would be brother and sister…
    3)then there is my third idea which may be a bit far fetched…but what hasn’t been on this show at times? Why has Mrs. H been leaving these clues for Hope to follow? Could the clues be there because Hope is the only remaining choice? There was a period of time when Hope was missing and also a time when she was not herself. During her time as “Princess Gina” (think I have this right) she had a thing for John…did Stafano put together the Dimera and Horton lineage???

    Just a thought…it seems very strange to me that they have been bringing up Zach so much and the loss of a child. Then Hope is looking into the mystery of this new child that no one knows the history of???

    Any thoughts???

  85. From LadyLumps

    Soooo busy this time of year I hardly have time to post anymore. At least my semester is over, finally. Now to get through Christmas! LOL
    If John is EJ’s father this is going to be one truly twisted & tangled storyline. I’m already confused!
    Kat, I also noticed that Victor’s ball was hung next to Mickey’s and I said out loud “why?”. It should have been Maggie in the middle of the two husbands, like a Maggie sandwich, hee hee.
    I love where they are going with the Will character. He is really showing some depth as an actor and I can see him going far. Maybe we will see him on primetime someday.
    The gambling website story was kinda strange. It happened so fast and was just a bit far-fetched if you ask me. Hard to swallow that some gamblers would resort to murdering a bunch of college students, dumb storyline.
    John sure is doing an awful lot of sit-ups and crunches for someone who rolled into town in a wheelchair just a few weeks ago.
    I liked seeing Chad & Melanie together, they have great chemistry. Abby and Justin, blech, don’t like it. Gabby, I wonder if they will bring in a new character for her. Maybe JJ or Joey will be SORAS’d and we’ll finally get to see them.

  86. From Clear

    Hi all! Enjoyed reading blogs. Been really busy here.
    I cannot believe Sami will be stupid and trust Kate the snake!
    EJ had dad’s approval on his frame. The phoenix knows all!
    I do not want to go down the doc Dan is sick with MG road! He could still practice medicine and have Jenn. I am beginning to really dislike her wishy way attitude and I still say–Hit the road, Jack!

  87. From SandyGram

    Hey LadyLumps and Clear…nice to see you! You are so right about being busy, today is Cookie baking and Candy making day for one set of grandkids and my brother and sister, niece and 2 nephews in northern California. Then yesterday my daughter-in-law went into the Hospital for heart test. Right this minute she’s having the dye treatment to see if there are blockages and if the answer is yes the doctors will take her to surgery immediately. She had a triple by-pass in 2008, but she’s not very good at taking care of herself….for her the kids always come first. And she sure doesn’t listen to her mother-in-law or mother.

    Since I’m nocturnal I write a lot of my comments and reviews in the early morning and then just copy and paste through out the day. Sometimes it may look like I do nothing but post about Days, but I do have plenty of other things going on also especially this time of year. Well back to the Cookies….Ho….Ho….Ho!

  88. From gerri

    Yes Christmas time Is busy,busy.
    Tommorow Is my annual cookie and candy making day,with daughters and my 2 granddaughters.Is always so much fun,we have Christmas music,playing and order Pizza Delivery.and make lot’s of goodies.

    will share a quick easy” 2 ingredients” recipe.
    for (1) batch.
    1 bag of white chocolate chips(sweet).”11 0z Ghirardelli” is what I use….
    1 Cup of chopped pecans.

    Pour chocolate chips In a microwavable bowl,for 40 seconds,
    remove and stir,put back in microwave,and repeat for 40 seconds,repeat a 3rd time,remove and stir In pecans.
    pour into 8×8 pan that has been sprayed with Pam.
    after about 2 hrs,you can cut or break apart like Brittle(which Is what I do)
    I always make a double batch,and pour Into a 9×11 pan….this candy Is yum,yum,yum.

    anyone of you,that has a recipe,you’d like to share,I would love to try!!!!

    Kat,would esp love one of your German Recipes!!!

