Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 2-6.

Moving on and going nowhere.

While Kate and EJ are still miffed about John getting off scot free, Stefano nearly confesses his role in the whole thing. Across town, Brady keeps giving Madison everything she desires. In the giving mood, he also has an offer for his father that John was not anticipating. With his son behind him, John makes plans to seriously revamp his life and business.

Jenn prepares to knock down Nicole when she’s riding high on the campaign trail. However, Jenn’s plans get sidetracked when her personal life takes another downturn. With the new year dawning, Chad and Melanie decide that the best thing for them is to try and start their relationship afresh. They aren’t the only ones quickly moving on. Gabi already has her eyes on a new man – Quinn.

Sami shows up for her first day at her new job at Countess Wilhelmina. As soon as she arrives, Kate has a special request for her that the blond wasn’t exactly prepared for. Meanwhile, Rafe and Carrie continue attempting to launch their own business, but it goes far from smoothly and the bumps it hits bring them closer.

Marlena attempts to help Will work through his issues and hopes that it might help her heal some of the damage which she has caused in the past too. However, having his grandmother as his therapist is not really working out for the young man. The thought of continuing to open up to her makes him want to run far away. While he is contemplating leaving town and a very dangerous strategy to get a little revenge, Bo and Hope have problems of their own to confront and turn to Salem’s shrink for some help.

Please note that “Days Of Our Lives” will be pre-empted on Monday January 2.

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  1. From dc

    well, gabi and quinn is about like abby and austin. i think the guys are just too old for the girls. and by the way austin is married. sami working for kate, i’m just surprised she took the job. and carrie and rafe getting closer, she might be into him but i don’t think rafe is into her but i may be wrong, who knows..

  2. From SandyGram

    Gabi is barely 18….Quinn is a slim ball over 40!

  3. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    Other than age, the main difference between Abby and Austin and Gabi and Quinn, is Quinn used girls like Gabi in a prostitution ring and sold them drugs. I don’t think Rafe is going to be to happy about this connection. There has been several spoilers that says Abby is going to be very disappointed. That’s probably going to be Austin rejects her or she see’s Chad and Melanie together.

    I’m not surprised Sami went to work for Kate with the situation Brady and Madison put her in. But I think Sami is going to be surprised when the job with Countess Welhelmina is some gofer position, not at all attractive. Kate will pull her normal ‘crap’ so to speak. I anticipate for Sami to keep this very lucrative position with CW she will have to spill the beans about Mad World and Titan. I imagine Kate will also work it in where Stefano will be able to see the grandkids for Sami to stay an employee of CW. Of course Sami being desperate to support her family she will give in to Kate’s every demand. Looking back at Sami’s history there are very few times once she became an adult (which I use that word lightly)that a DiMera of one kind or another wasn’t pulling Sami’s strings. All in all I still love her.

  4. From MAB

    If a young Melanie can marry a much older Philip, then the age differences between Gabi & Quinn and Abby & Austin really doesn’t matter at this point. Not that I’m supporting these pairings one way or another, but I really don’t see the difference. I do find a pairing of Gabi & Quinn disturbing tho…she comes across as being too naïve for likes of Quinn. Abby on the other hand, I can see why she’s attracted to Austin. He’s a nice guy who not only saved her life, but has taken an interest in her, treats her like an adult, and talks to her. She doesn’t get that from anyone else at this point. Yes, Austin messing around w/ Abby would definitely be a no-no on some level, not to mention it would cost him his new job at Salem U, and that fact that he is married, but I don’t think it will be Ausitn who cheats first. I think it will be Carrie, especially if she & Rafe continue to get close. I do think Rafe likes Carrie more than he lets on, but Carrie does seem to be the one who is more infatuated w/ him than he is w/ her. Back to the younger characters…as far as Chad, like I said before, the writers continue to make all the young guys gay is shortening the options for the young girls so it’s like they all want him now. I’m not really interested in Chad & Mel like I was him & Abby. I still think the writers missed another great opportunity w/ Chad & Abby…him being a DiMera & her being a Horton…a great story there that now won’t be told since they are set on pairing Chad w/ Mel. I for one don’t see what is so great about Mel for her to have all these guys falling all over her. She comes on the show as Max’s little sister, gets thrown in the older group, marries Philip, and now she’s back hanging around the younger crowd and hooking up w/ Chad.

  5. From bebe5caterina

    I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year.

    I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but my Dad was in the hospital and I didn’t have time to read the blog before this one. He is ok now, every million of tests were normal, so they narrowed it down to anxiety, thank God.

    About Days, I think, just my opinion, Abby is too young for Austin, together they look like father and daughter.

    Quinn looks good with Gabi, their age difference doesn’t look too bad. Maybe Gabi has no luck with young men her age and her being mature for her age I think it could work. Reminds me of Rachel and Mac from Another World.

    Quinn wants to be a good man, he has changed and like many other men or women, people do change either for the best or for the worst, Quinn changed to be good and is not happy with what he did in the past and what Kate manipulated him to do with Chloe. I think Gabi will make Quinn become even more of a good man.

    I think they could be a super couple if it will be written right, something like Rachel and Mac.

    I’ll be back on this blog tomorrow, gotta go cook now. I typed so fast I hope I explained it clearly.

  6. From Lynne

    Usually I have a lot to say but I will say just two things

    1. Gabi and Quinn….DISCUSTING!
    2. Austin and Abby….DISTURBING!

    Enough said.

  7. From SandyGram

    Spoiler Excerpt from Daytime Royalty Days Ahead for December 28th:

    Quote: “Kate gets a call from Stefano. Guess where I am right now? Babysitting Johnny. Yeah Sami is giving notice at her former employer’s right now. Oh yes, everything is going exactly as we planned. Exactly!”

    Kate is babysitting while Sami goes to quit her job with Madison when this call takes place.

    “Things are going exactly as they planned”! I wouldn’t of expected any less of Kate and Stefano were up to what ever it would take to get him access to the kids, even if it meant hiring Sami!

  8. From Melissa

    Someone posted that the Abby/Austin and Gabi/Quinn age difference is no different or worse than Melanie/Phillip, which I completely disagree with. Chloe, Phillip, and that crew are all in their 20s. I always figured they were between 25-27 or so. Melanie was also in her 20s. I think on the show now she is around 22/23. Thats quite a lot different than the 18-20 year age difference between Austin/Abby. I think that will end up just being a fling or crush. While Austin’s flirting is a little inappropriate much of the time, he seems to still be in love with Carrie. Gabi/Quinn is just gross. With his history it seems he would just take advantage of her. I like the thought of him with Billie better(since she supposably coming back). At least she can handle herself with him. As far as Gabi goes, the show just needs to bring on someone new for her. Someone HER OWN AGE!

  9. From Z

    Sami is stupid for leaving Madison and Brady for money. Don’t feel at all sorry for her

  10. From dc

    #5, glad your dad is ok..
    i lost my nephew to cancer on 12/22. he had been battling the disease since 1999..
    sad christmas this year.. hoping for a better new year..

  11. From Richard

    I believe that Quinn is the real son of Susan(Elvis Jr.) and I believe that he was adopted by the Hudson’s and is the brother of the girl that Rafe was in love with and was killed in the car crash, that Rafe was also involved in.(Emily Hudson). I think that Vivian Alamain switched EJ and Quinn, when John was Forest Alamain. Quinn has all the traits that would have been taught to him, if he was truly the son of Stefano and Susan. That being self defense and young women(Elvis traits)(Priscilla was 14 years old when they met in Germany.), the traits of Stefano would be heartless, drugs and prostitution. I took it as a clue, when Marlena and Will were playing Scrabble. Will said “You have the Q, what will you do with it”, next he said “you win” Qyouwin: Quinn.
    EJ was EJ Wells, a race car driver, who knew the Bradys’ Max and Stephanie. The fact that he was programmed to kill John Black, means to me that he is not a true Dimera.
    There is a lot of reference to Isabella Toscano and Elvis Presley, so they have something to do with this SL. “Tom Parker”(manager) “Sam Phillips”(Elvis was his African connection). I think that the key goes to a diary. I also think that Madison is the daughter of Ali Mcintyre, who was mentality unstable. She was dated by Mike Horton and he may be her father. Ali’s mom Claire accused Mike of sexual harassment. John Black, as the pawn, escaped from Victor, when he first appeared in Salem.

  12. From bp

    Richard – you should be a writer on Days! Wow!

  13. From Vivian

    I just read Richard’s submission, so pardon me while I go pop the cork on a bottle of wine. I will return, reread the submission and see if I can grasp and hold onto his revelations! Actually, he has left me and “From bp” practically speechless. :-)

  14. From Chris

    #4-MAB-I totally agree with you regarding Melanie. Chad & Abby are really cute together. Find Melanie someone else and if they got rid of her I wouldn’t miss her at all. They brought her in as Max’s little sister and now she’s Maggie’s grand-daughter. These writers must really love her
    #9-Richard-All I can say is Wow! It was hard to keep track of what you wrote but it sounded good.
    Hopefully when Lucas comes back he will work for Kate which will bring Sami & Lucas together if Sami & Rafe are not meant to be.

  15. From Irene

    I cannot follow Richard very well, but I like his ideas. I am thinking that he should apply for a position as writer on Days.

    Lots of beefy men today on Days. Even a 74 year old woman like me can appreciate muscles.

