Days Of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler Video: Dirty Laundry.

Next week in Salem…

Pushed to the edge, Will attempts to blackmail EJ with his knowledge of EJami’s elicit sexcapade.

Check out this sneak peek at next week’s episodes and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From dc

    well, will should know that he would never get away with blackmailing ej. in fact from what i read ej will turn the tables and try and blackmail will..
    i am surprised that will did not tell his grandma (marlena) that he thinks he is gay..

  2. From dc

    well, will should know he can never blackmail ej, in fact from what i have read ej is going to try and blackmail will..
    will should have confided in his grandma (marlena) about him thinkinng he is gay..

  3. From SandyGram

    dc….I think telling Marlena about Sami was about all Will could handle Friday. Didn’t you just want to reach out and hug him. But I’ve got a hunch Marlena already suspects Will is gay by some of the questions she’s been asking him. And I’m so glad to see the writers showing Marlena as standing by Will no matter what “There’s nothing that would not make her love him”. A couple of months ago I would have said Sami would be there for Will, but the way the writers are doing Sami right now I’ve kind of changed my mind. I think she will go into this big guilt trip that she ‘made’ Will this way and make it all about her, not be there to support Will. We all know now by the spoilers after Will try’s to extort money from EJ, EJ will turn it around on Will. He will blackmail Will into doing sneaky, underhanded things to help him in his campaign for Mayor. What I’m anxious to see is how Kate will handle all of this, she won’t take to kindly to EJ using Will in this manner and will that affect her relationship with the Stefster. Everyone knows Sonny is gay and other than ‘T’ there has been no backlash toward Sonny from anyone. But with Will there is a little different circumstances. EJ will us Will for his own selfish purposes; I’m not sure what Nicole and Stefano’s reaction is going to be; Everyone else, with the exception of Sami who like I mentioned will make it all about her, will support Will; and Rafe, I think momentarily because of Will having sex with Gabi he might have a reaction, but will get over it quick. It will be interesting to see if they will bring back ‘T’ to interact with Will after his secret comes out, even if just for a few episodes. Then of course Lucas will be there all the way for his son. An interesting 2012 to look forward to.

    We’ve had some nice conversations this year Thanks. From our house to yours wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year.

  4. From dc

    you are so right with an exciting 2012 coming up. can’t wait until lucas comes back, maybe he will help his son..
    our conversations about the show have been good ones and hope you and your family have a good 2012..
    is “t” coming back? we haven’t seen him in awhile..

  5. From SandyGram

    #4 dc
    I haven’t heard or read ‘T’ was coming back. Although, I was thinking since TPTB used this character to help introduce the gay story line into the show…it seems logical to have him return to interface with Will, his best friend, as Will meets his up coming challenges. It could also help redeem the ‘T’ character and help him to understand how wrong he was in the way he treated Sonny. It doesn’t seem like it would be that big of expense to the show to have him come back for a few episodes.

    It looks like posting with the Videos will be the only place to communicate about the show until next Friday according to the message on the Webpage where we access the This Week & Next Week Spoilers. It will be interesting to see how many of our fellow board members will come here to post.

  6. From dc

    yea, sandygram you have a point..
    they just might bring “t” back for that reason..
    i bet a few fellow board members will rejoin us for awhile..

  7. From patsy

    I just wished the writers would come upwith something new except the same old story year after year the Demireas hurting the Bradys .LIKE every times Sami HAS ANY DEALINGS WITH EJ she gets hurt looses her kids and EJ gets off scott free and enjoys live .I,d LIKE TO SEE THE STORY LINE TURN AROUND FOR JUST ONCE .rIGHT NOW IT IS SO PERDICTABLE ITS NOT WORTH WATCHING

  8. From Soleowner

    Patsy, I disagree…Finally, I feel these writers are doing some things that we can’t figure out yet. The story with Alice and Stephano is truly intriguing, I just hope the writers don’t botch it with a totally unbelievable connection. I think the writing of Will’s situation has been great and has really shown off the actors ability!! So believable!! I think we all thought he was coming out to Marlena and then when he told her about Sami, I was surprised, but understand he chose which problem he could verbalize. Hope they handle his coming out carefully and then write to pull the veiwers together rather than turn them off with over-kill.

  9. From patsy

    Still the same old story THE demreias against the bradys I dont care how they write it .Ilove some of the storys BOandHOPE will always be my favorit.AND thank GOD we dont have EJ Nicole Sami onevery day like we did .Hey where is Justin?Theres plenty of other great stars on the show enstead of it being the EH/NICOLE/ SAMI SHOW WHY DO THEY KEEP BRINGING MORE STARS ON WHEN ???THE YOUNY ACTOR THAT PLAYS IS DOING A OUTSTANDING JOB .i JUST WISHED THEY WOULD LET sAMI BE HAPPY FOR ONCE IN WHAT 16 0R 18 YEARS how ever long shes been on .I think she has pretty will payed her dues and show be the star of the show instead of Nicole who has not been on all that long but who said life was fair

  10. From patsy

    I ment to say the young actor who plays Will is doing a outstanding job sorry about that and why do they keep bring on more stars when they have some real good actors already on the show that they dont use i say either use them or get rid of them

  11. From jolie

    Sandygram, as usual, you are on the money. It did appear that Will would spill the secret about himself and we were all sitting up on the couch to hear it then they switched it up on us! Fooled most of us no doubt. The actor who plays Will did such a great job with Marlena on the Friday episode. You really did feel for him and were glad he had Marlena as confessor and comfort. I think Marlena is more aware of Will’s other secret than he is right now. He is having feelings that are adding to his massive confusion about his life and family and he can’t quite put the pieces of those feelings together yet. Maybe Marlena will help him. I don’t get that Elvis could see him talking to Sonny and his friend and determine Will is gay. A bit ridiculous but we do have to move the story on and that is a daytime technique to get the job done. Much has to be left to the imagination and we are smart enough to figure it out. As for Nicole and Stefano’s feelings about Elvis blackmailing Will, I think Stefano will be a bit peturbed if it upsets Kate, but he’ll pat Elvis on the back for seizing an advantage. I don’t think Nicole will appreciate it too much. It ups Elvis’ sleeze factor a bit and hopefully Nicole doesn’t buy in. I want to see NicNic have a good year and see some good stuff coming her way. Yeah, I know…this is a soap so it ain’t gonna happen for long at a time for any of them.
    I was under the impression that Kayla was to stay a while. Was one show all she came for? She is a doctor so maybe a day of chowder spilling is all she could manage.

  12. From SandyGram

    #11 Jolie
    Spoiler…Oh Boy….what a surprise. On Monday January 9th Will is suppose to approach EJ for money to leave town. And from what we’ve read so far EJ is suppose to do a turnaround blackmail on Will about see him kiss another guy at the Town Center.

    NOW…Soap Opera Digest dated January 17, 2012 Article EJ Blackmails Will:

    EJ will blackmail Will but it’s because he knows Will shot him in 2007 when he was standing at the alter with Sami. Maybe the writers have been reading the postings on this subject and have changed what the black mail is all about. I think it would be safe to say many of us have thought Will did shoot EJ in 2007 and Lucas went to jail to protect his son. And that’s why he sent him off to Switzerland to Carrie and Austin.

    The whole article is on Daytime Royalty along with the following articles:

    - SID: Will’s New Boyfriend 1/16
    - SID: Will’s Deal With The Devil 1/16
    - SID Reed Resurgence (Billie) 1/16
    - SOD: A New Wrinkle in the Alice Mystery 1/17
    - SOD: EJ Blackmails Will 1/17


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