  89. From gerri

    Sandy Gram,
    hope everything turns out good,for your daughter-In law.
    Keep us posted………

  90. From patsy

    78 Kat your are right in some ways Sami IS as bad AS Nicole BUT IN SOME WAYS she a heck of a lot better At lest Sami hasnt made a liveing on her back like Nicole has done and is still doing .Nicole thinks sex is love that probable the reason Brady would never marry her is because of her reperation And have you notised that EJ is so busy getting iinto Nicoles pants hes forgotten is Children ,But that ok because hes EJ AND EJ AND nICOLE CAN DO NO WRONG i STILL DONT SEE why THEY HAD TO COMPLETE RUIN ALISONS CHARATER SAMI JUST SO EJandNicole could be together .Are they trying to get rid of Alisons Charater ?????

  91. From SandyGram

    #84 Gerri
    Daughter-In-Law is back in her hospital room. The doctors found no major blockages, but they did do one angioplasty, put a ballon in her artery to open it up. She will probably stay in the hospital 1 or 2 days then go home. So that means tomorrow with the grandkids is canceled until she is feeling better. But all the baking and cooking will not go to waste my niece and nephews and siblings are anxiously awaiting their Holiday Box of Goodies. Thanks for asking for an update!

  92. From jam

    trying again to post…has not worked yet
    John as EJ’s Dad? Does create some problems with the family line for EJ and Sami with the kids, but my queston still lies with the story about the mother.
    It seems the writers have lead us to believe an option that the leads are going to point to EJ being another child of Maggie’s…could this be?
    then I thought, who else could it be. Stefano would only want the best.
    THis leads to two possibilities.
    Marlena, his “Queen of the Night”…can’t be. If the writer’s did that, then we would really have a problem with EJ and Sami with Marlena being the mother on both sides.
    This brings me to why Hope is the one doing the investigation. Is it because it all will lead to Aunt Maggie or is it because Mrs. H found out Stefano did something with her sweet Hope and she was trying to figure it all out. Hope went missing for a while (this was during the Tuscano years and would allow time for all of this to occur???). Horton blood would meet the criteria for Stefano’s perfect child. Just seems strange that Hope is the main person working on this mystery…why isn’t Daniel or someone else investigating? I know it all started because of the bank records but more people have become involved.
    Just a thought…

  93. From Clear

    Glad to hear good news about health. Gerri, chocolate and pecans are now on my list to get! Thanks!

    Sami will bounce back, but there will probably still be repercussions for her turn on the sofa.
    I’m thinking somehow Kate the snake will find out and try blackmail?

    When I saw Nicole in her tiny red suit it made me think of her old stage name–Misty Circle!

  94. From Paula

    Previous post (sorry..neglected to see who posted it and now I can’t find it)
    “According to an insider, it will soon be revealed that EJ is John’s son. Stefano had stolen John’s sperm and injected it into Susan Banks all those years ago, and then raised EJ as his own, as the ultimate revenge on John. Susan Banks will admit this soon, once she returns to Salem.”

    This is too funny! Just imagine…if this turns out to be true…then Sami has 2 children with her step brother!! LOL..gotta love it!

  95. From gerri

    Sandy Gram,
    Glad to hear,reults of your daughter-In law’s Heart Cath,
    tho not perfect,wasn’t the worst,that It could have been.
    It’s never a good time,to get sick,
    but esp during holiday time.

  96. From Kat

    85 patsy,
    Well, Nicole has been with Victor and EJ, Married to them, and of course back and forth with Brady…

    Sami has been with
    Lucas/Austin/EJ/Rafe, married to them,
    and Brandon/Franco and again with EJ…
    They both have been on their backs a lot.
    The way she got Austin, well the first time she had to “Rape” him…
    I agree with you, both of them are not lilly white,
    If you made a list of all their lifes doings, wonder who would be the winner.
    As for Misty Circle, we all on Here know, what her father did to her, so please lets give Nicole a break once and for all.
    As for the outfit, EJ is still her husband, so it is perfectly ok for her to tease him a bit, married people do that I heard somewhere….LOL
    Oh, I forgot Eric with Nicole, forgot did they have a sexual relationship???
    I agree, that EJ should be more into his children, by the way, does he have Visitation Rights ?????
    EJ and Nicole do plenty of wrong, and so do others, I see it, I know it, but it is also the ongoing Saga of a Story, I never have excused anybody’s misdeeds period,
    however I know that I am not watching the WALTON’S, I am watching a soap, and all those ingredients are needed to make it good, and keep us interested…
    SandyGram, hope all goes well with your daughter-in-law