    Hope you all had a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate and you have a healthy, happpy New Year

  16. From Richard

    Facts that parallel this SL.
    Isabella and Bo opened a PI office.
    Mike couldn’t make love to Trish Clayton, he began to think that he might be gay. An older woman, later successfully seduced him and that proved he wasn’t gay.
    Alice got Roman Brady out of jail.
    Alice was instrumental in getting John out of jail. John was once believed to be Roman.
    Elvis had an African connection(Michael Jackson).
    Alice has African connections(Bill Horton, the father of Michael Horton).
    Abby lusted after an older guy Max Brady. Abby lusts after an older man Austin Reed.
    Jennifer’s marriages are mostly triangles including, Peter, Frankie and Patrick.
    It’s funny to me: Madison says that she has been searching for years for pictures of her mother on the internet. How come she don’t have pictures of her mother?

  17. From Maryl

    It’s not hard to figure that Kate has an agenda with the hiring of Sami. Stefano and Kate will have more access to the grandkids–you can almost be sure of that. I think another part of her agenda is to get Sami closer to EJ in the hopes of getting Nicole out of the mansion. She will most likely try her best to create friction between EJ and Nicole via Sami. In the process, the truth about EJ and Sami will come out and Nicole will be packing her bags once again. At the same time, Sami will also be packing her bags and leaving the loft and Rafe. Only a guess.

  18. From Clear

    Wow! Some real eye poppers to think about from Richard! I thought the key looked like a safe deposit box key.

    Finally we got to see Quinn do some martial arts moves! Too cool! His character is looking more redeemable after his pretty speeches, but how can we get past what he did to Chloe?

    It was beyond boring and painful watching Jack trying to make points with Jennifer! Why does she string him along when she is so over him and his lame excuses.

  19. From Shanon

    Gabi and Quinn….why not? He is redeeming himself, he is single and age difference doesn’t seem to matter on the show. I agree, Melanie married an older Philip. Chelsey dated Daniel. So why can’t Gabi and Quinn get together.
    It was dirty what Sami did to Madison. Come on Sami, you are smarter than to fall for Kate’s tricks, no matter if your salary is doubled or not. I agree with Maryl, it is a ploy to get the grandkids closer to Stefano and EJ. Johnny already said he misses them.
    Glad Will confesses to Marlena that he saw Sami and EJ together. He has been needing to get that out for some time. I still think his gay storyline could have been built up more, but at least it’s now progressing.
    I hope the character that is coming back to shake a solid couple up is not Billie causing issues for Bo and Hope. We’ve seen enough of that.

  20. From rose castillo


  21. From Maryl

    I still think that Alice stumbled on the truth about the hi-jacking of Maggie’s eggs during the time when baby EJ was sick, and I still think she agreed to a pact with Stefano–in exchange for revealing the truth, she would keep the secret if he contributed money to worthy causes such as the African project that Bill Horton was involved with. He would have to honor that pact as long as he lived. Alice would do this because knowing her, she would turn something bad into something good. Since the deed was already done and if EJ is Maggie’s & Stefano’s son maybe she felt it was better left alone. Afterall, EJ is probably 1/2 DiMera. Also, somewhere in the middle is Victor. He had his hands in this too, but I’m not sure how much he is involved. I have stated this scenario in previous blogs so now I will have to wait and see how badly I missed the mark! (Ha)! I just hope we don’t have to wait too long before the plot of this SL is revealed!

  22. From gerri

    Sami Is one of my favorites,but now,she has gone beyond stupid,to actually fall for anything,where Kate is involved.

    Just maybe tho,Sami has a hidden agenda,of her own,to finally bring some Karma back to Kate.
    This would be so much fun to watch!!
    maybe If Chloe is returning,they could pair up together to bring,Kate the Snake down!!

    I don’t like the pairing of these,older guys,and young school girls together,It makes the relationships seem “quite silly”
    a good match for Quinn would be Billie.
    hopefully the writers aren’t thinking of causing problems with Bo and Hope again,too many times this has happened.(we need “one stable couple” on the show

  23. From bebe5caterina

    #10 dc – so sorry about your nephew. I hate when children are sick or die, some things in human life I will never understand. It is so painful when anyone at any age die, but children is the worst. I hope you and your nephew’s parents find strength to get by each day.

    I think Billie is a lot older than Quinn. She must be at least 50.

    I would like to see Gabi’s vulnerability to find true love with Quinn, and Quinn’s vulnerability to become a good man through Gabi.

    #11 Richard – just like the old days, suspense and surprises! Love it!

  24. From bebe5caterina

    Forgot to mention, Billie with Roman would be great.

  25. From Richard

    When Bo knocked the plaque off, it should have fell flat and if it was broken at all, it would have been in the center of the plaque and not the end. I argue that the plaque would have to have more than just a nudge to knock it completely off the monument. If the end really broke off, the way that it was shown, then in my opinion, the other part would still be leaning on the stand. In any other situation, the plaque would be upside down and not right side up.
    There’s something supernatural going on here, because how many times is a stone going to break at the exact spot that a key is hidden in it.
    To me, this is still the ghosts of Christmas pasts, getting their revenge on Stefano Dimera.

  26. From Days Girl

    Wasn’t Susan (EJ’s mom) and Kristen (John’s ex) played by the same actress, and the two were identical? If John and Kristen lost a baby together, what if Stefano actually made Susan (acting as Kristen)sleep with John and they didn’t lose their baby afterall….Stefano raised the baby as EJ? Don’t know what this would have to do with Alice Horton though.

  27. From Richard

    Ghost of Alice Horton? Addie Horton? Gina?
    Who found the clue in the ornament? Hope!
    Who found the letter from Susan? Hope!
    Who found out the name of the lawyer? Hope!
    Who came up with the password for the lawyers computer? Hope!
    Who got the clue from Stefano? Hope!
    Who was responsible for Bo being at the square and being in position to break the plaque? Hope!
    We are slowly getting the Hortons back in Salem.
    The ghost of Isabella Toscano seems to be pushing John and Brady closer as well as Brady and Madison. Must have been the reason that Brady got his own star and came up with the picture of Madison and her mother, when she was unable to find them on her own. Someone knows exactly what the two of them are looking for. Isabella probably gave John the strength, through Marlena, to get him back on his feet and back in Salem to claim what is his.
    Back in the early days, people were searching for Marina Toscano’s diary, in which among other things, proved that Victor was Isabella’s father. Jack got his hands on the key and made a duplicate. Could this be the key that was found in the plaque? Who could have the diary? Maybe Victor.
    I look for Nicole to turn on EJ and Victor and get revenge for her mother’s death.

  28. From SandyGram

    #27 Richard
    If all your references to Hope means you may think it is Hope Alice is trying to protect even from the grave….then I’m with you on that. In several postings I have mentioned this as a possibility. I would further venture to think there are two story lines going on….(1) Who is EJ’s biological mother and father; and (2) what would Alice be protecting Hope from finding out? In the latter my idea generator ventures to the time when Hope was being held by Stefano at Masion Blanche during those 4 years and way before the submarine episode where Hope had sex with both John and Stefano. Now getting it all to fit together is another story which is now further complicated by a new spoiler that says “Doug knows something about the bank account that’s attached to Africa”. Doug and Julie are suppose to be going to Africa to help unravel Alice’s secrets. If Doug was helping Alice what would he want to help Alice keep a secret? Takes me back to my original thought, it has something to do with Hope! It is going to be very interesting to see how it all plays out!

  29. From Fifi

    I am glad that they are turning Quinn into a good guy. He is a great actor and extremely good looking. But it is a bad idea to hook him up with Gabi. She has had sex once in her life and he used to run a brothel. Yuck. A better match may be with Melanie since she has lived and seen the world more. Or maybe an affair with Nicole. Ha Ha

  30. From Fifi

    PS – Marlena was wonderful yesterday!! I am sooo happy that John and Marlena are back. The jail scene with the strawberries was so sweet and so… them.

    It was great to see them in front of the cameras and showing the Dimeras that they are not afraid. I loved every minute of the show yesterday. I was even clapping, as John was clapping, as he was walking toward the podium. Yay!

    And I also liked the scenes with the hunky men of Salem shirtless and working out. Thank you writers from a 30+ year fan!

  31. From Randi

    Dear New writers,

    Richard was right on–hear our roar!

    Please stop making Marlena out to be a dumb blonde—as she was always the most intelligent on the show and if anyone knows what Stephano is capable of it IS HER!
    And please when did Stephano become a part of this framing of John as if you recall he knew nothing about it until EJ shared HIS dirty deed. Steph knew nothing of such—
    Sorry but Quinn and Gabs no no no—poor choices and severe age differences. I don’t know many HS grads who would date someone old enough to be their dad!

    And BTW: What actual role does Quinn have–he was a pimp and you cannot change that so why is he even on the show. Also what role does Madison have if any other than screwing Brady. Sorry old pix of family members on the internet—oh my lord catch up with history pleease as such is rather inpossible unless the parent’s child posted such after death!

    Please if you aregonna bring back Kayla why not Shane too and he and John could then do what they do best——investiigate. Patch is with another soap so ya cannot bring him back—but what about Shane.

    Lastly pleeease lower Mel’s clothes to at least ocver her butt and please remove the wedges from her feet she does have trouble walking in such and it shows!

    Back to work—have fun to all!

  32. From Kay

    Doesn’t John appreciate anything people do for him? As far as “oweing” Stephano…….I don’t think anything will happen there. I do hope they let “Will” leave the show. He’s acting like a spoiled brat not getting his way. Get rid of him!

