General Hospital Weekly Summary For December 19-23.

Christmas brings mixed gifts.

Carly told Jason that she didn’t think having Shawn living with her would work out. He told her to lump it and left for Chicago. She went off to see Shawn, who was having a PTSD attack after he and Bernie had been ambushed. She pushed him into seeking some medical attention. When they went to the hospital, she called Jason to tell him the latest and then noticed Shawn spending time with a stress relief dog. Meanwhile, Jason went to Chicago and found Michael and Sam discussing her attack. Jason offered his condolences for Abby and Michael sadly started planning her funeral.

Lucky dropped in on Liz to announce that he wanted to spend the holidays with her and the kids. She was thrilled. Matt wasn’t. Ewen told her it was a bad idea. She brushed that off until she discovered that he was actually a doctor, not a patient. When she and Lucky went back to her place, Maxie showed up to lecture her about manipulating Lucky. Liz confessed to him that she thought this holiday meant they had another shot, so he decided he should leave. He told his sons that he loved them but was leaving for Ireland. When his brother dropped by to see him off, he warned Ethan not to let himself be conned at Wyndemere. Meanwhile, Matt went over to the hospital to vent to his brother and Robin about everything. Down the hall, Liz showed up to smack Maxie about what she did. Matt broke up the brawl. She returned home and her kids told her that Lucky was already gone. Cameron was angry with her and told her there was no Santa. Dr. Ewen dropped in to give her a gift and suggested she come to him for therapy.

In Bensonhurst, Kate surprised Sonny with a Christmas tree. They kissed under the mistletoe, had a snowball fight and laughed. Their good times were short lived though. He got a call about Bernie and Shawn being ambushed and headed back to town. Jason was still in a fit of rage when he arrived. Sonny worried about him and demanded to know what was pushing him over the edge. Jason suggested his boss turn his attention to Michael and broke the news about Abby. Sonny tracked down his son and found Carly comforting him. He offered to help Michael make funeral arrangements but his son insisted on doing it himself. When Carly went home, she found Shawn decorating for the holidays.

Dante and Lulu toured Manhattan and visited Ground Zero. They decided not to waste another day and get married right away. She thought that was a bit quick but he started calling in his family. He offered to delay so her family could be included, but considering they were spread all over the world, she didn’t want to wait. His mom arrived and they got his cousin the priest to do the ceremony. As soon as it ended, his relatives burst out from hiding to celebrate.

Monica offered Robin back the position of Chief of Staff. Robin told her to keep it. She called a specialist who Brenda had recommended. When she got home, Patrick revealed that he’d bought them land to build their dream home on. She was moved. They celebrated the holiday with their daughter and a call came in from the new specialist. Meanwhile, Tracy surprised Edward and Monica with Christmas gifts that had once been suggested by Lila. And Maxie and Spinelli met up. She moaned about her problems. He offered to spend the holidays with her but she was curt.

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