  97. From SandyGrams

    Excerpt of Article from Daytime Royalty, SOW: Abigail and Melanie Feel Tension Over Chad; 12/20 Issue:

    Quote: “Things come to a head at Quinn’s spa, where Melanie and Gabi are working and Abigail and Chad are visiting. Melanie and Chad exchange awkward glances and try to cover their feelings for each other. Casey Deidrick voices, “Since Melanie and Chad went through this traumatic experience of being held hostage, they now have this experience in common that they can’t share with anybody else. Chad and Melanie can’t forget about what happened between them. They kissed. It happened for a reason and it’s what they’re both thinking about.”

    So Melanie and Gabi are working at Quinn’s Spa….I posted this would happen, but I thought it would only be Gabi. Why does Melanie need to work at the Spa, isn’t she a nurse any longer and what about going for her Physician’s Assistants degree? And, although Mel doesn’t care for Chloe, what about what Quinn did to Chloe, or is this just another past story were suppose to forget to make a new story line for Quinn to work?

  98. From Kat

    SandyGram, good point about Melanie and working at the spa…
    She got 5 Million from Phil, plus she gets monthly support from him,
    she works as a Nurse, does she Need to have this job, that maybe somebody else out there, could Really use… not good writing….
    And yes, not to forget what Quinn did to Chloe.
    I have No problem with writers and Artistic Freedom, but please Do Not change absolute facts, that we all know about and saw.
    I expect a little bit More Smarts from the writers, when they somehow want to get around something that they wrote before, and now wish they had Not, but please don’t Dummy Down the viewer, find a more smart/intellegent way to do it, don’t treat us like Idiots, LOL.

    Love is a strange thing, and for Chad and Mel, well looks like it is happening, but better Now, then maybe after Chad and Abby might have gotten totally serious or married.
    Are Chad and Abby in a sexual relationship right now, I mean all the complaining Gaby has done, that is not getting anymore from Will, so what about Abby and Chad?????????????????????????????
    Never heard Abby tell Gaby, Hey don’t worry about sex so much, Chad and I are not doing It either…????????????????????!!!!!!!!!
    Agree with the person that mentioned about John, from Wheelchair to Super work outs,,, healthy people could not keep up with what he is showing off in Jail..

  99. From Rihard

    I said years ago that EJ was John’s son. In 1997 Stefano impregnated Susan with an embryo and stated that she would never know who the father was. Stefano and Lexie’s mother kept John captive before he came to Salem as Roman Brady. Stefano has never fathered anyone. Lexie was a Jones, Tony was not his, Blakes were adopted, Bengy was a Hawk and I believe that he knows where Zack is and that he is still alive.

  100. From bebe5caterina

    Where and how did Stefano get John’s sperm??!!

  101. From patty

    @ # 9, he locked John in a room with a dirty magazine and a little jar?

  102. From patty

    Sorry # 93

  103. From rose castillo


  104. From Debbie

    #99 Rihard, you said that Stefano never fathered anyone. Back in the 80s there was a character named Megan Hathaway (who was later revealed to have had the real last name of DiMera) who tried to kill Hope because she was in love with Bo. Wasn’t Megan Stefano’s real daughter? I’m foggy on the details of her whole storyline so if anyone remembers her, please fill me in.

