Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 8 & 9.

Rescue mission.

It turns out that shutting down the website only made things worse for Salem’s young entrepreneurs. The illegal gambling crew who had hijacked them is angry that they’ve been made cyber homeless and crawl out of the woodwork to nab Chad. They mistake Mel for his girlfriend and nab her as well. Chad attempts to free her and fails. “Try being the hero again and your girlfriend gets it,” some thug says as he holds a gun on them before dragging them off to captivity.

Over at the Salem PD, Bo and Hope take a break from decorating trees and illegally harassing people with unauthorized investigations when they hear a crime might be going down. “There’s something big going on at Salem U,” the Rafe tells the cops. “They’re trying to kill us that’s what’s going on,” Artie says at the pub as he freaks out to Will and Sonny. The cops putter off to investigate, leaving Sonny, Will, and Abigail to discuss dealing with this problem themselves.

After hearing that the Salem PD are investigating a crime that could implicate their friends and loved ones, Jack and Daniel decide that they better wade in and deal with things themselves. This leads to the rivals collaborating and finding a new respect for one another. Austin also throws himself into the rescue plans and this adds to his growing stature in the eyes of Abby. As she is groping him with her eyeballs, captivity is pulling Chad and Mel even closer together. And while her son is in the middle of this chaos, Sami tweaks to the fact that he may have witnessed her carnal contortions with EJ.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Like I said before when this was just a spoiler…it looks like the ‘ gambling tugs’ either don’t know Chad is a DiMera; the DiMera/Kiriakis names doesn’t scare them; or a DiMera is behind the gambling gig.

    Now Sami is foolish enough to send out a tweak to EJ on Will see their tryst. It’s like when you put a picture on the internet no matter how you try to remove it, the picture is always there. Doesn’t she know anyone can get to her twitter account. Is she going to spill the beans on herself? That would be scrumptious!

  2. From dc

    yea, sandygram you are so right on both accounts.
    it appears tomorrow and friday are gonna be two good days to watch..
    can’t wait..
    this thing that abby thinks she has for austin is wrong, at least i think so. her character is not all that good..

  3. From SandyGram

    #124 Janiebell – Response to Commment December 7th at 10:13 AM – On why Will doesn’t ‘face his mom down’ about what he saw between her and EJ?

    Thought I’d repeat my response since the postings were purged just after I submitted by response:

    For me, Will Horton’s story line right now has been the best thing that has happened for this character. Will is a young man who at best has had a turbulent up bring not just because of his Mom Sami’s antics throughout his life time; he also had his Father Lucas who turned to alcohol; he was caught in the middle of bitter custody battles; then his overbearing Grandmother Kate who at every step of the way would do anything to keep his mom and dad apart, not to mention taking her hate for Sami to the level of keeping her from being happy in any relationship; each of these keeping Will from what he wanted most and that is a loving family. Throughout his young life he lashed out at many along the way to adult hood. But, then and now I believe the love for his mom has never changed. This makes what he’s going through now, because of what he has seen, even more difficult and complicated by the new issue he is facing as young man. I too as a fan would love to see him spill it all in one episode. Although, for me it has taken him a life time to get to this point. So I’m willing to wait for the story to unfold over a period of time to ensure both aspects to the story Chandler is telling is given the respect deserved for a story line that is so relevant in today’s society. But you can’t bet along the way I will be sitting on the edge of my seat shouting out the TV ‘tell her Will tell her’.

  4. From patty

    Tomorrow’s show will start a little different than usual. First they show previously seen scenes of the boys with their website, then it goes to Chad and Melanie locked up in a room. Then we go back six hours earlier and how it all happened. Pretty good episode!

  5. From SandyGram

    December 7th Show Review:
    December 7th Show Review:
    Wow…there’s been a lot of comments made about the show not being renewed but being rewritten on this and other Fan Sites. I didn’t feel that way until today. On one hand we had Roman warning Quinn he’s keeping an eye on him for his past antic’s, although he has to back off because of direction from higher up. That now looks like that’s the opening for everyone in town to ignore Quinn was a pimp and drug czar just a few months ago. The College gang is getting free massages and signing up for martial arts lessons. In doing so now the upright ligit Quinnmyster is giving out free services for a little publicity on campus, not to mention asking Abby to write a PR article on the Spa. I can see the beginning of the article “Quinn Hudson former Pimp and Drug Czar here in Salem has now opened up the new Day Spa. Your invited into his new ligit business for a relaxing Spa treatment, a quicky with the other cliental and a booster hit available upon request’.
    Then Mel’s towel drops in front of Chad, oh please, how predictable. But I did like the interaction between Mel and Chad when the ‘curtain’ went down. She handles being coy very well. Then did you see it…poor sweet Gabi is going off the deep end for Chad. I’m suspecting Gabi will eventually become an employee at the Spa. And finally Abby, Abby, Abby…ok that’s it this is not a story line with Austin I’m going to like.
    Like Hope said Stefano must have Susan’s phone tapped! And after the buildup ‘that’s all we get to see of Susan?’ She didn’t even get to see just how ‘mean, mean, mean’ her sweet Elvis has become.

  6. From Randi

    The Gamblers I hope have never heard of either Family name–hence making the mystery more enticing then just another repeat of another storyline on Days or another soap. (Why not bring in Cordal Walker Texas Ranger to the rescue here–it could be fun.

    Sorry foolks but why bring Quinn back–the guy is a pimp and drug dealer? No role—ahh but please recall that miss mel herself once hooked a few for her Dad overseas. Even if he wasn’t the birth dad.

    Please please do not make a AusAb, please, ick!
    Bope great to see you 2 back and Mr. D what secrets lie behind—please do not destroy alice’s memory. And can one of you please explain Susan’s role or not—is or isn’t it as it was displayed ……….And does Elvis have a genetic disorder—-maybe Aids

  7. From JiBi

    I don’t think EJ have a genetic disorder… But like Mad said to the other post Susan was talking funny, but I think this new actress is trying too hard. For my opinion she overdo it to much. Susan was eccentric, and a little crazy, but she wasn’t a retard like she was on the phone…”

  8. From Amanda D

    First I just have to get off a pet peeve – dear God a woman such as Kate would never have that tacky blue streak in her hair, please eliminate that awful thing. (coming from someone who spent 2 years of h.s. with a white streak in black hair)

    Austin/Abbey is just, NO.
    I predict that Gabby is going to get killed off somehow.
    And….EJ will be Maggie’s son too.

  9. From Big B in the 408

    Agree with the blue streak comment 100%!! HA HA. A woman like Kate DiMira would smooth finished hairstyles as well, because she she would go to a Hairdresser every week!

    Appearances aside…I’m okay with the Austin/Abby thing. Mainly because I dislike Carrie so much. I don’t know why, always have. Back to appearances: Her outfits for the show are a decade out of date at least.

    Austin is kicking the you know what out of the weasel looking bad guy. The knit cap wearing one is freakin’ hot though. Oh well, two episode deal I guess.

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