  33. From MAB

    Tuesday’s show – I think it was stupid for Quinn, Daniel & Brady to be doing their workout in the main lobby of the spa. Doesn’t Quinn have rooms for all the spa activities? BUT, I completely enjoyed seeing all that skin from those 3 gorgeous guys…we need more of that!! So bored w/ Jack & Jen…he is just a waste of space. I’m glad to see she still has feelings for Daniel. And why did Marlena have to stick her two-cents in at the press conference? John is fully capable of making a speech w/o her intervention. And how stupid has Marlena become? All these years, they have never really gotten one over on the DiMeras. They are still alive & kicking so what makes her think things are different now??

    Melanie was not in her 20’s when she came to the show. She was Max’s younger sister so she had to be around 17 or 18 because Max & Chelsea were in the early 20’s, thus would have made Philip closer to 30. Mel was thrown in the older crowd and ended up w/ Philip who was too old for her. Plus there was many other age differences, such as Daniel & Chelsea…so again I don’t think the age difference between Gabi/Quinn or Abby/Austin is a big deal at this point. And now that I’ve read some other’s thoughts (like references to Rachel & Mac from Another World), maybe Gabi & Quinn could become an interesting couple, and at least her character would finally get an identity.

    Austin has never flirted w/ Abby. He is just being nice to her, and since he’s showing her attention she lacks from everyone else, she’s developed a crush on him. In fact, I don’t even think he realizes she has a crush on him.

    Most of what happened to Chloe was her own fault. Quinn is not completely responsible for what happened to her. If she needed money so bad, she could’ve gone to Brady, she didn’t have to become a prostitute. And when she got hurt, that was also her fault because she did it w/o Quinn’s knowledge or consent.

    I don’t blame Sami one bit for leaving Madison’s company. She is mean to Sami and acts like she’s better than everyone else. Although, it looks like Kate’s agenda for hiring Sami is to gain access to the kids for Stefano. Oh well I say…Sami can’t take back the fact that Johnny & Sydney are DiMeras so she needs to suck it up and allow her children to spend time w/ their other family, EJ, Stefano & Kate. No harm is gonna come to those kids, besides Johnny & Sydney obviously miss them and want to spend time w/ them.

    Chris – I agree I wouldn’t miss Melanie at all if she left the show. I’m still miffed when they got rid of Stephanie and kept Melanie.

    dc – so sorry for the loss of your nephew.

  34. From daysfan25

    I like Melanie’s character, but I would rather Chad w/ Abby. I liked having a “true” Horton w/ a Dimera. I wish Chad would start having more scenes with his family, it seems that if he’s not talking to Stephano what was the point of revealing he was a Dimera?

    I really dislike Jack & Jen. I didn’t mind Jack when he was played by Mark Valley, at least he wasn’t a goof. But, this Jack is goofy & selfish. Daniel was so good to Jennifer. I didn’t watch for 2 years so I missed Daniel w/ Chelsea & with Kate, I started watching again when he was already with Chloe so his history is only what I read. But currently he is a mature unselfish man, exactly what Jennifer has never had.

    I just think this whole thing with Alice Horton keeping secrets doesn’t make sense. With Maggie it was clear Alice was about to tell her when she died. So it doesn’t make sense that if she had just found out about the eggs before she died that this has anything to do with a paternity thing. I can’t see Alice hiding a son from Hope, even if its EJ. That would be cruel & not with character.

  35. From dc

    well, sami has done it, gone to work for kate.. what a bad idea..
    she will find out the hard way what a bad idea it was to go to work for her former mother-in-law..
    alice horton sure has alot of secrets, who would have guessed..
    good storyline, keeps us guessing what is next..
    rafe and carrie working together, i wonder how sami will react to the news, probably as good as rafe finding out sdami is workinng for a dimera..

  36. From SandyGram

    #33 MAB
    Just one little thing in the description of Quinn not being completely responsible for what happened to Chloe. For me, Quinn took advantage of Chloe’s vulnerability after losing Daniel and Parker. He approached her as if he was interested in her; took pictures of them having sex and then threatened Chloe with exposing her as a bad mother if she didn’t do what he said. Yes Chloe needed money, but she feared she would lose all access to Parker. Quinn set her up from the get go. And if Quinn hadn’t of introduced her into prostitution through coercion she would of never been on the dock where she was attacked. She did it all because she didn’t want to lose Parker.

  37. From SandyGram

    December 28th Show Review:
    For me, out of all the bedroom scene’s we see with the various characters, I love to see Bo and Hope together. Since they have gotten back together and are rekindling their relationship there is a renewed chemistry there.

    Samantha Gene where o where are these writers taking you to? We all know she sold her sole to the devil going to work for Kate. Even though, the scene’s between Kate and Sami were great. Whether Kate believed it or not; or just said it to further entice Sami into coming to work for her; Kate’s comment about seeing herself in Sami how pointed was that? They have both done some pretty horrendous things to others to get what they wanted; to prove a point or to protect their family. Now we can just wait and see how much ‘butt’ Sami has to kiss and how far will she go to keep her new found high paying job. Welcome back into the world of the DiMera’s Samantha Gene!

    Now just wait until Sami hears Rafe wants to a accept a partnership with Carrie and Rafe hears Sami went to work for a DiMera. It will be a wash or they will both have to find different employment.

    John and Marlena…totally predictable.

  38. From Clear

    I like the idea Gerri said of Quinn and Billie. I’m still hoping we find out Quinn is ISA or something and had to do some of the pimping, etc, as a cover that he has now rejected.

    Ruta Lee is coming? Give her to Roman!

    Problem posting here!

  39. From Chris

    Well since there’s not enough young straight guys for all the girls on the show, Quinn is the next best thing in terms of age. I will reserve judgment on this one until I see Quinn & Gabi together.
    Billie better not cause any problems for Hope & Bo. She would be perfect for Roman.
    I don’t think Alice would keep a child away from Hope even if it was to protect her. The writers really should be careful how they write this as they do not want to tarnish Alice’s memory.
    Sami & Kate working together-as good as it is watching these two interact together this can only end in disaster.

  40. From Kat

    Looks like this Greater than Thou Stepfather Rafe, the one and only is slowling out the door.
    Hope the kids are not toooooooooo hung up on him, because he will be busy otherwise soon.
    That was always my beef, when so many were so gaga over Rafe, greatest Dad the kids ever had…
    and I always pointed out,
    yes my words, according to Soap Protocol….. it won’t last, so keep the kids on track with their real fathers……and don’t put all your eggs in the basket with Rafe….. just a Stepfather, they can come and go on a soap…..
    Of course, John would let Marlena stay in jail, he would never have taken Stefano’s help…. not…
    Now the debt is paid to Alice, they are All DebtFree, so move on,
    of course John has to Grandstand first holding a gun at Stefano,
    Grandstanding yes, John has always done that and Stefano still lives on….
    Looking forward to Kate and Sami, that should mix things up.
    Hope this blog will go through, lost the last one, hope I am not repeating myself.
    Billie, to old for Quinn,
    to young for Roman….
    but Stay away from Bo, he is taken, at least for a long while….
    25 richard, I like nitpick, but you and the plaque, I got dizzy just reading all this… funny.

  41. From Richard

    To clarify things a little – put a heavy book level with the edge of the table, then nudge it off the end of the table. Did it land face up as the plaque did or did it fall straight down, when half of it no longer was supported. In reality, I believe that it would have landed face down with the broken piece next to the monument and not away from it. It was meant to be broken, because a replacement had already been paid for.

  42. From poohbear

    i don’t think that gabby should be with quin any more than abby should be with auston way to old for them i think the should leve sammy and rafe alone and when billy gets back please leve bo and hope alone let him and hope be happy foer a change marlana and jhon are boring …. sorry

  43. From bil

    #17 Maryl- I have thought the exact same s/l would occur. Maggie is EJ-s mother. That being said however I so hope it’s not the case. It would be too easy. If they are going to drag this s/l out and offer twists and turns– I want a far more unpredictable answer. Let’s make if fun i.e Richard’s ideas. On the other hand Richard, I don’t think the writers can go quite the far. It might leave those without the knowledge of the soaps history scratching their heads saying “huh.” I’m hoping for something in between.

    Re: Jack and Jen. It’s not working. He needs to leave her for a while and become a stand up successful writer and stop the bumbling. He needs to move on a bit– and maybe she will realize what she misses. I want her to chase him for a change (I do not like Daniel btw as I can’t get over his history).

  44. From bil

    Agreed– no Abby and Austin and no Gabi and Quinn. Eww.

    Richard, I do think the ghosts are in town except that I think the writers didn’t really think about the laws of physics when they broke the plaque. They just said, “break plaque, find key.” Same reason when all three shirtless med were kickboxing in the lobby! Get a room.

  45. From Maryl

    #43 bil–Maggie being EJ’s mother may be too easy of a solution to the Alice mystery, but sometimes the writers lead us on to imagine more twists to the SL than there actually is just to magnify the mystery. What, IMO, will not be easy to deal with is the repercussions of the EJ/Maggie/Stefano secret being revealed. Just think of the complicated situation between EJ, Maggie and Stefano! Wonderful ground for a great SL. Maggie embraced Daniel as her son–what will happen if she finds out that EJ is also her son? How in the world will that play out? I do think there is a possibility of more stuff being revealed that involves other characters. We haven’t been given too many clues to that being the case other than Hope & Bo being the ones to finding all the hidden clues. Could this possibily involve Hope or did Alice know that Hope and Bo were these great snoops who were capable of uncovering the truth if need be? Maybe that was her reason for leaving behind the trail for Hope to find.