  105. From Lissa

    @patsy- you don’t have to scream at me about it… I have nothing to prove as this is NOT the EJ/ Sami show. I’m also not saying I couldn’t begin liking them together again at some point as a couple again. Any couple could turn boring depending on the writers as they have all the control and we’ve seen them make bad storylines in the past(much like the way they’ve corrupted the whole Sami/ EJ relationship from the beginning. I loved their friendship when he first came to Salem and hated the dark cloud they cast on them from that moment in the car when it was about emotional blackmail sex to conceive Johnny in order to save Lucas. I was so dumbfounded by how they did that in the first place. They were tarnishing on that match way before Nicole even came into picture so it’s not all about Nicole ruining it, it’s the writing. I think they just want to keep the drama up on it. I admit that whole Santo/ Colleen love story surrounding Sami and EJ was very passionate and character building to their pairing, I also was disappointed it only led up to the conception of Sydney only to be torn apart again. Since then so much has happened between them and I can remember a point where EJ throwing his kids in the middle was getting old almost obsessive. I would think why can’t he just co-parent in a healthy way instead of always trying to take his children’s mother away from them. One of the more recent favorite scenes of Sami and EJ when they were romantically involved was when they were getting married right before Rafe barged in revealing EJ’s involvement in Sydney’s kidnapping. I loved her loyalty to EJ in the moments leading up to the reveal. Of course he deserved to get found out but that is just the nature of this show. He did all that to punish her until he realized he did love her. It’s always act out, think later stuff. Then they had her shoot him and it just goes over the top but that happens in Salem, they could pick up the pieces. So while I am not rooting for Sami/ EJ right now, I could warm up to it again over time given the right circumstances but this last tryst while Johnny was missing didn’t do it for me. Otherwise I’m not entirely convinced about Rafe being a great match for her(they are more boring for sure), with the news Lucas may return in February opens the door for another Sami pairing I’ve cared about in the past too. I am convinced Sami and EJ have chemistry, but am also convinced Nicole is a suitable match for him as well and right now I’m liking their pairing for the time being more so than him with Sami. I don’t disregard your opinion, I just think in the big picture the sabotage of EJ/ Sami is bigger than just Nicole. It’s to keep the pot boiling to keep pitting characters against eachother to keep us viewers passionate about the storylines and wanting them to go a certain way… then they pull the rug out from under us. If EJ and Madison were to hook up wonder how that would go? Something like that could happen down the road too. Just never know.

  106. From SandyGrams

    It’s offical Lisa Rinna will be coming back as Billie. Here is an excerpt from an article in the Hollywood Reporter:

    Quote: “While details of her story arc are being kept under wraps, network officials confirm that she will share “explosive” scenes with on-screen mother Kate (Lauren Koslow) and her former flame, Bo (Peter Reckell).”

    I’m like the scene’s with mother Kate. In fact I hope she takes Countess Wilhelmina from her and brings Chelsea back to help her run the company and bring Max back with her of course.

    I’m not liking her having scene’s with former flame, Bo!!! Nope not liking this at all! Although I think Bo and Hope are strong enough now to ward off any attempt Billie may have in getting back with Bo.

  107. From Kat

    Bring Back More Horton’s….
    Dr. Bill/ his son Dr. Mike, Mike’s son Jeffrey and all their families…
    Even Laura, is she with Bill or not,
    get the Horton foundation of a family back, after all do some justice to the Horton Square….LOL
    What ever happened to Sandy Horton, Dr. Tom’s – the older Horton son -,, does she have son’s and daughters that are Horton’s.
    Marie Horton could be brought back in some good compacity, why not,
    instead of all the want to be Horton’s, Vic’s Ball hanging on the Horton tree, give me a break, but real Horton’s Not….
    Where is JJ’s Ball…… please writers…. I know, but this is an ongoing feud I will have with the writers, so stupid… no intellegence…
    The Hortons are the root of the whole show,
    their Kids, Tom Jr. Marie, Micky, Bill and Addie, should be the ongoing foundation, even if some of them are dead, they had families.
    Whatever happened to Julie’s son David, or her brother, was it Steven (?), I know Steven Schnetzer, Kass from AW played him at one time…., does he have family.??
    Dr. Bill of course Had Dr. Mike, Jennifer and Lucas…. all big time Horton’s, bring them on.
    So what’s next, Chad is not Stefano’s bio Son, they had a DNA test done….
    EJ was always supposed to be John’s baby with Kristin, only Kristin could Not have children, so Susan/Kristin look a like, was supposed to carry the baby and then Kristin was going to pass it off as hers and John’s.
    I am truly getting a bit tired of all the stuff, re-writes of history, not knowing where they want to go, but whatever, such is life, on and off the soap….

