Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 29 & 30.

The year ends, but that can’t be said for anyone’s problems.

Reeling from Marlena’s confession that he owes Stefano for his freedom, John rushes over to Casa DiMera to confront his old master. He whips out a gun on the bearded one and gets threatening. “Do what you’ve dreamed about for years,” Stefano challenges his half-brother. John’s tempted. Stefano offers him the chance to finally end their feud so they can move on.

Back at the penthouse, Marlena has someone other than her husband to worry about. When a distraught Will drops by, he offers her some distraction. She tries to head shrink him and he doesn’t like it. “Please stop trying to figure me out. I’m your grandson and I’m fine!” he insists. She can see that’s clearly wrong. Even Sami knows there is something seriously upsetting her son and starts to fear that he might know all about how she and EJ played the game of twenty toes on Casa DiMera’s sex couch. Little does she know that Elvis actually knows more about what’s going on in Will’s mind than she does.

Daniel continues to stumble around town dazed and confused about what to do with his tremors. He winds up turning to someone unexpected for help while his daughter is busy trying to control her throbbing libido. Mel does her best not to tell Abby how she feels about Chad, even while her friend continues to gush about the other man she has the hots for. Unfortunately for Abby, her desires for a romantic New Year’s Eve go unfulfilled.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Once again John is acknowledged as Stefano’s half brother. So glad to see the writers didn’t pull the rug out from under us fans.

    This must be where Daniel turns to Kate (seen in other spoilers)to help with his tremors condition. Since she doesn’t have any medical experience just what kind of help could she provide? If he needs someone to talk to he has loads of folks he could turn too! Let’s hope it’s not leading up to another bad decision that becomes a secret…after all they were once lovers.

  2. From Janiebell

    Hasn’t Kate been a “misstress” or “lust interest for most of the men in Salem and beyond”?

  3. From SandyGram

    #2 Janiebell
    Yep Kate is a long time vixen:

    Daniel Jonas (lovers)
    Stefano DiMera (lovers)
    E.J. DiMera (lovers)
    Stefano DiMera (married)
    Roman Brady (lovers; engaged; divorced)
    John Black (lovers; engaged)
    Victor Kiriakis (lovers; engaged; invalid marriage)
    Vincent Moroni (deceased)
    Nicholas Alamain (lovers)
    Dr. William Horton (affair; one son)
    Martino Vitali (lovers while a prostitute)

  4. From Kat

    In answer to the question,
    of course EJ sees Will kissing a Man, dah…
    SandyG. as always you know your homework, great job of helping out all the fans that do not have a long history with the show. It helps, even me, I have forgotten things from the past….

    By the time,Sami is Kate’s age, who knows how many man she can claim to have been with.
    Of course, Kate was a Hooker, and we Are Not counting all the customers, LOL.
    I remember however, that Kate seemed to be truly in love with Victor, until Vivian nixed that one, then again, things went downhill for her….
    She pulled herself up after Curtis Reed, then of course she had Lucas out of wedlock/Bill Horton/Married/
    then came the HookerYears, then she became a successful Businesswoman and found Victor….
    then of course the rest is history.
    I think she always tried, but curveballs always came her way, and she turned bitter….
    But let’s face it, She had Salem’s “Best”, got every man she ever wanted, but until Stefano, I think none of them ever truly loved her the way Stefano does now,
    And She Knows it….. and she loves him back, it shows, and Love the StoryLine betweent the two of them very much.

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