  46. From p atsy

    Cant the writers come up with a new story line for the Bradys and DeMerias This same old story line gets old year after year .I could care less who EJS with anymore just for once let Sami be a winer and happy

  47. From Randi

    What’s with john going to Steph with a gun JOHN is smarter than Steph so why make him look STUPID.

    Other than this—-anyone know what is up with the actress Kate’s blue hair streak. It must be a personal thing–maybe the result of a bet or when a soldier gets home—but if ya know please share!

    Oh and to this actress please start dressing more age approriately as yesterdays outfit would have looked great on my 12 year old, but on a 60 year old not so good even with all that botox!

  48. From patsy

    Please please do something with ALISONScharater Sami so she can win her fans back .There was NO reason for them to ruin her chatater just so EJandNiocole could be together .Was she that big of a threat to them

  49. From Debbie

    Hey all! Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa or whatever else you celebrated and are looking forward to a better new year. 2011 sucked big time for me so I’m being optimistic that 2012 must be better. And not to seem that I’ve forgotten anyone, I also know that some of you didn’t have the happiest of holidays and I kept you in my thoughts and prayers a lot during this time too. God bless everyone. Now onto the show.

    Although I’ve never been a fan of Marlena, I’ve been loving her lately since Deidre’s allowed her character to be called ‘grandma’ now. On Friday’s show, Marlena was referenced three times as ‘grandma’ and twice on Monday. And Deidre finally seems reconciled to it. She should be as there’s nothing negative or “old” about playing a grandmother and she’s been on the show for so long that she can’t hide the fact that her age has put her in the broader range that a grandmother role can provide. I think it suits her and she looks so comfortable playing off Chandler’s Will and when the younger grandkids called her ‘grandma’ and hugged her. Very well done Deidre!

    And I join those who’ve been bowled over by Richard’s observations. I don’t know the show’s history like most of you since I’d stopped watching several times over the years, but Richard definitely has “soap opera writer” written all over him. Some of your ideas seem too over the top to me but then, that’s soap opera and exactly what Days needs to keep viewers tuning in. Between you, Maryl and SandyGram, I’m watching closely to see if the show follows what you say as your ideas have been more fun to follow than most of what’s been shown lately. lol

  50. From Maryl

    Wow! Hold the phone! After watching today’s episode, I’m beginning to once again think that Stefano is not EJ’s father! Way back when all this happened, I always thought that somehow Stefano used John’s sperm and someone else’s egg (possibly Maggie’s now that the egg-hi-jacking has come to light) to implant in Susan–allowing her to be a surrogate only for this “perfect” child. Stefano was so satisfied with himself today while reading the IOU to Alice and then producing the letter from Alice. Stefano raising John’s son, EJ, and implementing him with his own corrupt and wicked life style would be Stefano’s ultimate game of revenge against John. The only problem I have with this scenario is that Sami would be EJ’s cousin (2nd.?) with two children between them. Do not like that idea, but know its acceptable in some parts of the world. Maybe the writers will re-vamp John’s history. Maybe John is not part Brady. Perhaps Colleen was adopted and, therefore, not a Brady by blood. Marlena couldn’t give up on John. She was so drawn to him it broke up her marriage to Roman. Now Sami, is being drawn to EJ, although she is in complete denial and constantly fighting against it. She may be more like her mother than she realizes–if John and EJ are father and son.
    This has really got me spinning now!

  51. From SandyGram

    #49 Debbie
    Wish I could say many of my speculations have come true. Although my my batting average is not zero, it’s not anything to brag about either. But I do have fun turning up the heat on the ole idea generator.

  52. From Reg

    Do u all remember, Daniel and chealea? Age difference? Wow! So what about age, remember it is a soap opera! This is what makes it
    So interesting

  53. From MAB

    #36 SandyGram – sorry I just don’t see Quinn as being responsible for Chloe’s mistakes. She had Brady she could’ve gone too for help, and w/ his money & power, he would’ve protected her,

  54. From SandyGram

    #52 Reg
    For me, a relationship between Gabi and Quinn is not only age, but she’s very naive and inexperienced. Will was her first everything, first love, first sex and only one time. Although the writers are trying their best to get us to look upon Quinn as a good guy, he’s still a slim ball for what he did to Chloe: like having sex with her so he could talk pictures and a video of their times together; threatening to tell the Child Services she was a bad mother so to keep his silence she went into prostitution for him, which resulted in her being in a position to almost loose her life. Redeemed, not for me! Gabi needs to stay far away from the Quinnmyster.

  55. From SandyGram

    #53 MAB
    We must of been typing at the same time I just responded to Reg about the same subject. I can see your point about going to Brady for financial help and he has power, but for me she was protecting her relationship with Parker and it seems the lady’s on Days will do almost anything to protect their children with little thought to logic.

  56. From Kat

    Quite frankly,
    I want to see excitement coming up,
    EJ, Sami, Nicole, Carrie, Rafe, bring it on, mix them all up, make it happen,
    the best the show ever had been, was with Sami and EJ heating it up, Glory, glory, it sizzeled,
    Nicole, yes I like for her to be happy, find her baby, or have one, even with EJ, but he could have a sideline affair, tormented and all with Sami, it’s a soap, as long as it is not written totally dumb, I am in for the roller coaster ride.
    And I hope, that the Big Secret is Not a Big LetDown, who are EJ’s parents,,,,, Who indeed…. make it good.
    randi, I beg to differ, John has Never been smarter than Stefano, just look at the SL and what is going on….Stefano is still the King and always will be…. LOL
    John does a lot of GrandStanding, but I have said that before….
    Same with Marlena, well I have to say, she put him in a coma once upon a time, with EJ,Lexie,Tony’s Help.. to keep him there.
    I could see Marlena, poop little green apples, if EJ turns out to be Her John’s Son….Priceless…..

    Please for the New Year, let’s get Roman a Woman, before he explodes…. My Mama always said… “A Man can not sweat it out of his forehead”, so dear writers please, do something for old loyal Roman….. before he completely starts wilting on the vine… LOL

  57. From Richard

    Stefano didn’t have Maggie’s eggs that produced Daniel Jonas, Victor did.
    Victor did have the pawn, John Black, when he escaped and came to Salem. John was bandaged and later returned without the bandages to install Victor’s security system.

  58. From SandyGram

    #57 Richard
    I think there is two different story’s going on. One Maggie’s eggs, that Victor stole and gave to his good friend which produced Daniel. With one lingering question….who’s Daniel’s biological father?

    Then the who’s EJ’s biological parents storyline; I don’t know the hair stood up on the back of my neck after Stefano and John’s encounter. Stefano rejoicing in there will always be a bond between him and Marlena….hold on to your seat…Stefano held Marlena captive all those years ago could he of harvested her eggs and EJ’s parents are Marlena and Stefano? Just a crazy thought.

  59. From Maryl

    Kat–little green apples??? Ha, Ha. That’s a good one! Gave me a good laugh! SandyGram–you may have hit upon something there–Marlena being EJ’s mother! That’s very possible! Stefano would have loved to have a child with his queen of the night. That is another great thought of how this SL may go. I am really getting excited about the outcome, one way or another.

  60. From grandma to many

    I had to keep rewinding the end of todays show to read the return address and whom the letter was addressed to but I couldn’t read the postmark or date . What is this letter about and how long ago was it sent ? To tell the truth I haven’t seen anything about EJ’s parentage being questioned other than speculation on this site could we just be barking up the wrong tree ? Loved Will and his almost confessions to grandma today , love this young man’s acting skills !

  61. From gerri

    Sandy Gram,
    Love your posts,you bring lot’s of good points,re-all the characters,
    Marlena being EJ’s mother,would be a shocker,but don’t think writers ,would do that,which would mean,Sami would be his half-sister,unless Sami turned out to belong to someone else,which In Salem is very possible..

    Roman needs a love Interest badly,don’t want Billie with him,which would mean,a family triangle,with BO,having had a child with her.then Chelsea,would have BO her dad,and his brother her Step-Dad.

    and I so agree with you re-garding Chloe/Quinn.she got mixed Into this relationship after a night of drinking,and he took total advantage of her,and once this deed was done,with Kate in the background,doing her dirty deals,ordering him on,and to protect Parker,and to try to get him back from Phillip,was forced to keep performing..I think most mothers,would do the same.

    as far as Kate’s blue hair streak,It looks freaky on someone her age.don’t know what the purpose
    of It would be……

    Loved Will’s acting these past couple of days,also….

  62. From Kat

    I have said it before, and hope it will happen, just for the entertainment,
    Marlena and Stefano, somehow, for whatever reason will get a SL together, even if just for a while.
    Picture those two actors together,
    it happened once before when Marlena felt so guilty when Stefano went over her balcony, (I think she devil possessed back then), Stefano lost his memory and Marlena him living with her at her townhouse… I loved the scenes, specially when she introduced Stefano to a Cheeseburger, etc. Priceless scenes back then.
    Like to see more again in this timezone….
    Stefano is one of the Great characters on this show, he can carry anybody in his scenes. Hope he will be around for a long time.

    Love the bond/relationship developing between GrandMa Marlena and GrandSon Will… love it, love it.
    I have such a great relationship with my grandson, we are pals, and what happens in “Vegas” stays at “Vegas”. We been togheter since he was born…. Thank you God….

    I don’t care about Kate’s BlueStreak, she is doing pretty good right now, curious what she is up to with her other half Stefano… hope it’s a good storyline…
    The Letter was from Alice Horton to Stefano DiMera…???? you go figure..