  108. From Debbie

    I snickered out loud today during EJ’s speech. What was with the crazy camera angles and EXTREME closeups of his face??? And there was no real “audience”, just the canned applause. I guess it was too expensive to corral a few extras to make it look ‘somewhat’ real. What a goof.

  109. From SandyGram

    December 12th Show Review:

    Madison is on slow motion, the fire seems to be gone from her belly. And why would she let Sami take what appears to be such an important meeting by her self?

    But our Samantha Gene on the other hand is running on high octane. Now that she’s got Madison to back down with her back talk, she’s in a go go go mood. I did love the scene’s with Sami, Kate and the kids. But becareful Sami I’m sure Kate is only playing you. One to work it out so Stefano can see the kids and two to get what she can out of you about Mad World Cosmetics.

    For me, I think EJ was a little concerned how Nicole got the businesses to contribute to the Childrens Playground,etc. It kind of caught his eye when Abe said his plan was to include everyone in town so it was a community project.

  110. From Guest

    Sorry to our American friends, but Tuesday’s episode is soooo boring it couldn’t end fast enough. I enjoy almost every storyline, but today was almost painful to watch. It will be a good day to go shopping, or do almost anything but watch days.

  111. From Mopy

    Guest is absolutely right. Don’t even bother watching Tuesday’s show. It’s a snoozefest, and the only thing that happens is that Jen/Dan reach a relationship settlement. Nothing exciting about it, either. Just a bunch of yaking. Even more of reason not to watch: Another lame-ass Doc and John strawberries and whipped cream session. That ritual was cute the first time they did it, maybe the second. I just can’t stomach it any more, there’s something a bit… I don’t know how to describe it… not quite perverted, but something along those lines.

  112. From patty

    Guest # 110, I disagree, I thought Brady and Madison really heated up the screen today. Jen and Dan breaking up was very sad and I though those scenes were heartfelt. The boring part(and ridiculous) was John and Marlena doing the strawberry and whipped cream thing through prison bars. lol!

  113. From SandyGram

    #112 Patty
    Strawberries and cream through prison bars? Didn’t I read somewhere John’s current guard was a good guy and he let Marlena into John’s cell for their little picnic? If this picnic happens between the bars no wonder it’s not romantic.

  114. From patty

    Yes, SandyGram, through the prison bars, I kid you not.
    Mopy ,the word you must be looking for is GROSS! I always skip through the strawberry/whipped cream scenes. Who wants to see people chewing each others food. Blech!!!

  115. From SandyGram

    #114 Patty
    Oh My! Chewing each others food especially through prison bars where a whole lot a other prisoners have leaned against, touched, no telling what else.

    According to the Days Cafe spoilers it looks like December 30th is Will’s ‘trying to come out’ day’. No other details other than it doesn’t work well for him.

  116. From patsy

    whats wrong was I getting too close to the truth

  117. From Kat

    116 patsy, with all respect, but What Truth are you talking about???

    Have not seen today’s show, but please not Strawberries and Cream through the cell bars,
    hope she is not having one of those walking orgasms right there and then, letting out her Big Sighs, Help, to much, … I wonder, who is it that over and over wants those Strawberries in the show, those darn Berries must have a contract by now, taking away good airtime from Stefano or somebody else I rather see, than the comedy act of Berries & Cream.

  118. From Randi

    Wouldn’t it be fun if EJ found out that JOGN not Stephano was his dad and that he framed his own DAD!

    Yes I would to see the truth come out as a Holiday present!!!!!

    Dan and Jen not by blood but he still creeps me out. His acting is in kissing other than that—eh. And yes for those who don’t like Jack rewind about 20 years. Oh and since many of us can remember the history maybe together we can teach it to the new writers!

  119. From Mopy

    LOL! I knew I was forgetting something. Madison and Brady completely escaped my memory. That’s how exciting they were to me.

    To be fair, I don’t find Madison believable as a human, therefore, I’m not invested in any storyline or scenes to do with her. She started off being a strong business woman. But, she has quickly turned into a unfocused and spineless lapdog, abandoning her convictions at the drop of the hat (the hat being anything Brady says or does). We’ve seen this type of woman time and time again, and who the heck needs another? She’s fast proving herself to be a sloppy boss and business owner, to boot.

