The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For December 19-23.

Attacked with eggnog.

The Forresters had a hard time getting into the spirit of the season after being ripped off. They continued to puzzle over who could have betrayed them and Stephanie and Hope kept kicking themselves for blaming Beverly. Stephanie returned to the half-way house to apologize to the intern and asked her to come back again. She returned to the offices to wait and was delighted when Beverly later showed up and gave her a hug.

Brooke tipped her sister off about Nick and Jackie’s stunt. He turned up and defended himself to Donna but she decided it was time for her to move. She called Katie over to help her pack and they discussed men. Katie encouraged her to give Nick the benefit of a doubt. Meanwhile, Nick joined his mom at her place and they found it transformed thanks to Pam’s holiday decorations. His mom reminded him that they owed their success to Pam so he had to kiss her. When she left Nick alone for a minute, Donna showed up, offering to give him another shot. Pam returned to catch them in a liplock. She ran off as Jackie returned to lecture them. Pam showed up disguised as an elf and began harassing Donna. She tried to storm off so Pam attacked her with a snow machine before following her inside and dumping a bowl of eggnog on her head. Pam made it clear to Nick that he belonged to her.

Rick cornered Liam and urged him to think hard about sticking with his marriage before it became too late for him to have a shot with Hope. A brief run-in with her convinced Liam that ending his marriage would be the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Thomas was planning to whisk Hope away to San Cabo. That gave her an idea. She joined her husband and they went off to the Spencers’ for drinks, Bill told everyone about their family trip to San Cabo. Meanwhile, Thomas invited Hope down to the island. They went off to the farmer’s market to get a Charlie Brown tree. Over at the Forresters’, Katie arrived while Bill stayed home and Ridge cornered Liam to remind him once again to be good to Steffy. In the kitchen, the Logan sisters tried to cook and destroyed the meal. However, this didn’t stop Brooke and Stephanie from making up for the holidays. The family gathered around the table and Bill had to bring over a cold turkey so they would have something to eat. After dinner, they sang carols around the tree.

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