    Who Are EJ’s Parent’s, better make that a good one….

    and of course, Who is Dr. Dan’s Father????
    Hope the writers will surprise All of Us, for all the second guessing we are always doing… Make it good writers….

    If everybody can move on with Brady having been a would be killer in cold blood,
    then let’s move on with Quinn,
    give him the same chance Brady/Sami/Victor/ etc. got, forgive and forget, isn’t that the motto in Salem. Look at all of them
    one day they are trying to kill each other, the next day they are lovers, and most of all, If Maggie, the Saint, can end up marrying the biggest Crimelord/Killer, than Quinn can get a chance also, just think about it. This is Salem after all.
    The only DumbBo walking around is Roman, always the BestFriend, never the Lover, give him a break people, it is getting pathetic. He is way overdue to get his brains blown out… LOL, at least show him sometimes with a “MeaningLess” glfriend, …. something please, it’s been so many years… I think Kate was the last one he had… ????

  63. From Kat

    Of course all you adults knew what I meant by – Brains blown out – not with a gun, of course……….LOL

  64. From bil

    Help me remember. Isn’t it possible or was it already revealed that Victor owned the entire clinic that harvested and subsequently gave away Maggie’s eggs? Or did he just get only Maggies eggs and give them to the Jonas family as a little gift – haha? If he or Stefano for that matter, owned the entire operation it’s possible that they farmed eggs out to many people– and sperm too for that matter. So the two story lines are linked. Alice is the key to both– the baby picture of Ej was introduced right as we were finding out about Dan and Maggie. That doesn’t mean that Maggie is the mother of EJ but it does link the storylines and maybe this clinic fraud will affect both EJ and Daniel. My guess is that Daniel will infact be Stefano’s son and perhaps he was originally known as EJ- Susan’s son. He is the baby that Alice “helped” (the shaking hand will be some genetic disorder that links to his childhood illness). Current EJ then is someone else– as many have speculated– the child of John and lord knows who. Alice may have helped with the switch to protect Maggies’ son– and get him to a good family like the Jonas family.

  65. From AC in PA

    How could Alice be hiding a “secret child” of Hope’s from Hope? Hope would know if she had a child or had eggs harvested. Maybe I’m reading people’s posts wrong, but what I’m reading doesn’t make any sense… even for a soap opera.

  66. From Richard

    Susan, Elvis, Violet, and Edmund live in England and Susan periodically checks in with Stefano, pretending to be Kristen so his suspicions aren’t aroused.
    Kristen was pretending to be Susan. Susan had been assumed dead, but actually it was 1 of 4 twins, penelope that drowned. Kristen was forced to marry Edmund, so that it would not be discovered that she was not Susan.
    Vivian Alamain was in England with Jonesy, who she was engaged to, when she ran into Susan, who was afraid that Vivian was there to steal Elvis.
    That’s why I say that Quinn(aka Vivian’s son) could possibly be Elvis.
    As far as I know Vivian has always been good at stealing babies, as she did with Philip.

  67. From Richard

    I think that EJ belongs to John Black and Princess Gina. I also believe that Greta is John’s daughter.
    Hope looked like Gina, only she was younger. Stefano did make Hope into Gina, when it served his purpose.

  68. From Cougar

    Great acting by Will these days.
    Loved John & Stephs scenes today. John really gave Steph the sink eye.

  69. From Cougar

    typo I meant stink eye!

  70. From Cougar

    Cant imagine why on earth Sami is going to let her guard down & work with Kate the snake. This is really a “Don’t do it Sami” moment. You know Kate the queen od mean is up to no good! It would be nice to think that since Kate & Sami have had some nice moments and could finally bury the hatchet. But the only place the hatchet is going to get buried is in Sami’s back.
    Not to mention the “you did n’t talk this over with me” flip put that Rafe will have when he finds out who she’s going to be working for!

    Can’t wait to see what the heck that letter from Alice to Steph is about!?!

    I cant wrap my head around this one. Why in the world would Alice have hidden a key in that plaque. It too obscure a place to be found; and the only reason it was found was because Bo was clumsy. Alice was too smart a lady to count on fate to have some thing be found by happens chance.

  71. From SandyGram

    Spoilers….from the Soap Opera Digest/Soap Opera Weekly, dated January 10, 2012. Great articles in the SOD/SOW which can be found on Daytime Royalty

    Article Titles:
    SOD/SOW Jen Learns Daniel Is Sick/Jen Learns The Truth About Daniel

    SOD On Again – Off Again (EJ/Nicole)

    SOW Abigail Flips Out Over Chad and Melanie

    SOD/SOW Will Blackmails EJ/Will Demands Hush Money From EJ

    SOW Brady and John – Partners?

    SOD Ian Buchanan Joins Days

    SOD Stuff We Know and Should Tell You: This article is the most intriguing it only states:
    - “This actor looks ready made for steamy scenes, but hasn’t had any yet – and is nervous about the prospect now that his storyline is heating up….. We’re hearing this familiar (pretty face) is likely heading BACK to DAYS.” Who could this be???

  72. From Maryl

    SandyGram, I just woke up to the fact that Marlena can’t be EJ’s mother because that would make EJ Sami’s half brother! I think the writers would have a hard time getting around that. But then again, on soap operas anything is possible!

  73. From Maryl

    Marlena and Will are really bonding at this point and she is making herself available to him. I’m sure she will be able to help him through all his pain and problems. I just wonder why she was never able to reach Sami in the same way. It seems like the two of them are never able to truly bond. I guess Samantha is too stubborn to give in.

  74. From bil

    do you think all the recent talk about Zack could be any sort of clue? maybe that Hope has another son out there? Though,
    I still think Daniel (Maggie and Stefano’s son) and EJ (John and ?) were switched by Alice.

  75. From SandyGram

    #72 Maryl
    When I wrote the Marlena being EJ’s mom scenario I did think about Sami and EJ would then be half brother and sister. Then I thought well so many fan’s have always wanted Johnny to be Lucas’s son(as Nick’s DNA test proved)and Sydney be Nicole’s daughter thanks to a switch by Dr. Baker. And it was Sami’s baby that died. Yeah I can see where all of that is just to convoluted. So there’s still the other scenario that Hope is EJs biological mother. That Stefano had Dr. Rolf retrieve and freeze her eggs those many years ago when he held her at Masion Blanche.

  76. From SandyGram

    #72 Maryl
    Just another small thought. The spoilers tell us Doug and Julie will travel to Africa to investigate that connection to Alice’s secret. They have also told us Doug knows about Alice’s bank account associated to Africa. Now does that say Alice and Doug, Hope’s grandmother and father, are keeping a secret from Hope because it involves her personally? Or better yet, may be to many speculation scenario’s is not leading us to an answer, but just scrambled eggs. It must be time to follow the yellow brick road for a visit with the good ole Wizard of Oz, ToTo can come to of course.

  77. From MAB

    There is still no indication that the writers are involving the s/l of Stefano & John being brothers. If so, it should’ve come out by now, especially after their chat on Thursday’s show (which I absolutely loved by the way!). So Sami & EJ wouldn’t be related, and John (nor Brady) would be part DiMera. And now there’s a letter from Alice?? There’s no doubt Stefano still has the upper hand, which is how is should be. Although this will be a big blow to EJ, but I can’t imagine after all they’ve been thru that Stefano would not care for EJ even tho it’s a possibility he’s not his son, but John’s instead.

    #55 SandyGram – well Chloe has never been one to use her brain very well, so for me the blame still lies mainly w/ her for doing what she did w/o trying to get help. Brady was there for her, and she didn’t ask for his help, which is her fault. I have no doubt Brady would’ve protected her and took Quinn out. I know at the time, Quinn was a slime ball, but it’s obvious the writers are trying to redeem him now, so if we fans can move on from other character’s misdeeds, we can certainly move on from Quinn’s. I think it would be interesting to have a young, naïve Gabi to get involved w/ a slightly older man like Quinn. It could be a dangerous love story, but a good love story if the writers handle it properly.

    #56 Kat – I so agree w/ you. I want to see them mix the characters up, and bring some new excitement to the show. Do things we’re not expecting (like Carrie & Rafe or Austin & Abby or even Gabi & Quinn).

    I still don’t like all these secrets Alice supposedly have. I think it’s a disgrace to the character, but I guess Bo & Hope wouldn’t be involved in the mystery if the secrets weren’t Alice’s. As far as Daniel, I think his father was his real father, and his mother just got implanted w/ Maggie’s eggs, making her his bio-mom. I kinda think now that EJ may just be John’s son, but I do believe Susan is still his mother. I don’t think it’s Marlena, and I hope it’s not, because that would make Sami & EJ related by blood and they would be half brother & sister.

    Really getting tired of Will balling, but telling everyone he’s ok. People wouldn’t keep asking him what’s wrong if he wasn’t crying while he’s trying to convince everyone else he’s fine. I wasn’t too impressed w/ the first part of his talk w/ Marlena until right before he left…when they embraced. That was a good scene.

    I’m enjoying Kate much more lately too. She’s still devious, but she’s more involved in her business now instead of poisoning people.

    #62 Kat – I would rather see the s/l for John & Stefano…and Marlena could be involved, but the excitement will lie w/ John & Stefano sparing once again (like they did yesterday).

    I love the thought of John & Brady working together. I hope they take Basic Black and run w/ it.