    So, did I think Brady and her sparked the screen? Nah. Just another couple thrown together too quickly and forced down our throats, even at the sacrifice of character stabilization. But, that’s what the writers seem to fervently attempt to do anymore: Sacrifice character consistency for fast sex. Not hawt. Boring and, by now, predictable.

  120. From SandyGram

    From there is a terrific Interview with Matthew Ashford (Jack). The articles to long to insert here, when you get to the site click on Interviews.

    The articles provides details of how Marlena will help Jack with his PTSD and really gets into Jack’s feeling of being unworthy compared to the military men and women who suffer from PTSD. It’s a great insight into this character.

  121. From SandyGram

    PS: You can find the Soap Town USA Interview with Matthew Ashford on Daytime Royalty also.

  122. From SandyGram

    From Daytime Royalty…SOD New Contract Role:

    Quote: “DAYS is casting Jeremy, a 25-to-28-year-old contract African American male. Jeremy (whose name will likely change in light of the role Trevor Donovan played) is described as a gorgeous medical resident, “charming, charismatic and appealing to women. He is strong, masculine and soulful. He has seen pain in his life that has made him very hesitant to trust and fall in love.” Look for this newcomer to have some interesting family ties.”

    This must be the young man Lexie gets mixed up with from what we’ve read in other spoilers.

  123. From SandyGram

    December 13th Show Review:
    All Marlena needed was a hooded red cap….then little Red Riding Hood could go visit the Big Bad Wolfe Stefano. John sure got excited when that little tid bit came out. Just what does she think she could get out of the Stefster? The picnic and dinner on the jail floor was kind of charming. And the strawberries and cream, even through the dirty cell bars, was kind of cute.

    Now Brady and Madison…coulda, woulda, shoulda, finally she took those ugly bobby pins out of her hair. Isn’t if funny what parts of the show tend to aggravate a viewer and those bobby pins where really causing me some angst. The big question here is how long will it last with her mystery caller due into Salem in February.

    Daniel and Jenn: He’s seen the light or has he. He couldn’t untie the knot in Jenn’s skate’s with his shaking hand…could this also be an influence in why Daniel broke up with Jenn thinking he has now inherited Maggie’s Myasthenia Gravis. Like I mentioned in a previous posting, when he leaves town he will probably be gone long enough to have an experimental treatment and return all healed, that is after there is budget to have him return. And Jennifer for the past couple of weeks has mentioned multiple times how Daniel saved her life…the writers must want us to think this is the main reason she is in love with Daniel. Now we can wait for the answer to the question ‘is Daniel’s leaving enough for Jenn to return to Jack?’

  124. From SandyGrams

    OOPs forgot one comment. Now Marlena will be working at Salem University. That makes Austin, Jack and Marlena, who’s next?

  125. From SandyGram

    OOPs forgot one comment. Now Marlena will be working at Salem University. That makes Austin, Jack and Marlena, who’s next?

  126. From Richard

    John is also a Dimera and Stefano and Celeste have always had him captive. John carries Dimera and Brady blood, so maybe that’s the reason that Stefano wants his kids to mate with Bradys, so that he can claim them as his own. With the help of Dr Rolf, Stefano was able to duplicate/clone anyone and have them serve him. He manipulates test results and steals eggs. You never see him in bed with anyone.

  127. From Richard

    Question: Am I the only one who find it strange that Stefano never fathered any children with Kate(his hooker), Marlena(he cloned her several times and she remembered carrying the twins Rex and Cassie, that turned out to be the kids of Kate/Roman), his ex wife(the mother of Tony), Gina/Hope(Zack) and ex wife Vivian Alamain(who carried Philip). These women have their own children, but no Dimeras.

  128. From patsy

    I,ll try again 117 Kat Iwas not refureing to you or any of the otherts who writes comments .I was refureing to the ones in charge of the commetts If I have said anything to make anyone mad or hurt their feelings I am truely sorry Hope every one has a Merry Christmas AND New year God Bless

  129. From Kat

    126 patsy,
    I was not mad or hurt, I was just curious as to what you had meant…. that’s all.
    You also have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
    and send us more blogs….

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