    #73 Maryl – the reason Marlena could never reach Sami like she’s reaching Will is because Marlena was the root of Sami’s problems back then…and Marlena was too worried about her own love life to wonder why Sami was rebelling.

  78. From Traycee

    The Abbey/Austin crush, is more true to real life than many of the story lines that Days has had over the years. I have known young women in college to get a crush on their Professors, and people have affairs with married men every day! As far as Gabby and Quinn, makes sense she is looking for a man, after having a young gay guy for so long.

  79. From MAB

    If it did turn out that Marlena was EJ’s mother, which IMO is the stupidest idea ever, Sami & EJ would be half brother/sister, and it would be beyond disgusting! Even if Johnny’s father was Lucas & Sydney’s mother was Nicole, it wouldn’t matter because Sami & EJ still slept together more than once, and that would incest of the purest kind.

  80. From Maryl

    SandyGram–Amen to what you said(Ha!) My head is beginning to ache from all the discerning about this mystery! Yellow brick road it is for me! I love puzzles, so this is really my cup of tea!

  81. From Maryl

    MAB, Good point about Sami and Marlena. Ironic isn’t it that Sami is now the one who is too busy with her love life/job and has sort of put Will on the back burner just as Marlena did her. Only difference for me is that Marlena is supposed to be this fantastic psychiatrist who should have been able to reach Sami, but obviously she has not!

  82. From Randi

    Kudos to us all who are trying so very hard to rewrite storylines and help these new writers get a clue. Sure hope it works.

    Yet I must add Days Cafe keeps stating how BIG BIG BIG the storyline will be because will is Gay!–Sorry writers it is not that BIG anymore, EJ’s blackmailing him is over and old and it hasn’t even aired yet—so why not bypass the whole ordeal already—bring him out and let him be! It’s not big but is becoming disrespectful of GAY persons—this storyline has been happening for almost a year—get over it already.

    EJ, John and Kristen’s baby, or Steph’s and Susan’s–which ever tyhis too is getting old already.

    Sorry for the negativity but I can only hope that next year’s storylines are much better than this year’s as this year’s got boring before March and got dragged out for the next 9 months.

  83. From SandyGram

    #80 Maryl
    Marlena is going to be a very busy psychiatrist with her helping Will, Bo and Hope, Jenn, Abigail, Jack, Melanie and probably Daniel and who knows who else….and then to work on her and Sami? Maybe she hasn’t had such good luck with Sami all these years because she is so directly involved. Doctor heal thy self doesn’t seem to work. Just maybe it’s time to bring in another psychiatrist to work with Marlena and Sami, like Laura. This could be for a short or long stint and there could be some good fireworks between Laura and Kate.

  84. From Maryl

    SandyGram–Good point! Maybe Laura could do some good for Sami and Marlena–like you said maybe an outsider could get the job done. With all those patients lined up, Marlena is bound to make some $$$. Her and John may need that for once in their married life. They have never had to worry about money before.

  85. From Randi

    Laura Maybe.

    Yet before we get into shrining heads,—how about doing something about the poor choice of costumes!

    Sorry but Nicole in a fur coat while Mel’s dressed for a beach party tends to make the show look a bit confused over what season it is! Hence maybe an adult is needed on baord to pick and choose the actors clothes making all outfits in sink with the eason, time of year and fake snow!

    Sorry but their lack of attentive details is growing pathetic!

    CHANDLER_____YOU desrve an Oscar or EMMY for today—great job!

  86. From Randi

    Sorry about all those typos!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. From Arlene

    I wonder how involved Victor is with the s/l on Maggie’s eggs? He is a rival of Stephano, so maybe Victor stole the eggs to somehow get back at Stephano for something that happened in the past. Gosh, anything can come out of a s/l with these two.

  88. From bil

    I find it odd that Bo and Hope would need to talk to Marlena after all these years. I think that has got to tie in some how. Could Zack still be alive? Yes he died and donated his liver– but this is a soap. Or will the therapy bring out some of Hope’s repressed memories when she was Gina– hence discovering she has another child…

  89. From Richard

    Tony and Marlena had autopsies and survived.

  90. From Chris

    IMO it would be great if Marlena was EJ’s mother and John his father. Sidney could end up being Nicole’s and Johnny Lucas’s and then I can forget that Ej & Sami ever happenned. I know that alot of people like Ejami but I’m not one of them. Someone even mentioned that Sami just can’t get over Ej just like Marlena was drawn to John. The difference was John & Marlena had a true love story. He didn’t take her child and let her think it was dead and Marlena didn’t shoot John in the head. John also never forced Marlena to be with him the way Ej forced Sami.
    If Susan isin’t Ej’s mother I hope that Stefano is his father. Maggie being Ej’s mother is not interesting to me.
    As for Carrie & Rafe, they would make a very boring couple. I think Carrie so far is not very interesting.

  91. From Miraclce

    OMG! are you kidding me, now Carrie is pawning for Rafe?, seriously can’t she let Sami have at least one man in her life to be happy with? Yeah Sami has done crap to her too, but Sami has changed, why is it that they make Carrie seem so sweet and innocent, when in reality she isn’t? And here we all thought Austin is suppose to be the love of her life?, yeah freakin’ right! Well if those two get together, maybe we Ejami fans will get our Ejami back? Yeah Carrie can have boring, dull goody two-shoes Rafe, more power to her, skank she be! I’m surprised she didn’t go after EJ when the EJami stuff was going on, SHOCKER! yeah my rant is over :/

  92. From jenn

    @ #24, bebe5caterina I agree that Roman and Billie need to find love. Since Kate and Roman have kids together (Rex and Cassie); I think it would be kinda weird if Billie and Roman dated. IDK, there has been crazier things on this show though…

  93. From SandyGram

    For me…the writers have given us an incredible end to Year 2011. Loved the scene’s at the Pub, we need more of Julie and Doug. Their song reminded me how much I enjoyed them over the years. Used a couple of tissues when Bo and Hope talked about Zack. And, my answer to the question in Post #88 about Zack being alive, we’ve been down that road before with Chelsea, Bo’s daughter with Billie. To do it again with Zack would be too much even for a soap. Now the part about Gina and repressed memories coming out for Hope during therapy….I can see that. After all we’ve been told Bo and Hope will be involved in a Big, Big storyline and it can’t get much bigger than Hope having another child, one that she gave birth to or unknowingly donated eggs to while under Stefano’s control at Masion Blanche.

    It was nice to see Chad and Abigail’s break up was mutual, no overly emotion scene, it’s just the way it was. But we all know Abby is going to hit the roof when she see’s Chad and Melanie together for the first time.

    Brady and Madison….ummm….I’m still thinking about where this is going and who Madison really is. She has certainly changed from our first introduction to her to now.

    Rafe and Sami’s loft: This is my only negative comment about the recent events ‘what were they thinking when they dressed Sami for New Years?’ From the hair, to the make-up, to the dress, to the stockings to the boots….YUK! Then Sami and Rafe acted just as anticipated when their new jobs were disclosed. But it looks like the writers are moving Sami and Carrie back into the ‘not getting’ along stage. I thought they had resolved all those old feelings, but I guess not.

    How appropriate for the story lines when John says to Marlena after finding out they are broke “aren’t financial advisors supposed to fill you in on these little details”; or when Marlena went to cook and John wrinkled his nose and followed up with “I’ll help you”; or when Will came into the Penthouse and I think John said he would make some phone calls while Will talked to ‘Gram’. Very good writing.

    Loved, Loved, Loved everything about Will and how his story lines are coming out. Yesterday Sonny introduced his friend Tyler to Will. And although it wasn’t clear that Sonny and Tyler are a couple, Will looked on with great intensity….I can only imagine he was thinking how comfortable they were with one another and that’s what he would like ‘just to be himself’. Now today he runs into Sonny and Tyler again at the Town Square and he’s invited to join them. But our sweet William is so tormented over Sami’s misdeed he turns to Grandma Marlena and this time speaks his mind. Did you not just want to reach right through that television screen and give that young man a Big Hug… Grandma’s unite!


  94. From Kat

    I thought the writers of soap operas wrote crazy stuff, but wow, some of you bloggers, give crazy a whole new meaning.
    Where do you come up with all this stuff….???
    Marlena, EJ’s Mothers, that would be so sick, even for a soap….
    I like crazy and unconventional on a soap maybe more than the next person, but please let’s not fall off the clifff…..
    91 jenn, I agree, Kate and Roman have children, Rex and Cassie, let’s adress that now and then….
    Roman dating his childrens sister, not to cool, let’s give Roman something more dignified, please… this poor shlop, has not had a decent loveSL for like forever, at least make one that he can be proud of, and all of us can like….LOL
    Don’t know what is going on with Zach, there are talking a bit to much about him… might mean something..
    Lord help me, just how many eggs of Maggies might be out there,
    she could have populated half of Salem, LOL, give me a break…
    I think and hope, that EJ and his parents are separate from that issue…
    We all know that Princess Gina/Hope was prego, and she did not know who the father might be…
    but the child was Zach and in flashback’s we saw that Bo was the father… So if Gina/Hope was not prego again/or before/ if Stefano took her eggs, who carried her feritlized eggs….??

    I like the scene with Chad and Mel at the end today, somehow it felt right to see those two together.
    Let’s have a fundraiser for John and Marlena, to be able to order take out food…
    I would think that Brady/Vic or somebody would give them a loan to pay for the lightbill/rent/take out etc. until John gets back on his feet again.
    Stefano, how cool he was compared to John, the juvenile bad mouth, coming in, hey old man, how childish he is…It makes Stefano always look so much more in control than John could ever be.
    Insulting Stefano like a little kid, does not work John, grow up and get a little intellegent class going for yourself, if would make me like you more. LOL
    Yeh, we need Laura back, the shrink that went bonkers herself, how is she going to help anybody, who is she with anyway these days,
    did not get the feeling that she is with Bill when they were back for Alice’s funeral, or am I wrong there.
    I would like Dr. Bill back and of course his son Lucas, and get a little Horton action going, Bill, Lucas, Will, Ally, etc.
    I see Sami over and over again trying to talk to Will, but of course he will not give her the time of the day, except insulting her in front of everybody, sort of like Sami did Marlena, the apple does not fall far from the tree.
    Will, get it out, tell your Mother what you saw, and quit whining and crying to everybody in sight, and when asked, what’s wrong, say “Nothing”/// it’s getting old pretty quick.
    78 Traycee, like what you said, of course girls get crushes on older men, married men, my goodness, where have all of you been, it’s an everyday life thing going on, so why not on a soap.
    And Gaby and Quinn, why not, she is a woman now, thanks to Will, but hopefully she will find out, that what she experienced with Will, Is Not, what a relationship with is, but with a Real Man/Woman committed Man, a relationship can be and will be so much more different.
    Let Will find his thing, and let Gaby move on with a man that loves her as a woman. I’ll take a fling with Quinn, LOL.

    So My Dear Ladies and Gent’s – bloggers friends and foes…
    I wish all of you, in good humor of course, a Very Happy New Year….
    Health, Wealth and Wisdom, Tolerance, Forgiveness, of most of all, Acceptance for all of God’s creatures,
    but when it comes to the SL’s on DOOL, let’s have it out, agree to disagree and keep the blogs liveley and interesting,
    respect each others views, but always remember….
    We Are Here To Have Fun…..

  95. From Richard

    when Bill was stricken with bone tuberculosis in his hand it seemed likely Bill would never be a surgeon. Devastated Bill left Salem to sort out his future and eventually took a medical position in another town.

    I think that we have found Daniel’s father: Bill Horton?

  96. From Chris

    Stefano has been obsessed with Marlena forever. Maybe this obsession drove him to have her child and raise him although if Alice is involved it would make more sense if she was protecting Hope. I still cannot see Alice keeping a child away from Hope even if it was to protect her. If Zack didn’t die and he turns out to be Ej then he’s Bo & Hope’s son. I would find it gross if Stefano & Hope have a child together. However this turns out I hope it is something that will really shock us.

  97. From Teres

    #94 Richard – I thought Bill was Jennifer’s father? Also, #95 Chris – Zack was just a child when Chelsea struck him while driving and I beleive EJ had just joined the show.

  98. From SandyGram

    #93 Kat
    From your posting quote “We all know that Princess Gina/Hope was prego, and she did not know who the father might be…
    but the child was Zach and in flashback’s we saw that Bo was the father… So if Gina/Hope was not prego again/or before/ if Stefano took her eggs, who carried her feritlized eggs….??”

    I’m speculating that sometime from 1990 when she supposedly die in the explosion brought on by Ernesto Toscano until 1994 when she reappeared as Gina in Maison Blanche under the control of Stefano, he could of harvested her egg’s and had them frozen until such time as he wanted to create a child. So in 1997 when we saw the flashback of Stefano standing by Susan’s bed as Elvis Presley, the in vitro fertilization the doctor was to perform on Susan was a combination of Stefano’s sperm and Hope’s egg. Or since Stefano had control of John during that same time period, Dr. Rolf could of easily taken sperm from John and the in vitro process was John’s sperm and Hope’s egg. Now how Alice came upon this piece of information and why she would want to keep it from Hope is going to take a little more thinking. It’s a theory to think about if you like to speculate. Just having fun!

  99. From SandyGram

    Spoiler…the NBC Promo Video for January 3, 2012 has Kate giving Sami her first assignment at Countess Wilhelmina and your never going to believe it. Kate wants Sami to give her all the information she knows about Mad World Cosmetics. Oh, Oh, I’m so surprised, how realistic, an Emmy winning episode for sure, or Not! Anyone could see this coming a mile away or even 100 miles away!

  100. From B


  101. From Clear

    Tried to post earlier–site too busy? Thanks for all the great spoilers and theories to read, Sandy, Richard, Kat and others.

    I want SuperJohn back now–all powerful and able to do whatever his family needs.

    I’m sick of Will with red eyes and hate what has been done to his character. So does my son who will not watch Days anymore even though I fast forward through Will’s scenes.

    It was ironic that EJ and Nicole were in front of the new plaque all evening in the square. It will really be a twist if somehow Hope was EJ’s mother when she was Gina. Sami would be related to him then how? His children?

  102. From RR

    I think the Kiriakis and Dimera feud should be reignited. Philip should be on the show. Victor has no one to yell at anymore, EJ has no appropriate to fight against, Brady has no one to judge… There is this huge hole with Philip not on the show. His TYPE of character is necessary. And I would love to see Philip react to the fact his ex is dating a Dimera. That alone will end the truce.

  103. From RR

    Quinn is actually younger than Philip. Vivian had him after Philip. Philip is late 20′s and Quinn is at least a few years younger, so not that great an age difference between him and Gabi. Philip and Melanie were only about 7 years apart, like Bo and Hope. I think Gaby and Quinn are similar in age difference…I just have an issue with his former career. I don’t thin these writers could do the story any justice.

  104. From 502KY

    The kid playing Will has been providing some of the best acting ever seen on Day’s, gay or straight, who cares. The way he goes after Sami is great, much like she has treated the rest of Salem for years.

  105. From bebe5caterina

    I wish a happy new year to everyone, good health to all of you and your loved ones!!

    And may DOOL continue to have good story lines in 2012 and wish them another decade of contracts with NBC.

  106. From gerri

    don’t think Daniel’s father could be Bill Horton,that would make him
    Jenn’s half-brother(unless of course she belongs to someone else)
    which Is always possible on Days.
    Just wish this mystery would get resolved,story dragging on “toooooo”long.
    my guess would be Stefano (has he been ruled out?)Being Daniel and Lexie both became Doctors,(similar DNA?

    Who knows,we will all probably be shocked!!

  107. From Maryl

    Chris —Although you are right about there being a huge difference in the love story of John and Marlena and all the mess Sami and EJ have done to each other–there is still that “thing” that seems to draw EJ and Sami together. Just like John and Marlena —they went through a lot of relationships, etc. but always seemed to find their way back to each other. Sami and EJ have had a love/hate romance going on, afterall, he is a DiMera (or so we believe), but they had some really romantic and great moments together when the writers allowed it. No, John never kidnapped Marlena’s child, but then Marlena never tried to deceive John about being the father of her child either. The only kidnapping back then was actually Sami taking Belle away from Marlena! Imagine that! (Ha)! If EJ is John’s son, then both Marlena and Sami are drawn to men who have the same blood running through their veins. Only difference is that John was programed by Stefano to be his pawn and EJ was raised and cultivated from childhood to do his bidding–without EJ even knowing that is what is going on. This could be the ultimate revenge against John–to turn John’s own son into a reborn version of Stefano. This of course, is only my opinion.

    IS THERE ANYONE out there sharing a birthday with me today?????? I get to celebrate two occasions to night! Everyone have a happy, and wonderful New Year! May 2012 be the best!

  108. From Maryl

    PS: Sami looked pathetic in that awful dress and ridiculos boots! Who is dressing our characters! We need a change in the wardrobe dept.
    Hope was completely the opposite–she looked gorgeous in her gown, so did Julie! The rest of them looked like they went to a garage sale and grabbed anything they could find to put on. Carrie was OK, but a little too plain for a young chick.

  109. From Debbie

    Happy Birthday Maryl!!!!! The only thing I share with you, birthday wise, is the month as mine was earlier in December. I wish everyone here a very blessed and happy new year too!!!!!

  110. From SandyGram

    Maryl….Happy Happy Birthday….Enjoy both events today!

    Since my annual bronchitis and head cold doesn’t seem to want to let go, hubby and I will celebrate the New Year quietly. I’ll light up the Christmas Tree to remember the good times we had with the Kids and Grandkids during Christmas; strike up a fire in the fireplace; fix a small prime rib roast with all the trimmings; and hopefully last to ring in the New Year with a little Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve, “Auld Lang Syne” and of course in the arms of my sweetie.

    To all the board members from our house to yours best wishes for a Safe, Prosperous and Healthy New Year to you and your families.

  111. From janiebell

    Quinn&Gabbie together?? Major mastake. Gabbie deserves much much better than Quinn.

  112. From Maryl

    Thank you Debbie and SandyGram for the bithday wishes! And Debbie my
    belated birthday wishes to you! I have a sinus infection or something going on upstairs also, SandyGram–so my celebrating will also be at a minimum–in other words, I’ll be celebrating at home with my husband. Acutally, at the age I’m in, that’s what I prefer!(HA!)

  113. From Kat

    Maryl, Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear Maryl, Happy Birthday to you………Did you hear me….?
    Clear, I don’t see how Sami and “Hope’s” son ???, EJ would be related by blood at all.
    Sami is a Brady, and Hope is one by marriage, but things are getting so confoluted??????SP in Salem, things can change in a moment.
    Maryl, Marlena only kept it from John for a Little while, after she found out that Belle was his child and not Romans….??? A little the same, not very much…

    Hope could poss. become Johnny and Sidney’s grandma, LOL.
    We should rename DOOL to It’s all in the Family…..

    SandyGram, move over, I am coming for dinner, sounds so good, Prime Rib, heavenly, we got the fireplace and christmas tree going, but now, should I run to the store and get a small prime rib, that is the lingering question now, thanks a lot Sandy…..
    One thing I think we all should agree on, no way is Zach … EJ….
    the age difference is so big, not even the writers would dare go there…
    debbie, also happy belated BirthDay…
    SandGram, one would think that Sami had to sign a non-compete or whatever, that she can not reveal any MadWorld secrets, or something like that. She would not risk being sued by Madison or Brady, or would she…?But it’s a soap.

    Will, to much of a good thing, like his acting, is great, but now his carrying on is becoming annoying, enough snap out of it one way or the other. Will gets mad at Sami for the way she treats Marlena,… for much the same (old) reason…. now he is doing the same thing to his mother….
    Will is doing such a great acting job, but the SL is surely getting old quick, hope you guys know what I am trying to say…
    To end the Old Year, cliff hanger of 2011, Who are EJ’s Mother and Father,
    and Who is Dr. Dan’s Father…..???

    As for John, he acts so juvenile when he is with Stefano, the childish NameCalling etc. and Stefano always keeps his composure,
    I wish John would get a little bit more composure, he is getting to Old to act like a young inmature “something”.
    Otherwise I like John, it’s the overacting, the forced faces and the “Clint Eastwood”voice that get me… Relax and act more “unforced and over-rehearsed”.
    But that is Only my opinion of course…
    If I don’t talk to you this year,
    see you all next year.
    SandGram, remember, just eating and atmosphere, no fooling around, You have a cold, no more giving presents to hubby, that one he does not need. LOL,,, Have fun..

  114. From Maryl

    Boy! Am I ever transposing words–”actually” as “acutally”? And I haven’t even started celebrating yet!

  115. From Maryl

    Kat–Thank you, thank you for the birthday wishes! I could hear you singing way down here– deep in the heart of Texas! Have a happy New Year and keep those blogs coming!

  116. From Sally T.

    Sami and Madison have alarmingly similar snarly attitudes. I too wouldn’t put up long with a boss from hell. And for Brady to see this side of Madison treat Sami like that and it’s okay with him? Please. Sorry to see Sami’s character still has a hateful heart towards her mother and Carrie. Still so high school and old.

  117. From gerri

    Happy Birthday!!!

    My great grandson Logan,turned 5 today,just returned from his party..
    he was born on 12/31/06@12;31 pm
    we’ve told him that these are his lucky numbers…(his parents got to claim him as a dependent,on taxes for the year,how lucky Is that?)

    Anyway have a great day,and New Year….Weather is perfect here today,In Montgomery,Al ..temp currently 67 degrees.
    Hope It’s great where you live also.celebrate,your day,!!time Is
    passing much too fast.

  118. From Richard

    #100 gerri
    There was never any tests to determine whether Bill was the real father of Jennifer, because there was never any reason to dispute it.
    When Michael was injured, both Mickey and Laura gave blood, but neither was a match. Bill was a match, so maybe Laura was not the mother of Michael and just maybe, Bill is not the father of Jennifer.
    Laura has been around with a few men, Mickey and Jack,included.
    Marie Horton dated a doctor(he had facial reconstruction because of war injury), that was later found out to be her brother, Tom Horton Jr.

  119. From Richard

    How could EJ have been sick and in desparate need, when he found the time to become a lawyer(how many years does that take) and to win championships in European racing circuits?
    Timeline just don’t add up.

  120. From SandyGram

    After review the Thursday and Friday show, there is one small scene that may come back to haunt John. When Stefano gave John the gun….John’s finger prints are now all over that gun and no telling what the DiMera’s may do in the future and blame it all on John.

  121. From Richard
    The note that Hope found in Alice’s ornament was worded different when Rafe read it.
    Instead of “to Stefano Dimera himself” Rafe read it as “to the Stefano Dimera family”

  122. From di

    Did any of you ever think that Maggie is both EJ and Daniel’s mother and that their father’s are Stefano and Victor? How ironic would that be if saint Maggie had two sons with the most vicious crime lords ever? A mix between a good Horton and a DiMera and a Horton and a Kiriakas. Mortal enemies since the begining and their sons are brothers. I think that would be a good twist! Will needs to grow up and quit crying like a little girl….deal with your problems like a man for heaven’s sake. I have to say Marlena and John are getting on my nerves. She did not need to speak for him at the press conference, she made him look like a dweeb. She needs to let her man be a man for crying out loud! And Sami will forever be an idiot and make bad choices….that’s why we all love her. And YES, Billie would be a good fit with poor, lonely Roman. Poor man hasn’t had any in years.

  123. From Daysfan25

    Someone said that maybe Stephano is Daniel’s son. But that wouldn’t work for Melanie & Chad as they would be uncle & niece.

    I like the idea of John & Hope being EJ’s parents. Raising John’s son & a Horton as a Dimera would be Stephano’s ultimate revenge. Stephano did just remind the audience that there was once a history between John & Hope. How will Hope & John react to EJ being blood? Will we be seeing EJ’s name on the Horton tree next year lol?

  124. From daysfan25

    Oops I meant Stephano is Daniel’s father lol

  125. From Richard

    Don’t know exactly when EJ was sick, but maybe he received life saving organs from Zack and Bill saved his life in Africa.

  126. From Richard

    I’m going back to my original version of Alice’s secrets and say that Stefano is behind every bit of it, with the help of Hope/Gina, Austin Reed, Quinn Hudson and Rafe Hernandez.
    This is what I came up with.
    Stefano had this planned all along. He allowed Rafe to escape and wanted to use him to get rid of fake Rafe, who had killed Nicole’s mother and was causing a lot of trouble for Stefano.
    Before allowing Rafe to escape, Stefano filled his head with the knowledge that he would need to decipher all the clues that Stefano would leave behind.
    It had always been easy to get into Hope’s head. First he had to come up with a plan to get Carly away from Bo.
    He used the kid’s website to transfer funds, using the fake gambling ring. That’s why the thugs were not afraid of Chad Dimera. They were never going to harm him or anybody anyway.
    After the website was taken down, he had to dissolve the relationship between all the kids involved. Will/Gabby, Chad/Abby and Sonny and his boyfriend.
    EJ surprised Stefano, when he confessed that he had ruined John’s plans and Basic Black. It didn’t take much to doctor up the evidence that EJ and Austin had against John and set him free.
    Stefano had to get Rafe fired, because, with Carrie’s help he was close to getting John set free, before Stefano could implement his plans.
    He had to make plans to get Austin off the case and in position to cause friction between Sami, Carrie and Rafe.
    There are secrets that Alice took to her grave and Stefano wants to bring out all those secrets. That would allow him to maintain his hold on the citizens of Salem.
    Alice probably sent him a letter indicating, through DNA and paternity tests, that EJ was not Elvis, but Elvis was well and hidden somewhere that Stefano would have no influence over him.
    Stefano had to devise a plan to bring these secrets out.
    Everyone had to be convinced that Alice had a lot of hidden secrets, so he brought to light the fact that Daniel was Maggie’s son, he didn’t disclose the fact that Victor was the thief of Maggie’s eggs.
    Next, he had to get all the Horton’s investigating possible family secrets, so he faked a letter from Susan Banks and added a copy of EJ’s baby picture.
    (More in another post)

  127. From Richard

    Hope’s part in deception: Making everyone believe that Alice had a lot of secrets.
    Only one box had blue tape on it and Hope made sure that it was not opened until Daniel and Jennifer was present. She went as far as going for other boxes, first, in order for this to happen. She gave Daniel the baby picture and made sure that it was in his hands when she opened the box with the blue tape on it. There was Susan’s letter in the book in the top of the box.
    She was setting there with Bo, looking at all the ornaments, but when Bo grew weary of searching, Hope quickly reached into the box, pulled out Alice’s ornament and removed the hanger and found the IOU card. Just before she removed the ornament she said “Tell me Gran, what do I do next?”
    She did a checkmate on Stefano and Hope doesn’t play chess, Gina did.
    She had 2 different versions of the IOU, the one that she read and the one that Rafe read.
    She put Bo in position to knock the replacement plaque off it’s stand, the original had previously been removed and replaced with the fake. She then removed the broken piece so that Bo would discover the key. The plaque was never solid on that day.
    Rafe was programmed to catch the clues that Stefano altered in the photograph of John and to unravel Stefano’s crypted clues.
    Austin didn’t know that Stefano was behind his job at the SEC and was issuing the orders. Once he had performed his job, he was supposed to leave Salem and be the none wiser, but he didn’t.
    Quinn was brought back to set up a business in which all of Stefano’s victims, would be interested in. A spa and self defense classes. Of course there would be a public beefcake display, included.
    What’s making all these people saying and doing crazy things? I would venture to say that it is Countess W. products.

  128. From Richard

    Dr Jonas condition may not have anything to do with Maggie’s illness(and everything to do with Stefano Dimera) after all the tests were run by Lexie and Stefano has access to her and the hospital labs.
    Stefano could have switched Dr Jonas with a fake, because Daniel gave up too easily on Jennifer.

  129. From Clear

    Next there will be an evil twin added! Maybe EJ has a twin out there too!

    Prime rib sounded great and was @ $5.99 lb till I went to buy one for New Year’s–up to $11.99 a lb. What a difference a day makes!

    Happy 2012 everyone!

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